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Document Imaging

Document imaging is an information technology category for systems capable of replicating documents commonly used in business. Document imaging systems can take many forms including microfilm, on demand printers, facsimile machines, copiers, multifunction printers, document scanners, computer output microfilm (COM) and archive writers. Document imaging is a form of enterprise content management, built around the need to manage and secure the escalating volume of electronic documents (spreadsheets, word-processing documents, PDFs, e-mails) created in organizations.

Using Paperport 14.5 on Windows 10.  All aspects of the program work except that it will not allow any document to be unstacked.  It will not allow a current page or all pages to be unstacked.  I see the unstack wording when you right click, but when it opens, neither alternative is highlighted or clickable. The documents to be unstacked are standard pdf folders.
Hi Everyone,

          I am wondering if it is possible to feed several documents through an HP Deskjet 2543 wireless printer and scan them or will it be necessary to scan each sheet one at a time.


Hello Everyone,

         When using HP Printer Assistant for HP Deskjet 2543, I am wondering what the desired dpi setting should be when scanning a document to PDF file.  The default setting is 200 dpi.  I wish to scan documents and save them as PDF files, copy the contents of each PDF file, and paste them into WordPress.   Seeing that these are text documents, I think I should select the Output type as either Greyscale or Black and White as opposed to Color.   Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong on that part.

           Any feedback given to this question will be appreciated.

           Thank you

Hello and Good Evening Everyone

        I have an HP Deskjet 2543 which has the capability of scanning documents and images.  With that said, I am wondering how I can use this feature of my printer to scan documents and import them into WordPress for editing and publishing purposes.  

       Any feedback given in reply here will be greatly appreciated.

       Thank you

Ok, what I want to do may not really be possible.  But I wanted to ask.

Attached is a GIF image file.

What I want to do is change the color in the image from a "blue" to a "green" shading AND keep the variations of the color scheme.

Is there any way to do this by bit flipping the image file at the binary level?

Thank you,

My company is dealing with confidential documents that we don't want being saved on client computers.

Instead of sending a raw PDF file to the clients computer, we would rather have an in-browser preview (maybe pure HTML?). This way it is possible for the clients to view the document but not download the raw PDF. Is this possible to do using PHP?
 I would like to be able to scan about 200 pages of documents, and save them in different files. Each page will have some text recognition, either a QRCode, or simply a number, and while scanning, the code/number should be read on each page, and this code/number should be used as the file name.

For instance first document is 3 pages, 2nd is 6 pages, 3rd is 2 pages.

The 11 pages are all put together in the scanner. Each document has a specific code or number.
 When the first 3 pages are scanned, the number/code is read on each page, and then (I suppose) when the fourth page is read with a different number/code, it saves the first 3 pages using this number/code as the filename of the pdf document. And then it moves to the 2nd document.

Alternatively, only the first page of each document has a code/number, and if their is no code/number on the next pages, it means that they are part of the same document.

This is a new project and I have no knowledge on how to set it up.

Any information on what software to use, how to set it up, where to go to find out more information. How complicated would it be to set it up would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help
We've decided at long last to go Paperless in the Office, there is far too much paper around, it takes ages to find anything although correctly filed, it gets misplaced.

We are familiar with the commercial document management and scanning systems around, but these are far to expensive, and over the top for us.

We've purchased the FUJITSU ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe, which is a fantastic piece of kit, and so far on our way to completing 1000 pages scanned. These have all been OCRed - converted to Searchable PDFs, and we have crudely started to create a directory/folder structure, based on year, and then divided into folder sections Tax, Invoices, Receipts etc

PDFs are given meaningful names, so at least we can search via filenames.

In this way, we  an retrieve documents and paperwork very quickly. The docstore is backed up, mirrored to many NAS in the business, and then securely stored in the Cloud. So at least 4 backups exist.

Are we missing anything here....

We are using the software supplied with the ScanSnap, to scan and store, but we also have available Rack-2-Filer smart, which we've not used in anger yet, but looks a bit noddy.

Can anyone else recommend any software, inexpensive, that could scan and add all the PDFs from the doc store, catalog them, and extract the searchable text, so it could be searched easily, so we can grab documents quickly from a global search of all PDFs. - unless there is a way to get the OS, to do this.....


