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Exchange is the server side of a collaborative application product that is part of the Microsoft Server infrastructure. Exchange's major features include email, calendaring, contacts and tasks, support for mobile and web-based access to information, and support for data storage.

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Microsoft Exchange 2016 mail edge server is rejecting a senders address as being on the SenderFilterConfig List.  It is not.  At one point it was in the blocked senders of Outlook; but, was removed, still blocked.  All entries in the blocked senders list were removed, it was still blocked.  Using Get-SenderFilterConfig on the edge server returns the BlockedSenders, BlockedDomains, and BlockedDomainsAndSubdomains are empty, {}.  Using Get-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration on the mail server returns the BlockedSendersAndDomains list as empty.  The address has even been added to the safe senders list.  The senders e-mail is still being rejected.  Other addresses from the same domain are not blocked.  Any way of correcting this misbehavior?

Error message sent back to sender:
SenderFilterAgent; Sender denied as sender's emial address is on SenterFilterConfigList.
Has Powershell sent you back into the Stone Age?
Has Powershell sent you back into the Stone Age?

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Can Sharepoint 2013 be setup to use an exchange account not hosted on premise for email services or does it always need a local SMTP?
Environment is exchange 2013 cu7 and Shadowprotect . Full Shadowprotect baclips are completing successfully but not resetting the last full backup counter in Exchange.

vssadmin list writers shows that the Exchange  Writer service fails at after backup.

I completed my office365/exchange2010 hybrid configuration and the migration mailbox is working!!  :-)
But, when the migrated user access my onpremises OWA (https://mail.mydomain.com/owa) receives the error:

OWA screen
It's ok, the mailbox was migrated to cloud. But... after Hybrid Configuration wizard completes without error my OWA should redirect the migrated users to cloud OWA (login.microsoft.com), correct?
We are subscribed to a third party CA which issues secure mail certificates. On a particular user machine, although the certificate installs successfully, is seen as valid, chains with all intermediary and root certificates and is visible in Outlook 2016, when trying to publish the certificate to GAL, an error message comes up saying that "there are no valid security settings to publish. Would you like to remove your previously published settings?" Additionally when going to the settings, there aren't any "default security settings ex: My S|MIME Security Settings" to choose from also.

What could the issue be?
We are trying to change the default retention period that is currently applied to all email in our Exchange 2010 server.   It was originally set for 10 years, 3650 days, and we are changing that to 2 years, 730 days.  We have made the change, however;  all old items and even new items are still marked with the 10 year retention time.  How do we get the messages to take the new 2 year retention period; even those messages previously marked for the longer retention time?  Also, why aren't the new messages being marked with the new 2 year retention period?  Any help is appreciated.

exchange 2010 problem(2mailbox DAG and 2 CAS servers)Outlook connectivity problem.Outlook trying to connect 10 minutes.Looking for pass and after provide password trying to conncet and after about 10 minutes is connected.

SCOM error -One or more components in this Exchange Server are experiencing Directory Service access issues. Please verify health of 'AD Access - CASserver'.

I tried to restart CAS load balancer and problem still exist.

Mobile phones(activesync) work fine.
OWA have a delay couple minutes but works fine.

 sending and receiving mails works fine

I need some guidance on how to make following change possible, never done this in past and would greatly appreciate everyone's help.

The current company I work for is changing the SMTP domain name from ABC.COM to XYZ.US following are the changes required:
1. Internal AD domain is not changing.
2. SMTP domain from ABC.COM to XYZ.US
3. Move existing mailbox from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 (CAS role for Exchange 2007 is on separate Windows 2003 server)
4. Decommission Exchange 2007
4. Configure exchange for multiple authoritative domains.

We are currently running Exchange 2007 and want to get rid of it. We will have to go with Exchange 2013 since I cannot have Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2016 in the same environment.

How would I go about doing this change? For internal DNS I just need to add another forward lookup zone, right?
Please let me know if I am missing anything else?

Thank you

This is a Exchange Online environment.

I have set the Calendar processing for external users to $true. Works.
How can I share this calendar the easiest way for external mail addresses ?
They use Outlook.
I am expecting semaphore requestt on my CAS server.

what does that ean
Easily manage email signatures in Office 365
Easily manage email signatures in Office 365

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Have something very strange happening. when a user sends out a calender request using outlooks 2016 for mac, when accepted or declined the response goes to another mailbox.

