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Document Management

A Document Management System (DMS) is a system (both hardware and software) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.

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Hello everyone,
This client of mine has ID card scanners which they have been using a 3rd party Citrix app to scan an upload, however now they desire to scan and then copy and paste somewhere else.  I can scan it and get it to work, but the ID appears at the top and then there is a lot of black space on the bottom.  Can someone recommend dimensions or many even a third party scanning program that has less limitation?
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Free Tool: IP Lookup

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

we want to implement electronic signatures for documents that our sales team sends out.  I have research DocuSign developer website briefly and found some rest APIs and SDKs that seem like they would accomplish our goals.

I wanted to see if any of you experts out there have been through a similar situation and if so what worked for you.  I really would like to find the best fit for our needs.  Thanks!
I have tried to follow this MS article, but ...
- https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt589761%28v=exchg.150%29.aspx

Our environment is:
ORF Spam Control (on Exchange Server)
DKIM Signature Signer (on Exchange Server)
Exchange 2016 cu7 Server (standalone 2012R2)
OOS (standalone 2012R2)
OneDrive (Cloud office365 account)

Use case scenario: to use Onedrive as a shared document repository for our exchange server where users via OWA or local outlook client can upload shared documents, end attachments and use OOS to view/edit said documents stored on OneDrive, effectively using OneDrive for document collaboration.

We do not want or wish to migrate our system to the cloud.

What has been done so far:

1) Setup office365 account and can access via portal.office.com
2) Setup Domain 'cfts.co'
- Added a .txt verification record to our zone file on our NS Servers.
-- made cfts.co default, domain setup complete with no obvious errors.
3) Linked via Hybrid Configuration wizard (HCW) local exchange and our Office365 account
- used minimal setting as were not migrating our exchange to the cloud.
- all looks good HCW complete with no errors.
-- had one oddity, I could not log in to the admin account that had the admin credentials locally could use my e-mail account that does not have admin privileges, no idea why does not seem not to affect the outcome.
4) Added users in Office365 and allocated one drive licences …
We are running a document management system called FileDirector. The main server app is .NET 4.0 based and is hosted on IIS, and the client app (running on Windows workstations) connects to the FileDirector server via the HTTP protocol. FileDirector's document related and configuration data is all contained in an SQL Server instance running on the same server.

Now, before we fork out loads of money for SQL Server, I want to be sure I understand the licensing requirement. SQL Express is not going to be good enough for the job, as we're exceeding the 10GB ceiling by quite a lot (DB is about 30GB). I'm looking at licensing SQL Standard, but my question is about our obligations re Client Access Licenses. Am I correct in understanding that for every FileDirector client app that connects into the FileDirector Server (which has SQL Server on the back-end) I will need either a User or Machine CAL? So, for examples sake, if we have a total of 17 users of the FileDirector client (about what we have), I'll need to buy a license of SQL Standard, but then 17 User CALs (assuming I'm choosing the User licensing route)?

Or can we license just SQL Standard and a single Machine CAL for the FileDirector Server directly connecting into it (I already very highly doubt this, but just want people to confirm this would not be correctly licensed).

Many thanks in advance :-)
Hello, Adobe experts, I am in midst of document mapping and I want to populate one of the text fields with a default value. Is this possible? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
Hi all,

I've spent the last week googling about open source document management systems to try to work out which one to settle on for a documents business. Users of the system require documentation from clients and the other service providers … I've read a little of Alfresco, nuxeo and and logicaldoc and am trying to work out which one is best to base thing on so any advice  on this appreciated…  a lot of the information I've read on websites is at least a few years old

Ideally I want a good quality open source software I can then develop to my needs. I'm a little wary the open source nature of Alfresco may go the way of SugarCRM given one article I read https://medium.com/mathias-conradt/dumping-alfresco-for-nuxeo-as-my-preferred-document-management-system-2116cf421d36  but im not sure how much this should influence my decision.   … here is what I'm looking for …

I envisage an ideal system to be something along the lines of … main users could send documentation requests to clients via a browser link by email & text message … message would list documents required. From the browser, clients can upload documents to their custom repository by drag and drop or file selection from their computer. Client’s interaction with system would simply be web based. Documents are all converted to pdf within the process and stored in the system separately but can be presented back to the user as a single multipage pdf. The system should allow easy categorisation of  the documents …
To have a process in place to provide safe service delivery during planned and unplanned computer systems downtime.  staff is educated on the downtime policy  in the following IT verticals .

This program is fundamentally designed to ensure continuity of customer services by implementing standard processes and procedures. It is addressed the following areas.
Management of user accounts of the  systems users
Management of systems and networks
Telecommunication services of the company

how we can do this
I've created a very basic fillable pdf form out of an excel sheet.  I am having trouble with two different columns of fields. Other columns of fields with the exact same properties do not have these problems.  Here is the problem:

When I test the form, in either Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro or Adobe Reader, I try to delete numbers from the fields after I enter them (to see if ctrl+z can be used to backup a step). I can delete information from some of the fields this way, but others will not delete. If I try to delete using Edit-->Undo, it lets me click edit/undo, but the information is still in the field.  When I go back to the field and click on it, the data disappears. When I click somewhere else in the form, that same data reappears.  I've searched online and the only similar problem seems to be data that is not shown in a field until clicked. Mine is sort of opposite. "Deleted" data shows in a field until you click it.

