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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Use this topic to discuss online shopping carts, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.

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I would like to ask your help, perhaps someone has seen this problem:

- Using web service I upload product groups, products and variations into Presta shop
-Everything  looks fine in the admin window. The groups, products and variations are created.
-But at the end user window the new products cannot be seen among the New products and neither under the manufacturer.
However on the page of the product the quantity and the manufacturer fields are filled
-If I refresh a product manually then the product will be seen under the New products and under the manufacturer.

The product upload code is this:

$xml = $webService->get(array('url' => $shopurl.'api/products?schema=blank')); $product = $xml->children()->children(); $product->price = 0; $product->wholesale_price = 0; $product->active = 1; $product->on_sale = 0; $product->show_price = 1; $product->available_for_order = 1; $product->id_tax_rules_group = 1; $product->unity = $data->Termek_Csomagolasi_egyseg; $product->minimal_quantity = $data->Termek_MinimumKeszlet; $product->pack_stock_type = 3; $product->state = 1; $product->reference = $data->Termek_SajatCikkSzam; $product->id_manufacturer = $gyarto['id_manufacturer']; $product->name->language[0][0] = $data->Termek_Megnevezes; $product->name->language[0][0]['id'] = 1; $product->description->language[0][0] = $data->Termek_Megjegyzes; $product->description->language[0][0]['id'] = 1; $product->description_short->language[0][0] = $data->Termek_Megjegyzes; …
Free Tool: SSL Checker
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Free Tool: SSL Checker

Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate. Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

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How to build your business around ‘hyperlocal’ on-demand delivery model?

Hyperlocal is more of a term coined out of need than curiosity. I mean on-demand ecommerce can’t work without local suppliers of good. I don’t want my Uber to arrive the next day.

Hi, we're starting a new ecommerce store. On the new domain, I have the Comodo Positve SSL certificate.

We'll be selling some fairly high-priced items, and accepting credit cards. I know the cert I have is compatible with TLS 1.2, so no problems there. Is there any security reason I should go to another SSL certificate?

There's EV certificates, but they don't provide extra security, just the green bar. I'd prefer just to stay with the SSL certificate I have, if nobody thinks it's a problem. Thanks in advance.
Hi, I’m sure many of you are probably sick of answering this question, so apologies in advance.

I’ve been following (not trading) BitCoin for the last year. A few friends have invested in it, and i'd like to know more about it.

I'm interested investing in Ethereum in I have two questions:

01 - What is the best site to buy Ethereum from?

02 - How hard is it to get your money back out if you wanted to sell?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
I have a question on the best way to setup my products in Woocommerce.

My products are all individual Digital Prints which can be sold under the following Categories:

1. Canvas Prints (Framed or Not Framed)
2. Tea Towels (1 Size)
3. Cushions (1 Size)
4. Stationery/Cards (1 Size)
5. Art Bags (1 Size)

Obviously I don’t want to have to duplicate and reconfigure the Product 5 times to attached it to each Category as individual products.

1. How can I create one product with the options that I need for each of these 5 Product Types?
2. Should I use Grouped Products or a Plugin like “WooCommerce Extra Product Options”?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

           I am wondering if digital products can be bought and resold.  

           Thank you

Magento development
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When I first got about 3,500 followers on Twitter, I got responses when I sent out something of interest. Today, I may get one Like.

It's politically charged...but I send out dud after dud, and it seems like wasted time.

I still have just as many followers.

What could it be?

Could Twitter have blocked my account? And be sending to a tiny fraction of my follower base?
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Hire Technology Freelancers with Gigs
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Hire Technology Freelancers with Gigs

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I am trying hard to find a way to automate some calculations on a credit card merchant statement. But I must be 100% within the letter and the intent of the rules which define PCI compliance.

Writing a Java app to run on all platforms was a great suggestion to "pre-process" the data, redacting private data, before upload to my site for further processing. But, I wonder, why not do ALL the processing via a downloadable Java App?

Is that a guarantee that I am 100% PCI compliant?

The problem will be when it fails a user and they need it debugged...I would need that PDF file sent to me for debugging. BUT, isn't that a much safer route to take than putting it on a website?

I would certainly have a high security bar to maintain regarding how I handle my PC, and maybe the methodology I use when choosing a password for that email account. But NOT having a website where any Credit Card info resides seems like a smarter way to go.

So, I am now imaging a simple website, probably WordPress. I would post a current version of the Java App for download and explanation of what it does, etc.

Users could download it and privately process their merchant account report on their own PC's. In the LIKELY event they have an unsupported report format, they could email me their full report. (Redacting private data from a PDF itself seems like a pretty high bar for users to handle)

On receipt of the PDF, I would redact all private data for that statement, and delete all un-redacted…
I am converting my site into an affiliate marketing one.
I want t be able to share the revenue paid to us as publishers with the individual "readers/users" traffic that we send to the
Can anyone tell me how this is done?   And how can the payments be sent to the reader/user and by whom.

