The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical, globally distributed system responsible for associating the name of a computer, service or other resource into an IP address for connecting to the Internet or a private network. Most prominently, it translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for the purpose of computer services and devices worldwide.

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Anyone knows how to import txt zone file from BIND DNS into Windows DNS?
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How to get the correct detail for DKIM and SPF from vendor domain to add to TXT record for  our domain so vendor can send as us and not be blocked as spam.
Hi. thanks for looking at this problem.
An external vendor does mail outs for us.
When they do mailouts their emails sent as name@ourdomain.com get blocked since it isn't our domain sending the email.
I understand we can add their DKIM information as a TXT record to our DNS to make their domain trusted to send as us.
Do you know what detail it needs?
I have found this article

I have gotten the vendor detail from the message header of an email they have sent as us.
I can do an nslookup like this:
nslookup -type=txt "vendorselector"._domainkey."vendordomain"
and it comes back with a text record like:
v=DKIM1: p=sdfasdfafasdfasdfasdf
but there is no K or H value.
the other TXT records I have seen for DKIM have at least a K value which seems to be mostly RSA

Does anyone know if I do this kind of NSLookup and it returns that TXT record, if that is all I have to put in our DNS?

Normally I would just ask the vendor for this detail, but they don't seem to have the will to gather it.

I have a ESX host 5.5 and it is being moved to a different domain.  when modifying the dns settings and applying. it keeps reverting back to an older DNS record.  The host is not even connected to the network.  I did try /etc/init.d/nscd restart and that did not resolve.  We do have the option of reinstalling hyper visor but trying not to.  Any thoughts?

I currently have a VPS with RDP at my provider CWH, but my domains are with GoDaddy with A-Records pointing to CWH; and Emails with Microsoft Exchange.  Whenever I need to create a subdomain, I first log into GoDaddy create a new A-Record, then log into Plesk at CWH and create my sub domain there.  

As I’m releasing anew service, I’m hoping to automate this, so I had the following questions.

1.      Can I host my own DNS on my VPS? I

a)      If yes, could I use an API or SDK to create and delete A-Records?

b)      If no, do you know if GoDaddy or another provider has such interface?

2.      Within Plesk, or IIS directly, how can I Create/Suspend/Delete subdomains… again by code? Plesk is PHP-based, so there must be a way.

Obvoiusly my VPS is IIS, but can get Linux.

Any advice would be appreciated.
DNS expert out there, I have a couple of question; hope you will clear my doubt?
We have multiple sites with single forest (mydaomin.com). Each site, with separate subnet (site A, Site B, etc.).
We have DNS installed in the DC at each site. Is DNS-Zone is a single file consisting of all DNS servers?
And also Will the logs at server A under c:\windows\system32\dns\dns.log is same for Server B?
I am in a pickle and have a new approach (Plan B at the bottom)

I need to forward my domain to a partner's website, but I need emails to work using my domain.

I prefer hosting at RackSpace.com

The problem I had when creating a CNAME record was I got the domain to forward, but that broke the email. The MX records were being read from the target website, which is not RackSpace.

So, I canceled my email accounts at RackSpace and create new accounts at Zoho, thinking this would solve the problem.

It did not.

Here are my three attempts from BlueHost:

With A Record
With No A Record and No CNAME
With A Record and CNAME
Any other ideas for this before going to Plan B?

My new approach is to point my domain at a real super-simple website. In the index.html I re-route to the target domain.

Any problems with this?

My partner’s IT guy said it was okay to forward all traffic.

What does the index.htm look like?
What is that one line of code?

Access 2003 mdb with a SQL 2014 backend. We recently changed DNS servers on our LAN to a new box with a new name and IP address, and now the ODBC linked tables to SQL take forever to open. Is there something in an mdb that remembers it's LAN DNS server? I already tried relinking a few tables with the linked table manager, no difference. I do know, however, that the ODBC DSN is fine because I created a test mdb and added a few linked tables from the same SQL backend, and they open lightning fast. It's just something about this existing mdb that now won't open tables in a tolerable time.
Dear experts,

I have a domain controller running on Window 2012 R2 with Active Directory Integrated zone. I also have another domain controller running on Window 2008 R2. Unfortunately the Window 2008 R2 machine malfunctioned which at least I can still survive on the DC on Window 2012 R2. My concern right now is how to remove/demote the Window 2008 R2 properly without the capability of accessing that machine? Can I remove/demote Window 2008 R2 directly from Window 2012 R2? Thanks
I want to find how DNS is setup for scavenging, is there any small Powershell scripts to get an overview of how DNS is run, windows 2008\2012r2 environment
CNAME Record caused my emails to fail.

I hosted 2 emails at RackSpace for my domain, and verified they worked fine. This required me to update the MX records where I host my domain.


