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Development in most programming languages is frequently done with an editor or integrated development environment (IDE). An IDE is a software appli...

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Universal MessageBox

I would like to build a "universal" messagebox that will accept any type (and number) of args. This …

Building Android app with NDK - integrated in Eclipse with CDT

Update (December 2011): Since this article was published, the things have changed for good …

Getting Started with Jaspersoft Studio: Creating a report from a template, and Creating a datasource

Jaspersoft Studio is a plugin for Eclipse that lets you create reports from a datasource.  In this article, we'll go over creating a report from a default template and setting up a datasource that connects to your database.
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How to recover a Project in PhpStorm?


I'm still a pig on rollerskates when it comes to PhpStorm, although I'm a huge fan of what it can do


Visual C++ Object Memory Layout

In our object-oriented world the class is a minimal unit, a brick for constructing our applications.…
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populate value from mongo db in java

hi i have gui which get value from mongo db how can i populate value this is my gui

something like …
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Which Java IDE is best???

Hi guys

4 Years Back I have used Visual Semantec Cafe, Because Of JBuilder features compared to …

Revitalise colours in the VB editor

The colour setting for coding in the VB editor (VBE) of Microsoft Office is a left-over from a past century. Here is how - with a few steps - to bring new life to the ancient editor.
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Can Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers used to write Java Programs?

Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers is installed in my Windows 10 64-bit computer.  I don't think this …
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[noob] learn C

I need to learn C

how do I do it?
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dynamic array

Hey all, does anyone know how I can make an array in C++ where I can add and remove elements …
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Does vscode has auto code generation

I am using vscode for coding C++. I noticed that if I write stack.push(). where stack is a class …
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which is a better IDE for Java

Need expert suggestions for IDE for Java. Especially how good is eclipse compared to Intellij.
Is …
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Using Visual Studio search on Team Explorer?

I have a folder in Team Explorer with 100+ folders, each contains a Visual Studio Solution, and a …
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eclipse apache tomcat admin console


I am running tomcat from eclipse.
I have sample aplication running fine as attached

when …
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is Delphi Dead?

Whats the best to use [programming language]? c#.net?  c++(ms/builder)?  vb.net? or Shall we stick …
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Passing result set from first fram to second frame

I have a query in my first frame. What  I am trying to achieve is display the list of values…
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Zipping only certain packages in Intellij

Consider a scenario where I have several packages in java project. I want to zip only certain …

How to install Selenium IDE and a basic loop for quick automated browser testing.

How to install Selenium IDE and loops for quick automated testing.

Get Selenium IDE from

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