Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Use this topic to discuss online shopping carts, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.

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I am building our website and uploading about 1,000,000 tech Items. then will be drop shipping these items when orders come in. This service is to be run in Africa. I will hire high school leavers, and copy contents from manufacturer's website and major retailers like amazon. What is the best marketing strategy to optimize of seo, for category and products pages content? so that when people search these products on google, we usually come out tops.
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I work for a 3PL (3rd Part Logistics company), warehousing and shipping goods for 100's of clients.
Most warehouse orders are received electronically via EDI, XML, Flatfile... and mapped into our WMS (Warehouse Management software) through a middware mapping platform.

I need to get current and offer an API solution. I need to be able to quickly and easily talk to shopping cart API's (Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce), as well as offer our own API that clients can interact with.

I don't have the tech skills in house to design or build this. Is anyone aware of of an existing software platform I could purchase that would support both types of API?
Woocommerce question: Pricing a product based on what is already in cart. As an example, the customer selected the Nikon D5 DSLR Camera with the Nikon AF-S 600mm lens and a certain tripod and battery. (we don’t sell cameras, it’s just an example).

That comes to $856. They pick the three year silver support plan, which is priced at 11.05% of the package. When they pick that support plan, we need to look at what’s in the cart, and add the support plan at $94.59.

Woocommerce dynamic pricing won't do it, but maybe I am searching for the wrong thing. Any ideas on how to make this work? Thanks.
I have successfully implemented PayPal payment gateway integration into my Laravel e-commerce web application.  However I am still trying to find out if suppose the following scenario happens then how does the recovery take place.

1) The E-commerce app sends details to PayPal
2) The E-Commerce app +/ hosting encounters a problem
3) PayPal send a response to the E-commerce app
     * next course of action is for the E-commerce app to process the response and update the order status. (i.e. Pending to Paid)

However since the app +/ hosting is down then how do we identify which order encountered a problem at that point of time and recover the order status. Is there a PayPal api that help to achieve this?

Your help is kindly appreciated.

Thank You.
I need some help. How could you show the ecotax in the shopping cart?

I use Prestashop 1.6

I'm editing the template << shopping-cart.tpl >> but I can not!

Having the ecotax active, show the prices without ecotax, and only in the cart apply that ecotax.

i am trying to load custom phtml file for magento2 product page by removing the default design,
can we add custom page for product detail page instead of using magento2 pages
I want to attract sales people to sell my affiliate product, but I don't want to go beyond the limit of a few hours a week of managing the website.

So, I posted my offer on Freelancer and one person applied to the position, and then suddenly the job offer was taken down from Freelancer. (I am not sure why).

The job offer was a good offer, it said that sales person would earn 80% of the commissions. That's a good offer for someone to earn from the website. But the statistics
reveal that only that one person applied for the position.

If I have to spend many hours soliciting the job offer in order to get a sales person, then instead, I should close the website(s) because there is no time to deal with that.

Can anyone tell me where I can find such a sales person who will work in that scenario so as to expedite the sales of the website? (but without exceeding three hours a week
of management).

I have a client who needs a ticket/voucher/coupon management system for handling  

Physiotherapy sessions

The client has around 2000 coupons yearly and around 100 partner clinics

I will be referring to the client as company B

This is the current method:

Company A has employees with 10 coupons each,

Employee 1 from Company A calls Clinic A and orders a massage, Clinic A then contacts Company B and informs that Employee 1 from Company A has used 1 coupon.

Company B then registers the remaining coupons in an excel document, and forwards a verification to Clinic A

Clinic A then sends a verification, to Employee 1 from Company A.


Requested method:

The client (Company B) needs a system where the clinics can register and remove coupons from the individual employee from the different companies through a website

Nice to have:

The ability to send remaining coupons out to companies

A function for The Companies to be able to buy new coupons and see current coupons
I am using Site24x7 APM to monitor Magento website. It detected some exceptions messages which are "Error during unserialization", below is the stack trace:

Exception.Exception (C:\Web\Store-Production\lib\Unserialize\Parser.php:60)
Unserialize_Parser.unserialize (C:\Web\Store-Production\app\code\core\Mage\Core\Helper\UnserializeArray.php:44)
Mage_Core_Helper_UnserializeArray.unserialize (C:\Web\Store-Production\app\code\core\Mage\Sales\Model\Quote\Address.php:1094)
Mage_Sales_Model_Quote_Address.getAppliedTaxes (C:\Web\Store-Production\app\code\core\Mage\Tax\Model\Sales\Total\Quote\Tax.php:1477)
Mage_Tax_Model_Sales_Total_Quote_Tax.fetch (C:\Web\Store-Production\app\code\core\Mage\Sales\Model\Quote\Address.php:1027) 

Open in new window

Can I check what is this exception about and how to solve?

1. What does it mean and what does it affect? How to solve this?
2. If there are "Error during unserialization"exception happened, is the cause always same? Or it is case by case basis depending on the stacktrace?

