Document Management

A Document Management System (DMS) is a system (both hardware and software) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.

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I want to generate unique numbers for every page on a pdf file.

In sudo code it would look something like

next_number = 393456
job_code = "abc"
file = "some_document.pdf"
total_pages = pageCount(file)

For each page in file
     next_number = next_number +1
     addFooter(job_code + " "+next_number)

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Most likely this would be command line (windows).  Right now, what I have found is  Reading the docs, it looks like I need to first find out how many pages are in the pdf, then generate a blank pdf with just a footer and add the unique "next_number" to every page. Then merge this document with the document I want to add the footer to.

What I am looking for are other command line tools available where I can add something unique to every page with hopefully some type of free tool where I can do this programatically. Are there better options than pdftk?
Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals
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Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals

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I am trying to find a way to add sequential bates stamping on a Xerox Atalink C8045 multi function device.

I already understand how to use the bates stamp feature when copying a document and clicking on the Annotations feature and from there click on bates stamp.  

The problem with this is the numbering always starts with 1.  The requirement is for the machine to remember the last number used. The real end goal is to be able to add a unique number to every page printed at the bottom of the page.  I know the machine keeps track of how many copies are printed so this data is stored somewhere and that data would be a good option to print on every page. Either there is a way to do this already in place that I am not finding or there is a way to do this through programming.  Either option will work as long as the end result is to have a unique number printed on every page.
Where does the iPhone save PDF documents it receives in emails? When I click on the email and choose to view the document it asks if I want to download it. I choose yes and the document is then viewable. Where is this document saved on the iPhone?
Hi All,
I need to do a document image template matching with the original document image. Is it possible using Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?

Basically, we will get a filled document image as an input. We need to match it with the already existing documents image based on template matching and return the identification of the matched document image.

Please help.

Thanks In advance.

Kavita Choudhary.
Paperport 14.5 installed on new computer closes down completely when adding a folder from the file manager. No other problems, the program only fails when a folder is added or deleted from the folder manager.
empld  code     amount  effdt
21            123     21          jan-10-2011
21            123     10         jan-12-2018
21          231       10         feb 12-2019

I have sql as below

select sum(amount),
from table aa
group by

result are
empld  code     amount effdt
21            123     31        jan-12-2018
21          231       10        jan-12-2019

I need to write functional spec i have put below words please let me know if that make sense for non technical person.

Return sum of amount associated with emplid and code
Return max of effective date associated with emplid and code
Should I or not move my resources to a cloud provider?  I would like to get some feedback from others that have done this. We have multiple offices with about 140 employees.

My firm is in the process of getting an assessment done  to give guidance for upgrades and future projects.  What they have come back to us with is to move our on-prem  Exchange and Document Management to the cloud along with our Domain as the initial phase and eventually move aging resources to the cloud when they are in need for the upgrade.
  • Exchange will be Office 365
  • AD will be Azure
  • DMS will be its own cloud service.

I have hesitations on this based on our data footprint as well as the need for performance.  The consultant feels that the cloud model will give everyone ease of mobility as well as remove the need of VDI for remote access.  We currently have 3 offices, but all the data resides in our primary location and the remote office connect back to the primary office.
I have found a really useful PowerShell script for getting site level permissions for a SharePoint web application:

However, it is a bit misleading as it does not really give you any information on item level permissions within each site, so it can be somewhat misleading. Do you know of any scripts that can go the level below, and provide permissions for each item within a site?
are sharepoint server documents stored on the server itself in the raw format. For example if someone uploads a PDF into SharePoint, does that reside as an accessible PDF on the server itself? I need to check if that is the case the permissions on the default directory? This is for SharePoint server 2013.
does anyone know of any scripts which can document all files in a sharepoint environment, with the basics like filename, path, file added/created, file last edited, file last accessed. This is for sharepoint 2013?
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Bootstrap 4: Exploring New Features

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If you were picking up a sharepoint server/system (2013) and trying to familiarise yourself with the setup/configuration/usage, what would be some pertinent questions to ask the leaving sysadmin? Especially to cover all tiers of the stack.
We have a handover from 2 admin teams for overall support/administration of a sharepoint system (internal hosted) and we want some assurances the admin lead taking over responsibility will have done the necessary research ready for handover.
Dear Experts

We receive pdf files from the customer which has information of multiple items in the one single pdf document.  in our web application each item is stored as separate record hence I am looking for a solution to copy the section of each item and create separate pdf and store each the item information as a separate pdf under each of the item record in the web application. Please suggest the application that would help us to achieve this , thanks in advance.
what areas could/should be included in the scope of an audit/healthcheck (call it what you like) of a document management system like SharePoint, above and beyond the obvious, ensuring any confidential/sensitive documents are only accessible to authorised users/groups.
I am about to export some data that will result in millions of files.  The export tool only has the option to write to a single directory.  I would like to find a piece of software that will monitor the changes in the directory and move the incoming files to subdirectories.  Say, 10000 files per subdirectory.  Once that directory has 10000 items, the software will create a new subdirectory and begin moving files into it.  Etc.]

