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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program in the category of groupware environments used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions may internally act as an email client; as a whole, it is commonly referred to as webmail. Likewise, email client may be referred to a piece of computer hardware or software whose primary or most visible role is to work as an email client. Email clients can also have other systems, like calendars, notes and contact managers.

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I have a problem sending email attachments from my Outlook account to various Yahoo email accounts.  The email arrives fine, but the attachments are somehow corrupted into something that cannot be opened.  Below is a screen shot of the message I get when I attempt to download a PDF file, though the same happens with Word attachments.  And there is no "open" option available.  It seems as though all the attachments are renamed to some version of "":

Yahoo Attachment Problem
Please help.


Running domino 9.0.1, I've created ID vault, when i want to reset the vault user password but get the error pop-up, "Server error: missing or invalid password reset trust certificate. check the log files for details" What's wrong? How to fix it?
Hey guys,
I have a user who says that when he clicks on an unread email that is within a conversation at the bottom, it brings him all the way up to the top to the most recent email in the conversation and he does not want Outlook to behave like that. He says that it's intermittent and I myself was unable to recreate the issue after a created a chain of test emails.  Has anyone heard of this before?
Customer is sending and receiving messages with two different cities engineering departments. I believe its on outlook 2016 / office 365. In the emails, certain text or characters are turning into weird characters.
Currently my "new" version of outlook creates emails like this:
badI would like my emails to look like the old outlook:
goodIn other words, I don't want that DOT with my initials inside.
I want a horizontal line going across the top of the screen.
I want the "To", "From", etc to line up on the left.
Exchange Online with Outlook 2013 mode cache actived

Problem with tasks, when changing the color and format of the text of a task, the next day, the customization is lost.

I have 3 different business accounts, all running through Google Business Email, however my most recent email address is acting quite weird on my Mac Mail.

As you can see, everytime the 3rd email account gets a new email it does 3 things:

01 - it increments my unread counter by 1 (as per first red dot in screenshot, which is normal)
02 - it creates this new 'All Mail' folder for the account (2nd red dot in screenshot... why is this?)
03 - it creates a new 'Important folder' (3rd red dot, which again i don't want)

Why does 02 and 03 happen? It doesn't happen for my other 2 email accounts and they are setup the exact same way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email client = Thunderbird.

Email account which is connected to a website. Account cannot sent email.

Because ISP changed recently. This ISP not seem to have their own SMTP server. (don't ask...)

This leaves me with the option of only using the SMTP server recommended by the website hosting company. However, this not seem to work. Thunderbird does not seem to offer the option to put in one password for POP3 and a different one for SMTP.

Any suggestions would be great?
I had this question after viewing Mac Mail not syncing.

we have outlook for mac already and still have same issue. upon initial opening of outlook all mail syncs up but after that nothing. we are able to send out fine from outlook but nothing comes in unless i close and reopen program. Everything works fine from a windows outlook machine. The 6 imac users i have connect to exchange with their outlook program. Any ideas?
I need to find a way to export a random sampling of over 10k emails. 75 will need to be copied to a new PST. I'm not sure the best way to approach this. If there is a tool or addon that can assist I'd be open to using that. My thought is that this would be able to be scripted as a macro within Outlook but I'm not sure where to start. One potential issue that I have is that I have multiple inboxes attached to my Outlook so I'm not sure how to choose which one. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Here's the issue I'm having...  I'll reply to an email in outlook, type in a bunch of text.   If I spend a while on the email it typically autosvaes to drafts until it's sent, but recently it's started to flicker the preview pane once and when the preview returns, it's missing a bunch of text that i had typed.  I don't need to be currently typing in the email or switching between screens, it's happened as I'm proofreading, not touching the keyboard at all and the preview pane flickered and some of the text is gone after that.  Of course I've tried control-Z with no luck.  I can recreate the issue sometimes, but not all the time.

Outlook version 2013 standard 15.0.5172.1000
Exchange Server (on prem) 2016

Thanks for your time!

I am facing very strange issue.

I configure two email addresses in outlook. Both email addresses are different ( and
Both email addresses exist in same exchange server (Hosted Exchange).
Please review attach picture:
I send an email to both email addresses. receive emails with notification in inbox and popup receive emails but there is no notification in inbox and popup.

I tried to google and found few article which include group policy and local policy but its not helpful. Please let me know to identify and resolve the issue.
Please note: Server are not domain joined. Outlook configured as Cache mode. Already tried to recreate the profile but issue exist. Repair outlook also not resolve the issue.

- Exchange Server 2016
- Windows Server 2012R2-Terminal Server (RDP)
- Outlook 2013
Hi All,

I have a new signature for our company and we have added it to our Outlook clients. The issue is that when we send email to or from another recipient we can see our signature but it shows up very small in the screens. Please see screenshot attached.

Can you please advise?
New to Exchange, New to email.  Trying to set up procedures on what to do if your exchange server ends up on the blacklist.  Is there a step by step guide.
I have Outlook 2016 hooked up to my GMail account and I want to both save some space and grab the attachments from 15 years ago.

I've downloaded the Systools program which grabs them from PSTs but is very limited and I'd rather not pay for the full version. Also tried a VB Script.

Is there an easy way to do this or another program that may be recommended?