Has anyone seen this before. No rules in places or delegations or anything like that.
How I can configure exchange 2007 to accept more recent cypher than RC4.
I have Exchange 2007 installed on windows server 2003
Hi Experts,

I have a problem with my exchange server 2013.

The Microsoft Exchange Diagnostics service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 36 time(s).  The following corrective action will be taken in 60000 milliseconds: Restart the service.
Event ID 7031

Can you help me out ?
Randomly different Outlook versions, 2010, 2013, are showing disconnected from the Exchange Server 2013.  I am able to ping the server by name and FQDN.  I've done an nslookup and those results come back correct.  I have taken Outlook offline and then back online and it still says disconnected.  I've deleted the profile on the machine as well as deleting the ost file.  I have also restored some of the machines before the most recent release of updates.  Outlook sometimes works for a short while afterwords and then it shows disconnected again.  Sometimes after the restore it still doesn't work.
we have Deployed SBS2008 with exchange server 2007 . it was good for 2 years Now it  getting frequently trouble.
suddenly it will stop responding and through owa we have error . if we restart the server then works fine . can any help on this issue :
Thanks in advance :) mag  , mail me the solution : mag.in@outlook.com
Hi all,

Product: KEMP Load Balancer, SMTP configuration
Question: Need some advise regarding how to configure SMTP virutal service on the KEMP Loadbalancer correctly.
Problem: I have some troubles with the SMTP configuration. My goal is to use the send receive connector IPs to allow or disallow smtp relay via kemp to the exchange.

2x Loadbalancer in a cluster configuration
-- KEMP1:
-- KEMP2:
-- VIP: 1x VIP for SMTP:

- The receive connector on Exchange 2016 is configured to allow specific clients from all 3 subnets
- I am using the SMTP template from Kemp (newest one)

Goal: Different servers from the SAME subnet (192.168.1.x) or from other subnets (192.168.2.x/192.168.3.x) which should be able to send emails via tha SMTP virtual service

- Can someone explain me, what i exactly i should configure?
-- L4/L7
-- Transparency Yes/No
-- Direct Return Yes/No

Anything else to give me a better understanding?

Many thanks for your help,
I was at the end of an Exchange 2010 to 2016 migration and did the CU8 update from December.  Everything seemed fine until I tested OWA and ECP on the new server. It was broken all of a sudden. We have a SAN cert from Digicert that was on the new server as well. Here is what I get when I try to browse the page in IIS.

I can send and get mail on the new server using Outlook just fine and created a test email account on that mailbox server for testing. In fact I had it in front for while last weekend before I found the issue.

Something went wrong

An unexpected error occurred and your request couldn't be handled.
X-ClientId: 8A56A526CF6D4A52997F65A260F39536
request-id f9655c4a-0d94-47bd-8a21-81a9f3f557c4
X-OWA-Error Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.ExAssertException
X-OWA-Version 15.1.1415.2
Date:2/18/2018 4:34:39 PM

This is from the event viewer. It looks like maybe the CU8 update deleted my cert somehow?

Event ID: 2005
Federation or Auth certificate not found: B56D9C295D9797D65532FBAC37A7B3B891B1F80C. Unable to find the certificate in the local or neighboring sites. Confirm that the certificate is available in your topology and if necessary, reset the certificate on the Federation Trust to a valid certificate using Set-FederationTrust or Set-AuthConfig.  The certificate may take time to propagate to the local or neighboring sites.
Hi friends I need to configure IMAP in Exchange server 2016.Already OWA/Autodiscover/ECP are working.But some of external users we need to configure IMAP.Below steps already done,
->Service started of IMAP4 and IMAP4BE
->Configuration for the External client done through Set Imap setting command
->Cerficate Assigned to IMAP services through ECP->Servers->Certificate option
->IMAP over SSL:993 and IMAP over TLS:143 configured

But when i try to configure outlook through IMAP for external client getting error a secure connection cannot be established
Exchange 2010 SP3, need to install rollup.  I have tried both rollup 19 and both give an event error 1024 with an error: Update 'Update Rollup 19 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3 (KB4035162) 14.3.382.0' could not be installed. Error code 1603.  I also tried RU 9 with the same issue.  