I want to be able to explain to my client why EXPORTING a web page into a pdf format using PHP is different than PRINTING a web page as a pdf document (i.e. Google Chrome [http://www.labnol.org/software/save-web-page-as-pdf/21153/]) in a way that is both accurate and easy to understand. Not to mention my wanting to ensure that I understand it myself.

The code within a Word document that results in a line of text being in bold is unique to a Word document. Therefore, when I want to EXPORT a Word document into an HTML format, I've got to convert whatever it is that's unique to a Word environment to an HTML dynamic which is going to be <b>in bold</b>.

Whenever I choose to EXPORT something into a different format, I'm confronted with having to translate every character into its equivalent in the new format. Hence, when I EXPORT something into a pdf document, what's happening behind the scenes is that I'm having to replace every piece of syntax with its pdf equivalent.

When I PRINT something as a pdf document, now I'm engaging in something that's a little bit different in that I'm merely taking a picture of what's on the screen. I'm not rebuilding that document from scratch using pdf elements, I'm simply presenting a mirror image of what's on the monitor in a pdf format.

No doubt there is a great deal more to this than what I'm presenting as an explanation, but is that the "gist" of things?
I am trying to make a screenshot software that will put two screenshots on one page and print it with the time and the users name.
But when the images need to be squished (because the dimensions are over 500 x 700) I lose a lot of quality and so any numbers become very hard to read.

My new approach is to save the two screenshots as separate bmp files and then merge them when printing.
I'm hoping there is something similar to selecting two pictures, pressing print, and selection 13 x 18cm to get two on a page.
I have searched but I don't have a clue where to start or if it is even possible (I cant find anything from google)

Hello Experts,
We have installed recently a SCANX SWIFT, you can find info on its company site www airtechniques com

This is a usb connected device that scans a phospor plate and sends its image to the computer.

We spoke with the company support and the best we get is that its TWAIN compatible.

Now our app is trying to receive the image but we we the following message:

EZTW: Memory transfer mode not supported.

What can do in this case?
Is there any other alternative to twain, something in visual basic please ?

Best regards,
Which file type and resolution is ideal?
I have a few images I'd like to post on Etsy, but need to watermark them first.

How do I do this?

What free tools?

I have a Mac, but also use Windows when needed.

I have a high resolution TIFF of an 11"x14" photo which is 83MB in size.

I'd like to display it on my website as a small image, perhaps 4" tall.

What format do I choose for the web and what resolution do I need? I have a MacOS and expect I'd simply Export to another format. But how do I reduce the resolution?

I have cadscan software team executive but the scanner is not being recognised. it was working previously before we disconnected the PC. now I have connected it back and the software will not pick up the scanner. this is on windows 7 and the scanner model is cadscan 62. I have reinstalled the software but the software does not detect. when I plug it in the software does not respond, its only when the scanner is unplugged the software seems to work properly. is there some setting to change in windows 7 ?
I have an HTML application (.hta) that contains four buttons. Three of these buttons contain only an icon and the fourth button contains text. I would like to use CSS to style these 4 buttons so that they effectively have three states:
I have attached three images showing an example of what I'm roughly trying to achieve.

The four buttons is part of an .hta. I attach a sample of the working .hta with the best buttons I could muster by myself. Just extract the .zip to a folder, rename the Screen.txt to Screen.hta and run it. You will then get a good idea what the end product will look like. The buttons I built does not have a mouseover or mousedown(click) effect as I would like them to have. Basically I would like these buttons to behave and look like real buttons. I also built the whole button as an image but I would preferably just like to have a .png of the image and generate and style the remainder of the button with CSS/HTML code. (I believe that is the correct/best way of doing it?) The buttons need to be positioned with X and Y coordinates.

All the current code and images is inside the .zip. Be careful when you click the buttons as their function is to LogOff, Restart and PowerOff your PC. The fourth button does not currently have an action and it is ok if it just clicks but not perform an action.

This .hta have mostly been developed with help received from E-E and I am grateful for additional help as I  (we) …
I guess I am not that handy at using the Library of Congress website...

