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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.

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We are using smarter mail to host for our clients. Due to the client requirement need to be using the same mailbox for daily operation.
We are configured POP3 email messages on multiple computers for them and leave the message on server about 90 days.
Recently reported from our client same of the PC can not receive email and I went the Webmail and check all the email has gone.
After trouble shooting, we found that one of the PC has uncheck leave the message from server. We can restore this message on the problem maker PC, but our management is question is that possible to restrict user to do the configuration in their own device
I believe that is not the new issue in this world ,so I would like to seek for expert advice how to overcome this human error issue.
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in I Domino directory, I am able to add columns like internet address, mail filename, forwarding addresse etc..

now, I would like to add other 2 columns like mail file size and member of(that displays what are the groups a user is member of)

can some one suggestion on this PL..
I have 2 Exchange 2016 CU4 and I have updated to CU11. During to update, at the Mailbox role: Client access front end service I received an error:

[12/22/2018 12:28:23.0810] [2] User specified parameters:  -ConfigFileRelativePath:'FrontEnd\HttpProxy\ReportingWebService' -ConfigFileName:'web.config'
[12/22/2018 12:28:23.0810] [2] Beginning processing set-InstallPathInAppConfig
[12/22/2018 12:28:23.0829] [2] Ending processing set-InstallPathInAppConfig
[12/22/2018 12:28:23.0832] [1] Executing:
          $fe = get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -server $RoleFqdnOrName -DomainController $RoleDomainController -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue;

          if ($fe -eq $null)
            new-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -DomainController $RoleDomainController -Role ClientAccess;
            update-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory $fe -DomainController $RoleDomainController -InstallIsapiFilter $true
[12/22/2018 12:28:23.0852] [2] Active Directory session settings for 'Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory' are: View Entire Forest: 'True', Configuration Domain Controller: 'SF******.local', Preferred Global Catalog: 'SF******.local', Preferred Domain Controllers: '{ SF******.local }'
[12/22/2018 12:28:23.0852] [2] User specified parameters:  -Server:'SV******.local' -DomainController:'SF-******.local' -ErrorAction:'SilentlyContinue'
[12/22/2018 12:28:23.0852] [2] Beginning processing …
In Outlook, there is this tracking options to send a read receipt. When this read receipt is being sent out.. will it be shown shown as sent item in Outlook? We can't seem to find this sent  read receipt captured anywhere in Outlook or webmail. Will the email service provider have a log of this and how is this read receipt being sent out to the recipient?

We would like to know how to check our SPF and DKIM records for our domain.

What is the best way in doing so?

Emails are not coming in to a specific mailbox.
I have a generic user called accounting and I see no new email in it after november 16th.
I have Exchange 2016 and not used to it. also all my email are first sent to ProofPoint then to my Exchange.
The logs on proofpoint tells me that they were delivered.
I don't know where to lock for them in Exchange 2016.
I tried going in MAIL FLOW - MESSAGE TRACE and then In the box " mailbox to search " entered  "accounting" and in the 2nd box "seach message send to " I reentered "accounting"... no result
MS Outlook 2007 SP3 having intermittent problem sending e-mail.  1&1 is the host, and the e-mail is the generic info@ catchall for the business.  3 computers are configured for that e-mail (2 Windows 7, 1 Windows 10).  The Windows 10 replaced an a third Windows 7 which had the exact same problem for the last several months.  The Windows 10 is new and has the same problem.  The other old Windows 7 computers have never had the problem.  All computers are running Outlook 2007 SP3.  Currently they all have the same settings for SMTP.  1&1 gave me a different SMTP server to try, but no difference.  Outlook is using a PST file, which I imported calendar and contacts from the computer that had the problem (W7).  The fix is to close Outlook, and run CCleaner, and then reopen Outlook and it works every time.  This was the same on the W7 problem PC.
Deploying a macro in Outlook using Group Policy

have 300 users requesting a quick step send secure in Outlook created.  
This link is exactly what they want 

