Drupal is an open-source content-management framework written in PHP used as a back-end framework for websites and is also used for knowledge management and business collaboration. The standard release of Drupal contains basic features common to content management systems, including user account registration and maintenance, menu management, RSS feeds, taxonomy, page layout customization, and system administration. Drupal runs on any computing platform that supports both a Web server capable of running PHP and a database to store content and configuration.

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The goal is to add a Field in a custom content type, that displays a Select List listing all the Drupal users with a specific role, example "Site Editors".

Most important it needs to be dynamic, so it represents new Site Editors as they join the site.
I have a development webserver with ten virtual hosts and drupal system.

when I put https:// before each namespace, all of them got forwarded to one specific instance instead of its own http:// version. Here is my httpd.conf setup file.
I've got a requirement to build out an enterprise document managemet system on Drupal. I'm in the early prototype phase, exploring distros and modules (FileDepot module for example).

So I'm eager to expand my research to include white papers, case studies, Drupal libraries and modules for this effort.

Would like a lot of feedback.

Some of the technical requirements:
Accomodate hundreds of users across the country.
Accomodate several hundred document uploads (.docs, pdf).
Stringent content publishing workflow.
Version control for nodes and upload files (.docs, pdf).

More requirements to come, but this is a start.

Thank you
I bought a template and followed the instructions.  I copied the files from the template into the root directory.  I extracted the demo files.  I installed Drupal.  I changed the private files in the media configurations.  I should be able to open the modules and add "demonstration site" to Drupal.  That is what the instructions say and the video shows it happen.  My modules tab only shows core modules.  I used sql to update the database but it did not load the content.
Using code, how can I retrieve 1) User name, 2) Role, and 3) E-mail address of a Drupal user?

(I need to pass this on to a web service)
how can I create a news website with at least 1 year of previous news

I think rss feeds are only days old.

I want to create a website that looks older and used.
I've got a use case where my site Users should have the option to create a Nickname in their profile.

If they do that Nickname would  act as their Drupal username throughout the session, so it would be displayed in Groups, Forum, Discussion, creating Nodes, etc.

(I can't allow Users to edit their current Username for other reasons that has to do with the CAS module)

So, suggestions?
I have a view created in drupal 7 and want to add a class to it via drupal's preprocessor.  Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
I am helping my developer for some virtual hosts issue. I don't know where I can find the installation folder for drupal. Also, when I tried to open the administrator's webpage, it gave me access denied error.

Please help.

here i am attaching the httpd.conf file.
I have been asked by my client to move a drupal website to a new server. I am familiar with WORDPRESS, but I have not worked with drupal before. I first ran an automated procedure to install drupal, then imported the sql data and finally uploaded the files. It does not work. I would assume that I overwrote the database connection (similar to wp-config.php) when I uploaded the files.

Where is this stored? How can I update it to the correct information?

website is http://boutique.aleh.org/

Thank you.
I have a cloned dev/qa server which is a clone of the production webserver. On the production server, there is only one website and one domain name. On this dev/qa box, we want to set up four websites on it. The domain names are different:

Right now, two of the four domain names are working but two of them are not. How can I troubleshoot this issue.

The domain names are as followings:

1. dorrington.testdomain.org/devw.testdomain.org  ---> both are working

2. devcov.testdomain.org  --> not working

3. devcal.testdomain.org  ---> not working

4. devleg.testdomain.org  ---> working.

I uploaded the httpd.conf file in this post, please see the attachment for the configuration file.
Hi all. I know pretty much nothing about Drupal, but it looks like its failing to send mails (from a forgotten password feature).

Can anyone tell me where logs would go by default or what a log file may be called on Windows (Server 2008 R2)

Id also like to see what email configuration we use. Is there a file which would hold this?

Thank you!
Some questions about best practice for maintaining a Web application's code in a Git repo*:

* This would be in a private repo.

1) Do I include the settings.php file (that typically would have the db connection string) ?
2) Do I include media assets (PDFs, images, office files, audo/vidoe files?)
3) Would the main branch typically represent the codebase that's on Production, or should I have a seperate repo for Dev, Staging, and Prod?
4) When I deploy from GitHub to Dev, Staging, or Prod, do I run the Git commands from the respective server? (if yes, that would suggest I have to install Git on the server(s). Can I choose between command line versus GUI to run Git commands?
I cloned a web server with drapal CMS to a new server. After I finished this, I couldn't use the same admin's user name and password to open the www.mydomain.org/admin page. It gave me "Access Denied" error. I was wondering if the database and web server is the same, why the account and privilege is different?

Please advise how to trouble shoot for this, thanks.

OS version: RedHat v6.6, .  This latest version has the patches for SSL, openssl, bash, etc.
does drupal have an ecommerce plugin

What are the limitations of this plugin
is it better to use another cms for a beginner to sell goods online
and beginner may want a blog also which drupal provides but magento does not provide
I've linked an RDP file on a website which give users the option to "open" or "save". The "open" option works fine using Internet Explorer but when using Google Chrome it just opens a new page with the connection details on it. Why is this?
I have this little problem. Iv'e deployed Drupal 7.34 on IIS running PHP 5.6.3 and MySQL 5.6.22 on Windows Server 2012 R2.
I followed this guide (beside MS SQL) and everything went well, so it seemed. During Drupal install you get to create the admin account for the site. When I then try to login with this account nothing happen.

I don't really know what to check. I'm new to Drupal. I posted a question about this on the drupal forums but that forum just seems dead. https://www.drupal.org/node/2394305

Any suggestions?
I have a Drupal e-commerce website (Ubercart) which gets a lot of traffic and sales (relatively speaking). I'm starting to get lots of complaints that buyers are not receiving their email receipts. After further investigation, it seems like many of the emails are now going into buyers' spam/junk folders.

