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Document Management

A Document Management System (DMS) is a system (both hardware and software) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.

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Our Helpdesk has install  Adobe Acrobat XI Pro  &  Adobe Forms Central
on my laptop when I requested for a software that could do OCR &
convert PDF to editable MSWord doc.

However, they don't know how to use it:  anyone has a Quick Guide on
how to do PDF to Word conversion (with OCR) with these tools?
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Document Management organization.  Anyone familiar with the Dewey Decimal Classification for organizing items?   My client is thinking about scanning and managing document according to the Dewey Decimal system.  Are you supportive of this plan of action or do you have some management system that is better?  Here's a brief snippit of what we may roll out for a wealth management advisor.  These are the first two folders but you get the idea...

what would be some useful checks to include in an audit/health check of SharePoint (and document management in general). The obvious one we can think of is around permissions of documents stored in SharePoint, to ensure sensitive documents are only accessible by the approved users/groups - but I wanted to spread the review a but further, and was hoping for some inspiration on what above and beyond security permissions would be useful when looking at such a system (it doesn't have to all be about security). Any common SharePoint mistakes/risks above and beyond permissions also most useful,
Need reasonably priced Home Office Twain compatible scanning documents software.  MP Navigator suite me well for years but they no longer distribute it with the Canon MX series MFP.  What's a really intuitive scanning software that initiates the scan for ADF or flatbed, makes simple adjustments for single or double sides series of documents, and gives you options for a couple standard formats like PDF or tif, etc?  Is there a really intuitive and elegantly done software that does all that plus organizes your scan documents well?
Hi guys

I'm in the process of learning Sharepoint online. Along with that, I'm trying to set up a document management system for one of our departments. I've got membership to Pluralsight, but I find that the tutorials on there are not covering the content I am looking for.

I want to create an attractive dashboard, along with the ability for this department to upload content which then results in a table filled with details, like an Excel sheet that has columns. Above each of those columns will be a search column that when typed, will used jquery to filter the table in real-time as you type. Something like this:


My point is, where do I start. Any decent tutorial sites that take you from the basics to the more complicated content?  Also, how long do you think it could take for something like this to be implemented with a beginner like myself?

Thanks for helping
I have 30 PDF documents located on a folder called Policies on our file server -shared drive. Each files contain various policies and procedures for our organization.
I would like to create a single PDF file, where it has separate links to open every file that is located on the Policies folder on the shared drive. Then I would like to copy this single PDF file to the staff desktops PCs and when required staff can open the single PDF file and click the appropriate link to view the files located on the policies folder.

I opened the word 2016 and insert- Hyperlink and put the file path on the address and the Text to display- Saved it as a PDF and when I click the “Organisation Holiday Dates” link it says:
 “Security warning “- This document is trying to connect to: file///E:/HANDBOOK/...
Please see the attached snapshot   which shows the error.

Please let me know as how to stop the security warning from popping when i click the “Organisation Holiday Dates” link on the single PDF file.
Or is there any other better way to achieve this
Any help will be great
Thanks in advance.
Does Google Drive enable access to files to users without that user being registered by my Admin?

I want to give a virtual tour of a famous travel destination. I want to make my image visible by people on my tour, but without me needing to log on as an Admin to Google Drive.

Is there a way I can make certain folder on my drive public?

I am fine giving out a URL to paying customers, even if that URL will be visible to people who did not pay for anything.

Does Google Drive do this?

Suggestions for Google Drive features to use and Google Drive Plug-ins?

I am planning on providing a virtual tour of a popular tourist spot and plan to use Google Drive to display image during my live tour and to provide visual information for those taking the tour while I am not even there. So I have some requirements and a need for advice about what features of Google Drive and the Google Drive plug-ins could give me  more functionality.

I need to provide about 50 images which are:
1) ranked 1-50
2) can be gotten via key word search
3) each photo have some text explanation
4) each photo could be linked to other images, not necessarily the next image in the sequence. This allows grouping into a theme.
5) Mobile support

Does Google Drive do all this?

Do I need a Google Drive plug-in to do any of these?

What features have I not suggested which either Google Drive or a Google Drive plug-in provide which might be useful?

Lastly, what security / fraud concerns do I need to protect myself against?

