The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical, globally distributed system responsible for associating the name of a computer, service or other resource into an IP address for connecting to the Internet or a private network. Most prominently, it translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for the purpose of computer services and devices worldwide.

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hello dears,
this is my first question so I beleive everyone will guide me on solving the issue.

Subdomains (child domains) objects Missing from Active Directory Users and Computers in the parent domain.

I have one parent domain ( name it domain_parent) with 2 DCs (DC1 and DC2)
and two child domains, each child domain has one DC (DC3 and DC4)

all are windows 2012 R2 servers

and all DCs in all domains are global catalog servers

the replication is OK, I can search all objects from all domains by using Active Directory administrative center, repadmin result stating that the replication was successful

I beleive that the issue is related to DNS, but i do not know where exactly, the DC1 has a primary DNS and child domains are active directory integrated.

from network properties, the DNS servers are set as follow:
DNS Server : the IP of itself
DNS Server1: the IP of DC3
DNS Server2: IP of DC1
DNS Server1: the IP of DC4
DNS Server2: IP of DC1

can anyone please guide me on what is the issue and how I can resolve it?

thank you
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I had to reload Windows 7 using the recovery partition.  I've loaded Cisco AnyConnect which connects fine, but when I try to RDC to a machine using it's name it doesn't work; it does work using the IP address.  Everyone else that uses the VPN connection can RDC without issue.  Suggestions?
Have multiple identical Windows 10 desktops on a network sharing a single Internet connection through a single router running DHCP. All systems are functioning fine except for one which recently lost ability to browse the web. Target system reports having Internet access and does file sharing and printing over network just fine, both using a Wi-Fi and wired connection. Have tried browsing with IE, Chrome and Edge and all fail same way.

Have run network diagnostics, changed target system ip address, flushed and renewed dns, restarted several times with no change. Windows updates are current. Will run netsh winsock reset in about 18 hours when I'm in front of target system to do so.

Any ideas or suggestions of where else to look is appreciated.
Good afternoon.  I just signed up to use Comodo for endpoint security.  One of the products that I get with that is Dome, which is for DNS.  So, my question is, how do I actually set that up without messing up my internal settings?  For instance, if my computers need to resolve to an internal server I know that I need an internal DNS server.  Therefore, do I just change the DNS settings on the DNS server to use Comodo's DNS or do I set it somewhere else?
Hi All,

I start a new job and encounter an issue which is DNS relates. This issue has been going on for few years by now.

1. B Domain ( call Bdomain.local) is located at remote site,  which site has dedicated VPN connection to main office.
2.Both B domain and A Domain  (call  Adomain.local) have a Win server 2012 server as domain controller and DNS server (svr1.Bdomain.local and sv1.Adomain.local)
3. We can ping both way from two office and PORT53 is open on both DNS servers, the network folder/drive share is created via IP address.
4. On the brand new computer at A office, on the static IP address I setup DNS server to use IP address of server B.domain.local,
5. nslookup results:   I couldn't look up B.domain.local or any DNS records in the B Domain.

Can anyone cast some light here where to start for trouble shooting?

The ultimate goal is to achieve joining 2 domain into 1 Forest.


Looking some clarification.

Want to incorporate another domain name currently using GMail business suite.
The are registered on GoDaddy.

Our own domain is O365 cloud based.

To change mail flow -is it a case of removing the GMail MX records īn the registered domain?
Then adding the existing MX record to the new domain ?

Or are there further steps?
I have 4 domain controllers.  When I run the  "DCDIAG /TEST:DNS /V /E /F:C:\list.txt "  command on each of them 1 of them shows failed results.  The other 3 domain controllers show that everything passed.  

