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The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical, globally distributed system responsible for associating the name of a computer, service or other resource into an IP address for connecting to the Internet or a private network. Most prominently, it translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for the purpose of computer services and devices worldwide.

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I have a 2008 R2 RRAS (routing and remote access server) and I'm connecting to it with a VPN connection.

Once connected, I get an IP address and my DNS is correct in that it's my DNS servers on my domain, but I can't resolve anything unless I use the FQDN like computer.mydomain.local.  

As a side note, my end user told me Linux shows no DNS server is affixed to the tunnel and Linux shows no gateway affixed to the tunnel.

Anyway, i need some help resolving this problem.

Where do I look?


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We have a public website and it changed to new IP address. And A DNS record for the website is located at DNS1.

So user's path for DNS name resolution is;
User laptop------DNS2-------DNS1

DNS1 is configured as a forwarder in DNS2.

I just requested to change A record to DNS1 admin and he changed. I can resolve to new IP;
c:>nslookup website.com DNS1

But if I try to resolve with DNS2, it still returns the old IP address. It seems as DNS2 is not getting the change yet, TTL issue in cache.

Is there a way to delete only a single record for website.com?? It's AD integrated DNS server, I went to DNS concole> Advanced View> Cache Lookup, there was no record for website.com. I want to delete the record in DNS 2 and gets new DNS record from DNS1
I am sure i might be missing an easy solution, but thought i would ask here to save time.  

I am trying to get a URL that we are putting out to the public to redirect to another domain, but only for a single address, not the entire domain.   The issue is we have our main domain hosted by an external company but have many other web based apps that are hosted locally.   The one web server we created a different longer domain name in which the subdomain has a SSL certificate.  So i would like for the easy URL name to be put on documentation sent out to customers that can be redirected to another subdomain that has the cert.  

our core domain name  main.com   is hosted externally, but mail.main.com points to internal mail server, intranet.main.com points to intranet, etc.       We also have another domain registration  longnamemain.com.   On  longnamemain.com.  we have certificate for URL site.longnamemain.com.     On the renewal notice, I want to put renewal.main.com versus renewal.longnamemain.com.    How can i redirect renewal.main.com to renewal.longnamemain.com.  and not get a certificate error which is what happens now using a CNAME record.  

You might say, why not just use long domain, well there are certain reasons I do not want to use that.  

Thanks for any help.

I have two DC that are DNS servers in my WIndows 2012R2domain. I want them to synchronize but they are not. If I lookin the SOA the serials numers are not the same.

Is there a way to repair?

If I put a conditional forwarder in my DNS server and that conditional forwarder is able to hit a DNS record, but it uses its own conditional forwarder to resolve it. Would that be a problem for my DNS server to resolve to that record?

Basically it would take 2 forwards to get the record for that host file. We are trying to figure out why a conditional forwarder is able to resolve a record but not my DNS server.

So example:
My DNS server( uses conditional forwarder( is able to resolve "host"file that is on DNS server ( is a conditional forwarder for

I hope this makes sense.
A business client of mine has switched internet service providers and the new provider has installed a mikrotik rb2011il-in.

How do I configure DHCP options for Gateway, DNS using Webfig.  I cant find anything on the web about the task that is recent and from I can only assume is a hobby router
Im currently Having issues on a 2008R" server where by i cannot search folders shared by another 2008r2 server. This is important as the files are being shared by a server running shadow protect, but cannot be seen by the server thats supposed to be imaged by it.
so lets call this server 1 and the shadow protect server2.
server 1 can ping server 2 by ip, name and FQDN - cant nslookup server2 (DNS request timed out), cant search for shares on server2 by IP or name.
server 2 can ping server1 by ip, name and FQDN, can nslookup itself and server1. can browser shares from server1.
i should also mention server1 is a DC and DNS server.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.
I need help or some guidance for the following issue.

We use a VPN connection when we connect remotely. For software installations, we use an internal web server which we have no problems connecting to when we are at work. However, I am unable to connect from home.

One of the first things I did was to traceroute the host using the LAN connection at work:
  1     1 ms     1 ms     1 ms  chlz-fw01.net.**.** []
  2     1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  3    20 ms    26 ms    20 ms
  4    21 ms    20 ms    20 ms
  5    21 ms    31 ms    20 ms  xe-10-3-1-5779.******.interoute.net []
  6    21 ms    21 ms    21 ms
  7    21 ms    25 ms    21 ms

Open in new window

When I connect from home with a VPN, I receive the following reply:

Tracing route to itappstore.**.** []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  2     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  3     *        *        *     Request timed out. 

