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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.

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I send a lot of email everyday. Many have pdf attachments. Lately I may get replies back from say 5 different recipients a day saying they received my email but 1) there was no attachment, or 2) the attachment will not open. I look in my sent folder and the attachment is there. I forward that same email to the said recipients and then they report it opens fine.

I have a Windows 7 Pro PC (recently wiped and reloaded). Using Office (and Outlook) 2010 Small Business. I have no malware, no disk or file system errors, all Windows and Office updates are installed. Our email is imap and handled thru Godaddy. We have many employees who all use their Godaddy emails who also send pdf attachments but none have this same issue. I've configured Outlook encryption for extended testing times using SSL, TLS and no encryption but the issue persists under each configuration.

Any ideas?

I also have one recipient that can never open my attachment. However I forward it to my coworker across the hall to send it to them and they open it just fine!
What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

I am banging my head against the wall on this one. I know I am missing something. I can search an email in the inbox, BUT I cannot scroll to that date and time and find it. Any ideas?
Looking for a simple way to setup a resource calendar where only a certain group of users require approval, but the rest do not. I  don't want to split the company into 2 seperate groups, I know that would solve it, but then I would have to continuously update  the group that represents 'everyone else'
Please provide me with instructions on how to use  Cirrus Insight to record Gmail email contact info.

I'm most interested in recording people's information that is found within their email signatures such as name, job title, company name, address, phone numbers, etc.

How can Cirrus Insight be used within Google G Suite to do this?
Using Outlook 2013 with Office365. Large groups of email are missing. In the inbox sorted by date descending there a re big gaps of mail missing. Last month had quite a bit missing, more missing from the month before, then large gaps of many months with no email at all, then some from a year ago, then some from a couple years ago. Did the restore deleted items from the inbox and that restored a lot (mostly recent from the last couple of months)

Also receive this same O365 account to an Iphone and an Ipad.

I suspect it might be IOS device since I had a similar problem a while ago but in that case you could watch the email go away.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Is there a way to create a list in MailChimp and have subscribers subscribe to it by sending an email to a particular address? Similar to an old "listserve" list in which a person could subscribe by sending an email to listname-subscribe@domain.com.

Thank you.

I have a problem on my mDaemon mail server
I have 1 user that is receiving hundreds of mail delivery error as if he is trying to send emails to someone but failed...
The emails are to a weird email 24484763@att.txt

Looking at mDaemon logs I see that it is as if the user is really sending those emails while he is not.

Those ar the actions I took
I formatted his pc and reinstalled outlook
On mDaemon I changed the password of that user and created a complex password (10 char complex).
It worked for few hours then it is coming again...!!

My ISP is threatening to block me as he is saying thousands of emails are being sent as spams...

How to resolve this issue? What shall I do ?
BTW relay is not activated on my mDaemon server.
I have been asked to forward mail from a user who has left the company, this is currently working. But I have also been asked to send an auto response from the account being redirected.

is this possible?

hope this all makes sense?
Hi Guys.

I am informed by Mimecast that there are 3rd party tools and providers on the web that allow Admins to migrate their Archive and Journal data from Veritas Enterprise Vault to Mimecast. I was wondering if anyone has any experience using such tools and where I would be able to obtain them from? We are not in a position to pay a provider to do this and would need to get this done ourselves. (A learning curve for future reference so 3rd party applications would be required).

In future we will be paying Mimecast to do all this for us unless there is a good solution out there?

Many thanks,
I send out several hundred monthly emails and want to make a record for each contact using Access. I am medium VBA knowledgeable.

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I have a  MacBook Pro Running Serra 10.12.6.  My Email message panel will not open.
I am using lotus notes 8.5, how can I either get my email folders to sort alphabetically and numerically?,
Or if it wont do that,  how can  I manually sort to stay where I place it after dragging it to my desired place,
Hello fellow Experts Exchange members:

I have a user using Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2016 (the Office 365 version).  The user sends-and-receives a considerable amount of e-mail, and as a result we have been separating the archived mail into separate PST files for each year.

Thus, for example, the user has the following folders in Outlook:
    (the Exchange mailbox)
*Current archive (PST file)
*Archive 2016 (PST file)
*Archive 2015 (PST file)
*Archive 2008 (PST file)

(Each of these PST files is upwards of 10 GB in size.)

Recently, when applying the AutoArchive settings through Options - Advanced - AutoArchive window, Outlook has sometimes applied the AutoArchive settings to *ALL OF THE PST FILES* (except the Current Archives PST file).

Each of the PST files has at least a HUNDRED subfolders under the Inbox.  

The problem is that there appears to be no way to bulk-modify the PST file settings to stop Outlook from attempting to archive the contents in old PST files (e.g. Archive 2008) to the Current Archives PST file.

E.g. Outlook will archive not only the contents of the Exchange mailbox but also the old content in the Archive 2008 PST file, Archive 2009 PST file, etc. up to the Archive 2016 PST file and move it to the corresponding folder in the Current Archive PST file.

