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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Use this topic to discuss online shopping carts, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.

Using a green screen as backdrop for a webinar

I am finding it difficult to find a low-cost location for a webinar, with a desk, good lighting, that's quiet, etc. Not to mention, you can't exactly bring in gear to the library.

So, I am looking more closely at my green screen at home. This is super easy to set up. I have great lighting equipment.

How do I do live webinar on a green screen?

Is it even possible?

If I instead made a 30-minute video of myself and released it as a YouTube video, can I call that a webinar? Or do people assume that a webinar includes other guests?

Curious to hear your suggestions...
Moving a Wordpress eCommerce Site.

I'm moving a WordPress / WooCommerce site.  Thousands of products, DB in excess of a gig, 100K visitors a month.
They are interested in Cost comparison between:
1. GoDaddy
2. Bluehost
3. WPEngine
I'm going to go through the due diligence of putting those numbers together.  BUT from a developer standpoint which, in your opinion,  is the best hosting choice and why?  The hosting company does not have to be on this list and the hosting company does not need to be the least expensive.  What company(ies) do you feel are the best in service, hardware, security,, etc...  Thanks in advance.
A business owner I consult for is looking for website or program to manage 15 credit cards so that he can receive up to the moment info on each individual credit card account such as the credit card balances, minimum amount due, payment due date, etc.

The website, cloud solution, or software program will be able to query each credit card website using the usernames and passwords that have been created for each account to get this information.

What kind of solutions are available to do this?
Ecommerce platforms
Facebook Ad Question: Can I mention a politician by name?

I have not yet found the lost list of rules when placing a  Facebook Ad. Got that list?

Anyway, I hope I can have some fun on one ad where I compare a particular politician to a "moon bat."

Is that allowed? Or is it a violation?

And if it's not a violation, might it still get blocked if it upsets the person who grades the ads?

I have numerous ways to break up my research into articles.

So I hope I can create a dozen titles and find a way to test which would get the most clicks.

Any way to do this before I write the articles?
I am moving to WooCommerce and I am presently using Prestashop 1.5.  I have all of what I needed transferred over to the new site and cart.  With the exception, of the images.  Can someone tell me how I can export my images to a csv file which I can then import into WooCommerce?

I am on a Centos 6 server using php for the Prestashop installation.


Problems with the Etsy Platform, recently...

I have a friend who was doing well for years on Etsy, selling crafts and keeping busy, with a work backlog that was quite dependable. But then it shut off, like a light-switch.

And others I know who depend on Etsy also seem to have the volume of business shot off.

Is this a known problem?

Was there, perhaps, a software change that caused a problem that can be rectified?

Please give me as much information as you have to help me see if there is anything that can be done.

Looking for a Real Estate sales database

It would be pretty cool to find a database of property sales over the last 10 years (for example) in a certain city, and with the address listed.

Does such a DB exist?

I would need to get access to it so I can query it, not just do a single lookup on a website.

What is the best time length for an online seminar?

I plan to give a live seminar that I expect will take up the morning, perhaps from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

But I want to offer this via the web also. It will be live, but wonder if people have different expectations for webinars?

I have been told it should be no longer than 2 hours. But this would force me to make a shorter version of the seminar, and I wold need to take out important information.

What are your thoughts about the length and if I really should reduce the amount of content?

Or, if I take breaks and let people stretch, is three hours of sitting about the same, regardless of where it is?

I would like to create a simple on line shop.
Basically I can envisage the following.
User navigates to my shop site
Each product is on its own webpage with payment button options (eg. PayPal, Visa, Mastercard)
The payment button is clicked and then my page gets the confirmation payment is accepted.
Then I either navigate to another page for the download or send a link via email with download instructions.

OK. Hope it is clear so far.

Would Javascript be suitable with HTML for developing such a site?  A database (MySQL) would be available as part of the hosting - not certain if I need it though.

How can I hide the actual code from the person navigating to my site?  I would not want someone to be able to look at code like the following pseudocode:
If PaymentOK then goto www.MyDownloadIsHere.xyz
Because anyone could then copy the link and go directly to the download without paying.
I have my restaurant if I want to accept payment by bitcoin  How can i do it , Is it to slow to get payment , do it have anything that I should be concern
How to give web seminars securely?

When I give a web seminar, is it always possible for the viewer to record his desktop and snag a video of my desktop?

I assume it is.

I have no problem with that, unless it gets posted somewhere. Ouch!

But, what about the audio?

I suppose that would also "come along for the ride" if the person were using the web for audio. But wouldn't that be a bit tricky?

If the person was on a conference bridge using the normal telephone system, they'd need to match up the audio with the video. Also, a pretty simple things to do.

Am I worried for good reason? I hear of someone posts a video of my seminar, there is little I can do to stop it.


Getting started with EventBrite

I am new to the web seminar business and need to rely on proven platforms for max guidance, so I cam spend my time prepping my seminar.

Has anyone used EventBrite for ticket sales?


Organizing event schedules and attendee lists?

 would be happy to hear from you and perhaps with some guidance about the steps I need to take.