These are the results from the DC that shows failure.
 Summary of DNS test results:
                                            Auth Basc Forw Del  Dyn  RReg Ext  
            Domain: domain.us
               morty                       PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS n/a  
               Wally                        PASS WARN n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  
               Vinny                        FAIL FAIL n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  
               morty2                      FAIL FAIL n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  
         ......................... domain.us failed test DNS

These are the results from the rest of the domain controllers.  
                                 Auth Basc Forw Del  Dyn  RReg Ext
            Domain: domain.us

               Wally                        PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS n/a  
               Vinny                     PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS n/a  
               morty2                      PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS n/a  
               morty                       PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS n/a  
         ......................... …
Hi Experts

thanks for your in advance.

problem definition:
I have only 1 Active Directory server with DNS integrated in an isolated network and I want all DNS queries to be made to itself only so no DNS queries are broadcasted.
AD is imported from PROD environment and previously serving multiple zones and multiple different VLANs.  I now need to use this imported AD DNS server to not to forward any broadcast queries to different DNS servers.

reasons: Server is imported from PROD  environment so whatever the IP details it has in DNS tab should change I believe. it currently have multiple IP addresses listed primary and secondary DNS

a)should I only set up one DNS server IP which would be the itself as primary DNS server and that's it leave the rest with no config. only 1 DC in this isolated environment which holds all the FSMO roles and  has no connections to PROD.
b) should set new port forwarding on Pfsense firewall to forward all DNS queries to

thanks for the help
Have a website.  I am trying to create a test website based on the main website to troubleshoot an issue.  I created the site using FileZilla.  I copied the files from the main site "internal.mysite.com" to "internaltest.mysite.com".

I logged into apache and modified the apache.conf file using "sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf"

Copied below
<VirtualHost *:80>
   DocumentRoot "/home/webserver/www/internal.mysite.com"
   ServerName internal.mysite.com
   <Directory "/home/webserver/www/internal.mysite.com">
       Require ip
       Require ip
       Require ip
       Require ip
       Require ip

Open in new window

<VirtualHost *:80>
   DocumentRoot "/home/webserver/www/internaltest.mysite.com"
   ServerName internaltest.mysite.com
   <Directory "/home/webserver/www/internaltest.mysite.com">
       Require ip
       Require ip
       Require ip
       Require ip
       Require ip

Open in new window

Then hit ctrl+x and then Y for save

Restarted server with "sudo service apache2 restart".

Server restarted successfully.

I can access internal.mysite.com but internaltest.mysite.com returns a DNS error -> can’t find the server at internaltest.mysite.com.

I did the exact same steps to a previous site and it works but this one is not.

I also checked the file permissions and ensured that internaltest.mysite.com matched internal.mysite.com.

Any ideas?
Looking some advise on how to change/move a domain's MX record(s)
This would facilitate for all mail coming into another Office 365 domain.

So basically re-point the MX record into another existing domain in Office 365.

This in turn would mean all mail would be directed to our Exchange Cloud Server
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Anyone can point out to the right resource for Azure AD deployment?  Got experience in Domain migrations but never worked with Azure.  
Currently using Open LDAP.  
Need to decide how sub-domains should be used, site parameters, etc.   Thanks.

I have a question about my Forest and Child domains infrastructure and the DNS configuration.
First, the infrastructure is a split DNS configuration.
Example : mydomain.com with an external DNS zone hosted by a third party provider and the internal DNS AD integrated.

Now I don't know if a conditional forwarder is needed for the child domain controllers to route the request internally for the parent domain and never by the external hosted dns zone.

Here's my detailed configuration :

Parent Domain Controller
Domain : mydomain.com
Forwarder :
DNS IPconfig :
Delegation existing in the DNS zone for the child domain ("child").

Child Domain Controller
Domain : child.mydomain.com
Forwarder :
DNS IPconfig :
No conditional forwarder to request the parent domain.

Note that the configuration works. If I create an host entry (A) in the external DNS with an IP defined at and the same host entry in the parent domain with an IP value of, and nslookup from a client in the child domain will return the value  If someone could explain me this and if I need a conditional forwarder.

Hi, I have a problem with my website(dealclik.us) pinging and loading webpages, this website is loading properly but except for one customer it is redirecting to xyz.xyz

I have talked to hosting providers, they are not able to fix this as they could not see any problem with the website. Please help me in fixing this. I asked that particular customer to restart their router, they have a static IP, they restarted the router but the issue is not fixed, how to fix this? please help!!

