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Development in most programming languages is frequently done with an editor or integrated development environment (IDE). An IDE is a software application that provide comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. An IDE normally consists of a source code editor, build automation tools and a debugger. XCode, Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver and Eclipse are some of the more popular development tools, but an editor or IDE can be anything from simple text editors to sophisticated programs. Related topics: All programming and development language, database and web based content management systems topics

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I am using Windows computer.  I use telnet utility to connect to remote Linux machine and work on that machine remotely.

My embedded 'C' language project is in Linux machine.  I am using vim editor.  

Is it possible to open file in vim editor that is not in the current directory?
For example, from home directory I want to open a 'C' language file that's in any directory in the Linux File System.
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In eclipse what are
differences between control alt h and control h short cuts??

where i can find all the short cuts and most used ones for effective debugging

Please advise
source folder vs folder

In eclipse i created java project call UserAdminProj

I right clicked on above project and selected new "Source Folder" option and gave name mentioned Test.

It created test source folder.

My question is when i right click on the UserAdminProj i see other option with "Folder"

How these two different
please advise

I'm attempting to install netbeans 8.2 on a standalone (No internet connect) PC running Fedora 12

I've downloaded and copied over  both the Java "jdk-8u161-nb-8_2-linux-x65.sh" and "netbeans-8.2-linux.sh"

I've Followed instructions here

Steps Taken
first opened su terminal and cd to Download folder
chmod +x jdk-8u161-nb-8_2-linux-x65.sh and netbeans-8.2-linux.sh

typed install jdk-8u161-nb-8_2-linux-x65.sh got error about missing destination file operand after

in a file browser double clicked  jdk-8u161-nb-8_2-linux-x65.sh   installation wizard appeared and I accepted the default location


after finished Netbeans open up with only default JAVA apps

attempted to repeat the process with  netbeans-8.2-linux.sh but nothing happens

in a file browser after double   clicking on the file a pop up appears saying this is an executable text file with options to Run, Cancel etc

I chose run but nothing  happens

Any idea how to install the other components?
I need to write html/PHP/ Javasript app and possibly perl but that's a pluggin
I have a live working Django web application on my desktop.
I created a project for it in Pycharm.
What kind of setup do I need to be able to debug  using the current production webserver, settings, etc.
what are steps for eclipse decompiler set up.
Any good link or resources appreciated.
I went to help install new softwares and searched on decompiler says no site listed

Please advise
String contactNumber = null;
 contactPhone = String.valueOf(PropertyHelp.getXYZProperties().getProperty("common_support_phone"));//XYZ.properties has common_support_phone=8001234567
            while getting contactNumber from a property file i am getting null.

How does eclipse resolve .property file entries. How it reads them?
how to debug to see correct value 8001234567 comes from it rather than wrong value?
any good end to end examples, resources on this?

please advise
any free tools like xpmspy which is free for generating sample xmls from XSDs and to work with XSLT etc.

I head XMLEdit but i did not see any direct link to download though?

Please advise
I'm using windows computer.  My source code is in Linux Server.  I telnet to Linux Server.
I invoke command vi filename.  File opens but it hard to see the text.  Please see attached.  Is there way to change color or background color of opened file?
eclipse network connection what is difference between native, direct, manual drop down options?

when to choose which one

please advise
Free Tool: Path Explorer
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Free Tool: Path Explorer

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How do you Switch Views within the same Child Frame?  C++ VS2018 15.5.6  I am using the MFC Doc/View Architecture.  I can create new 7 document, as programed.  I have seen several different code examples for do it within the Main Frame, however not within the Child Frame class.  I have created several different CView based classes.  I have added the #include(s) for them in the App.h file header, and this header is included in the ChildFm.cpp file.  It shows up OK as far as Intellisense is concerned.  
// ChildFrm.cpp : implementation of the CChildFrame class
#include "stdafx.h"
#include "TCPG.h"
#ifdef _DEBUG
#define new DEBUG_NEW