Then, before I could create a website, I was allowed by my partner to point my domain at his website.

The redirect worked once I created a CNAME record.
domain1.com brings up the site at domain2.com

But the emails stopped working.

The error is "553 Relaying disallowed"

I called RackSpace and they said it's because the MX records at the domain2.com, where domain1.com points at, are pointing to Zoho (a major email provider).

So, my question is...

If I move my two emails from RackSpace to Zoho, can I have a solution where

1) domain forwarding is working (domain1.com brings up the site at domain2.com)
2) emails work as well (both (domain1.com emails work again)



Or, is there another way to configure this?

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If someone enters our web address in their browser without the www, it would show page could not be found.
But, if they enter www in front of our web address, it would bring them to our website. We never paid attention to this until we received a warning from Google Analytics recently as shown below. I guess Google is recommending us to setup our website in a way where it would open if someone doesn't enter www. infront of our web address.  Is there a way to configure our website as suggested by Google?  Thank you!

Property http://www.xyz.com is receiving data from redundant hostnames. Some of the redundant hostnames are:
•      xyz.com
•      www.xyz.com
Redundant hostnames are counted as separate rows in reports, so hits that are going to the same page on your site from different hostnames will be split into multiple rows. With data split across multiple rows, traffic to specific pages will appear lower than it actually is.

To avoid this problem, consider setting up a 301 redirect from one of your redundant hostnames to the other, or create a search-and-replace filter that strips "www." from hostnames.

Google Tag Assistant Recordings can help you verify that your redirect is setup correctly, or that your filter is working as …
System: Windows 2012 R2, CRM 2016

I completed the configuration of ADFS, Claims-Based Authentication and IFD without any errors.  The login form opens both internally and externally.

The issue is that it is pointing to the wrong site.  It is pointing to the sts1 address, however, the System Admin tells me that this is a production site.

I don't want to try ripping out ADFS and starting over, I have seen that cause major problems

Can someone tell me how I can change the site from sts1 to the correct site?

The system admin had me try adfs.wwmh.net but it reverts back to the sts1 site.

I am at the last  step of the IFD setup and if I can get this issue resolved, I am done

Dear experts,

I have a Window 2012 R2 server running DNS, DHCP, and AD DS and a sonicwall firewall. For some reason that my DNS server is not working. When I look at my network connection from Window 7, I can see that IPv4 Default Gateway is, IPv4 DHCP server is on but IPv DNS server is on 68.x.x.x It is not pointing to my DNS which should be the same as the DHCP server ( I am not sure what went wrong as in if there is a mis-configuration in sonicwall firewall/router or the DNS server at

I can see my client PC is not talking to the local DNS server but instead on 68.x.x.x my ISP. Is there a way to configure in order to ensure my client PC will ask my local DNS first if no information can be found then forward to the DNS of my ISP and so forth?  I have set my TCP/IPv4 to Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Is there a way to set obtain IP and DNS server automatically rather than set those to static?
I need to add a reverse dns record in my dns configuration.

I am getting this error is the ip of the mail server

Remote host said: 451 4.1.8 Possibly forged hostname for

I have access to the dns zone  of the domain

Any ideas
I have a Windows Server 2016 domain on a /24 network.  I have the DC setup as DNS and DHCP servers.  The gateway is a Xycel router.  The client computers use both DHCP and static IP from the DNS server. The problem I am having is two-fold. When I state the DC DNS IP as the primary DNS server (DHCP also list this IP as well).   1. Having problems getting out to the outside world.  I am seeing either No Internet or Slow Internet (problems resolving and more than 30 hops on tracert), and some pages are loading incorrectly.
When, I add the Google Public DNS as the secondary DNS server, the Internet seems to work fine.  Pages resolve and hops and ms are normal.
So, I know I have a DNS issue going on.  
Question: Would DNS forwarding correct this problem?  If so what IP address do I forward to?  
Google Public?   The external IP address for the ISP?   The internal IP address for the Xycel router?
Looking for answers?
One other note:  This is a clean install (not a migration or upgrade)
Thanks in advance
DNS ageing without scavenging
As a preliminary phase, prior to enabling scavenging, I want to start replicating the timestamps of Microsoft Active-Directory-Integrated zone.
All my DNS servers are Global Catalog & Domain Controllers.
From my research, the way to replicate the timestamps on records is to enable Ageing/Scavenging on the targeted Zone, but NOT enable scavenging on the Servers.
Is this correct?
Also, are secure dynamic updates a requirement? I currently have "allow non secure dynamic updates" set at the zone.

Once all my timestamps are coordinated I will enable the scavenging on the "PDC" domain controller only.
Thanks in advance.
My servers are 2008, 2012 and 2016
Hi Experts

Could you point how must be maped cPanel's folder's structure to an IDE  and what possibly could be done to change the default folder to www at cPanel?