how can we write this to deploy via a GPO?.
Email Disclaimer for all staff`s email sent for our organization. I have worked on  the  Mdaemon  mail servers but I never had to do this on a Exchange mail server-We our running Exchange 2010.
Our IT Dept.Needs to put a disclaimer at the bottom of all emails sent out. As I look on line and do research,I see there is  a way  by using a transport rule.
Just want to check and see whats the best ans safest way. Also, we would like to do a test before sending them out to all users. Could you give me a step by step guide of creating and plus a way to just send it to certain users.?
A client of mine is using Thunderbird email program with an AOL email address using IMap, not POP. He wants to rearrange his folders, putting some as subfolders of others.  Should he do this on Thunderbird, and then will AOL rearrange their folders to match, or should he do this on AOL, or both, or shouldn't it matter?  Because it's IMAP I'm afraid that messing with the folders will screw up the folders either online or in Thunderbird.
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On hMailserver, I have
but  now it is leading to problem below
when sending out mail (within server). Before this, it was fine to send out mail on server
when sending email from inote (lotus webmail),
error: could not open id file
able to read emails
notes client do not have any issue.
Domino version: 9.0.1
browser: ie or edge
not a new user.
We have recently changed our email signatures.  When the message is very short, text from the signature shows up under the subject, but it is formatted incorrectly.
It is doing this for everyone, but not always the same way.  For example, my signature, the first name is correct, but the first letter of my last name is not capital.  Here is what the actual signature looks like for the above person
Good Day

I'm currently busy doing servers upgrade for one of my customers; a 5 site / campus college.  Exchange site is connected to each other VIA VPN.
I unfortunately cannot do server upgrade all at once, and tackling this project in 2 phases (3 sites per phase)

Phase 1 is complete this it the current setup with regards to Exchange and AD.
SITE 1: (Bridgehead Site) 2 x Server 2012 R2 AD servers, 1 Server 2003 AD Server, 1 Exchange Server 2003 and 1 Exchange Server 2007
SITE 2: 2 x Server 2012 R2 AD servers, 1 x Exchange Server 2007.
SITE 3: 2 x Server 2012 R2 AD servers, 1 x Exchange Server 2007.  
SITE 4: (1st Exchange 2007 server Deployed) 2 x Server 2012 R2 AD servers, 1 x Exchange Server 2007.
SITE 5: 1 x Server 2003 AD server and 1 Exchange Server 2003

Site 1 is HQ and also site where external inbound and out email transport occurs to and from the Exchange 2003 server.

When there is any issues at SITE 4, mail transport for the entire college stops and queues, both internal inter exchange and external stops flowing till issues are resolved at site 4.
To me its seems as if the entire college email system is solely reliant on SITE 4 for Inter-site and external mail transport.  Main site should not be site 4, it must be SITE 1, but seems like all email seems to be relaying to this site and from this site to Site 1  and out.

I've read that this SITE 4 dependency issue might have something to do about it being the first Exchange 2007 Org site.…
we just moved to Cisco AMP for email. It has been a nightmare of epic proportions. I would like to get some feedback as to others experience. We had reseller do install. We have had email being blocked due to new IP address of the Cisco appliance. We have had email disappearing into the either without a trace.  Some times it shows hitting the Cisco appliance but not Office 365 and the other way around. But the hardest part is the email that disappears without a trace. Or email that is kicked back to the sender but no notice on our end. Had reseller do the install.

Looking for feedback- we were almost going with VIPRES email filtering solution as it did the same thing with attachments and links but had some great features like stripping and email with too large of an attachment and sending the email on with a ling for you do download the attachment from VIPRE.  The GUI for Cisco is cumbersome and not very intuitive. VIPRE's was very intuitive.

Out intent was to get the Firepower/AMP for Email and AMP for Endpoint all installed- Firepower went without a problem but the email piece has not gone well so we are definitely not moving forward with Endpoint at this juncture.

