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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Use this topic to discuss online shopping carts, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.

Where do I find a list of email addresses that are:

- current
- opt-in
- American citizens
- with a certain political orientation

Anyone aware of any connection or sync products that will connect to/communicate with Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics and eCommerice and shopping cart websites like woo-commerce, Abante cart, Presta Shop, open cart, magenta, etc. Is there some kind of standard protocol in place that I should be looking for in evaluating any potential solutions? The idea is to be able to either download any orders from a website to Great Plains or to have Great Plains via a connector/sync app to connect to the website and downlaod orders and requests for information.  Thank you.
A client of mine currently has her website hosted with Yahoo Merchant Solutions (now know as Aabaco Small Business or Luminate). They have been with them for about 20 years but we keep running into issues with the site and are now faced with upgrading to Store Editor 3.0 (a lot of customization will be lost) or starting a new site with them and have to redo the site completely. However both options still means we are tied to yahoo and their proprietary website that cannot be easily transferred so I want to ask which eCommerce or shopping cart solution you would recommend for a plant/flower business with about 75 products and each product sold in 3 to 5 quantities. I would prefer something simple so we can it ourselves but also one that is easy to maintain and keep the required security up to date. Thank you.

Need suggestions regarding building a new B2C e-commerce website. We are into to trading business and our main items of sale are books.

Currently our company's official website is hosted as per following specifications :

1) Developed using ASP.NET 2.0 with VB.NET as code behind.

2) Hosted using IIS 7.

3) Back-end : SQL Server 2008

4) OS: Windows Server Datacenter OS

We need to completely revamp our existing website. While we would like to incorporate completely new approach and features, we would also like to keep some of the old features as legacy functions.

Looking at the future perspective (10-15 Years), I need a suggestion as to what development technology platform (ASP.NET or otherwise) and the server side and client programming languages(PHP, C# etc.) should we adopt to develop this new website which should be able to adapt in following terms :

1) Scalability

2) Ease of inclusion or incorporation of new technical concepts and features.

3) Easy maintenance

4) Fast development

Though we would like to retain SQL Server (current or any upper version) as our backend, suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.
I have read on the http://ficoscore.com/education/ website that "Between all three bureaus, there are 19 FICO® Scores that are most commonly used by lenders. The score version that matters most to you depends on the type of loan you’re interested in and where your lender pulls your scores. You can use the chart below as a guideline."

Are there any websites I can visit that will provide me with all of my current 19 FICO® Scores?

The websites I currently visit like Bofa.com, discover.com, and the credit bureau websites provide only one version of the Fico credit scores and I'm interested in seeing what my current 19 FICO® credit scores are.

What websites or services will allow me to do this?

I am new to social media and was just invited onto a platform called "Alignable." I joined but need to fill out my profile.

Please explain what it is and how large they are?

I like that I am in touch with the organizer, which I think could be helpful as I work towards a press launch of my book.

Please help put it into perspective for me. Is it a good network? Who do they compete with?

I hear the term "Byzantium Fork" today in this article.


What's it mean?

Is that the source code "fork" which was made for Ethereum?

Why's it called that? Is Ethereum more able to fulfill the "Byzantine Fault Tolerance" methodology?

I see the site went up in 2015 and they claim to be very fast.


What do you know about them? It talks about the Proof of Stake algorithm and says it's fast.


this graph shows a reduction in the Ethereum Energy Consumption Index in the pst few days.


was this coupled with a drop in volume? Any idea why their numbers improved?

I like the functionality of Boomerang and would consider it on my next product launch. Does it require GMail?

Is Mail Gun an alternative? I used that once before and it did not require GMail.

On this chart:


today I see 6,368,899 bytes

in the Mempool Size

And I see an Avg Block Size

How many transactions per block? 1600?

How many transactions are waiting, based on the numbers in the attached image file?

Bitcoin Stats
Avg Block Size: 0.65
Transactions per Day: 187,031
Mempool Size: 5,960,099 Bytes

I see sub-domains available. What's it do?
According to d-glitch:
"So roughly updating the math:  3 billion GPU / 600 ==> 5 million of the current hot mining ASIC's."


