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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.

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I have a bunch of emails now in Thunderbird, and would like to group them.

Can I do that?

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I have tried a couple of tutorials following step by step.  It seems to create the outlook account but when I Test Accounts in the setup of outlook it just keeps asking for the password.  I know the pw is correct but tested it anyhow.  What am I missing???
Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server

Requires SSL: Yes
Port: 993
 Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
Requires SSL: Yes
Requires TLS: Yes (if available)

Requires Authentication: Yes
Port for SSL: 465
Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587
 Full Name or Display Name Your name
Account Name, User name, or Email address Your full email address
Password Your Gmail password
See attached.

This now happens almost ALL the time if I try to reply to an email someone sent me.

If I build a brand new email with same text, it works.

However, to get out of the "oops" thing, I have to terminate Gmail & start over..

Not fatal, but annoying.

Is this anything I can deal with or is it just Gmail on their end?

Google has started verifying that the address in email headers came from the domain listed.     It looks like they do this by doing a query on the PTR record of the local ISP.    Our ISP (Cox Cable) confirmed they are the problem but do not seem to be able to do anything about it.    Meanwhile my emails to folks with gmail addresses get rejected.

The only solution I can see so far is to disable IpV6 in the registry
REG.exe query HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters /v DisabledComponents

Any thought or solutions short of taking my ISP to court.    BTW we signed 3 year agreement about a month before Google started rejecting our email.

Thanks in advance
unable to provide "send to " access to the distribution list for shared mailbox which is on O365
I had this question after viewing Windows 10 upgrade seems to have killed my Outlook 2013 connection.

Two days ago when i did windows 10 update my outlook 2007 stopped working again, every time starting it gives an error said that (problems caused the application from bean working, Windows will stop this application from bean used) ?

any suggestions ?

Thanks in Advance..
I am looking for email software, so I can outsource customer email responses.

Currently I reply to emails in Outlook, and when the questions are the same, I search my Outlook Sent folder, copy and paste similar replies, then manually personalize and edit the reply.

I am looking for email software that can:
1) Get these email templates from my Outlook Sent folder
2) Assign a tracking ID to a new email
3) Allows me or my customer support team to select these templates (in #1), make the personalize responses and reply to customers.
4) Email replies are sent to customers and when customers respond, they reply to the same email tracking ID
Hi, I have a issue. Our WP web server has been compromised and has been infected with a spam-sending virus. We have cleaned the infection but we got to many spamlists including The problem is, that we have never used this server (IP) as a mail server and we are using google services (not only) for emailing. We have made actions to block any smtp traffic from or to our web server. But that aslo means that we are not able to send de-listing email from our  IP.  This is a "catch 22 situation" when we are not able to send mail from that ip but the server still keeps record that we used to spam and some of our customers' mail servers deny our mails as spam because they check our domain IP which ends on this IP... . How to get out of that? Is the only way to start webserver on that IP and send delisting mail? I would really hate to do that...
Please help.  Already checked POP, etc.  Everything is matching up with what it says on line.  Been using it for a long time and now this issue is coming up.  Sometimes brings up a box asking me to login again sometimes just gives an error screen that says operation timed out waiting for response from receiving POP server.
I am looking to replicate what Gmail offers in terms of email. Specifically the custom IMAP folder / label /tag so that a single message can be present in multiple views / tags / folders while only being stored on disk once. This has the added benefit that a single message can be in more than one folder at the same time.

I am looking to use Open Source Software perhaps PostFix, Dovecot, Courier, Exim or any other open source email server program to accomplish this.
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Dear All,

I have a question. When my clients send their transactional emails using my provided SMTPS, I process the MTA logs to generate bounces and track emails. I need some guidance here, how would I put my web application in the middle of MTA and the client so if any client sends any transactional email using the provided smtp, it pushes the email to my application first and then my application pushes it to the mta after filtering it.

Thank You
Like the title says, we are missing Outlook 2013 calendar entries and contacts.

We are not using Exchange, but we are using an ost file. I did an Outlook scanpst, and Outlook repair. Some of the messages were gone, so I deleted the .ost file to allow it to rebuild. Although all the email messages have returned, the Outlook Calendar entries and contacts are gone. How do we get those back? This is just one PC that is affected. Thanks.
We only need a few email addresses and already have standard email with our domain (hosted by Godaddy). Can I use that email and add a service on or do I have to move my domain or choose different emails? What does everyone use?

thanks in advance
I am receiving the following error when truing to setup Microsoft Exchange 2013 on a new server. I have followed all of the instructions noted in Microsoft's guide:
However when I run the installer it throws this error when setting up the "Mailbox role: Transport service."

The following error was generated when "$error.Clear(); 
            if ($RoleProductPlatform -eq "amd64")
                $useAttachMode = $false;
                $fastInstallConfigPath = Join-Path -Path $RoleBinPath -ChildPath "Search\Ceres\Installer";
                $command = Join-Path -Path $fastInstallConfigPath -ChildPath "InstallConfig.ps1";
                $fastDefaultDataFolderPath = Join-Path -Path $RoleBinPath -ChildPath "Search\Ceres\HostController\Data";
                $dataFolderPath = $fastDefaultDataFolderPath;
                if ([System.IO.Directory]::Exists($fastDefaultDataFolderPath))
                    $useAttachMode = $true;
                    if ($RoleIsDatacenter -eq $true)
                        $preferredDataFolderPathRoot = "D:\";
                        if ([System.IO.Directory]::Exists($preferredDataFolderPathRoot))
                            $dataFolderPath = Join-Path -Path 

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Our employees use OWA on Exch 2010.
We have several contact folders within public folders.
In these contact folders are ..contacts.
Each contact has more than one email address.
When sending to the public folder "list", it sends to the primary, secondary and tertiary email addresses.