Thanks for your help.
This server hosts a document management system based on SQL, but also has a large directory of documents.  The program offers full text indexing of the documents using the server's indexing service.  There are currently just over 1 million documents included in that index.  We have started having issues with the index developing corruption, at which point the server detects it and starts a reindex.  With the number of documents that indexing takes several days.  The directory with the catalog (in ProgramData) is excluded from backup and from antivirus scanning.  I can't find any definitive reason for the corruption.  I also can't find any definitive advice on the recommended size or number of documents for the service to work well.  Does anyone have experience using the index service for very large numbers of documents?  Does it work well?  Are there any reasons for the corruption that I might be overlooking?  Thanks!
Just copied my movie files to an external hardrive and when i list using date modified every movie file  which is in a folder comes up with the "copy and paste date" not the original date of modification.  I would like to list the folders in the original date when choosing list by date modified.
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I'm looking for a collaborative platform for my enterprise.
The platforme must mainly include:
  • Project and Task Management/Tracking
  • Activity stream
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Document Management (co-edition, versionning...)
  • Time Management
I've tested and really loved www.bitrix24.com but the fact is that it's  not include an offline mode so our employees cannot access their task queue when internet access is out of hand.

Can someone propose me a platform that matchs these requirements??

Hi ,

I want to introduce a data 'template' to be completed in project planning. To explain a bit more we undertake a lot of data projects but want more thought to be given on how the data is handles, for example what fields are needed and what IT system is needed.

Has anyone produced anything like this please ?

Was able to insert into ElasticSearch (2.3.4 version),a instance serialized using jsonserializer and with encoding UTF8.
The same was unable to do with encoding as Unicode. Getting the attached error.

SDK's used are Elasticsearch.net.dll ( version) and Nest.dll( version)

Please help on this.UnicodeInsertError.txt
Search in LogicalDoc is not reflecting correctly (immediately). Thought the document is being showed in the documents tab, it is not showing up when searched.
Would like to know what to be done so that search results are immediate and accurate. Is there any configuration which can do this or is there any other solution for this.
Can someone help me on this please..

Environment Used:
LogicalDoc 7.5.3 on Windows system, MySql is used as database required for that.
Please suggest the best document management server for the main requirements given below.
1. API based
2. Self hosted / On-premises
3. All type of documents
Dear Experts,

I need recommendation on the best software to use for policies and procedures.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Can any one please tell how to hide or deactivate a site/project folder temporarily so that no one can access it .

I don't want to modify the user permissions as a single user is related with multiple sites.

Please provide solution

I have an Adobe Livecycle generated form, the form is hosted on an intranet, and it collects few pieces of information from users, I'm trying to add a "save as" button onto the form so that users can save, print, email the form along with the data entered, so I added a "save as" button with the relative javascript line (app.execMenuItem("SaveAs"), but when I preview it I get an error;
Save a Blank Copy of this Form, Data typed into this form will not be saved.

What's the work around and what do you recommend.

We have Adobe Acrobat DC Pro but the editing tools are grayed out and so we can't edit PDF documents with it. Any ideas on what the problem might be?
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I have a user who can access her DocStar account with out issue but when she tries to search (retrieve) documents nothing can be found. Other users search for the same documents and they receive results.
Hi all,

I am scanning hundreds of contract documents into my computer's Dropbox folder. From there I want my workers to visit remote sites with atablet and have the customer sign the digital contract (e-document saved in Dropbox). What's a good method for doing so in terms of app, tablet, process?

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi All,

Currently looking at automatic invoice processing systems. Looking for a comparison between abby flexicapture and Kofax total agility and which one you think is better and why ?


I have a need to aggregate forms from InfoPath - that are stored on SharePoint and open up into a browser form, and standard documents (scans, word docs, excel files, etc.) into a single document library for presentation to a group of people.  

Simple scenario:
1. One form details an employee's profile (salary, title, etc.) - these are available only via SharePoint.
2. Another form - for different distribution - both online in SharePoint library and by email via InfoPath - details employee's network rights and privileges - updated throughout their employee tenure.
3. Scanned documents such as W2, Change of Address Forms, other official company and government forms, and possibly Word documents - all individual to an employee are attached to SharePoint document library by employee using a look-up of employee from item 1 above.
4. Finance and HR would like to see a complete set of the documents above in a single library grouped by employee.

1. It is perfectly okay if these documents and forms initially reside in their own libraries.
2. I would like to do this with as little custom code as possible.

Thank you.
(Company A) = Internal
(Company B) = External Contractors
(Folder 1) = only internal users **External user cannot see this folder**
(Folder 2) = internal and external user
(Folder 3) = External users can only move documents in to this folder, internal users can move documents out and in.  
(Folder 4) = Archive **External user cannot see this folder**

My goal is to set up Dropbox as a kind of DMZ. I want to have internal users (Company A) be able drop documents into a (Folder 1) that only (company A) users have access to. While documents are in (folder 1) (Company A) internal users may manipulate the documents. When documents are ready (no longer manipulated) (Company A) moves documents to a second folder that (Company A) has access to BUT NOW (Company B) External users have access to that folder as well. (Company B) external users now manipulates documents in (Folder 2).  When (Company B) external users are done manipulating documents (Company B) external users move documents into (Folder 3) NOTE: At this point External users (Company B) can see documents in (folder 3) but they no longer have access to them there job is done. (Company A) internal users review documents and when satisfied that all manipulation is complete move documents to (Folder 4)
I am looking for a product that will allow users to share files securely, has the ability to block access using public IP allow list, and the abilitiy to force files not to be downloadable or print. Does anyone know of such a product? OneDrive for business and Rights management just did not work out well.

Document Management

A Document Management System (DMS) is a system (both hardware and software) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.

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