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I'm trying to create a proposal ecommerce site for a small business. I created a permalinks structure that you can see in the image.

Please go to savannahthinktank.com and click on the links - the link structure is working, but the posts are giving me a 404 error.

Second question - I guess I still need to create a 404 page for this site, inside wordpress, and link to it from Apache?

I need help to create Featured like slide as "New Arrivals"  below Featured Slide .
Refer to my URL -

also i wish to decrease the size of slide show.

I am new in open cart and need help.
Dear experts,

We have a project planned to accept online payments on our website.

Our website uses Kentico EMS and is hosted in local AWS zone (Sydney region) with all website traffic behind SSL. We are currently using an AWS dedicated host, however we would like to move to an AWS shared host to reduce costs.  

We will use a PCI-compliant third-party payment gateway provider for the transactions. We are not looking at storing customer's credit card information on our servers. I want to understand the process to ensure we are PCI compliant in Australia.

I would appreciate any comment on below:

1. Does our web server need to be on a dedicated server/host? i.e, not on a shared host?
2. Since the payment will be processed by the payment gateway provider, do we need to take further measures on our current infrastructure (as described above) to become compliant?
3. Anything else I should look into?

Cheers all!
I have a client who's selling tangible goods (ie: food products) online using WordPress & Woocommerce and who's based out of New Hampshire in the US, .. where there's no sales tax.  

Should I be setting up any kinds of special tax tables to ensure that customers are paying sales tax based on whatever US state they're having the merchandise shipped to? In other words, .. if someone from AZ purchases something from the NH business owner and has it shipped to them in AZ .. does the extra 8.1% sales tax apply in this situation?  Or not?

If the extra state specific sales tax DOES apply .. then what's the most efficient way for me to set that up within WooCommerce?

- Yvan
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I know a merchant who would like to offer ApplePay, but really does not like the high fees he pays already for Visa and MasterCard.

What does it cost him to offer ApplePay? Is it a percent of the purchase price? That is the way it works for credit cards.

Free Tool: Port Scanner
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Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

So a friend was bragging to me about his "bitcoin balance" and showed me a screenshot

Before I tell him "that's not bitcoin" i'd like to know what it is.. I don't recognize the symbol

he has 8M of whatever this is, and math says it's valued at $0.01 each - what's the deal?

it doesn't look like a bitcoin wallet either

the screenshot was from 5 November 2017 if it helps trace it by coin value
startup website
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Hi everybody, I'm not able to finalize development of PayPal IPN Listener.
I'm integrating Paypal into a php/Mysql based website. IPN fails when I try to add a new record to Mysql table of orders.

I make one step back to explain the issue.
I succeded in creating (in the Sandbox environment) merchant express checkout button and fully configured IPN notifications.
Uploaded code to my php page once clicked the 'buy now' button, connection passes smoothly to Paypal Sandbox asking buyer to log in.
Once buyer is logged in it's possible to interact with Paypal and buy.
IPN listener successfully gets purchase parameters and report on a file (just for debugging) parameters and sql string to be used in my PDO.
Everything works just fine and on the backend of the merchant profile I see the purchase notification appearing in the IPN history and parameters are clearly showing that payment has been succesfully made.

Problem is given at PDO call.
PDO call to open connection and execute sql to add record fails.
PDO parameters are ok (same throughout the whole site), sql works fine (run directly to mysql web interface it does its dirty work).
Try-catch doesn't capture any exception and script to create log file (during PDO) doesn't run.

Any advice? Many thanks !

  • $payment_status="Completed"
  • test.txt produced
  • exception.txt and complete.txt not produced
IPN Listener.php
<?php namespace Listener;

Open in new window

I'm a Cyber Security major and I met a small business that wants an ecommerce site. I've wanted to learn Magneto, so I'm going to postpone my current projects and I wanted to learn Magneto to build the sites. I make $200 a week and I pay my rent, so I was going to build the site for $300 so I can put it on my resume.


I read the above link and it said a college student or a PHP Developer cannot create a Magneto website.

Is it unrealistic to think I could learn Magneto to create a site for a small business in 2018?

As far as hosting, I was going to recommend a $5 1GB Linode. I manage servers for my current job, so I will apply updates and manage the server for them for free, then when I need to update to a new version of GNU/Linux I will charge them a fee to do so.

I really want to learn Magneto. If this is possible can you link some good sites to learn Magneto?

If not I guess I will check out Wordpress.
Hi! And what types of payment systems are available for online stores? I'm interested in Blockchain and the usual platforms. Thank you!
I have just "published" my book on IngramSpark. I am the publisher, but use IngramSpark as a print-on-demand service and to distribute the book.

They also offer ebook publishing, but I think I need to make that ebook.

Please give me an idea what options I have? What the effort is for each option? What feature my ebook would gain with various methods?



Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Use this topic to discuss online shopping carts, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.