This is more a request for advice rather than a problem to solve. We have a client with a single host server running 2 VMs via Hyper-V. The server is a good spec HP with 64GB or RAM and 16 cores. The host VMS are a PDC and an application server. The application server runs a client/server legal document management software system. There are 25 users and some have complained about the speed of the software. The software can hang, crash etc. The client machines are very good spec - 16GB, SSD, i7 Windows 10 Pro - GB NIC.

My question is would it be worthwhile in this scenario putting in a 10GB network. Purchase a 10GB card for the server and a new Switch cable of running the backbone?

The files they open on the legal system are mainly office and PDF documents.

I would be interested to know if anyone had done this to address this type of issue before.
Can someone recommend a good simple document management system to help my team of volunteers manage documents we are developing for a small community development project.  We have all sorts of documents, such a s policies, procedures, code of conducts, brochures, spreadsheets (to manage financial transactions), reports etc in all stages of development (from complete to about to commence).
We store them in a project folder in dropbox
Over 10 years of operating, we have lots of documents and we need a simple system that lets people know what documents we, what their purpose is, the status, and what ones still need to be developed.
What would be good to have is visual index, like a dashboard, that communicates the above information and has hyperlinks to the documents so finding them is not too hard.  Some team members will have permission to access some documents, but not others.
Does someone have a better suggestion?
If not, whats the best way to do this?  Eg Prepare visual index in powerpoint.
Would Google be better environment to do this in?  If so, what happens if some documents need to remain as MSExcel files?
Any other suggestions?
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Hi Experts,

I have been approached by a group of 8 companies to provide for them an information exchange portal. Here they would store files, documents and posts, organized by category and sub category, and a bulletin board with latest news and events posted by the users.

The companies indicated that SharePoint wont’t work because the each have their own domain, and they need this solution to be independent from any of them. They also want to restrict each company to 3 users, and if another company wants to join, the admin of 3 other companies need to approve.

My question is - would this be a development project (I'm a PHP developer); or a sourcing project, where there is something pre-made that can be adjusted? What would a  bull park cost be for this?

Thank you.
Need a simple program that scans folders for "native" PDF files.

I have thousands of PDF's in a folder, but most were created from a scanner, followed by the automated use of some OCD scanner. But I need to find those few PDF files which originated from an inbound email (or other means) where the PDF was created by the original producer, where it was a bank or other service provider.

I am very new to what makes up a PDF file and apologize if this question is missing the mark slightly.

I have been told there's a metadata field called PDF Producer. I have also been told it's easy to write a program to retrieve that PDF Producer field and look for values that indicate an original/native PDF. Here are example PDF Producer values...

OpenText Output Transformation Engine - 16.1.12
Ricoh Americas Corporation, AFP2PDF Plus Version: 1.100.01, Linux

My problem is that I do not have a list of such values. So, perhaps the PDF Producer field has other attributes which we could use?

So, I am searching for "native" PDF files which are a needle in a haystack and need some simple automation that can help me find them.

Suggestions for what exactly to scan for? I fee that once that is known, the actual work of writing the program is trivial and copying those few PDF's which match, is trivial.

Hello Randal,

Thanks for the email, however I don’t think I have joined your service.  An article by your Joe Winograd came up when I was searching for how to fix an issue with my scanner & Paperport 14.  Unfortunately, having followed his various suggestions I am no further along, other than now I have uninstalled the old Paperport so may be royally in a pickle.

I am not an IT professional so not eligible for membership of your community.  I am just someone who uses a PC and wishes we could go back to the olden days when you installed software from discs and the PC just happily went along until you decided to do something to it.  Nowadays I feel like I would be justified sending a monthly invoice to Microsoft for all the work they make me do trying to figure out how to sort the issues caused by their latest ‘helpful’ update.

Please give my best to Mr Winograd.   In case he’s still interested in Windows 10 and Paperport, here’s what happens when I try to installed 14.5 from the link provided in his article:

This runs:


Then I’m asked to select my language and this pops up (normally in English – must have accidentally clicked Deutsche this time!):


I’ve done a Windows uninstalled and the special Nuance uninstall, rebooted between each stage and still the same as above.

I did also download the patch (Patch 1) which he suggested but guess there’s not a lot I can do with the patch if I can’t get the .exe to run.

I am now going away to have a …
Hi experts,

My printer has seen some better days; its not working right now and I need to sign a pdf document and email it to a coworker.