Can't seem to figure out what it is the problem.
Problems using Powershell and Active Directory?
Problems using Powershell and Active Directory?

Managing Active Directory does not always have to be complicated.  If you are spending more time trying instead of doing, then it's time to look at something else. For nearly 20 years, AD admins around the world have used one tool for day-to-day AD management: Hyena. Discover why

I have critical case with exchange 2007 suddenly no mails not receiving and after i checked the queue service it gives me that they have about 8000 messages in submission, now i cant sending or receiving mails even entire my domain .
I want to renew an Exchange 2010 and 2013 ssl (self signed) cert can someone provide a clean document
Hi Experts ,

Before the question below are  My configuration :-

I have exchange 2013 in DAG, Two mbx servers and Two cas servers running on  Two  Hyper-v host server running on windows server 2012 .

1. Host 1 server has MBX server 1 & CAS server 1 on hyper-v
2. Host 2 server has MBX server 2 & CAS Server 2 on Hyper-v
3.File witness server is running on CAS Server 1.
4. Fail over cluster type "Node and fileshare Majority"
5. Failover cluster members "Mbx1 ,Mbx2 & Cas1"

Is it required to configure alternative file witness server on same data-center.? The reason been ,recently I had to shutdown  host server 1 & 2 (Each servers one at a time) for a hardware maintenance .But when i took the host server 1 offline My all the 7 databases got dismounted whereas when i took the server Host 2 offline databases were running just fine , i didn't have any issue.

I assume DBs were dismounted because ,filewitness server and fail over member (MBX1) were offline out of 3 members participating on fail over cluster .

Please enlighten me on below doubts :-

A. What are the best practice to consider to avoid such a scenario?
B. How can i change File Witness Server  if existing File witness Server crashes ?
C. How can i move file winess server from CAS1 to CAS2 without downtime?
D. or Do i really need an alternative FWS ? if so , what are the steps to create ?

Thank you in advance for your support,

PS:-  All the exchange servers are running on Microsoft windows …
I am interested in running a 2016 windows domain controller on a physical server and then having an exchange server 2016 on a virtual machine on the same physical server, are there any issues with this?
I am working on creating a DLP policy that does the following:

1) Provides a Policy Tip when Outlook detects that an email has a SSN in it.
2) Allows the user to send the message, but sends them an email advising them that they violated a policy
3) Allows an automatic override if the user supplies a subject-line based encryption trigger (encryption provided by our email security provider.  Sits in front of O365)
4) Allows an automatic override if the user requests encryption using an Outlook plugin (the plugin adds a header to the message and the email security provider detects that and encrypts the message.

The problem I am having is that Office 365 Security and Compliance DLP Policies are rudimentary and don't appear to allow requirements 3 and 4.  Exchange Online's DLP Policies allow everything but requirement 2.

Does anyone have any ideas around this?  Does the newer Security and Compliance polices allow refining with Powershell?  Thinking that maybe the GUI is rudimentary, and maybe I can get them to do what I want if I set them up with PS.

I've been beating my head against the wall on this.  It doesn't help that MS's replication schedule is an unknown.  I have no idea when the changes I make get applied.

Thanks in advance.
Hi All

I have 2 domains for which i want to setup spf record. both are on different public IPs. I am sending emails from both domains via one exchange server 2010

First domain mail.aaa.com  public Ip
Second domain mail.bbb.com public Ip
For aaa.com
mail.aaa.school.fj. IN TXT "v=spf1 mx a ip4: a:mail.bbb.school.fj  include:aspmx.l.google.com -all"

For bbb.com public Ip
mail.bbb.com IN TXT "v=spf1 mx a ip4: a:mail.aaa.school.fj -all"

Will this cause any conflicts or is it correct?

Do i need to make any changes on my exchange 2010 server after the above record is published by ISP?






Exchange is the server side of a collaborative application product that is part of the Microsoft Server infrastructure. Exchange's major features include email, calendaring, contacts and tasks, support for mobile and web-based access to information, and support for data storage.

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