The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical, globally distributed system responsible for associating the name of a computer, service or other resource into an IP address for connecting to the Internet or a private network. Most prominently, it translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for the purpose of computer services and devices worldwide.

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I believe I have problems with DNS and Active Directory so I'm trying to run "Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner Report" from my Admin PC and I can't run the report as I'm receiving the error The Specified Domain Controller doesn't appear in ServerTable.  The Limited information I could google indicated there might be a null listing however  >dsquery * domainroot -filter "(&(&(sAMAccountType=805306369)(objectCategory=computer)(objectClass=computer)(operatingSystem=*Server*)))" -attr cn DNSHostname show all NETBOIS names with their  DNSHostname
I'm setting up a network for a small business.  One server 2016 Essentials (DC, AD, DNS and file server)  5 workstations.  It's a brand new setup.  I've run the cables, set the dataports, installed the switch, patch panel, server, power UPS, etc.   Everything that a new LAN needs......except.  They are using a Linksys router.  Like the home version bought from the store.   That's all fine and good.   Everything works.   Now they want to incorporate two other locations into the domain.   Each is a couple hundred miles away.   There is a database on this LAN that they will need access to.  What are my options without breaking the bank?  Ideally, I would like the computers to be able to log into the domain from anywhere.
Domain Controller moved to new location - No connection to Hyper-V Virtual Servers from office computers.

Server moved to new location - Company sold

3 Virtual Servers

Cannot ping them - they are setup as Flash1 - Main Server - Flash2 - Data Flash3 - Exchange Server (not used now) Flash4 - Public folders

This site for this new company has everything plugged into switch going to Comcast Box. Before - We had a VPN Router and Server gave out IP Addresses., etc.
Addresses were given out by the Flash2 (DHCP) and DNS for internet access and Flash4 as backup.

Need instruction to access Flash2 - and confusing they can access

Do we need to order a Router like before or is there a way to best access this Server from local computers.

I am not onsite and been sick for a month so wondering best way to have local computers able to access Flash2 Virtual Server at and confused how is able to be accessed even though address scheme not the same Computers are getting a 10.1.10.x address coming from Comcast.

Do they need a Router with VPN like we had before?

Strange - cannot ping but they can access that drive.

They cannot access Virtual Server.

Thank You and let me know if more clarification is needed.
We're migrating our website www.tiedemannglobe.com from one server to another. The last provider suspended our account and on entering the site through the browser, I got a page that said "Account suspended".
I changed the DNS in Godaddy, specifically, the Name Server to the DNS I have in WHM for the new server, and the host names to the new IP.
The DNS changes seem to have deployed already, because when I enter the website now, I can see, with the IP check plugin of my browser, that the IP for the site is that of our new server, but I still get the "Account suspended" error instead of the content I uploaded to the server via FTP. What am I missing?
We want to configure our scanners to relay off of Exchange servers for scan-2-email, but multiple servers just in case one is down.

I'm looking for Microsoft documents on how to configure and recommendations on configuring DNS Failover and Round Robin.

I also want to know in a Round Robin scenario, if a node is down and it's next in line, does email fail?
Hello, we have three DCs:
DC01 -which was the primary DC but had hardware issues and demoted and we tried repromoting it with the error message attached.
DC02 - was in existence with DC01 but as a secondary DC only to be made primary before DC01 was demoted and the fsmo roles were transferred
DC03 is active as a secondary domain controller

The problem statement is that we want to repromote the DC01 but we are getting the error message in the screenshot attached, as well as DNS and GPO issues.

I have a huge dilemma and I was wondering if someone had a suggestion to help me out.

Printers in one active directory were published by short name (NetBIOS name) and the short name has DNS record in active directory.  The problem is when I exported all the printers from one print server in one active directory to another in a completely separate active directory, having those short name / NetBios for defined ports names were not working on the target print server.  For a short term workaround, I pointed the print server back to an active DNS server in the old domain and added the old DNS suffix in the DNS search order of the new print server.