How can I digitally sign a pdf document?

Is there a free option?

Thank you.
Hi Guys,

We have a Windows 2012 file server with a document directory structure which includes security groups and user permissions on the domain.

We have a requirement for higher security, documents to be encrypted and a record of all files being opened, copied, printed, etc.

I guess a document management system is the ideal solution, but to which extend can a document be monitored once it is saved outside the document management system, such as on the users' desktop?

Any recommendations?
I use Alfresco CE 5.2 for document management.

I have a simple parallel workflow for sending the document to review. This business process works fine.

I need to develop the dashlet, in which I need to list all the assignees and the result of reviews. Also I need to show some additional information: comments, start date, end date, on whom the task was assigned, etc.

The problem is that for the completed workflow, I can't get the task list. Here is my web script part:

model.put("workflowId", workflowId);

WorkflowTaskQuery inProgressTasksQuery = new WorkflowTaskQuery();
WorkflowTaskQuery completedTasksQuery = new WorkflowTaskQuery();

List<WorkflowTask> inProgressTasks = workflowService.queryTasks(inProgressTasksQuery, true);
model.put("inProgressTasks", inProgressTasks.size());

List<WorkflowTask> completedTasks = workflowService.queryTasks(completedTasksQuery, true);
model.put("completedTasks", completedTasks.size());

List<WorkflowTask> allWorkflowTasks = new ArrayList<WorkflowTask>();
model.put("allWorkflowTasks", allWorkflowTasks.size());

QName taskName = QName.createQName("http://www.somefirm.com/model/workflow/1.0", "registrationIncomingDocs");

Open in new window

Powershell with a pdf.  I have a folder with about 1000 pdf's.  each pdf is one page.   each pdf has a unique account number with in the text of the pdf document.  is there anyway i can have powershell look into the content of all 1000 files and name them based on the account number that is in the data.  I am open to other routes beside powershell
I have a pdf that has 10,000 pages.   1 page for each bill for a customer.  I occassionally search for bills by the accountnumber on the pdf.  it takes a long time.  Is there a personal document management system that can import the 10000 pages and save each page as it's own individual document and then automatically tag the document by the accountnumber that is on the page?

ie.. i search the interface of the document management system by the accountnumber and it will quickly retrieve a single page of the original 10,000 page document.
Why Document Management is Necessary for organization?
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I have an email server Mail Deamon from Alt-N and once in a while (quite often) my users receives email where the attachment is trucken. Let say the initial pdf was 10mb and my user receives an almost empty pdf of juste a couple of bytes.
I am an Exchange admin and don't know much about Deamon: so where would I start?

I have an EC2 instance, as well as a S3 bucket.

I have mapped to the S3 bucket from the EC2 instance successfully, using a third party app called ExpanDrive, it maps as a Z drive.

I have done the same from my local PC. Also mapped as a Z drive.

I can save a file into my new Z drive, and it appears immediately in the corresponding Z drive on the server.

Problem is, the document management system we have installed on the EC2 instance has an automated collection facility where it collects and ingests any files dropped into the shared folder, but it is failing. Log files say it is access denied.

We tried running the application as administrator - no change.

Can an AWS guru please advise on what might be necessary here?

Many thanks in advance.
In need suggestions on a tool or a way to import PDF Files into our database thru the UI.  I need to be able to show this data in a View and report on it, export to PDF or Excel.
The problem we have is the creator of the PDF Form does not have the form fields named in any consistent way for me to map them to our database fields.  

Any suggestions welcome!
What are my options for creating a PDF file from my WebApi2... initiated from my SPA using Sencha ExtJs? The concept is I want to have a template in PDF with a grid, and based on user selection from my front end website, fill in the grid with data from my database. I'm not looking for someone to write code for me, just for a path to go down. I am open to suggestions so if a template is too complex I am open to creating the PDF from stratch every time. Whichever is the least complicated option as I am definitely no expert.

Dear Folks,

I am looking for document Repository free open source like Share Point. FYI, currently, we have all documents available in Share Point and don't want to renew license.
I need to move all documentation from Share Point to other free open source.

Do you have any thoughts on it? Can I use NuGet (Private) to store as documents, along with approval process for each document upload and versioning? Any other options?

Best Regards

Document Management

A Document Management System (DMS) is a system (both hardware and software) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.