This is the system specification:
Magento CE
PHP 5.6.31
Windows Server 2012 R2
IIS 8.5
I have a WordPress store I need to change the url of the add to cart button how do I do this
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I installed open cart for ecommerce website and i want to have multi stores app with web landing page, do i need to install the marketplace module first then buy theme with installation or buy theme then install marketplace module?
VirtueMart vs WooCommerce what is your suggestion please?!
a large products quantity with same features as well.
I would love to get your opinion here, I understand my needs but not the system from inside. It would be very helpfull If you can shortly explain what is your considerations
Lovely day:)
I want to open online shop and need to use CRM platform.  Anyone can recommend good crm platforms for online bisiness?? Thanks
What is a var sheet?
Hi there,
I need a sample application to build off to accomplish the following:
Scan a ticket that has a QR code.
As the ticket gets scanned add it to a datagrid or listbox (doesn't matter)
Once all the codes are in this data repository and on button click stores it on a database.
I don't expect to someone in here write something from scratch this escenario. But if you have seen something that can get me ahead on things I will greatly appreciate it.
If you have an idea of an aspx app or windows
We need a solution to list 2000 products (books)  on both eBay and Amazon.  We take payment by Papyal and it needs to integrate with royal mail.
Can we use custom add to cart plugin in WordPress website?

I use
prestashop 1.6 or/and 1.7  classic default theme.

Is there a way allowing to have these functions :

- On the product page, the buyer can choose to add, or not, one or more paid options to his product, by checking boxes. These paid options are independents products or accessories existing or not already in the online shop. In any cases, the price of that option should be freely set by the shop owner.
Ex: for a product with 3 option boxes, the buyer could choose  => product (base price) + option 1 (x€) + option 3 (xx €).

Unfortunately, the attributions and combinations feature doesn't allow this for now. Maybe is there a way to adapt the attribute functions.This function is very suitable for gift wrapping and also for promotions, etc.
When paid options are selected by the customer, the price of the option is automatically added to the price of the product.

thanks for reading
I'm using the version v4.0.30319 of the .Net API and am running into an issue.  We are setting PrimaryCategory but this is being ignored/overwritten when calling AddItem.  

For example, we listed item 401500920741 (production) and set it to go to category 183721 "Vehicle Parts & Accessories>Car Manuals & Literature>Service & Repair Manuals"  but instead it went to "Computers/Tablets & Networking>Manuals & Resources".  

How can we force AddItem to use the category we set?
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Google & Amazon Pay integration in Asp.net Website
We are creating a product page and this product has 2 configurable types, I will call them LONG and SHORT. We have implemented a double swatch extension that does a very good job of allowing using to configure a product with various options.

We are trying to figure out if we can have the image swatch sizes for LONG set to 100 x 20 and the swatch image sizes for SHORT be set to 20 x 20.

Is this possible in Magento 2 to have 2 swatches, but different sizes. I only see a single place to change swatch image size in the file: vendor/magento/module-swatches/etc/view.xml
I have seen an answer similar to this and I have tried it. But didnt work for me. This is the code that I added to the funtion.php file and I had to delete it because it was wrong.

if ( ! function_exists( ‘etheme_single_quantity_text’ ) ) {
function etheme_single_quantity_text() {
global $product;
if ( !$product->is_type( ‘grouped’ ) ) printf( ‘<span class=”qty-span”>’ esc_html_( ‘people’, ”xtore’ ) );

Im sorry for not understanding your previous answer to this.
I hope you can give me some light in this.
Hello Experts!

I am trying to get a bundled product in the shopping cart to add the " Additional Accessories " to total what the additional shipping cost is.

For example - One Product: Light Booth: <-- shipping price: 250.00
Additional bundled item:
Accessory: Table Stand. <----shipping price: 100.00

The shopping cart only will show 250.00 with this product in the cart.

So the extension is called the Product Matrix from WebShopApps.com

Thank you all !
<?php include('db.php'); ?>
<?php session_start(); ?>
<?php //print_r($_SESSION['cart']); ?>
<?php date_default_timezone_set('Asia/Manila'); ?>
    $jim = new Data();
    $countproduct = $jim->countproduct();
    $cat = $jim->getcategory();
    class Data {
        function countproduct(){
            $count = 0;
            $cart = isset($_SESSION['cart']) ? $_SESSION['cart']:array();
            foreach($cart as $row):
                    $count = $count + 1;
            return $count;
        function getcategory(){
            $result = mysqli_query("SELECT * FROM category");
            return $result;

when i try to run that code am getting the following error

Warning: mysqli_query() expects at least 2 parameters, 1 given in C:\xampp\htdocs\epicsites\shop\include\home\header.php on line 23

am stuck here guys need hepl please and am an armature  to PHP if you are to provide help please do your best in getting it more detailed

I would like to ask your help, perhaps someone has seen this problem:

- Using web service I upload product groups, products and variations into Presta shop
-Everything  looks fine in the admin window. The groups, products and variations are created.
-But at the end user window the new products cannot be seen among the New products and neither under the manufacturer.
However on the page of the product the quantity and the manufacturer fields are filled
-If I refresh a product manually then the product will be seen under the New products and under the manufacturer.

The product upload code is this:

$xml = $webService->get(array('url' => $shopurl.'api/products?schema=blank')); $product = $xml->children()->children(); $product->price = 0; $product->wholesale_price = 0; $product->active = 1; $product->on_sale = 0; $product->show_price = 1; $product->available_for_order = 1; $product->id_tax_rules_group = 1; $product->unity = $data->Termek_Csomagolasi_egyseg; $product->minimal_quantity = $data->Termek_MinimumKeszlet; $product->pack_stock_type = 3; $product->state = 1; $product->reference = $data->Termek_SajatCikkSzam; $product->id_manufacturer = $gyarto['id_manufacturer']; $product->name->language[0][0] = $data->Termek_Megnevezes; $product->name->language[0][0]['id'] = 1; $product->description->language[0][0] = $data->Termek_Megjegyzes; $product->description->language[0][0]['id'] = 1; $product->description_short->language[0][0] = $data->Termek_Megjegyzes; …


Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer (EFT), supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Use this topic to discuss online shopping carts, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.