There are literally 500+ printers on this one server so this is kind of a huge undertaking.

I was able to query DNS from the source directory to get a short name to IP address mappings.  I have renamed the printers on the source system utilizing the help from one of the gurus on this site by concatenating the variable.

The question is:  Is there a way, utilizing the csv file that I have pulled from the old domain with the printer to IP address mappings, to search for a variable and replace the information based on display name variables in the registry, on the new printer server?

I am manually doing this on the new print server by changing the registry at HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\"Printer name". Once in that key, I am looking for REG_SZ value Share Name of the printer, and once found, changing …
Hi Experts

Our email service is hosted by a cloud based hosting vendor and recently its IP address was blacklisted by Barracuda.
After requesting for de-listing, the IP is no longer black listed but whenever we send email to Gmail, it gets rejected saying due to low IP reputation.

Due to emergency, we subscribed to SMTP2 go relay service and it is able to deliver to Gmail now but it always goes to "Spam" folder of Gmail.

After some more troubleshooting, I notice public email verifying service always fail to verify the email address which is saying "INVALID" when I check from this. https://hunter.io/email-verifier   

I checked from other web based email verifying service also results the same which make me suspect the reason of going to Spam folder is due to email verification fail and it was sent out as unauthenticated or something but I'm not very sure.

When I check the domain reputation from Google webmaster tool, its state is Medium.

What could be the reason of email verification fail which MX record is correct and server is always reachable via telnet on port 25?

What could be the reason of email sent to Gmail always going to Spam folder?

LiteTouch USB boots fine into the deployment environment, but will not connect to the deployment share.  It worked without issue then I had to change my password due to the 6mon password change policy and I had to re-IP the MDT server that houses the images due to a network change.  I applied the new IP the old IP record was removed from DNS, and I'm able to ping the new IP via the IP and the hostname.  Mapping a drive to the deploymentshare folder via UNC path and IP both work from my workstation.  When I'm in the bootable environment, i can hit F8 to launch a cmd window and both ping the hostname and the IP of the deployment server, yet I'm getting "access denied" when I try to map to it.

The initial error I get is: "A conneciton to the deployment share (\\servername\share) could not be made.  Connection Ok.  Possible invalid credentials."

The thing is I've gone into the deployment share and changed my creds to my current creds in the bootstrap.ini -- that's the only play I can think of that I have my credentials.  I then completely updated the share with new boot images, then copied the litetouch iso file over to my desktop and used Rufus to make a bootable USB -- it boots fine, but then I get the above error.  Thoughts?  I feel like somehow the share still has my old creds somewhere.

We have 0365 and on the AD connect server if I run the nslookup  command.
I get the following result.
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:\Users\localadmin>nslookup -q=srv _ldap._tcp.targetdomain.com
Server:  UnKnown
Address:  172.x.x.x
*** UnKnown can't find _ldap._tcp.targetdomain.com: Non-existent domain

As per the following article I would like to do a connection test between the AD connect server and the our local AD server( domain.local). I would like to do a connection test on the ports that are listed  in Table 1 and Table2 , to see if any ports are blocked on our firewall.


My domain is called domain.local and Please post me the correct syntax to run this command on the AD connect server PowerShell.

Thanks  and any help much appreciated.
Hi, as shown in the file attached, I have an application published to the outside internet, where people can access it with, https://Orcerp.incites.com:8080

url is pointed to our company static IP and the first firewall "ASA 1" forwards the port 8080 to second firewall "ASA 2", then ASA 2 forwards it to the IIS server where the web site is hosted.

iis is configured to use https port 8080.


  1. How can I get a proper SSL certificate from godaddy.com to secure this website?
  2. What are the other security measures to take to keep the website secure?
Hello experts!
I have a Sonicwall TZ215 with a WANgroup VPN configured for remote users. The issue I am having is we have a vendor that is hosting a web application for us that is firewalled to only allow traffic from our WAN gateway IP. The GVPN users need to access this application as well. What I need to do is route the GVPN traffic through our gateway, but when I do this it kills all internet connectivity to the GVPN clients. The VPN client virtual adapters are getting DHCP from my Sonicwall. I am thinking it is probably a DNS issue but I cant seem to pinpoint it.

 Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Hello, thank you in advance.  I have two forests, forest A and B.  Forest A has 2010 exchange with multiple sites and DCs.  Forest B has one DC that shares in one of the sites from forest A.  I have a Two-Way Trust between the Forest A and B.  I'm trying to add mailboxes using Linked Mailbox from Exchange on Forest A using users on Forest B.  Exchange cannot see the other Forest when I use the Linked Mailbox wizard.  When I run exchange shell using this command, I get this error.

New-Mailbox -Name "Ayla Kol" -LinkedDomainController "DC1_FABRIKAM" -LinkedMasterAccount " FABRIKAM\aylak" -OrganizationalUnit Users -UserPrincipalName aylak@contoso.com -LinkedCredential:(Get-Credential FABRIKAM\administrator

Failed to resolve the linked master account and verify it exists in a forest different from the one hosting Exchange. T
he error messasge is : An Active Directory error 0x51 occurred when trying to check the suitability of server 'Server01'.
 Error: 'Active directory response: The LDAP server is unavailable.'
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [], TaskInvalidOperationException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : 6B11D32B

Additional Specs:
I have DNS on both forests using conditional forwarders, however, trust points/anchors are blank on both DNS servers
I have a Microsoft exchange server setup on server 2012r2 with all the usual items required for exchange setup to run on a single server for our domain including AD DNS IIS etc running exchange 2016 all is updated and runs great.  So far we have not needed active directory and just used that mail server for email only.  We have another office location that runs our accounting software Viewpoint Vista a MS SQL based construction accounting program that now will require us to move off of a workgroup to active directory on the accounting server to get future updates.  I have firebox routers at all our locations and have a VPN link setup between all our locations and can access devices on all the locations.  My thought was to setup a secondary domain controller at the accounting office for this and have server 2019 or earlier server versions I could use to do this.  Just putting this out there for techs that have done this and what your thoughts would be on doing this on a VPN (I have setup backup domain controllers at the same location before) or if I should try a different approach on this since I only need the accounting server on a domain right now to update to future versions but if I have to do this might as well get all users on AD.  - Any recommendations would be appreciated!

i had a domain controller ( server 2012 R2) , it had some viruses and was restarting every hour. i installed an additional domain controller  (server 2016), moved all FSMO roles to new DC and then demote old domain controller. but it seems that something went wrong while that process and now the new domain controller not working at all. i cannot open user and computers or sites and services etc

it gives me that domain is not available. please check attached files.

Also i couldn't find sysvol and netlogon folders in the new domain controller, There is no Global catalog and i cannot open ADUC, ADSS etc etc

Please help.

Also the result of dcdiag:

Directory Server Diagnosis

Performing initial setup:
   Trying to find home server...
   Home Server = DC2016
   * Identified AD Forest.
   Done gathering initial info.

Doing initial required tests

   Testing server:  MainSIte\DC2016
      Starting test: Connectivity
         ......................... DC2016 passed test Connectivity

Doing primary tests

   Testing server:  MainSIte\DC2016
      Starting test: Advertising
         Fatal Error:DsGetDcName (DC2016) call failed, error 1355
         The Locator could not find the server.
         ......................... DC2016 failed test Advertising
      Starting test: FrsEvent
         ......................... DC2016 passed test FrsEvent
DHCP Server not Integrated in Active Directory
And sometimes DNS is not Up to Date.
Is there a trick to solve that?
We are currently migrating from Exchange 2010 to 2016.  Everything has been cut except mailboxes and Outlook Anywhere.  When i try to update the external DNS for the 2010 server to point to the 2016 server i get a "redirect loop" error in the httpproxy log.  I suspect this has something to do with the 2010 servername and the external FQDN matching.  If there isnt a simple fix that i've just missed for this issue, is it imperative that we cut over Outlook Anywhere if it is not heavily used?  Our remote users login with a VPN to use the ERP anyway, and i doubt any of them know they can use outlook with no vpn.  Thanks!
Not the strongest with DNS. I am simply trying to change current DNS forwarders to point from one external company to the other for DNS protection.