How does this service work exactly with gmail? I understand that there are similar email tracking services, how would I identify the fact that such emails are being tracked?

weird thing on my boss's iphone XS.
picture this; he walks to the underground station, he receives emails during the walk but he doesn't open them, he is now inside the station or tunnel where there is no signal, when he tries to open the newly received emails, it opens but the body has "This message has not been downloaded from the server".
i removed the Exchange account and put back, reset network settings. i looked for a setting that could be causing this. the setting is set to "push" emails and "keep emails to 1 month". shouldn't the emails be downloaded on the phone so that airplane mode or no signal doesn't effect it?
thanks of your help
Hi - Spammed user in our system is being trapped frequently. by external email systems flagged as junk
Here is the rub - The user has a display name with a special character umlaut double dot..

the display name has this character  in one letter. - Id like to understand where the display name is analyzed by an email system if at all. using what mechanism - her email address does not contain the special character. so her display name is different than her email address - hos does email system work to check this - Is the only option to remove it from her display name - its a o365 exchange online user.

How to determine if an email account is sending phishing emails internally?
Problem: Using Outlook to move an existing mail item from an Outlook PST or IMAP folder into a different Outlook IMAP folder causes the IOS native email client (INEC) to display the ‘wrong’ date/time – that of ‘now’, rather than the time when the item was received or sent.

Whether or not relevant, such a move also changes the item’s ‘modified date’ as displayed in Outlook as follows: a) A move whilst Outlook online changes that date b) A move whilst Outlook offline does NOT change that date upon the move, but does change it to the time at which you subsequently go back online. (and that time is also what is seen in IOS)

Possibly the iCloud server is imposing today’s date/time as described by Nicolson (Search Nicolson “RFC 3501 section 6.3.11” re: Gmail.)

However, some items in IOS display a different date from what Outlook shows as ‘Modified’, it seems likely that IOS is not using whatever variable Outlook uses for ‘Modified Date’.

Moving an item between folders in the same Outlook PST does NOT change the item’s ‘modified date’ as seen in Outlook.

Moving in INEC or iCloud Web: Moving a message between folders within Icloud Web or INEC does NOT 13change the modified date/time shown in Outlook IMAP folder, or the date/time shown in Icloud Web or INEC.

Gmail Behavior: By comparison, using Outlook to move mail items into Gmail IMAP folders also causes the Outlook ‘modified’ time to change. But the INEC client (and the Gmail app) show the ‘correct’ timestamp – …

I have a problem that...  My boss receives an email from his client saying his client's email account has been hacked and having a crime report. The email is verified is true by phone call.


1. the email cannot be forwarded or replied by any OUTLOOK. I have tried 2010 - 2019 version and 5 PC, but no luck.

2. However, the email can be forwarded by iPhone, and open / forward by gmail

3. The email cannot be opened by Outlook, but can open by Outlook safe mode

Since our boss is very nervous that this is a hacking email, so he would like know the root cause on it. As I know it seems a format issue, but honestly difficult to present at this moment. Anyone can help to make it to be able to forward? I also find that the email seems composed by Excel table format, so this may be the hint.

Appreciated for any help...
I have a client who receives reports from their insurance provider in pdf format.  The client uses Yahoo email.  When she clicks on the download icon the pdf file is downloaded without the pdf extension.  The file gets saved with a random number as the extension.  Example: Filename.618.  If we rename the file by removing the .number, changing it to .pdf we can open the file.  

Has anyone seen this before?
I have a problem with sending email to live, hotmail and outlook , really i don't know where is the problem.

i send an email to gmail account, icloud account  & outlook account.

1) gmail accept the mail and received on inbox
2) icloud  accept the mail and received on inbox
3) outlook received on spam

the following link is for my mail test  :

Received: by 2002:a17:90a:8805:0:0:0:0 with SMTP id s5csp1386721pjn;
        Thu, 19 Sep 2019 13:06:28 -0700 (PDT)
X-Google-Smtp-Source: APXvYqxVrVbbWbFogAm2aVdUExtQ6b0N55qSu7fXvBPqoaWxMj9NghrKlEHB2rYmNyeXadlr1u8a
X-Received: by 2002:a05:600c:22d9:: with SMTP id 25mr4001240wmg.133.1568923588209;
        Thu, 19 Sep 2019 13:06:28 -0700 (PDT)
ARC-Seal: i=1; a=rsa-sha256; t=1568923588; cv=none;; s=arc-20160816;
ARC-Message-Signature: i=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=arc-20160816;

Open in new window

I have Outlook 2019 or something like that on my mac.

1. Is there a way of downloading only the 600 specific emails from my gmail account which has some unique label or is or ?

2. Do I use IMAP or pop (I would not want the original emails on the server to be deleted or changed in anyway

3. How then to multiple select emails in outlook and export with headers to MS Word
Is there a way to backload all historical emails from outlooks etc or even another email provider, into an existing gmail account so that time and date stamps remain?

My gmail accounts starts from 1 January 2010.  I want to back load all my emails from 2000 into its so I can use my mail as an archive.

Email Clients





An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program in the category of groupware environments used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions may internally act as an email client; as a whole, it is commonly referred to as webmail. Likewise, email client may be referred to a piece of computer hardware or software whose primary or most visible role is to work as an email client. Email clients can also have other systems, like calendars, notes and contact managers.