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A Document Management System (DMS) is a system (both hardware and software) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are ca...

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Troubleshooting Question

Word 2016 / 2019 VBA code does not run when documents with the code are opened via Worldox

Help much appreciated, thanks!

I have a document template called LetterheadQ.dotm. In this document …
Research Question

Workstation Document Retention

We are in need for one of our clients an affordable Document Retention application:

  1. Remove files from
Opinion Question

Moving from Paper to Paperless

Good day,
                  What are the best tools I can use to go from paper to paperless? I know …
Troubleshooting Question

Add Scrollbar to Word Text Boxes


Got GREAT help here:
Troubleshooting Question

ABBYY Fine Reader


Working with some very old PDF books that have yellowed backgrounds.  
Troubleshooting Question

Cannot install Kofax PaperPort Professional 14.7

I did a proper uninstallation of PaperPort. I even ran the official PP14 Remover Tool. But when you
Troubleshooting Question

PDF Experts of the World UNITE! The ULTIMATE, BURNING Question...Comment Sorting By Visual Order.


Need to use different colors on REALLY long documents to illustrate different things I need to do …
Troubleshooting Question

need to find out of support Documentum install file


We need to create a new index/search server for an older Documentum install.  We need …
Troubleshooting Question

Need to use comments to IAPI

I've got some particularly large IAPI scripts I need to run to update a Documentum repository.

Troubleshooting Question

Documentum query

I need a working query to select documents (a custom type) where I have > 1 value of a repeating …
Troubleshooting Question

Ideas for document management

hello Experts, I need a document management / filing system which will do the following …
Troubleshooting Question

I am looking for a program to replace the traditional circulation of paper between departments

Hi Experts
I am looking for a program to replace the traditional circulation of paper between …
Troubleshooting Question

Looking for a tool with Ability to sign PDf files electronically

We have this project where we want to  sign PDF docs electronically in our custom Application. This …
Troubleshooting Question

DocuShare 6 on Windows 2016

Is DocuShare 6.6.1 compatible on Windows 2016 server?
Troubleshooting Question
Troubleshooting Question

OpenText ECM - Content Server 16.2.9  ATTRIBUTE FORM SQL Command needed to get CurrentUser ID for Dropdown on Form

 I have spent days trolling forums and knowledge bases and you guys are my final try at getting…
Troubleshooting Question

Document management - Retention

Hello All,

For document management and retention, if we apply a label, is there a feature that …
Troubleshooting Question

Exporting a list of servers from Service Now's CMDB

I am working in Service Now focusing on CMDB - the machine database. I would like to export all of …
Troubleshooting Question

Interwoven Specialist

Interwoven Specialist
We are trying to separate a company from another company. Another company …
Troubleshooting Question

Total Fields in DocuWare

I have an expense form created in Docuware.  On the form, I have 10 line items [expenses] each with …

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