// CChildFrame
      ON_COMMAND(ID_VIEW_PLAYERVIEW, &CChildFrame::OnViewPlayerview)
      ON_COMMAND(ID_VIEW_QUESTIONVIEW, &CChildFrame::OnViewQuestionview)
      ON_COMMAND(ID_VIEW_LAYOUTVIEW, &CChildFrame::OnViewLayoutview)
      ON_COMMAND(ID_VIEW_YOURREADING, &CChildFrame::OnViewYourreading)
These are the function declarations for switching the views.  The empty bodies are in the .cpp file.
And all of it compiles OK at this point.  Each view class is filled with all of the necessaries for that class, and works with the CDocument class.
Yet ...  when I add
// ChildFrm.h : interface of the CChildFrame class
#pragma once

class CChildFrame : public CMDIChildWndEx
I want to find, extract, and replace string on a file.

procedure TForm5.Button4Click(Sender: TObject);
  Stream: TFileStream;
  MS: TMemoryStream;
  Buffer: array [0 .. 1023] of AnsiChar;
  i: Integer;
  myKeyword : string;
  Stream := TFileStream.Create(edtTarget.Text, fmOpenRead);
    while Stream.Position < Stream.Size do
      Stream.Read(Buffer, 1024);
      m1.Lines.Add(Buffer); // no need, just display to evaluate
      (* 1. Get address of given keyword *)
      // i := Stream.PositionOf(myKeyword);   < how to do this?
      (* 2. Stream Replace *)
      // I want to replace MyKeyword with other string

    MS := TMemoryStream.Create;
      MS.SaveToFile(edtTarget.Text + '.mod');
      // save the edited file, is there any other way than using MS?



Open in new window

  1. I want to have the position of  "mykeyword" on my loaded file.
  2. I want to replace / delete "mykeyword" on my loaded file.
  3. I want to extract "mykeyword" + 1000 or some length.

my loaded file is up to 500 MB.
hello Experts,

i have a DDDW...in which i can type any value.

now i want as soon as i start typing the value it will start showing all the values with those letters.

example: let say in country list i want to search for India and the list of countries are there with A to Z order.
 so what i want is As soon as i start typing I it will start displaying the country list with I alphabate and as soon as i will type IN it will apply filter for IN and same for all the next alphabates.

i hope my question is clear as everyone have experience of this type of searching example.

please help.
My large 'C' language code is in Linux Server.

Which Linux Editor should I use to edit and navigate my source code?

I need to use powerful editor that has powerful source code navigation.  For example, from function call, one keystroke will navigate to function definition.  From 'C' source file, one keystroke will open the include file.

There should be comprehensive information to  learn the editor from book or other sources.

From windows computer, I telnet to Linux Server.  

The folder structure that contains my source code is in my home directory.
I recently downloaded the new version of jaspersoft studio (6.5.0) for eclipse.  I used to be able to choose specific dates for a parameter when previewing a report, now if I pick a specific date it treats it as null.  The only values I can get to evaluate to non-null are the relative dates like "DAY" or "MONTH".

Switching to an older compatibility mode doesn't seem to work either.

DATERANGE("2017-12-22") evaluates to null when I preview.
DATERANGE("DAY") evaluates to the correct Date, 2017-12-22.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Edit: Here's the documentations on Jasper's Date Range object: http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/sample.reference/daterange/index.html

I am going through below link


what is importance of below entries and their sub entries

1. proxies
2. servers
3. mirrors
4. profiles has repositories and has internal and snapshot there

if i have say 4 projects in 4 workspaces with 4 settings.xmls how do i refer all of them in eclipse ?
workspace_1 should point to project_1 with settigs1.xml
workspace_2 should point to project_2 with settigs2.xml
workspace_3 should point to project_3 with settigs3.xml
workspace_4 should point to project_4 with settigs4.xml

please advise
how to cofigure eclipse to use by default chrome?
one of spring 4 rest json example url working fine in the chrom but not in eclipse default browser.
how to know which default browser eclipse using like IE or mozilla etc?
please advise
The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners
The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners

The results are in! Meet the top members of our 2017 Expert Awards. Congratulations to all who qualified!


Im trying to add persistent fields (FieldDefs) and then add those fields to Fields. From the start i have only 2 fields:

Id : ftInteger
Name : ftString

When i create a new field "Test":ftString and try to add the new persistent field to "Fields" i get error "Missing dataprovider or datapack". Its a standalone use of clientdataset, no provider. When i then go to the fields editor and try to "add fields", the field dissiperar from field-defs. If i the right click on the cds and select "clear data", and then "create dataset" i get error "invalide fieldtype". If i skip to add persistent fields and just add it as a field, i get error "Catastrophic failure"....