How do I find a high resolution image of the signed Declaration of Independence?

If I want to test my application for different document scanners how do I do it? Are there any simulators available>
I need a good Solution for Backup my Development Source Code , I usually use Toysyc for sync my data between time to time , however that doesn't work that great specially with un expacted electricity cut down / Emergency maintainence or restart resources in stations which lead to correpute the files and if don't have backup of those version which done a day a head or even couple days a head.

In addition , I do some regular  task such as :

- Analytics
- Documentations
- Data Entry
- Recommendations
- Design & Mockups
- Tutorials
- ...etc

If you can share me what you usually do , or what type of backups solution and version contorls , PS . I  do ASP.NET and  PHP development .

Many thanks in advance .
I can load local tiff files but I have problem with tiff files on the network drive. Permission is not an issue. Single file I can get without any problem. I attached LoadImages & SaveImages. The SaveImages has an exception.

Private Sub SaveImages(ByVal images() As System.Drawing.Image, ByVal filepath As String)
        'get the codec
        Dim info As ImageCodecInfo = Nothing
        For Each ici As ImageCodecInfo In ImageCodecInfo.GetImageEncoders()
            If ici.MimeType = "image/tiff" Or ici.MimeType = "image/tif" Then
                info = ici
            End If
        'set the encoding
        Dim enc As Imaging.Encoder = Imaging.Encoder.SaveFlag
        Dim ep As New EncoderParameters(1)
        ep.Param(0) = New EncoderParameter(enc, CLng(EncoderValue.MultiFrame))
        Dim pages As Bitmap = Nothing
        Dim frame As Integer = 0
        For Each img As System.Drawing.Image In images
            If frame = 0 Then
                pages = DirectCast(img, Bitmap)
                'save first
                pages.Save(filepath, info, ep)
                'save next
                ep.Param(0) = New EncoderParameter(enc, CLng(EncoderValue.FrameDimensionPage))
                Dim bm As Bitmap = DirectCast(img, Bitmap)
                pages.SaveAdd(bm, ep)
            End If
            If frame = images.Count - 1 Then
                ep.Param(0) = New EncoderParameter(enc, 

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I have adobe professional 9 extended loaded on my pc and I have no idea which version of the reader is loaded on my IE 11 browser.  but whenever I attempt to open a file, I get a blank screen with a blank message box in the center (see graphic).  How to fix this?
i have a user taking and saving to tiff using the pdfcreator print save option
when she opens up the tiff in another program it sees it as a key tiff
what is a key tiff and how can i make it where it saves it as a standard tiff file?
I recently purchased a 100 seat license of  "Advanced PDF  Compressor" ($600.00) unfortunately after 6 installs all licenses were used up. I called the vendor both sales and tech support with no reply. I also emailed the website that handled  the transaction and they indicated that I needed to go through the vendor.

I was very pleased with the software during the testing phase as it took a 20MB .pdf and shrunk it to 865K and file was very readable.

So now I will rely on the experts to guide me to a software package or method  that will compress .pdf files. Looking for a drag and drop process if possible.
I have the current subscription for Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.0.1 20150722.r.168 2015/07/22:23:59:59 CL 1032107  x64

In some cases... When I open images
They look fine in the File Explorer
File Explorer
They look like this when they actually open.

What the??????
Hi there.

I need to find an on premise DMS that will work on a windows platform with MS SQL if possible.
There will only be 20 users logging in.
10,000 pages max in total (will be mainly word docs)
I need versioning and audit logging
I need to be able to lock down access to download and to print.
I also need this to be cheap as possible as i work for a small company with almost zero budget.

Can anyone give me any recommendations?

Thanks very much.

Document Imaging

Document imaging is an information technology category for systems capable of replicating documents commonly used in business. Document imaging systems can take many forms including microfilm, on demand printers, facsimile machines, copiers, multifunction printers, document scanners, computer output microfilm (COM) and archive writers. Document imaging is a form of enterprise content management, built around the need to manage and secure the escalating volume of electronic documents (spreadsheets, word-processing documents, PDFs, e-mails) created in organizations.

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