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.. and it stops after 20 hops / with the same response

Next, I used the following command:

> nslookup itappstore.**.**
Server:  itappstore.**.**

DNS request timed out.
    timeout was 2 seconds.
DNS request timed out.
    timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Request to itappstore.**.**timed-out

Open in new window

So it looks like the problem might be the DNS server.

Because the IP and DNS addresses are assigned automatically,
the adapter setting won't show the addresses.

I also tried an arp command and I get the following reply
> netsh
Server:  GBLDC1-GC01.**.**

*** GBLDC1-GC01.**.** can't find netsh: Non-existent domain

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Is this a DNS issue?
Hi all,

I recently altered our SPF record to add 3 domains to authenticate.  I thought I adjusted the SPF record correctly, but I am getting the error below.

WARNING: No A or AAAA records found for smtp2.changeworknow.co.uk
WARNING: No A or AAAA records found for smtp3.changeworknow.co.uk

SPF record:
v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ip4: include:servers.mcsv.net a:smtp.changeworknow.co.uk a:smtp2.changeworknow.co.uk a:smtp3.changeworknow.co.uk -all

Any ideas?

Good day!

I am wondering if someone can point me in right direction to troubleshoot this issue.

We have a Cannon Plotter ipf670, its installed on our print server MS Server 2012 R2 Std.
This printer keeps going offline everynow and then for no apparent reason. Both at users end and in print management.

* While this printer goes offline, I can still get to its webpage via its ip and ping it fine as well. *

What I have tried:

- Rebooting printer
- Checking setting on the printer that it doesn't shutdown automatically.
- Making sure network cable have no issue.
- Making sure its set to static IP and all the IP addresses are fine - DNS, Gateway and mask.
- Looking at the printer while its showing offline on the server/workstation - It shows like its normal and waiting for prints.

What works:

- Restarting Print Spooler -  It started printing
- Next time it went offline again, I rebooted printer and it came ready and started printing again!

Thank you in advance.
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We have recently changed ISP but still currently retain the old ISP connection to dovetail while we switch over completely. Our mx records are held at our web hosting company as the website has the same fqdn as the email system. My question is would it be possible to have two mx records, one for the old isp ip address and one for the new isp's ip address pointing to our onsite exchange server? I have read that setting one MX record with a lower number will increase it's priority and forward to that IP. I would like to do this to ease this transition and possibly retain the old isp as redundancy.

Is this possible and would there be any issues if it is?


Dear Experts
I installed new C# application (Client -server application ) on the network but when the users login with their user name on the domain they cannot open the application when they open the application and type the login user name and password the exception appeared that the network user name cannot login
But when I login to the computer on the domain with the administrator then I can open the application without any error.
I gave some users same permissions and add them to the groups and group policy same as administrator in the member of window properties on the active directory groups and users window but still get same error  
I think there is some thing missing how I will give the new users same privileges and permissions to be same as administrator and login to the application without errors like administrator account?
My client has their DNS configured to the local virtual machine.  I was curious if DNS is configured on the Virtual machine or in the vsphere client?  If the server crashes nothing works, was wanting to add a secondary dns address just something generic like googles, just didn't know if I needed to configure that in vsphere, or on the virtual machine Windows server?
I have 3 DNS servers. Each server is in its own subnet. It appears that the Primary DNS server is not deleting old records. We have duplicate IPs on one particular DNS server. I have scavenging turned on.  
Select the Enable automatic scavenging of stale records check box is checked. The Enable Aging and Scavenging for DNS  is checked. The other 2 DNS servers are removing old records.

Could the db be corrupt? Should I delete the duplicate records? That would be a time consuming task.

We've got a problem on our network with the DNS Server role configured on 2 DC (running Windows Server 2008 R2) using himself as preferred DNS server and the other DC as alternate DNS server and viceversa.