Only way i found seems to:

(1) Manually delete all not persistent fields.
(2) Clear dataset
(3) Add the new persistent field
(4) Add all fields.

Not so very brilliant if i have properties on my fields. Clientdataset looks like it been around forever so i'm surprised it bugs like this, or am i missing someting?

unit MissingField;


  Winapi.Windows, Winapi.Messages, System.SysUtils, System.Variants, System.Classes, Vcl.Graphics,
  Vcl.Controls, Vcl.Forms, Vcl.Dialogs, Data.DB, Vcl.ExtCtrls, Vcl.DBCtrls,
  Datasnap.DBClient, Vcl.Grids, Vcl.DBGrids;

  TForm6 = class(TForm)
    DBGrid1: TDBGrid;
    ClientDataSet1: TClientDataSet;
    DataSource1: TDataSource;
    DBNavigator1: TDBNavigator;
    ClientDataSet1Id: TIntegerField;
    ClientDataSet1Name: TStringField;

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I have searched online and have been unable to find a recent example as to how the eBay API can be called from a recent version of Delphi XE using Indy.

If anyone can post here such a piece of code, I am sure it would save many people a lot of time trying to figure it out.

Many thanks!
import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.Dimension;
import java.awt.Event;
import java.awt.Frame;
import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
import java.awt.event.ActionListener;

public class NextPage extends JFrame implements ActionListener{
        JTabbedPane tabbedPane1 = new JTabbedPane();
        JLabel label = new JLabel();

        JTextArea txt = new JTextArea(10,20);
        JPanel panel1 = new JPanel();
        JPanel panel2 = new JPanel();
        JPanel panel3 = new JPanel();

        tabbedPane1.add("Doctors Screen",panel2);
        JFrame frame = new JFrame();
        frame.setSize(600, 500);
        frame.setTitle("Welcome to DoctorsCare");


        JButton button = new JButton();
        button.setLabel("Take Appointment");
        button.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(160,40));

        JButton button2 = new JButton();
        button2.setLabel("Cancel Appointment");
        button2.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(160,40));

                 DoctorsScreen dscrn = new DoctorsScreen();

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae)

            BookingPage page = new BookingPage();

whats with gradle sync failed . unable to start the daemon. Can somebody help me on this .
i have downlaoded all of the sdk + gradle propertises size down to 512
since i have no disk space in c . i have moved it to another disk is that a problem  ?
I have a large Windows desktop project written in C# using Visual Studio 2013 Pro. There are 8 datasets that connect remotely to a MySQL database. This code has worked for years. The connection string in the project string settings will connect just fine. When I open a dataset in designer view and attempt to add a new table clicking the "Query builder..." button it produces the error "The query builder failed. Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts." (attached screen shot). If I attempt to enter a query manually at the end of the wizard there is an error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" for a simple select statement.  

The only changes are MySql.Data updated from  6.7.4 to 6.10.4 via NuGet and .NET Framework went from 4 to 4.5.2 (to match the dependency of the new MySQL upgrade). I have checked the Machine.config file and the proper versions updated properly.

Another issue is after the upgrade I lost the designer.cs files to the datasets. I attempted to run the Custom Tool on each of the .xsd files for the datasets and get "the custom tool 'MSDataSetGenerator' failed. Failed to generate code. Object reference not set to an instance of an object." I think the two issues are related. I am pressed to get this fixed for release.

Error when custom tool is run.Successful test in string area.Error when attempting to add a table adapter.Manual entry of query.
Hi Experts,

Can anyone tell me a good SCSS compiler for Windows 7?  I do use Netbeans, but not to its full capacity. For example, I cannot use XDebugger, and frankly, my computer is not in good shape, but I need to get this project done.

The structure of my project will have multiple of sub-folders, and CSS files in most folders. So I will need the compiler to work with multiple SCSS files and know which CSS file to update.


Editors IDEs





Development in most programming languages is frequently done with an editor or integrated development environment (IDE). An IDE is a software application that provide comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. An IDE normally consists of a source code editor, build automation tools and a debugger. XCode, Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver and Eclipse are some of the more popular development tools, but an editor or IDE can be anything from simple text editors to sophisticated programs. Related topics: All programming and development language, database and web based content management systems topics