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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program in the category of groupware environments used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions may internally act as an email client; as a whole, it is commonly referred to as webmail. Likewise, email client may be referred to a piece of computer hardware or software whose primary or most visible role is to work as an email client. Email clients can also have other systems, like calendars, notes and contact managers.

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Gmail won't sync sent items to outlook .

I've tried this!topic/gmail/f5tY5-MKvn0
Hello Experts

I am searching for emails in Outlook 2010 from Access 2010 VBA and want to use the AdvancedSearch method.
I know that the email I am searching for exists because I can see it in the Deleted Items folder. However, after at least 30 minutes of searching, AdvancedSearch hasn’t yet found it. The AdvancedSearchComplete event hasn’t yet fired (or if it has I haven’t detected it) and the search result set is empty. After this time, I find it hard to believe that sheer slowness is the problem.
Some more details:

1.      All the action is occurring in the Access class module for my email management form. In the form’s module header, I declare a WithEvents reference to my desktop Outlook instance, which I check is up and running, along with some related stuff:
Private WithEvents molApp As Outlook.Application      ‘ in class module header
Private mblnIsSearchComplete As Boolean   ' set True when email search completes

Private molNS As Outlook.NameSpace
Private molFldrBase As Outlook.Folder
Private WithEvents molFldrInbox As Outlook.Folder
Private WithEvents molFldrDeleted As Outlook.Folder
Private WithEvents molInboxItems As Outlook.Items

2.      In the Form_Open event handler, I set up the necessary references, first to Outlook, which I check is up and running, and then to key email folders:
  Set molApp = GetObject(, "Outlook.Application")  ' will raise error if not already running
   mblnIsSearchComplete = False

   Set molNS = …
I have a user that has complained she sometimes doesn't receive an email from a few people into her inbox.

Their office 365 is configured so that if an email is sent to them from an external domain, it is BCC'd into a specific mailbox as a 'catch all'. She can see the email in the BCC mailbox addressed to her but not in her own inbox. Other users that are addressed in the email are receiving a copy in their own inbox. This is intermittent as she can receive other emails send from these people so it should rule out blocked sender and spam filter.

I have completed a message trace on the O365 tenant and it says 'delivered'. I have searched her mailbox on OWA and the specific message is not there. I have checked blocked senders and the addresses are not listed (I've added them to safe senders as a precaution)

Any ideas?
I have aol - use chrome.  It was working just fine until AOL did an update and now is telling me I have to log in at  I did this and log in is fine, but when I try to open my e-mail it tells me to clear my cookies (which I did) because aol redirected me too many times? Then an error message comes up saying the header is too long.  I cannot get my email!!!!  help!  i AM NOT TECH SAVVY AT ALL!
I had this question after viewing Phone Can't Connect to Exchange Server.


I used to receive my office Microsoft exchange e-mails on my phone but since 1st of April E-mails stopped coming through.

This happens to every user on the server, so nobody is receiving the emails on their regardless of whether its IOS or Android.  

Not sure the cause of it, does anyone faces problems like this and how to resolve this?

Few more details below :-

It's SBS2011 and Microsfot Exchange 2010.
i cant send emails inbox to my mailist i use my own servers all IPs are spam

My query is about S/MIME certificates.

I am a bit confused of what hash algorithm will be used when sending encrypting mail having the below scenario.

End entity secure mail certificates issued from the CA have a signature hash algorithm of sha1.

From the Outlook E-mail security settings, the hash algorithm used is set to SHA-256.

Effectively, what will be used to encrypt e-mails between end users?

Thanks in advance.

I am concerned that my Hotmail account may have been hacked and a copy of my emails are being forwarded to someone else via vba or rules as soon as they arrive.

I'm not very tech savvy so not sure how to check for this. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how I can confirm either way?
email that I'm sending is now going to my customers spam boxes.  kinda happened out of the blue.  its not bulk emails.  its individual emails the i type with info for my clients.  i do copy/paste some info that goes into each email as well.

been working fine for years...its just all of the sudden everyone is saying that email is going to their junk boxes.  

its my own private domain email, i use gmail as the client for checking and sending it.

i havent changed anything on my end.  what do I need to look for to see what is going on?  TIA
IBM Notes/Lotus Notes. and automatic archiving. Whan automatic archiving is used, can you select to which archive it archives? Meaning my IBM notes archives now automatically to archive2017? I haven't even created that kind of archive myself and it is now year 2018.... So where this is defined?
My Hotmail account is not a domain account and is controlled by someone else. I have given Microsoft all the documentation to prove this is my account. They have not done anything, Now I do not even have administrative
authority. I think I need my registry rebuild either from Microsoft updates and corrupt files. I was in the insiders program for a while and lost my computer for 6 weeks to Microsoft controlling my Hotmail account.
Is your service the answer
Suddenly when i try to open a Outlook Group Folder in an email TO:  I am not able to.
i am using windows ten and i am using office 16
attached is the pop up i get.
When i try to open group folder in the BCC, To: or anywhere it says
"Cannot perform the requested operation.  The command selected is not valid for this recepient".
Yet every other group folder opens up like it supposed to when clicked on.
This tenant "" does not allow email verified users to be added due to an admin-defined policy. Contact tenant's admin to report the error.

Everything I have found on this error points to Azure or O365 but I am dealing with neither of those. What admin-defined policy do I need to change?