Thanks in advance.
Hi Experts,

I have been running the Best Practice Analyzer on DNS for all the Domain Controllers and on one of the DCs I am getting the following non-compliant messages:

"DNS: Zone <abchsi> secondary servers must respond to queries for the zone"

"DNS: Zone <abchsi> secondary server must respond to queries for the zone"

I have checked the properties of the zone under the "Zone Transfers" tab, I can see that it is set to "Only to servers located on the Name Servers tabs" which is populated with the 4 Domain Controllers. So not sure why I am receiving these errors.

I have also run a dcdiag /test:dns and it has passed.

Just wondering how to resolve the errors above for the DNS server to be compliant for the Best Practice Analyzer?
I just started at a new organization & don't have a lot of information about their network. They've thrown me into it & basically said, "good luck." The first major problem I see is that I can't force gpupdate from a workstation because it can't find the Group Policy server. Both DCs are virtual. DC01 can see the rest of the network; I can ping the other DC & workstations, firewall, etc. but nobody can reach DC01. I can't ping it, I can't replicate AD, nada. If I run netstat from the "working DC," I get Server DC02 IP Address DC02 IP Address, though. So, I run DCDIAG on DC01 & get failures for Advertising & SystemLog. Advertising: Warning: DsGetDcName returned information for \\DC02 when we were trying to reach \\DC01. SERVER IS NOT RESPONDING or IS NOT SUITABLE. SystemLogsays "The DFS Namespace service could not initialize cross forest trust information on this domain controller, but it will periodically retry the operation. The return code is in the record data." I've tried running an authoritative & non-authoritative replication between the 2 of them. No dice. I've been beating my head against this thing for a couple of days now. Anybody got any ideas of where else to look?
I had an issue with a PC losing the trust relationship earlier, therefore I had to remove it from the domain and re-add it. At the same time, a colleague was decommissioning an SBS 2011 server as it had been migrated over to Server 2012. However I was unable to join the domain and kept getting an EM saying the DC could not be contacted.

I tried adding the DNS of the server to the NIC, using domainname.local etc and nothing worked. I powered the old SBS server back on and I was able to join the domain. What I need to know is why the old SBS server is still needed to join the domain, I am looking down the DNS route, possible a rogue srv or ptr record but I'm unsure where to start.
This server has a sorted history and ended up removed from the domain and now I cannot re-add it. I've double checked all DNS, IP and domain configurations and everything is fine. It was added at one point.

The current situation is that it is running fine, not on the domain, ipv6 is disabled and joining to the domain fails instantly with a useless error. The netsetup.log is attached as it contains the most information possible on the errors.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
This could be an OEM issue as I took an old gateway box and put in an Asus XM 88 plus board with AMD chip and a few years later I am have bazaar connectivity.

I am on my third outlook profile this year.  I have outlook 365.  I lose connection and most the time it works going to outlook.office365.com.  Some times neither work, yet other sites work and I can ping anywhere I try.  I have been solving the issue by disabling network adapter and  then enabling.  Well it has stopped enabling.  worst case I would recycle modem.  Now the adapter will not enable in either network screen or services screen.  I also have had search issues in outlook and re-indexed.
I also have DNS issues with some websites.  Something tells me this is one fix and I could be wrong, just a hunch after 30 years of messing with these things.

Things that I can remember that I have done.

Removed device and driver - reinstalled both with new and with current drivers
Replaced modem
Replaced Cables
run  ping to -t and it ran for two days no hickups.  
I have set dns to and
I have undone that and redone that
I have run sfc /scannow
I have dumped DNS more times then I can count.
removed outlook accounts and restarted from scratch
I know there is more, but at this time after serving 8 for dinner, and needing to get this fixed, that is what I remember.

MS said that the latest update would fix my search issues.  They lied.  I totally re-indexed then had connectivity …
we have a single exchange 2016 server (running on 2016 sevrver) and users connecting via outlook 2016, but each time we try to configure outlook it keeps asking for a username and password.

This WAS working ok, apart from a warning about our ssl certificate, which was expected, as we did not have one initially. We have now added one, and changed the urls (within ecp) for the new exchange server to match our external name ie remote.domainname.co.uk

The ecp runs fine referring to it with this url locally, and owa works fine (internally and externally). we can send and receive email and our calendars sync fully.