I am seeing that changing DNS forwarders for the main domain is not an issue, simply remove the old ones and add the new IPS for the external DNS server and get the nice green check marks and traffic flows.

There are couple of conditional forwarders setup in this domain, I am trying to add IP address of the new external party ( similar to what I did with the forwarders change for the main domain that did got the green checks after the change )  for these conditional forwarders but I am getting  X sign next to IP address with the error - "The server with this IP address is not authoritative for the required zone". WHy is this error popping up and what to do to fix it so I get a green check mark ?
I need a script for RHEL that will get the Operating system info, Hostname and dns info, Network info, Free and used memory info, Installed packages info, and installed software info and then export it to a file.

i am very new to linux so please bare with me. i have only been able to figure out yum list installed >output.txt.

please help

We have the primary DC along an additional within the Main Office and FSMO is distributed among both and similarly in of the branches we have another Additional DC and so we can see the DNS is OK, replication between DCs is OK however the only issue we see is the SYSVOL folder is not appearing under shares so the users which have the specific branch DNS is not able to see the SYSVOL folder hence the policies are also not applied on the users too.

Requesting your views.

We're having issues regarding patching and reporting via SCCM.  This seems to stem from two sources, DNS and SCCM.  Some of the issues originate from multiple sources...

1.  When help desk would reimage the same machines, they did not go into AD to delete the "old" machine name or clean up the process on the backend.

2.  We migrated from one SCCM server (site) over to another.

3.  Some machines on the current SCCM are still pointing to the "old" site.

4.  On our DNS server, there are multiple IPs showing for the same machine name.

We need to do the best possible way as far as time and man power...while at the same time, with the least possible downfall should anything occur (uptime for our users).  

Please let me know your recommendations.
Hello team

I am installing Exchange Servers  2016 and I want to achieve High Redundancy for Edge servers . I have 2 of Them

I am planning to use DNS round robin for the External Redundancy ( same MX pointing to  the Public IP of each Edge Servers)

My problem is 'internal'  do i have to do 2 edge subscriptions ? will it work?

I heard of a  Cloned configuration In Exchange 2010 and 2013 but apparently not in 2016

Hope  I made clear for you to help me
I have a desktop which whenever you try and use the hostname to ping/mstsc/nslookup returns a different IP address to the one given by DHCP.  Machine is on my domain and DHCP and DNS is controlled by my DC.  

the HDD was in an older machine which the MB died on.  i have transferd the HHD to a newer machine and this is all working fine.  the IP it gets is the correct one for its reservation set on the DC.  checking DHCP on the DC and it shows the reservation active and the lease shows it and gives the machine ID correctly.

however even on the DC when trying to resolve the IP it comes up with a different IP completely.

IP should be x.x.3.25 but get x.x.5.231  whenever trying to ping it.

i cleared the DNS cache on the DC restarted all the services and rebooted the DC.  on the desktop firewall is disabled and have rebooted this also.  hostname is deffinatly correct for this machine also.

any ideas as to why DHCP shows correctly on the DC but it will not resolve?

I receive this error message while I send mails to a specific domain.
please help.

Problem: prevent spoofing using our domain.  

Using: Office 365
Also using: barracuda email security product

Heard that dmarc will help prevent spoofing.  Is this a simple but effective strategy?  

Can anyone tell me the steps to add a dmarc record to dns record, office 365?  

Thank you,







The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical, globally distributed system responsible for associating the name of a computer, service or other resource into an IP address for connecting to the Internet or a private network. Most prominently, it translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for the purpose of computer services and devices worldwide.