Have any other Experts Exchange members encountered a situation similar to this?

I would appreciate any advice on how to both bulk-modify Outlook PST…

Microsoft just discontinued the clutter feature.

The focused inbox feature is not working on the desktop client.  We are using Office365.  

I read one article that said to enable multi factor authentication on the users that want this feature, and to then uninstall and reinstall  office on the client.   Finally wait a week or two for the next office patch to be included in the weekly Windows updates.

Are there any other known solutions to this issue?
Good morning all.

I have a client that has an onsite Exchange 2013 Server running CU18 on a Server 2012 R2 fully parched server.

The server has been in production for over two years and has been very stable. The environment is a mix of Windows and Mac, but mostly mac users.

Email Clients used:
Windows: Outlook
MAC: Mac Mail and Calendar.app

This has been working fine for the past couple of years until recently.

Some users are reporting that they are unable to add calendars to which they have access to.

Issue 1: When adding a delegate, the Directory Search doesn't work and the users cant be found

Issue 2: If the user is found, the user is added but is greyed out and cant be enabled
Even previously added and working users are now greyed out.

The above issue will happen with users calendars with all different permissions. So a calendar that only has Read access will be greyed out, as well as a calendar where the user has full permissions.

Strange FYI:
If I add the user account to a Mac connected to the internet network, the issues above are persistent.
If I add the same account to my MAC in a remote office, then I can add any calendar and they all show up correctly  and function as they should.

Things I have checked:

Internal network works perfectly fine and no recent changes have been made.
Autdiscover resolves internally and points to the internal exchange server's IP

External access and Autodiscover can be resolved. MS …
I have 77 printers on different sites I would like to have a report on whats going on with them from week to week. For example, if the ADF scanner is jamming often it reported so I can order a part.

I'm working with Lexmark Printers, I  currently have it set to email me when something happens. I need a way to create a report via graph or visually.  Three key pieces I really care about is the site  location, Asset, and the alert type

If I can have the emails to another address and create reports on the fly that's ideal I'm working with a company laptop that might restrict installed programs I prefer web-based application if possible.

Heres the subject title example Paper Handling Alert from Lexmark MX611de at (IP is same for each site)

The Body of email
Your Lexmark printer has sent you an automated status alert. Please review the following information:
Printer Location: City Site here, MI | ET
Serial Number: 701632HH01WT9
Asset Tag Number: Printer name here

Paper Handling Alert:
  Paper jam, open rear door. [230.03]
So im trying to print a jpeg image that i got from a email.  before letting me print I get the following error..

COM Surrogate has stopped responding    please see screen shoot
Is there an easy was to set up email (other than standard received notice) to determine if an email sent has been received. We keep having issues with our emails not received.
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to see if anyone could give me a hand with setting up a free/busy calendar for a company we have just bought.  We aren't moving them to our forest as yet so they are a separate forest - how can I go abou this?  Oh and we are Exchange 2013 and they are Exchange 2010.

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I've read a few tutorials online for sending a blank image in an html email in order to log when the email is opened, but none of them seem to work in my system.  I don't need anymore information than the date/time an email was opened to log in my MySQL database.  Any help would be appreciated!
How to transfer aol favorites to gmail
I am configuring -Airwatch & Touch Down application for mobile, at that time error log:-
your account may not have permission to synchronize with the provided settings. Please contact your administrator.
Bought a new HP desktop and it wont let me use my cogeco webmail. I tells me wrong password.
Tried the WiFi password but that wont work either.
Fortunately I still have my old laptop so I can access the webmail via that route.
Thank you for your help............if you know the answer of course.
I Want to create mail shooter but in this, all concept is like Gmail compose mail type. I want to mail recipient in multiple types but I  am a little bit confused in how to set multiple recipients in my mail shooter.can you tell me how fixed my problem
I need to route an HTML-formatted e-mail from a Red-Hat server through a client's Office 365 instance.  At the bottom of this post is a command that I can use to reliably route e-mail through their server, it also works with 'mail'.  However, when I attempt to run an HTML file through, the e-mail displays the HTML code, not the rendered page.

I've tried adding MIME and Content-Type into the HTML file (putting the MIME and other header stuff before the <html> tag, and attempted different command line parameters to try to force the output as HTML.  The -a option in this flavor of Linux is to attach a file, so I can't use that to specify the content-type.

Thanks for any help or advice!


echo "Test Message 2" | mailx -v -s "Subject" -S smtp-use-starttls -S ssl-verify=ignore -S smtp-auth-login -S smtp=smtp://smtp.office365.com:587 -S from=sales@clientcompany.com -S smtp-auth-user=sales-test@clientcompany.com -S smtp-auth-password=MyPasswordIsHere -S nss-config-dir="/etc/pki/nssdb" danp@destinationemail.com

Thanks for any help or advice!

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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.

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