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Encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it. In an encryption scheme, the ...

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Bitcoins: Digital cash with transactions processed by volunteers


I wrote this article because there are many articles out there that don't seem to understand the


Ransomware - Wannacry/wcry and everything else ...  …

Ransomware - Wannacry/wcry and everything else ...

Ransomware in general is something none of us …
Troubleshooting Solution

Is Boxcryptor the initial tool of this type of need and what are its equivalent today


Hi Experts!

u guys have been great, lots of recommendations and tools we have benefited here.  I have

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XOR Encryption and Security

I am trying to create strong XOR encryption using C++ to encrypt files and then load the decrypted …
How to use Bitlocker on Windows 10 Home

How to use Bitlocker on Windows 10 Home

This is a quick tutorial that will show you how to use Bitlocker in case you feel a need to use it, even on Windows 10 Home
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Signal end-to-end encryption via app/browser?


Hi Experts,

I have these questions about the Signal Encrypted Communications by Open Whisper (see

Troubleshooting Solution

encrypted multiple times while submitting


encryption functions getting encypted multiple times when submit button is clicked back to back 


Troubleshooting Solution

MS 365 S/MIME Email Encryption Configuration


Office 365 email encryption is anything but clear, especially for accounts created before 2018 and

Advice Solution

Embracing WhatsApp in Healthcare.


Our company has to decided to adopt Whatsapp services for the below two use cases.

1- sending

Troubleshooting Solution

Bootable USB encryption

Using xboot (see below link), used iso files to install different OS.
Research Solution

I need to make my QR code bullet proof


I need to make my QR code bullet proof

I want to make sure nobody "hacks" my QR code by reading the

The Ransomware Menace

Ransomware is rampant, don't be caught out

There are many reasons malware will stay around and continue to grow as a business.  The biggest reason is the expanding customer base.  More than 40% of people who are infected with ransomware, pay the ransom.  That makes ransomware a multi-million dollar business.
Nature, Sky, Sunset, Man

How Safe Is iCloud?

Worried about if Apple can protect your documents, photos, and everything else that gets stored in iCloud? Read on to find out what Apple really uses to make things secure.
Troubleshooting Solution

TrueCrypt Gone! Is it True? What do I do?

We just heard from a colleague that TrueCrypt decided to shutdown becuase it had security flaws …
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Best products for automatically encrypting Data on thumb drives

byIT Guy

My organization needs to implement a solution that will automatically encrypt data on thumb drives

Advice Solution

[linux] how to encrypt a password file in cli?


For example, 

encrypts it, but then 

doesn't asks the passphrase.

Maybe the gpg key is found by gpg and

Troubleshooting Solution

What would be the approach to decrypting this.


I put together a small encryption programme, and this would be the ciphertext that would be sent …
Troubleshooting Solution

How can I tell if my DirectAccess connection is secure?


I am worried that my DirectAccess connection is not secure enough.  During a working connection, I

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