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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Use this topic to discuss online shopping carts, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.

I have a website that I designed with the Aliplugin.  This is it: http://essmen.com/.  My website visits are about 400 visits per day with any advertising other than links on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  I have two problems. One is the traffic and the other is that fact that no one is buying any of the affiliate products.  I have close to 19000 products on the website and can add more. I was advised by the Alipartnership to add as much product to increase my chances of indexing quickly.  I am a complete newbie and want to stop spinning my wheels on these issues. Can I get a little help on getting possible free traffic or very cheap traffic? And, I want to know how I can possibly get some one to buy something on my website to start making affiliate income?  I have had the website up going on two months. I do not want to just jump ship now based on the advise of the Aliplugin people. i'm just sayin'
I have decided to use my computer skills in web development to create Affiliate Campaigns, websites and landing pages just to start Online Marketing Career.  I am going to ask if I can get some help on possible free alternatives to Adplexity and Voluum?  I do not have a lot cash on hand starting out just pure drive and determination which I have found does not make a difference when you want to make money starting out in Affiliate Marketing or Online Marketing.  
Can someone point me in the right direction with Adplexity and Voluum?  I have spent more than a month spinning my wheels until I was able to date mine some good advice on how to get started in my biz.  Man, just pure BS some of those Guru's. Now, I am turning the Experts.
What is a "Facebook Pixel" and how does it work?

I am pretty sure a developer created and configured my Facebook page with a "Facebook Pixel" but I am on my own now, and need to understand it better.

How do I find it if it does exist? What does it do exactly?

Is there an email address associated with it? If so, can I find what that email address is?

Secondly, I am trying to connect it to an EverWebinar, so when the Facebook user clicks the "Sign Up" button on my Facebook ad, the sign-up page pops up. Does this mean EverWebinar also needs to get that pixel?

What does a Facebook Pixel file look like?

What are the steps involved in becoming incorporated so I can be paid on a Corp to Corp (C2C) basis?
Hi Experts

Could you share your experiences on customizing Oddoo Opensource ERP?

Do you consider it a good alternative to customize its code ?

Thanks in advance
Starting a new year with QuickBook 2018

My accountant uses QuickBooks and provided me the 2017 QB file  used to file my taxes. So, I need to create a new empty file for 2018 where I can start to log my expenses.

I need to maintain all the accounts and configurations she may have done, but want 2018 to be a blank slate.

Is there an option for this in QB?

I'm contemplating to sell e-cigarettes in Amazon US or UK.

Any idea if e-cigarettes are allowed in US or UK?

if it's allowed, is it a popular substitute in the US & UK for the real cigarettes?

Some countries (like Singapore) ban e-cigarettes: what could be the reason?

is there some sort of refills needed to refill the e-cigarettes?  Or after a certain
number of puffs, it can't be used anymore & had to purchase new ones?
Need a plan for getting cross-links to my website

I would like to start writing articles about my research, and using them to get cross-links to other news websites.

I have a Wordpress website and wonder what plug-ins can help.

Also, what kind of conventional word counts and page formats are most typical for me enticing other sites to want to cross-link?

Need a YouTube based webinar, with chat service

I need to create the MP4 of a live webinar, where I use OBS to live stream myself to YouTube, with my green screen replaced with a professional looking image. But I need one to many chat services.

So, how much I do this?

I wish I could use a comprehensive webinar solution, but they either do not support the green screen technology (WebinarJam) OR they are too expensive (GoToWebinar).

So, my solution is to use:

1) OBS for green screen removal
2) Live OBS stream to YouTube
3) YouTube handles audio

But I need a chat service my attendees can use to submit comments and questions.  


Need a good cloud survey tool

I need a robust survey tool that enables me to develop a few "parent" surveys, but create an unlimited number of "child" surveys, which can inherit questions and answer, word for word, OR add and delete questions and answers.

Without a system to manage this, I see it could easily get way out of control, especially as customizations roll in.

I also need this survey to be anonymous so that clients can send my URL to their customer list without fear they will be losing their customer list.

I hope to get notifications when a survey has been completed.

What tool can you suggest?

I'm planning to go for Amazon FBA business & was recommended to get
Helium 10 to do analysis of sales in Amazon.

Someone told me it's almost US$200/month subscription or is it
US$200 once off?

While waiting for promo (heard sometimes there's half price), anyone
can suggest a similar freewares (that once I key in an ASIN ie Amazon
Stock I...  Number), it will list competitive products with their $ sales
turnover, profit margins (for each product), sales in terms of qty
Hi guys

In October, our Symantec EV SSL certificate will be dis-trusted in Chrome and in Firefox, meaning anyone who visits our website will get a certificate error before being able to browse the site. Not great for an ecommerce website!

The current EV SSL certificate is due to expire in December, but to avoid this issue, we’ll need to renew by October 16th at the very latest.

We have two options:

1.      Purchase a new EV SSL certificate from a different provider, such as Comodo.
2.      Switch to using the wildcard certificate that we have for our website. This will mean we no longer have an EV SSL certificate for .

Option number 2 is the cheapest and easiest option, but it means we lose our EV SSL certificate, including all of the security and visual elements of this (such as green browser bar). This apparently affects conversion, as greater customer trust in the website means they are more likely to buy.

Any alternatives or suggestions that you have?

Thank you
I am a student and I was looking to explore both Shopify and Magento.