I assume this is the estimated GPU's in the world divided by the fastest Mining machine. But what is the minimum number of GPU's still running where the electricity is cheap?

I am trying to find a rough dollar cost invested in the network today, of all machines mining Bitcoin, and some feeling for the scope of the hardware used by this massive network?

According to this great research...


"Number of U.S. households powered for 1 day by the electricity consumed for a single transaction"

6.56 homes

I am wondering what the $$ cash value this much electricity is?

Does anyone have a rough idea of how many PC's are in use mining Bitcoin throughout the world? And might you also know in what countries these machines are running?

If you have general data on Cryptocurrency miners, and not just Bitcoin, that is even better.

I am trying to understand from a high level, what Google Wallet and Apple Pay do and a high level view of how they do it.

I am not a security expert but eventually hope to understand the security each uses. But I am not ready for that kind of discussion.

Are there any site, like Ticket Management Software, which would provide a front end for the hiring of new Sales Agents?

This would be a site which provides an application section, some back-end processing options and an approval process that is managed through the site?

I really have no plans to build such for my own short terms use of it. I need to hire a few hundred agents for a short-term project.

So, hopefully such sites can be configured and put into use quickly.

I really am afraid of going the Salesforce route. I feel that alone could consume my entire budget.

I need a Salesforce Lite ;)

I have a big idea for a new digital product and am considering using Crowd Funding.

It's a new technology that will help humanity in the pocket-book and bring positive changes to the poorest places on earth, as well as improving things for the middle class, worldwide.

I intend to give the best prices to people who invest in me with Crowd Funding.

What kind of aspects of a plan do I need in order to crowd fund? At the moment, I am being secretive even about the technology, but wold clearly share much more if I decided to crown fund. But I just wonder what elements I need?

I saw a movie the other night that I really enjoyed, but which would have never gotten the funding through the normal movie funding methods. It was crowd funded with 38,523 donations.

What kinds of aspects to do need? I assume that a service like GoFundMe has easy ways to configure the front end and the entire offering.

Do I need web development, for example?
I lost a URL to a site where you could type the hashtag and find the number of followers.

This way I could see if #Harvey as bigger than #Harvey2017 or #HarveyHurricane.

Does anyone have that free service?


I'm confused with the above.  Is there just one type of Samsung Note 8 i.e. are they all dual sim compatible?  because the above web site does not explain the different between the two options and on Amazon people are selling the dual sim versions for over GBP 1000 where is the single sim is GBP 800.
I need a responsive theme for the now unsupported Magento Professional ver.

There are many themes out there but I can't find anything that says it supports Magento ver.  Ideally, I'd like something that is free.

If this does not exist, is there a reasonably easy way to adapt other designs to 1.10?
Is there any way to see what the roughy 10 million Bitcoin transactions per month are being used for? And how much of that is being used commercially in normal business transactions?

And what about micro-transactions?

I was told on EE that until the transaction has been finalized, there was some odd code returned. It contain "0/" if I recall and perhaps the word 'unfinalized" or something similar.

Please give me ALL the possible return codes that Bitcoin can send. And explain what you are supposed to do with that information, when you are in the middle of making a sale.

I still to not understand how people can be buying products and services with Bitcoin when I see the finalization time can be long, like over an hour.

Of the transactions people are making with Bitcoin, what kinds of products are they selling? And do you think the sellers might be accidentally giving the goods prematurely, but this goes un-noticed since the money's nearly always there?

It sounds like for a crook to fabricate a "double-spend theft," it would be rather tricky anyways. So, are sellers just grateful to get the sale and giving out the product pre-maturely? Or, in the case of in-line ordering, are they just waiting until the finalization comes through before sending our the product?

What underlying technology is this based upon?

I see self-amending blockchain.

How does that work?

Is there still mining required?
When China blocked new ICO's and the sale of Bitcoin, it hurt the price of Bitcoin. Have other prices also fallen?

Were there any which were not affected? Or that went up?



Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Use this topic to discuss online shopping carts, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.