This has been going on now for over a month- Cisco and Microsoft saying its the others fault etc.
Hello. I am posting responses to everyone in a specific meeting within an appointment in Outlook.  I open the meeting. I click on respond and select reply all.

When I do this the text looks normal but when I send it out it is the wrong font.  While in my messages I have to click on the format tab and select Aa HTML in order for my message to look correct.

Where can I set the defaults for this?
What's the best anti-spam-virus cloud filtering service that one can use before email arrive to my internal Exchange Service?
I use to use MXLogic which was bought by McAfee which discontinued the service and I moved to ZeroSpam which is not that good.
I have been told ProofPoint is really good but couldn't find any reviews or gatner,
Email sent to a Yahoo user are received showing HTML formatting.
Is there a way to determine the cause?

Possible clues:
a CC: to an AOL user
An attachment

Here is a sample of what the message looks like, followed by the raw message:  

<blockquote type="cite">
On October 19, 2018 at 12:13 PM Office Person < > wrote:
<div class="">
Dear Debbie,
<div class="">
<br class="">
<div class="">
Please find attached the initial Listing of Subject Matters, signed by Mxxxxx.

Raw Message below:

X-Apparently-To:; Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:17:12 +0000
Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)
Please help me.
I have my company's email. They are using Outlook in their domain.
how to move all my emails to Gmail? or to another outlook? I don't want to use their email anymore. but I want my archive emails.
I know that I can download them to my computer Outlook app. but they will take huge space in my pc. so I want something web.
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Hi - I have an IMAP email account that was setup correctly, and all email was downloaded into Outlook as it normally does. I'm having a strange issue where I don't see any email from today or yesterday, the latest date that shows on top (sorted by newest) is Monday. The strange part about it is, that if I do a search in Outlook for something, it does show email from yesterday, but only when I search. I've checked the IMAP folder settings to make sure that "hide messages" is not set, and it isnt. I've also checked to make sure that the "TODAY" email group is not collapsed and out of view. I'm not sure where to go with this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Thunderbird is working fine on server, while now I got the issue below to connect to it by one other Email account. What to adjust below?


starter unlimited plan

Is the email safe?

If I upgrade to
Business unlimited
Premium unlimited
is email more secure

can someone visit a webpage and see my email
using a browser or telnet or command prompt window
I need to connect a just installed Outlook 2007 to existing Outlook.pst/log and Archive.pst/log files as well as to my Hotmail account. (The Outlook files might have been created with a later version of Outlook.) How can I do that? When I start the wizard, I get the dialog window shown in the attached file. I tried to put both my Hotmail credentials and my local computer account credentials, but neither seems to be working. What should I do? Thank you.
I woud like to modify this email VBS script as follows.

1. Add BCC emails (perhaps from a ,txt file which is best)
2. Add a Reply to email as well

SubjectDate = InputBox("Date to be added to the subject:", "Enter date")
MailTo = ""
From = ""
Subject = "This is a test " & SubjectDate
Body = "Hi, This is an VBScript to send email, Regards, User."
Username = ""
Password = "passwordhere"
Email MailTo, From, Subject, Body, Username, Password

Sub Email (MailTo, From, Subject, Body, Username, Password)
 Set objMessage = CreateObject("CDO.Message")
 With objMessage
  .Subject = Subject
  .From = From
  .To = MailTo
  .TextBody = Body
 End With
 With objMessage.Configuration.Fields
      .Item("") = 2
      .Item("") = ""
      .Item("") = 1
      .Item("") = ""
      .Item("") = "passwordhere"
      .Item("") = 25
      .Item("") = False
      .Item("") = 60
	End With
	Set objFSO 

Open in new window

I am looking for a program that will trigger an email to be sent with attachments, subject and body editable and the name of the attachment as well.
With one double click it will then send the email... perhaps from a shortcut on a desktop.
Without using huge programs similar to Outlook etc..

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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.