Is there anything that can be done to "persuade" email clients that the emails are legitimate? Any guidance would be appreciated.
This code gives me the PDF button link. I need to replicate it for a Word button link to go next to it.

The variable for the word is field_word_document_upload

The PDF variable I'm using here is field_upload

(not concerned about the CSS right now, just trying to understand how to modify it to accommodate the second button link)

  <?php if (isset($content['field_upload']['#items'])): ?>
  <div class="list-right">
    <?php foreach($content['field_upload']['#items'] as $downloads): ?>
    <div class="resultTools"><div class="label-text"><span>Downloads: </span><span class="label-text"><?php print $downloads['download_count']; ?></span></div>
      <div class="rtTop">
        <a href="<?php print file_create_url($downloads['uri']); ?>" title="Bookmark" target="_blank" class="btn btn-sm btn-danger">
          <span class=" fa fa-file-pdf-o"></span>
          <span class="icon-text">Download<span class="grid-hide"> PDF Format</span></span>
        <!-- file_create_url(uri) -->
    <?php endforeach; ?>
  <?php endif; ?>

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Hi Experts,

On my Drupal site I want to create a kind of slideshow on node level. I have a content type with a single image field, but this field can hold multiple images.
When a node of that content type is show I would like to show only the first image at full size; the rest of images are shown as thumbnails. When the visitor clicks on one of the thumbnails the initial large image  should be replaced by the thumbnail image.
Two bonuses are possible:
- the images of node cycle like in a slideshow
- the large image is shown even larger in colorbox when the visitor clicks on it.

I use Views Slideshow a lot to achieve a similar behavior but then the images are saved in several nodes with the same content type.
With only the Colorbox module I come close to my goal. I can show the large image and the thumbnails, but when the user clicks on one of the thumbnails the original large picture is not replaced. De thumbnail picture is shown in a colorbox and that is not what I want.

Do you have any ideas how my day can be saved? Thanks in advance.
I have "price offer" items under certain processes;

index no 0      price offer a   count=1 ($selected_price_offers_cnt)

index no 1      price offer b   count=3     (3+1=4)
index no 2      price offer c   count=3     (3+1=4)
index no 3      price offer d   count=3     (3+1=4) 3=selected_price_offers_cnt, 1=$previous, 4=$next 

index no 4      price offer e   count=2     (2+4=6)
index no 5      price offer f   count=2     (2+4=6) 2=selected_price_offers_cnt, 4=$previous, 6=$next

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What I need to do is to print "scale sub total" only below the LAST price offer item of EACH PROCESSES.
In other words, below a, d and f.

In order to do that I try to compare the latest count of the price offers from the beginning (1, 4 and 6) with the current row index no + 1.
If we arrive at the last price offer of a PROCESS X, its count will be == index no + 1 (like at process offer d count 4 = index no 3 + 1).
So I need to keep $previous variable updated with $next for the following PROCESS Y.  

My code takes unnaturally long time to finish execution and at last it prints only one sale sub total line.
(As this code is used inside Drupal 7 views global php field, SQL queries are arranged to work there and they return correct values, no problem there.)
Any approaches other than while...loop is also welcomed.

$process_nid = $row->nid_3;
$current_index_no = $view->row_index; //the number of 

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This code displays the Welcome modal window on page load on the Landing page, and also when the page is refreshed.

The Visitor only needs to see it once as they navigate the site and return back to the Landing page.

What's the code to have it viewed just once for the Visitor?

		browseClass: "btn btn-warning  ",
		showUpload: true,
		showRemove: false,
		showCaption: false,
		fileType: "any"
    $(".btn-warning").on('click', function() {
        if ($('#file-4').attr('disabled')) {
        } else {


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Use Case:  Adding new content, the User will be presented with a Category select list. Certain items on the select list will cause a secondary select list to invoke where the User can select a sub-Category.

Using Taxonomy I'm starting with a simple Category vocabulary and using relations to tuck in the child category. (attached)

When I develop the content type, how do I configure it to get the two select list per the use case?
What tools and resources are there for monitoring a Drupal site, regarding page load times, browser compatibility or bandwidth limitation, and overall health?

And the tools you recommend, are they specific to Drupal, or to PHP applications overall?

I realize this is broad. Part of this is resolving why our development environment is slow.
Using Fortify, we scanned our module directory, including the Services module.

The report flagged line 494 in services_ctools_export_ui.class.php where extract() is invoked.

The report suggests that invoking extract() can be prone to allowing an attacker to influence the execution of the code.

I'm wondering if this is a false positive? The code as written seems convention.

I've also attached the report.

 * Returns the updates for a given resource method.
 * @param $resource
 *   A resource name.
 * @param $method
 *   A method name.
 * @return
 *   an array with the major and minor api versions
function services_get_update_versions($resource, $method) {
  $versions = array();
  $updates = services_get_updates();
  if (isset($updates[$resource][$method]) && is_array($updates[$resource][$method])) {
    foreach ($updates[$resource][$method] as $update) {
      $value = $major . '.' . $minor;
      $versions[$value] = $value;
  return $versions;

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Drupal is an open-source content-management framework written in PHP used as a back-end framework for websites and is also used for knowledge management and business collaboration. The standard release of Drupal contains basic features common to content management systems, including user account registration and maintenance, menu management, RSS feeds, taxonomy, page layout customization, and system administration. Drupal runs on any computing platform that supports both a Web server capable of running PHP and a database to store content and configuration.

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