From a few days ago, www.unicredit.it is no longer reachable. The company that uses these DNS has always reached this website and recently the DC hasn't been modified.
The DNS are configured to use google ( as forwarder and then root hints if no forwarders are available. Trying a nslookup on www.unicredit.it on DC returns
"Server: localhost Address:
Non-authoritative answer Name: www.unicredit.it"

instead trying the same command on another network with DNS working correctly we obtain

"Server: our DC server
Address:  x.x.x.x
Non-authoritative answer:
Nome:    www.unicredit.it-new.gtm.unicreditgroup.eu
Aliases:  www.unicredit.it"

We've just tried flushing DNS cache without results and the only way to have access to www.unicredit.it is setting a working DNS (like google on network settings of the DC.
We also tried setting a working DNS on network settings of a client and it works, so it isn't a problem firewall side.
So there's something not working on our DNS Server.

Any ideas?

I getting issue when i do a ipconfig/all my DNS was pointing to a different DNS setting to my server.

There a issue to do tracert from my local client that i unable to surf Web.
when i login to my DNS server I was able to acecss internet.

I suspect my local client was pointing to a different DNS..
I created a folder (e.g. testactual.mysite.com).  It is a copy of actual.mysite.com.

I added the site to my host file and restarted the linux server.

e.g. ->      actual.mysite.com      testactual.mysite.com

When I open a browser and type testactual.mysite.com I receive a DNS error "server DNS address could not be found."

When typing actual.mysite.com the site works as expected.

How do I resolve the DNS error?
I used to be able to access VSphere and all of a sudden we started receiving the error: "Error Connecting. Cannot complete login due to  an incorrect username or password." I already checked there is a PTR and DNS record. I already rebooted the PSC vm.  I can login to PSC with admin credentials. I also confirmed the domain is added under Identity Sources.  Is there anything else I can try?
DNS ForwarderHi,
 I have SBS2011 and WOW high speed internet service with static IP account. As seen in the screenshot,  I have DNS server addresses & given by WOW in DNS manager.
 I just set up another internet service by Spectrum(Time Warner)  that I am going to setup as either primary or backup (I have not decided yet) as a part of DUAL WAN setup on my CISCO router. Spectrum gave us DNS server addresses:,

My question is:
In DNS Manager/Forwarder tab, do I just add Spectrum DNS server addresses?
if yes, then should I keep them in certain order?
Or should I replace what I currently have with Google's DNS servers and

 Is there a benefit for entering ISP DNS server addresses here?

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My company owns a particular domain name mystuff.com to a site but due to some weird contract issues we don't control it. DNS control is handled by consultants and they currently have it running at amazon. If we need to add a sub domain now to mystuff.com (SSL cert and a cname), who should be responsible for this? Us or the consultants?
Thanks in advance to those out there for your time and help with the following question. I need to add more than 2 DNS servers in my Cisco AnyConnect internal group policy. The ASA5525X will not allow more than 2 DNS server entries. I remember seeing this as a "BUG" but am unable to find any information regarding to a fix or workaround.
Hi guys
I have built a lab with an Exchange 2013. And i have setup dirsync and all is good until i run through the Hybrid Exchange configuration wizard which goes well untill i get the error as show on picture  Screen at end
I have setup the autodiscover on the server with powershell in the cas useing the same as in the error. The public dns autodicover is setup as an a record matching the public IP

I can telenet to the server on port 443 so firewall cant be the issue.

There is no edge server but Centralized mail setup has been choosen. The mail servere has both mailbox and cas role.

In mu opinion firewall and autodiscover should be ok but clearly there is an issue.
One of my client computers is giving us difficulty when trying to RDP into it.  I can ping the machine & get a response, where I'm confused is the IP that's returned doesn't match the host name.  I ran ping -a to check this, which returned a host name that was joined to a domain that has been decommissioned for well over 4 years.  Ran nslookup of IP it returned the same odd host name joined to the current domain.  Then I ran nslookup using the odd host name it then returned the odd host name, joined to old domain.

good day

Need urgent help there was a network outages currently.

I unable to do a tracert (google dns) and show a request timeout.

Users were complanning that unable to reach external DNS  

Please note i was able to connect to  exchange mail
I have a domain with godaddy acousticsbusinesssolutions.com  ip:

I have setup a mailserver and added acousticsbusinesssolutions.com with its ip

I have changed the mx records to

Host: @
Points to mail.acousticsbusinesssolutions.com (tried to pony to to no avail)

mail.acousticsbusinesssolutions.com still points to the ip at godaddy

whatismydns.net says that the mx record is:


Is that correct? Do I have to wait to propagation?

Any help will be appreciated






The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical, globally distributed system responsible for associating the name of a computer, service or other resource into an IP address for connecting to the Internet or a private network. Most prominently, it translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for the purpose of computer services and devices worldwide.