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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technolo...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Magento has customer support?


Does Magento have customer support? I can't find exact information about it.

nopCommerce has premium


Bitcoins: Digital cash with transactions processed by volunteers


I wrote this article because there are many articles out there that don't seem to understand the


Google just got a hefty fine from the European Antitrust …

Google just got a hefty fine from the European Antitrust Monitor: $2.72 biiiillion (€2.42 billion)
Troubleshooting Solution

WordPress Avada theme is based on Bootsrap?


We're using Avada for our theme and want to create a dropdown. Simple dropdown of 2 values. Nothing

Troubleshooting Solution

Installed WAMP and WordPress - don't see the real site


1. I watched a great YpuTube video on installing WAMP and WordPress

WAMP Installation video


Troubleshooting Solution

WooCommerce Shipping - cost of printing labels?


1. Managers wanted to try this with WooCommerce This is supposed to be free

Troubleshooting Solution

WooCommerce/Wordpress copy from staging to prod


We're going to copy our staging site and restore on Prod. We're using Duplicator Plus.

Once in prod,

Troubleshooting Solution

WooCommerce - have code and database


Another day in the Woo world :)

Offshore devs gave us the information for AWS. I SSH-ed. I can see

Troubleshooting Solution

Woocommerce site - initial page load is slow


We don't know and where to look to see why the initial page load is slow. We know it's not Apache

Troubleshooting Solution

Find out what customizations/changes a WooCommerce site has


So, we have a mess at my new job :) They were so excited about outsourcing an ecomm site to offshore

Troubleshooting Solution

Keeping WordPress/Woo/Avada files in source control


I asked a question last week and we got off topic in that thread and started talking about WP and

Troubleshooting Solution

Wordpress/WooCommerce plugin to import customer reviews


We have a US site and some products have customer reviews. My manager exported them to an excel

Troubleshooting Solution

Trying to find physical address or alternate contact info for http://electroride.com site.

byIT Guy

I'm interested in finding a physical store or warehouse address for the http://electroride.com or

Troubleshooting Solution

Wordpress - what accounts/groups should own files?


We're looking at our Prod server's configuration and we see www-data user that owns all (or most)


PCI Compliance - What it really means

I recently read an article which suggested that 60% of businesses in the U.S. that process credit …
Troubleshooting Solution

Woocommerce - sorting doesn't work


We don't know why 'sorting' doesn't work.

1. We regenerated the products. Didn't work. 

2. If I go

Troubleshooting Solution

Woocommerce - account credit plugin


We're looking for a plugin to credit customer accounts.

I'm looking at this link

Troubleshooting Solution

WooCommerce and CSS - clean up stylesheet


Chris Stanyon helped me with one CSS class here:

Troubleshooting Solution

Open Source vs paid ecomm platforms


I'm evaluating three ecomm platforms; Odoo, nopCommerce and Magento.

Odoo and nopCommerce have open

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