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Email Protocols

Interactions between email servers and clients are governed by email protocols. The three most common email protocols are POP, IMAP and MAPI. Most ...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Outlook using IMAP Problems

Since I switched to IMAP since August I been having issues with Outlook not receiving emails. let me …

A Crash Course in Email: SMTP

The most common mistakes I hear or read about email usually begin with people talking about POP3 and…
Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot delete IMAP messages in Outlook 2016 unless the email ALSO has been deleted from IMAP server


 I am setting up email in outlook 2016 using IMAP, and i found sth interesting, which is once the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Connect Exchange 2007 to send emails using fortigate 100e

hi, I have a exchange 2007 server that was connected to an ISA server 2006 and now the ISA died on …
Troubleshooting Solution

Email server issues -ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

We use MDaemon for email. Yesterday our email stopped. Our email server is a VM machine on a Hyper-v …
Troubleshooting Solution

Change Powershell script to also send an attachment

I would like to change this Powershell script to also include sending an attachment at
Troubleshooting Solution

Setup CDO for Office365.

Hi Experts,

This is in reference to the following.

Troubleshooting Solution

What is the difference between Trash and Delted folders in Outlook 365

I would like to know what is the difference between the Trash and the Deleted folders in Outlook …
Troubleshooting Solution

can’t get imap email account to work on iPhone

is there any reason I can’t get email to work on iPad or iPhone using an IMAP account?
when setting …
Troubleshooting Solution

Outlook Send/Receive Hangs Frequently

Hi Experts,

My client has 2 accounts in Outlook, IMAP & Exchange, and a lot of times when she does …
Troubleshooting Solution

getting Error attempting to email results of a log query using Send-MailMessage

I have written a PS script to query a log for user logins. the script works but I need to run in on …
Troubleshooting Solution

Bulk or Junk emails

I recently had my Outlook 365 configured to use IMAP. Since then my life became a night mare with …
Troubleshooting Solution

I do not see categories in the tag tab. I only see Follow up Flag.

How do I go about enabling Categories in my inbox in the ribbon on the top. I used to be able to do …
Troubleshooting Solution

Outlook IMAP account not receiving emails like it should

I have a client using IMAP in Outlook. Yesterday she wasn't receiving any emails. I looked at the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Force email encryption both ways on Office 365

Is it possible to force Office 365 to encrypt a message received from outside my environment before …
Troubleshooting Solution

Change this Powershell script to look at specific path for the distribution list.

byE Man
I would like to change this script so that it look at C:\DistList\ to look up the email distribution …
Troubleshooting Solution

exchange 2016 DAG, datacenter failover

I see  on my receive connectors IP configured as -

So basically it can accept …
Troubleshooting Solution

Why are the notification emails failing, 550 5.7.1?

We use MDaemon for email. We created a new form on our webpage and it is set up to send a …
Troubleshooting Solution

Status Bar in Outlook 365 mail Count Missing

I would like to know how to have the number of emails in my inbox show  "Items/emails in View Count"

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