It looks like there is a lot of freelance work available for Shopify, but I was wondering what the use cases are for the two stores. When should Magento be used and when should Shopify be used?
Is there a book or material tt
guide us step by step on how
to source from Alibaba n then
sell in Amazon including how
to ship to USA and QC the
Are the following business scams (I registered for a talk) or genuinely, there are people
who made it in the businesses?  I've heard of a neighbour's friend who made about
US$600k of sales via Amazon.


And the bitcoin talk below as well:

What are the tell-tale signs if they are scams or anyone had been through them before & care to share?
BitCoin energy consumption vs. BitCoin Cash

I have watched BitCoin's heavy use of electricity for about a year now, and se today BitCoin uses more electricity thanAustria. But I was told BitCoin Cash has a cost per transaction of one thousandth of a penny, regardless of the transaction size.

Is this true?

Does BitCoin Cash use a Blockchain database?

What makes it so energy efficient?

I want to add the "sale to date" on my on-sale category page for each product.  I have put together this function but it doesn't seem to be getting any values so please tell me what is wrong.  My Woo Commerce version is 3.4.4

add_filter( 'get_date_on_sale_to', 'custom_price_html', 100, 2 );
function custom_price_html( $price, $product )
    global $post;
    $sales_price_to = get_post_meta($post->ID, $data['date_on_sale_to'], true);
    if(is_product_category( 'on-sale' ) && ($sales_price_to != ""))
        $sales_price_date_to = date("j M y", $sales_price_to);
        return str_replace( '</ins>', ' </ins> <b>(Offer till '.$sales_price_date_to.')</b>', $price );
        return apply_filters( 'woocommerce_get_price', $price );

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Need to come up with a potential solution regarding a WordPress-based website coupon generation.

The issue is that the coupons need to be generated from a spreadsheet of existing values. The coupon generation will be user-based and once they click the Generate Coupon button, they will have a code pulled from the database of existing coupons, to be used. However, the coupons are not usable on the website, but are a 3rd party e-commerce store coupons.

How can I achieve the generation based on the existing codes, and have the code (once generated) removed from the list of remaining coupons, so that there are no duplicates?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
Hi, all! I just had a Vision about the use of Blokchain, and wonder if someone can help me:
In the trade and travel industry, it often happens that the one who collected the money and acted as an intermediary or agent only, gets bankrupt. Or, the agent doesn't get the commission he is owed. In the travel industry it happens that people arrive and denied accommodation because the hotel is not paid, ect. A lot of Risk everywhere.

I wonder, could a blockchain crypto-currency be created that "splits" all the amounts and diverts them to all the parties involved in the business process as soon as the end-user (customer) has paid his amount?

Please, send me your thoughts about this. Thanks! Warmest regards, Alex
I have a lot of experience programming in MS Access VBA and some experience with classic ASP.

I created a website using classic ASP many years ago which uses MS SQL Server as the backend database engine.

Website visitors can enter a part number in a search box I generated and view a list of parts that are returned as search results.

I would like to add a shopping cart and payment gateway to my existing website but do not know where to start.
My existing code determines the item, quantity, and part number that the buyer wants to purchase.

It seems that I should be able to obtain a collection of pages that I can add to my site that will create the shopping cart and provide a payment gateway.
I should have no trouble integrating this "shopping cart code" with my existing code if it allows me to GET or POST to pass data.

Can anyone suggest a product I can use or someone I can hire to complete the project?

Ecommerce. Online purchase. Not card in hand purchase. Not in person person purchase. Merchant never touches customer payment card. Merchant has no access to mag stripe.

Customer purchases item online from merchant by typing credit card number on merchant website and submitting form.
How many days does a payment card number have to file a dispute.
Some cards are 60 days.
Some cards are 90 days.
Some cards are 120 days.

First 4  or 5 digits of card reveals brand (visa/amex/masterCard) of payment card.
Also number of digits reveal brand.

And then merchant would need to contact visa/amex or bank and ask how many days for dispute.

But I thought that visa has rules where merchant can not see credit card number.
Merchants who store Credit card numbers that are un encrypted in a database are fined by visa.
PCI compliance.
So merchant wont know if customer paid with a visa/amex/masterCard because merchant can not see first 5 digits of card number.

Some items from china take 45 days to arrive to united states.
And merchant writes in email that there is a problem with customs. So as a customer I wait longer.
I ask because as a customer; if I have a 60 day dispute time limit on my card and I am contacting a merchant on day 61; I wonder if merchant knows I have no recourse.
This is a follow-on to the question.  

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The plugin works great for the sale category but it seems to be making all of the categories behave in the same manner.  Is it possible, to just specify in the plugin to use its logic just for the sale category?
We are trying to setup an API in Magento when the current admin password is entered, the system comes back with Invalid current password. Does any one know what password is magento expecting? I am the admin of the system so should be able to use my password, but the role name is not admin, is Sales API.

Any one here have an idea of how to fix this? Cannot setup my taxjar account because of this issue.


I am building our website and uploading about 1,000,000 tech Items. then will be drop shipping these items when orders come in. This service is to be run in Africa. I will hire high school leavers, and copy contents from manufacturer's website and major retailers like amazon. What is the best marketing strategy to optimize of seo, for category and products pages content? so that when people search these products on google, we usually come out tops.
I have done front-end Microsoft SharePoint development for about three years, creating sophisticated custom interfaces like Org Charts. Now I want to create my first stand-alone e-commerce website. It needs to support user accounts and subscription-based pricing. Traffic will be relatively low (it's a niche market), maybe 10,000 potential customers worldwide. My current skillset is below. What are the best options out there for me?

Proficient in: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL
Experience in: PHP, Python, TypeScript, NPM, Gulp
Interested in: React


Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Use this topic to discuss online shopping carts, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.