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eFax® Corporate is the world's leading online fax provider and helps thousands of companies in highly-regulated industries, including healthcare, t...

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Troubleshooting Solution

How to add printer as fax in LAN?

My customer has two samsung printers: Samsung SCX-4833FR and Samsung SL-M3375FD.

The machines are…

Infographic:  Take Your Fax to the Future — with Cloud Faxing

If your business is like most, chances are you still need to maintain a fax infrastructure for your staff. It’s hard to believe that a communication technology that was thriving in the mid-80s could still be an essential part of your team’s modern IT environment.

Integrate Cloud Faxing With Your Multifunction Printers and Increase Efficiency From Both

Moving your enterprise fax infrastructure from in-house fax machines and servers to the cloud makes sense — from both an efficiency and productivity standpoint. But does migrating to a cloud fax solution mean you will no longer be able to send or receive a paper fax? Not at all.

HIPAA-compliant Cloud Faxing

Healthcare providers, insurance companies and other covered entities trust eFax Corporate to transmit their most sensitive documents. eFax Corporate can help your organization implement a HIPAA compliant cloud faxing solution.

Optimize Your Corporate Fax Process with a Robust Platform

The eFax Developer API gives businesses a secure, flexible cloud fax solution without the IT overhead or headaches of managing onsite fax hardware.

Infographic:  Survival Guide for the Fax Apocalypse

Don’t let your business fall victim to the coming apocalypse – use our Survival Guide for the Fax Apocalypse to identify the risks and signs of zombie fax activities at your business.

The IT Manager’s Survival Guide: Outsource Your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud (And come out a hero!)

Outsource Your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud (And come out looking like an IT Hero!) Relative to the many demands on today’s IT teams, spending capital, time and resources to maintain physical fax servers and infrastructure is not a high priority.

Why Voice-Over-IP is Unreliable for Faxing and how the Cloud can Help

As companies replace their old PBX phone systems with Unified IP Communications, many are finding out that legacy applications such as fax do not work well with VoIP. Fortunately, Cloud Faxing provides a cost-effective alternative that works over any type of network.

Cloud Faxing that Meets the Finance Industry’s Tough Regulations (Because the Price of Non-Compliance is Too High)

As a financial services provider, your business is impacted by two of the strictest federal regulations on record: the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Correctly implementing faxing into your organization to provide secure, real-time electronic delivery of financial data is crucial

A Highly Encrypted Online Faxing Option for Heavily Regulated Businesses

When the confidentiality and security of your data is a must, trust the highly encrypted cloud fax portfolio used by 12 million businesses worldwide, including nearly half of the Fortune 500.

Infographic:  10 Best Practices for protecting ePHI on BYOD

Even if you have implemented a Mobile Device Management solution company wide, it is a good idea to make sure you are taking into account all of the major risks to your electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Case Study: The Legal Aid Society of New York Overcomes Effects of Hurricane Sandy with Cloud Services Strategy

The Legal Aid Society of New York provides legal representation to the city’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens. Handling more than a quarter-million cases every year — most of which require regular faxing of court-related documents — the Society cannot afford to be without fax capability.
Troubleshooting Solution

need an incoming fax system that results in a pdf which can be copy / pasted from

We have an older XP box attached to a Brother fax machine over the network... the Brother machine …
Troubleshooting Solution

more modern solution for faxing?

We have an order management system that is based on VB6, runs in Access 2003. It currently has code …
Troubleshooting Solution

Brother printer model tt support digital line fax & use same cartridge as DCP-J315W

I shifted to a place where we don't use analog phone lines anymore & the Telco told me the fax …
Troubleshooting Solution

online faxing

what is difference between

which are owned by j2

is there a file size maximum…
Troubleshooting Solution

Questions about 3rd party Fax setup

Does anyone have a strong background on Zetafax?  

We took this client over a while ago and they …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need solution for thousands of fax recipients

We are seeking to fax a single flyer to thousands of fax recipients whose fax numbers we store in an…

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