Is there a way to prevent this? We only want to send to the primary email address.

We use google apps sync for outlook 2016 and recently we noticed and still have problems searching for emails when doing a search.Have tried indexing and all technical skills from other posts/blogs,that function seems to have disappeared. Please could someone advise on how this can be resolved.


I just bought a new DELL Latitude E5270 Laptop and installed Thunderbird on it.  It connected to my POP3 E-Mail account just fine, even downloaded the E-Mails that were out there and correctly dropped a lot of trash into the junk folder.   However, once I exited the program and re-entered it, every e-mail in my Inbox was gone and even though I tried to send new E-Mails to that account, it never downloaded them again.   I read through every forum I could find, checked all the common parameters people are saying might cause such a thing, but nothing.   It simply does not work.   I uninstalled BitDefender Anti-virus and it started working again, so I thought the problem was an incompatibility of some kind.   However, when I went back into Thunderbird today, it again deleted all the e-mails in my Inbox.   Do you have any idea what might be causing this?
Hello! Hope some of you peoples can help me with this, cause it's driving me insane.

We were running cached mode with additional mailboxes added, not as an extra account but through additional mailboxes on Win7/Outlook 2010. Alot of users here have alot of mailboxes running, and the only troubles we ran into were .ost files going full 50gig and we had to reset/Delete their ost's occasionally. We installed Symantec Enterprise vault to take care of old mails, and even that problem was erased. Other than that no lag, no hangs, just sweet 100% satisfaction all around.

Now that we've gone over to Outlook 2016 (still on Exchange 2010), this way of doing it doesn't work anymore. When mailboxes are added in the old way, through the "add addtional mailboxes" in the account settings , and set  to cached mode on shared folders, it just doesn't update the shared folders at all.

In a perfect world i'd like to use Outlook 2016 with the users main account cached, and also the additional mailboxes cached added not as additional accounts, but as additional mailboxes. But then it doesn't update anymore. (It does  update if i push "update folder" on each and every folder when in cached mode, but not when pressing send/Recieve. Leading me to think it had to do with concurrent mapi requests or something like that) Any ideas? I was thinking serverside limitations, but this didn't happen with Outlook 2010?

I've tried expanding the schema on the Exchange server to accept more .. stuff.…
Hi Experts,

We have BES 5 and 12 and have BB handheld devices configured to access user's corporate mails in Exchange 2010.

Users are complaining that Auto generated mails from Salesforce are not visible (content Not visible) on BB hendhelds. those mails are visible in outlook like normal emails.

The issue is with all mails from salesforce.

as part of troubleshot, i have found and but i think these are not solution for me as the mails are delivered as normal mails instead of attachments.

if anybody has encountered such issue and resolved please provide the details so that we can try that too.

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Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

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I send emails out to approx 150 members of our Board for meetings and events.  They would like me to include a button on the emails for them to automatically add the event to their calendars.  I use google calendar and gmail.  They use gmail, outlook, and a few others.  What can I do?

I want to automate the processing of standard emails i received, and have data entered into a google spreadsheet automatically. Is there a simple way to do this?
Happy to use a google script if needed (would rather not use a 3rd party tool if google have a solution built in)

I am trying to combine mails with different subjects to a common conversation topic using the follow macro:
Sub AddToConversation()

On Error GoTo ErrHnd:

        Dim oNS As Object
        Dim oRDOSess As Object
        Dim oRDOItem As Object
        Dim sEntryID As String
        Dim sStoreID As String
        Dim lNumMsgs As Long

        Set oRDOSess = CreateObject("Redemption.RDOSession")
        Set oNS = Nothing
        Set oNS = Outlook.GetNamespace("MAPI")
        lNumMsgs = Outlook.ActiveExplorer.Selection.Count

        If lNumMsgs < 2 Then
                MsgBox ("To add messages to a conversation, first select a message then select the target conversation and run this macro.")
                GoTo ErrHnd:
        End If
        For i = 1 To lNumMsgs
                With Outlook.ActiveExplorer.Selection(i)
                        strEntryID = .EntryID
                        strStoreID = .Parent.StoreID
                End With
                Set objRDOItem = oRDOSess.GetMessageFromID(strEntryID, strStoreID)
                objRDOItem.ConversationTopic = Outlook.ActiveExplorer.Selection.Item(1).Subject
        Next i


        Set oNS = Nothing
        Set oRDOSess = Nothing
        Set objRDOItem = Nothing
        Set strEntryID = Nothing
        Set strStoreID = Nothing
        lNumMsgs = 0

End Sub

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After running the code the conversation topic is the same for both mails but it is not combined like other conversations. Can anyone help me out?
Is this some kind or email address if so can you tell me who it belongs to and why it showing stuff off of my email and my boyfriend email and what it is and how I can look at the stuff.  The other emails I'm questioning are, , , And
Dear All,

Can you please let me know the CLI script to take backup & restore of KOLAB and Postfix. My requirement as shown below.

1) Can take entire backup & restore of Kolab (config & users data including mail)
2) can take entire backup & restore of postfix

I have a virtual_mailbox_domains list available in mysql. the problem is if someone sends in a mail with to postfix accepts and delivers email.

I would like to check for sender validity for those senders whos domain is within my virtual_mailbox_domains.

the following approach is global but i would like to link it with virtual_mailbox_domains

smtpd_sender_restrictions =

sql query i use is query=SELECT '%s' AS email FROM domains WHERE domain='%d'

which returns email if domain exists or nothing if senders domain does not exist in local domains

postmap -q mysql:/etc/postfix/who-can-send.sql
returns because exists

postmap -q mysql:/etc/postfix/who-can-send.sql
returns nothing

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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.