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A Document Management System (DMS) is a system (both hardware and software) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.

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Hello -

we are in the process of scanning thousands of documents in no particular order all into one folder. I am looking for a solution where I can import the PDF documents to a database or any kind of software that would make them searchable (kind of like Google Drive). And once I found the documents I want to be able to give it tags and categorize it.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Martin Gerlach
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How to password-protect a PDF with free software
This video Micro Tutorial shows how to password-protect PDF files with free software. Many software products can do this, such as Adobe Acrobat (but not Adobe Reader), Nuance PaperPort, and Nuance Power PDF, but they are not free products. This video explains how to do it with excellent, free software called PDF-XChange Editor from Tracker Software Products.

1. Download PDF-XChange Editor

Visit the PDF-XChange Editor section of the Tracker Software Products website:

Click the white-on-green Download button for either product. It doesn't matter if you download PDF-XChange Editor or PDF-XChange Editor Plus, since you'll be selecting the Free Version when you install.


2. Run downloaded installer

Run the downloaded installer and select Free Version (unless, of course, you want more features and decide to purchase the Pro or Plus Version).


3. Open a non-secured PDF file in PDF-XChange Editor

Run PDF-XChange Editor and open a PDF file that does not currently have password protection on it.


4. Open Security section of Document Properties

Click File menu.

Click Document Properties.

Click Security category.


5. Open Password Security Settings dialog

Click Security Method drop-down.

Click Password Security.


6. Fill in Password Security Settings dialog

In Options section, select Compatibility from the drop-down and what you want encrypted via the radio buttons.

In Document Passwords section, enter password to open PDF and password to change permission settings.

In Permissions section, set Printing Allowed and Changing Allowed choices via the drop-downs; enable/disable content copying and
how do I upgrade from from pp 12.1 to 14.5
Hi All,

i am interested toward to learn Documentum. so someone please help me the process (step by step ) to learn and work on Documentum.

Please advice!!!

When printing PDFs via the 'quickprint' option in Outlook they fail, with an error message stating the file could not be found in: (the Outlook secure temp folder). While opening files manually in Outlook I see the files populate in the temp folder, and close properly when the attachment is closed. Additionally, when working properly, I can see the temp file populating in the temp folder on quickprint as well.

However, while the problem occurs, watching the folder when performing 'quickprint' the files are not created and the error is thrown stating the file is not found.

Any thoughts?

I need to come up with a few documents at work, and I was wondering if any had template to follow They would be:

- Workstation technical build document comprising VMWare and will be based on the SANS SIFT workstation
- Information Security Incident Response Plan
- Information Security Specific use Response runbook (ie Malware exposure)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello , I would appreciate any help regarding the following question:
I have many registers for incoming correspondences (about 8 registers in different location on my PC and server).
all these files have same table structure & design from column A to column K, and start from column L the information changed upon type of register.
The attached 3 files are sample for incoming letters, MOM and transmittal.
I wish to pull out the data from these registers, Only which match word “open “ in column K.
The other excel file “Pending Correspondence” is the consolidation file for the “open” data as following:
1.      In the sheet named “input”: all variable data, I will update manually all information in the column A, B and column C as mentioned in the log.
2.       regarding sheet named “Overall Pending” :
a.      In the column A, I need to have name of the file that the data was imported from.
b.      In need to have all imported data from other registers to be paste in column B up to column L.

I have made manual sample for result that I am expecting automatically and hope it will give you better idea for what I need.

Thanks in advance for your efforts.
Dear SharePoint experts

I have a file share with over 200 knowledge documents which I manage as a library with folders, sub folders etc.
I would like to transfer this repository to SharePoint 2013 to gain accessibility from anywhere and exposure to our knowledge bank

Since I'm new in SP - How do I design (look & feel), create the UX/UI  and the search options and eventually create a DMS in SharePoint 2013 which I can share with the organization and will give me the added value?

I there a tutorial, book, any kind of training that can instruct me how to manage SP and create this kind of DMS?
Hi Experts

I have a repository (file share) filled with documents and I am looking for a document management that will enable searching, cataloging & previewing  of documents. I I need a tool I can direct to my repository and will provide me the user experience & interface - preferably web based but not mandatory - Free or payed tool

This server hosts a document management system based on SQL, but also has a large directory of documents.  The program offers full text indexing of the documents using the server's indexing service.  There are currently just over 1 million documents included in that index.  We have started having issues with the index developing corruption, at which point the server detects it and starts a reindex.  With the number of documents that indexing takes several days.  The directory with the catalog (in ProgramData) is excluded from backup and from antivirus scanning.  I can't find any definitive reason for the corruption.  I also can't find any definitive advice on the recommended size or number of documents for the service to work well.  Does anyone have experience using the index service for very large numbers of documents?  Does it work well?  Are there any reasons for the corruption that I might be overlooking?  Thanks!
SharePoint Admin?
SharePoint Admin?

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Dear experts.
I have installed and configured a SharePoint 2016 single server farm.
in this farm, i have the following goals.

  • create personal file libraries for users to store their personal documents and files, those files should be of course only accessible by them.
  • Create A public document libraries where shared documents can go.

i only succeded in creating the document library itself but the rights are all messed up.
can someone please help me out with this issue?
Can a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 use OCR to specifically NAME a file (PDF) as the value found when scanning?  For example, it we have a stack of invoices, all formatted the same with the Invoice Number in the same location, can we scan those and ask ScanSnap to name each individual scan page based on the value of the Invoice Number?  (I.e. Inv123.pdf, Inv456.pdf, Inv789.pdf)

Alternatively, I am more sure that we can make a PDF SEARCHABLE so that we could SEARCH within each document for a given invoice number... (i.e. search ALL PDFs that contain INV456)).  Only problem is, that would be slower than simply eyeing down a list of filenames...