However, each time we try to get outlook 2016 to connect, we are asked for the username and password. Providing it does not work.

In addition the Outlook App (iPhone) does not connect either.

I seem to feel that it is something to do with the changes to the urls, but I just don't know where to start in trapping this problem.

when we run the mxtoolbox smtp diag, all seems well.

However, when we run the Microsoft autodiscover diag it cannot communicate on any channel.

We have a zone in our local dns that includes autodiscover and remote which points to the local IP of our mail server, and we have the same entries in our external dns, which points to our public IP.

Can anyone assist us in getting to the bottom of this problem, as it is causing quite a headache not having outlook running on our local machines.  

Any help much appreciated
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I'm changing the DNS Servers on our Environment to new IPs. i found a batch script which worked perfectly on the Servers that have one connection only but for the servers that have two it didn't worked as it some time change the DNS for the correct one and some time no.

how i can modify it to change the DNS for the network interface that have the old IPs or that Connected to the Domain.

below is the script & I want it as batch to deploy it by SCCM

@echo off
set dnsserver=
set dnsserver2=

for /f "tokens=1,2,3*" %%i in ('netsh interface show interface') do (
 if %%i EQU Enabled (
 rem echo change "%%l" : %dnsserver%
 netsh interface ipv4 set dnsserver name="%%l" static %dnsserver% both
 netsh interface ipv4 add dnsserver name="%%l" %dnsserver2% index=2


Open in new window

i've actibe on win 2012 r2 (3 DCs) and installed dns on it, and dhcp on other win2008 r2 server when i run nslookup command to get the hostname of pc ip i got an error like that:
 primary name server = localhost
        responsible mail addr = nobody.invalid
        serial  = 1
        refresh = 600 (10 mins)
        retry   = 1200 (20 mins)
        expire  = 604800 (7 days)
        default TTL = 10800 (3 hours)
*** No internal type for both IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses (A+AAAA) records available

so what's the missing configuration that can fix it?
Hi there, I am not sure if I am using the correct terminology for this request, however I will try and explain my best.

I have a few URLs which are tricky for clients to type out, or to remember where to go back to, so what I want to to is have a URL for that long one



so when people click on the top link, it goes to the bottom one?

I know i can do this via code on a website, however I wouldnt mind having it done thru DNS (if possible)

Is that possible?
I am give a DNS name for a load balancer server and I can get its IP address using nslookup. But what I need is its virtual IP. How can I get that from a DNS name? Could not find anything on google. Can someone help?
Hi All,

I have run Best Practice Analyzer for DNS on one of the Domain Controllers and received a Warning saying: "DNS: Root Hint server must respond to NS queries for the root zone". I then checked the root hint (j.root-servers.net) had the correct IP address and compared it to the other 3 Domain Controllers which were also correct.

On the server where I received the warning, I ran nslookup -type=ns . and PING, which returned the following results:

C:\Users\Administrator.4DI>nslookup -type=ns .
DNS request timed out.
    timeout was 2 seconds.
Server:  UnKnown

DNS request timed out.
    timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Request to UnKnown timed-out

C:\Users\Administrator.4DI>ping j.root-servers.net

Pinging j.root-servers.net [] with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

All other root hints are working and all root hints are working on the other Domain Controllers.

I have run dcdiag /test:dns on this server and received the following results:
C:\Users\Administrator.4DI>dcdiag /test:dns

Directory Server Diagnosis

Performing initial setup:
   Trying to find home server...
   Home Server = 4DWADC01
   * Identified AD Forest.
   Done gathering initial info.

Doing initial required tests

   Testing server: Wandsworth\4DWADC01
      Starting test: …
Office 365 - Exchange
How do I configure O365 to accept another domain.

Is it possible to do this without adding into DNS Manager then public Dns.

basically is there an easier way to set this up in O365 to accept another domain's emails.






The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical, globally distributed system responsible for associating the name of a computer, service or other resource into an IP address for connecting to the Internet or a private network. Most prominently, it translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for the purpose of computer services and devices worldwide.