Quickly getting sales for my in-person tours of Boston

I have a tour planned to provide an in-person view of some shocking discoveries I have revealed in my book. And I need to find quick ways to sell tickets.

Topics are very juicy... 9/11 and Boston architecture which heralded in the attacks, BEFORE 2001.

I would consider old-fashioned methods, like having someone hand out brochures in busy places. Advertising in publications, but that takes time to get established.

But I suspect the high-tech options are more scalable and cheaper.

I MAY use EventBrite to sell tickets since I want people to be able to buy tickets on their mobile devices, and really do not want ti reprograms my WordPress site, just to have a sub-optimal solution.

I will eventually need a FaceBook page, to help spread referrals. But I would consider prioritizing that Facebook page if that were to be the prime way to promote the tours.

What kinds of things should I consider when making my decision about how to promote and manage my tours?

PayPal and/or Square?

I have a merchant PayPal account and a PayPal card swiper. And I am about to start offering in-person tours where I want to accept cash-less payments.

I need to accept as many payment methods as possible, and hopefully turn away no one.

Can I use PayPal to process credit cards without requiring someone to log onto their PayPal account?

Does PayPal accept AMEX and Discover?

If I purchased the EMV Chip Reader from PayPal, is there any reason to use SQUARE?

On a second note...

Does SQUARE offer a lower discount rate than PayPal?

I would consider using both PayPal and SQUARE if they have complementing services.

I want to create a website for my online retail store (medium to large inventory) and I am greatly considering Shopify. Can anyone here share their experience with Shopify? What are the pros and cons? I've spoken to a representative and found many pros. However, I would love to hear from people who have used it.

Additionally, how easy are their templates to modify? I have front-end experience but it's very basic and I also don't want to spend a lot of time coding. I'm looking to modify colors, fonts, buttons, pretty much everything on the front-end. Are there any templates you recommend?
Need to charge by the minute for online seminars

I have a subject which is super captivating...but so new, people may fear spending money up front for a ticket to my inline seminar.

I'd like to find a way to "charge by the minute".

When they cut out, their bill is calculated.

There could be the first five minutes free, for example.

Does this exist??

Need to launch a nationwide speaking tour but need a plan involving Social Media Marketing

I have a timely book whose message needs to be heard by the world, ASAP. And I hope to start a tour going from Boston to New York City, then on to Washington, the general routes of the carnage on 9/11/2001. I want book signings at various book sellers, some small free presentations at locations where I would get a warm audience and live presentations where I will sell tickets. It's the ticket sales which will be paying my travel costs, I think, rather than the books sales.

So, I look to my ability to schedule online presentations at no cost as the way to generate the traction I can use as I start to book physical speaking engagements.

For example, I am thinking about using online presentations like a Ted Talk, or even crowd funding to get it going.

You can see, my book topic is like none other, and has wide appeal, given it contains the secrets of secret societies, hidden in plain sight. And it proves there is much we do not know about America's history of massacres, on the occult date of 9/11 (September 11th in America and November 9th in Hitler's Germany)


What is involved with making a Ted Talk?
What can you tel me about Crowd Funding?

I WILL use someone like GoFundMe. The 5% is NOT AN ISSUE for me.

I want quick…
I sent an item to a buyer on ebay and it was not what they expected because my description was not accurate.  They are going to return the item but want me to send them a PRE PAID return shipping label.  How do I do this on ebay?
I am a college student. I have some money I inherited and I was thinking about starting an eCommerce site for vapes and juices.

I wanted some advice to see what platform I should use. To show you where my coding skills are at a project I am working on is available at wookify.com.

I've played around with Woocommerce. I'm intrigued by Magento.

I've also wondered about building an ecommerce site from scratch or with Laravel.

Thanks for your help, if I could make 1k a month I could pay expenses. What do I need to begin researching? Is this a foolish use of my money?

One of my developers has coded a call to the JSON API that Authnet provides.  We just display the return string they give back, but the client wants to know what the possible combinations are.  I've looked at Authnet's developer site and it..well, never mind.  I'm not impressed.

Does anyone know where I can find a list of the text returns strings from their version of JSON?  Or at least, what the return string they send back for a Denied claim is?

Thanks much!

Need to create a Nook version of my book

I have my soft-cover book selling at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and I also have a Kindle version.

I was shielded from the complexity of creating Kindle by Amazon's automation. So, how do I make a Nook version?

I use Word Mac 16.11.1 but can also upload a PDF.

I got only B&N via Ingram Spark. Do I use Ingram Spark to create a Nook version?

Also, I sell my Kindle version for $9.99 and was told I get about a 65% royalty, so long as I give an exclusive for 90 days on digital content. Will making a Nook version put me at risk with Amazon?

We are trying to enable SHA384 for TLS1.2 on our Windows Server 2008R2. Our credit card merchant account provider is forcing us to it.
Any detailed steps about enabling the higher version would be appreciated!
What do you think would be an extra elegant rounder font for a vaping Ecommerce store. Looking for elegance.



Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Use this topic to discuss online shopping carts, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.