Anyone know of a piece of software that can do that?
I want to scan a document and use ocr so I can edit it in word 2016

I have a client that is considering using SharePoint as  document management tool.

They have teams around the world that need access to the same set of Word documents so that

several people can make changes to the content. Is SharePoint the right way to do this?
Is there a way to make this document open up in edit mode when I have the restricted editing to only forms? Right now when it is protected (with no password) it opens in a view only format. Can it be changed so that the document opens up in edit mode when restrict editing is on?
Can you please give me a solution or other way to deal with to make a google doc link work on the alert message or through sidebar in HTML link, I get Malformed HTML conten Error and if I replace my a regular link which such as it works fine.

Here the error message looks like entering image description here

That full details :

รง: hi bye target=_blank > test>.
My code is the following :
COPYfunction test0001()

  var doc = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument(); 
  var docurl = doc.getUrl(); 

  //var x = Gconvertlinko() ;
  var ui = HtmlService.createHtmlOutput('hi '+ 'bye' + "<a href="+ docurl+"  target=_blank > test </a>"+ "<br/> <input type="+' text'+" name="+ 'lname'+ "  value="+ "" +">")
  /*.setContent( DocumentApp.getActiveDocument.getUrl() + "<br/>"+ DocumentApp.getActiveDocument.getUrl() ) */
      .setTitle('Google Convertor');



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Please let me know if you got any idea or thought to deal with that.
has anyone every attempted to store an access application in a document management system such as sharepoint? My initial reaction was 'that would never work', but our IT are trying to migrate data from  traditional file servers to sharepoint, but I wanted some insight into will an access application ever work in a system like sharepoint, or access databases accessed by numerous staff work in general? I am hoping the answer is no so I can suggest it isnt worth even investigating.
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In previous work place, the Canon IR ADV 4251 offers OCR scanning to PDF
ie the resultant softcopy PDF is text-searchable.

However, in current work place, the same model does not offer this feature.

Is this a plug-in or just an OS upgrade or some sort of additional add-on we
have to buy : can point me to some articles/manual that mention this?

If it's a software upgrade only, can point me to the specific version & where
to get the software?  If it's just a feature to turn on, appreciate the
instructions on how to do this
Our Helpdesk has install  Adobe Acrobat XI Pro  &  Adobe Forms Central
on my laptop when I requested for a software that could do OCR &
convert PDF to editable MSWord doc.

However, they don't know how to use it:  anyone has a Quick Guide on
how to do PDF to Word conversion (with OCR) with these tools?
Document Management organization.  Anyone familiar with the Dewey Decimal Classification for organizing items?   My client is thinking about scanning and managing document according to the Dewey Decimal system.  Are you supportive of this plan of action or do you have some management system that is better?  Here's a brief snippit of what we may roll out for a wealth management advisor.  These are the first two folders but you get the idea...


I have a client who wants to trace a document he email out.

the perfect solution would make him aware if the document was forwarded on, who by and who to. This would be to external recipients.

Is there a way to achieve this, without the recipients knowledge?

what would be some useful checks to include in an audit/health check of SharePoint (and document management in general). The obvious one we can think of is around permissions of documents stored in SharePoint, to ensure sensitive documents are only accessible by the approved users/groups - but I wanted to spread the review a but further, and was hoping for some inspiration on what above and beyond security permissions would be useful when looking at such a system (it doesn't have to all be about security). Any common SharePoint mistakes/risks above and beyond permissions also most useful,
Need reasonably priced Home Office Twain compatible scanning documents software.  MP Navigator suite me well for years but they no longer distribute it with the Canon MX series MFP.  What's a really intuitive scanning software that initiates the scan for ADF or flatbed, makes simple adjustments for single or double sides series of documents, and gives you options for a couple standard formats like PDF or tif, etc?  Is there a really intuitive and elegantly done software that does all that plus organizes your scan documents well?

Document Management

A Document Management System (DMS) is a system (both hardware and software) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.