I have a strange Problem. I am not getting some emails from some recipient, the TXT emails are delivered without any problem but with PDF attached emails are not passing through.
Even Message tracking it not showing but in SMTP receive logs its showing delivered

8847,>,250 XProxyFrom accepted,
8847,<,MAIL FROM:<> SIZE=0 AUTH=<>,
8847,*,SMTPSubmit SMTPSubmitForMLS SMTPAcceptAnyRecipient SMTPAcceptAuthenticationFlag SMTPAcceptAnySender SMTPAcceptAuthoritativeDomainSender BypassMessageSizeLimit SMTPSendEXCH50 SMTPAcceptEXCH50 AcceptRoutingHeaders AcceptForestHeaders AcceptOrganizationHeaders SendRoutingHeaders SendForestHeaders SendOrganizationHeaders SendAs SMTPSendXShadow SMTPAcceptXShadow SMTPAcceptXProxyFrom SMTPAcceptXSessionParams SMTPAcceptXMessageContextADRecipientCache SMTPAcceptXMessageContextExtendedProperties SMTPAcceptXMessageContextFastIndex SMTPAcceptXAttr SMTPAcceptXSysProbe,Set Session Permissions
2018-03-04T13:01:48.037Z,GSEXCHMC1\Default GSEXCHMC1,08D57BA60716263A,263,[2002:c864:6406::c864:6406]:2525,[2002:c864:6406::c864:6406]:8847,*,08D57BA60716263A;2018-03-04T12:54:14.609Z;12,receiving message
<,RCPT …
I would like a todolist that integrates with email so that an email can become a todo.
Currently I am using gmail. Does it integrate with a good todolist ?
I have a few Outlook 2013 that can't see words or numbers that are part of the attachments. I'm not talking about text or number inside the attachments but part of the the attachement name. If an email has an attachment like 9728.pdf and I do a search for 9728 in all mailbox or sub-folder or current folder nothing will come up.
If the number 9728 is in the email body then it's OK but not on the attachment.
There is another Outlook same version with same email on and it work fine. Multiple computers share the same email and doing the same search on one will not show but it will show on another. All emails are IMAP
Outlook Signature changes the formatting when I copy and paste the HTML signature to outlook signature block. The text in HTML is in the right side of the logo and outlook brings it down under the image.
I am  writing send-mail program in android. it is working OK.
but in case, if we have problem in connecting smtp server or it might bounce back for some other reason..
(My question here  is )
if the sent mail is bounced back for some reason, how to judge inside the android code for the smtp errors and retry sending it later...
several times or for specified tries till it reaches the receiver..
Can any  one  share the code for  queuing emails.. and handling smttp errors. etc.
Thanks in advance
Hi, I have a client who has a heating system and needs to send out reporting emails from it. But it requires an smtp relay server. The biggest issue I have, is that it does not allow authentication or port number changes. It's very basic.
Does anyone know of an option the client can use.

This is a large house, it has no server or machine that is always on. The solution would need to be internet based.

I want to send email groupwise. For example, i want to send emails to department heads for the people working in their departments. I have 10 departments so need to send 10 emails to their heads regarding the attendance of their respective department staff.

Any solution, plz advice
We are working on mainframes and sending the left over jobs from Mainframes everyday, Can it be automated?

The mainframe is working under odate, like 2017288

For example, if today's ODATE is 2017289 need to send the 2017288 left over jobs list.

Please advise
I am using vb NET to send out a bunch of emails using the standard 'System.Net.Mail' SMTP object.  This is working fine and emails are reaching the intended recipient.  In these early stages, I also send a 'BCC' blind copy to the 'From' address so I can see the message that was sent.  I have one PC monitoring the sending address, and this receives the blind copies fine.

Where do 'bounce back' emails go? I have sent test messages out to intentionally mis-typed email addresses and I never receive any bounce back messages - 'unknown address' / 'not hosted here' etc messages.
Many thanks,
Hi, I have been ask by my CEO to provide end-user training for all my users about SPAM emails.
For example what to look out for etc..
Does anyone out there know if there is anything already done that can be used?
Hi.. i have gmail account and i forgot my password and in recovery email id has also been deleted. Can you please tell how do i change my password.  I am not able to login my account. I need to check my  mails.
It would be great If you help me.

Now there are many 'orphaned' client accounts under the old domain name.   The data should still be there.  In particular,  many users created folders under sent or inbox in outlook.    
HOW DO I RECOVER THESE CUSTOM OUTLOOK FOLDERS AND GET THEM INTO GMAL?  For outlook 2010 and 2016.   I've looked for PST files, but these seem to be often empty - 256k data.    Have you heard of this type of problem before?   that is the old domain accounts still exist on each PC.   Another problem, I need to get contact data out of the old outlook accounts.  This data is often NOT in the address book, but comes out of the "TO" button when you start to type the address,  it fills in the rest of the address.   Users love this feature,  BUT WHERE IS THE DATA KEPT??!   What is the default name and location for all the local outlook data?   and esp.  'To' button contact data?    Seen the Gremlins movie?  I feel I'm facing death via a thousand pin pricks.

Email Clients





An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program in the category of groupware environments used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions may internally act as an email client; as a whole, it is commonly referred to as webmail. Likewise, email client may be referred to a piece of computer hardware or software whose primary or most visible role is to work as an email client. Email clients can also have other systems, like calendars, notes and contact managers.