By using cPanel the folder's structure is that:
If I click the "home icon" the default folder, acordingly with thw picture is now www
Even that,  I can charge only PHP pages that remains at  public_html folder
To complicate too much my own PHP IDE  (PHPDesigner) just could see from "espiriplug" folder to down... so the pages are not reachable and I had to use cPanel text editor (not very good)

I read elsewhere www is an public_html alias, but not on my case since everithing I paste in public_html is not reflected in www and my IDE couldn't access...

Am I misconcepting something?

Any workaround on this?

Thanks in advance!
I have an existing installation of Dell Netextender on my home computer and need to know how to change the DNS setting.  

dns settings
Hi All,

We have a hybrid setup with exchange 2016 and Exchange 2013 as we migrate. Were having an issue with relay from our internal scanners. They are able to send email internally but not externally. We have dns pointing to the 2016 server and we see the IP's in both Relay connectors on 2013 and 2016 email servers. However it wont send external from scanners, the error is invalid recipient on the scanner. However if we change the scanner to point to the 2013 server it works.  Anyone come across this situation or have any thoughts. Thanks Much
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WE have a website that is having issues connecting to a database on our server.  Some days it works and some days users are not able to connect ( Timeout error ).

Connection String:
"User Id=<id>;Password=<password> Catalog=<catalog>;Server=<servername>; Connection Timeout=120;"

Open in new window

If I change server = "localhost" then I am able to connect to the server, but after a few days someone will complain they timeout again.  In order to get the website to work, i have to keep changing the connection string ( server = servername or server = localhost ) when someone timesouts.

We haven't figured out what the problem is, so I came here looking for suggestions.  My IT Director doesn't think it has anything to do with DNS.

A few comments:
- Website: ASP.NET 2008, Visual Basic
- Only around 5 employees access the website
- The problem usually is reported around the same time of day, but that could be that is the only time they use the program
- We have multiple websites/applications accessing the same server with no problems
We have one machine which cannot see the rest on the domain under the network tab in File Explorer.

We have checked Network Sharing is enabled, it can ping/browse the machines which are not showing up, it is on the correct range and is using the correct DNS, DHCP, and Gateway. I have tried setting these details to static and it is the same.  

It is running Windows 10 (as are all the client PCs) so we have tried the network reset option. And finally a system restore.

I still cannot see the other machines in this tab. We have recently started looking after this client and one of the things I have looked at is that they use a proxy server. This is configured and sent out to the machine under group policy. The policy has applied when I run a gpresult /r and the internet connects fine. I did notice when I dialled in and looked under Ethernet on the W10 network settings that it said action needed under the adapter. It needed the user credentials for the proxy. I entered these and it returned to say connected. I have not had this since after several reboots and the above troubleshooting steps.

Any help would be appreciated.
I want to move a 2008 R2 DC to another host to free up resources on the one it is currently on.
Moving the VM is simple enough. Power off and migrate it over. There are other DCs in the environment so shutting it down is not a concern,

My only worry is will moving the DC to another host change anything that could cause problems with DC replication?
I've read horror stories when people try virtualizing existing DC's and was wondering if there is anything similar to worry about in this scenario.
Have been setting up a new server running windows 2016 server. So far all that has been added apart from the default install is Active directory and DNS. I was originally receiving event id's 404, 407 and 408 on the DNS but that appears to be resolved. Still cannot contact the DC from an external machine and the active directory is reporting  event id 1202 for both DFR and ADWS. I have attached copies of the results from ipconfig /all, dcdiag and netstat. All but one of the network cards have been disabled as has IPV6 on the DC. Any help resolving this issue would be much appreciated as I'm running out of hair to pull out. :)
Hello Experts. Quick question, will exchange 2013 from cu15 to cu19 upgarde fail if i did not extend the schema, prepare AD, and domain. I ask because i did run the commands and all completed successfully, but the schema version has not updated in ADSI edit, so i'm worried it may not have completed successfully.

It will be a good test if CU 19 upgrade fails, as that will let me know of any replication issues. This is for my test env. I ran repadmin with /replsummary, /queue, and /showrepl, and i saw no errors.

I did find an article that stated the schema version does not change with cu19, it remains the same as before, so how can i check if it updated.

Please let me know. Thanks in advance
can somebody tell me the steps when one browse the internet, how we browse the internet

like how computer talks so we yahoo or any other website

do we contact root hints server or how isp DNS server works?






The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical, globally distributed system responsible for associating the name of a computer, service or other resource into an IP address for connecting to the Internet or a private network. Most prominently, it translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for the purpose of computer services and devices worldwide.