Best way to scan and file similar documents?

Thank you!
What is that called?

What programs can do that for me on a Mac?

Only answer this if you can...but those using this morphed image would certainly need to know the answer. Is that morphed image my property? Anytime I use images I need to certify they are mine or public domain.

Just copied my movie files to an external hardrive and when i list using date modified every movie file  which is in a folder comes up with the "copy and paste date" not the original date of modification.  I would like to list the folders in the original date when choosing list by date modified.
I plan to use some Wikipedia images in a book which I plan to sell. And I need to be sure I am allowed to use these pictures.

Here are two sample images with different license requirements.

How am I required to annotate them? Can I use these for commercial purposes?

- Numerous PDFs in a network folder, or to be pulled into the solution via a network scanner
- Need to read the bar code and extract the 5 pieces of data for indexing. OR, OCR portions of the page with the same data as in the bar code.
- Use this data to store the document for search and retrieval later - methods may vary. Would like documents placed into folders by the date in the bar code.
- Some sort of compression or load into a database is preferred to keep file size down.
- Windows or Linux based
- OpenSource only: I want to get my hands dirty with it.

Any ideas?
I have a Mac and mainly use Word 2011 or Mac but also have Word 2017 installed, and ready to use when needed.

I am writing a book and expect to have lots of image, and need a formatting method for the pictures.

For example,
"Image 2.3"

would mean the third image in Chapter 2.

What alternatives are there for this? Does Word handle this automatically? I would hate to need to update this manually, just because I added a new image to the front of the chapter.

Also, what about credits? Where do they go?

I will put references at the end of the book, and would be happy to also put image sources also at the end.

I had to reinstall PaperPort 14 but when I try to open it I get an error stating that it has stopped working. How do I eliminate this problem?
I'm looking for a collaborative platform for my enterprise.
The platforme must mainly include:
  • Project and Task Management/Tracking
  • Activity stream
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Document Management (co-edition, versionning...)
  • Time Management
I've tested and really loved but the fact is that it's  not include an offline mode so our employees cannot access their task queue when internet access is out of hand.

Can someone propose me a platform that matchs these requirements??

Announcing the Most Valuable Experts of 2016
Announcing the Most Valuable Experts of 2016

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I am looking for a product to digitally sign documents.

- documents would be in PDF format and then sent to user to approve, they would sign the document to indicate they approve it and then would email it to the next party that needs to review the same document and they would sign it or "sign off" on it and the document would be complete.

- ideally the document could be shared to the user for them to review and sign so that the owner knows it has been approved before sharing it to another dept/user for further approval or completion.

What kind of product would you recommend for this type of workflow?  PDFs are currently used but there is not digital signature in place yet.

Has anyone used "DocuSign Business Pro Edition" ?

How to divide/split a single image file into multiple image files
In an interesting question here at Experts Exchange, a member asked how to split a single image into multiple images. The primary usage for this is to place many photographs on a flatbed scanner and scan all of them into a single image file, but then easily split the single image file into multiple image files, one for each photo. The photos will be placed on the flatbed scanner with ample separation so that there is enough "white space" for the splitting software to separate the images. Of course, the solution may be used on any image that contains multiple images in it, that is, not necessarily scanned photos, as long as there is enough of a separation between images for the splitting software to detect the individual images. The solution presented in this video Micro Tutorial uses the excellent (free!) GIMP software and a filter (plugin/script) called Divide Scanned Images. Kudos to both the GIMP developers and Rob Antonishen, who developed DivideScannedImages and BatchDivideScannedImages.

1. Update to the latest version of GIMP

At the time of this video, the latest version was 2.8.20. This solution will almost surely run on earlier releases (and, with some luck, later ones), but the only version that I tested on is 2.8.20, which is available for download here:


2. Determine location of your GIMP scripts folder

LVL 92

Expert Comment

as usual, a very good tutorial, and a very helpful teacher
thanks Joe for solving my problem
LVL 54

Author Comment

by:Joe Winograd, EE MVE 2015&2016
You're welcome, nobus — and thanks to you for the compliment and the endorsement — both very much appreciated! Regards, Joe
Nuance is offering Paperport Professional 14 for $59.99.  Info still shows no support for W10.  Will your 14.5 upgrade work on this one?

Anyone can share procedures for preventive maintenance of UPS and generators?

How often to test, what to test, how to test it and where to document the test schedules and results.

Thank you.

I need to copy some files from a backend document management system.  There are around 1500 files and they are all numbered with a unique ID.  However, when I export them, it will rename the file with the name that it has been saved with in the document management system, of which there could be 100's or more identical document names.  How can I use the copy or xcopy command in a batch file that will rename any duplicate filenames in the destination?


I am trying to design a structure for our team Sharepoint where all documents are kept.

We are the Messaging team, so manage Exchange, Blackberry, SMTP.

My general thought on directory structures is they should be xmas tree like, i.e. small options at the start getting larger and larger...agreed?

So for example we could have

Level 1; Product (Exchange, BB, SMTP)
Level 2: Project name
Level 3: Type (Architecture, client, financial, roadmap...

and so on.

Any recommendations?

Document Management




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A Document Management System (DMS) is a system (both hardware and software) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.