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Exchange is the server side of a collaborative application product that is part of the Microsoft Server infrastructure. Exchange's major features include email, calendaring, contacts and tasks, support for mobile and web-based access to information, and support for data storage.

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Exchange server sizing.

I tried using the exchange calculator and I am not convinced of the output.

can I get help in sizing exchange for the following

users: 2700

databases: 2 mailbox databases and I archive database
exchange version: 2016 standard
mail flow: very low can use defaults
mailbox limits: 500 mb for 1200 users in db 1, archive mailbox 1 gb
mailbox limit: 1 gb for 1500 users in db 2, archive mailbox 1 gb

exchange mailbox servers: 2

CPU Cores:?

c: for os
d:\paging file
e:\installation files

if a filled in calculator is attached it will be great
f: databases
h: recovery volume on one server

help appreciated
Exchange Full Delegate permissions.
I need a daily report to show who has been added and removed as a Delegate to all mailboxes.
I've had a custom script created which runs a report daily on the current permission, then compares those with the previous day's report. But this is kind of sketchy doing it this way.

Dear All

               I have currently migrating on-premises exchange to office 365, and I have migrated 2 mailboxes to office 365, and when I open outlook in the migrated account, I get a popup window, I need to enter the office 365 login id in order to open the outlook successfully, whereas the un-migrated account don't have the popup window when opening outlook, in this case do there any way to work with outlook without getting the popup every time opening a outlook ?

Hi Guys

I am challanged understanding force tls on a receive connector

I have a costumer whom received mail from another company only via tls. I have setup the receive connector to accept tls but not with force. I have then created a new receive connector on mbx/cas and edge where i have set tls as forced and i have set the remote IP ranges from the sender domain. SSL checker say ok except certificate.

How can i make a receive mails with forced tls not  applied to the sender public IP´s but on the sender domain

I have problem login to Exchange 2013 ECP

SC: After doing a clean Exchange 2013 installation  in coexistence with exchange 2010.

when i try to login to exchange 2013 Admin center, we redirected to exchange 2010 ecp.

even when i enter https://<servername>.local/ecp?ExchClientVer=15

Pls how could help.

Original Configuration:
Two External IPs (.1,.2)

mail.domain.com -> .1
remote.domain.com -> .2
webmail.domain.com -> .2

Network Security Appliance
Both IPs come through one WAN port
.2 is the primary
.1 is an alias

Firewall Port Forwarding
.2 (HTTPS, SMTP,POP3,) -> Server 2008 with Exchange 2007
.1 (HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, POP3_995, SMTP_687, HTTP, IMAP_993, IMAP_143) -> Server 2012 R2 with Exchange 2013
MX Records are pointing to -> Server 2012R2 with Exchange 2013

The servers are operating in co-existence.   The mailboxes, public folders, etc. are all on the Exchange 2013 server.
OWA to the Exchange 2013 is working.  
ActiveSync to the Exchange 2013 is working.

=== Server 2008 with Exchange died ===

I made the following changes.
Changed mail from pointing to .1 to pointing to .2
Removed the port forwarding (HTTPS, POP3, SMTP) to .2 (Exchange 2007)
Deleted the .1 alias in the firewall
Changed the port forwarding for Exchange 2013 (HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, POP3_995, SMTP_687, HTTP, IMAP_993, IMAP_143) to now respond to .2

POP3 works with Internal Outlook Clients
OWA works internally
ActiveSync works internally

What does not work...
External OWA
External ActiveSync

I tested with the domain name as well as the IP.

HTTP does work.  It provides the correct 404 page.

What I get when I access OWA Externally using mail.domain.com/owa

The Outlook Web App screen displays
Still working on it ...
Site can't be …
Moving away from an on premise Exchange 2010 Standard server to O365 mail.  We currently have SonicWall 2nd factor VPN authentication, copier scan to email working.  So, for now, I created a free gmail account and have setup Sonicwall second factor authentication without issue.  Before I start setting up scan to email on our Kyocera copiers, I need to make sure I do not need to deal with security issues going this route.

The gmail account is setup using port 465 (SSL/TLS).  I tried setting up the gmail account with google two factor authentication, but doing so caused issues/broke the SonicWall 2nd factor authentication.  So, I disabled the google 2 factor authentication.

I wanted to use relay.appriver.com port 2525, but it did not work and kept failing.  

I just want to ensure I do not create security issues.
i want a solution to back up my Microsoft exchange 2016 database and enable me recover mailboxes. i have gotten to end of life on Evault and we are retiring the services due to cost implications. any recommendations?

Note that i have a DAG set up on premise and i intend to do a direct back up to Azure, But that does not solve the problem of recovering mailboxes or old  emails.

unable to login to ecp and owa on exchange 2013, any help with this would be great.
users on Litigation Hold unable to delete items. What can be the best options without removing litigation hold.
Using Outlook 2016  with 3 email accounts setup all working perfectly.
The primary account is an Exchange account the other two are BTinternet accounts.
When I create a new email the FROM: option is greyed out so I can only send from the primary account. Is there a way to fix this so I can send from the other two accounts.
Hi all, I have:
1 x CRM dynamics
1 x MAIL server exchange
1 x ERP sql based

We have a big problem about contact info of CUSTOMER and  SUPPLIER
Info are so divided:
1) Older info are on ERP
2) some info is in CRM
3) other important are in PUBLIC FOLDER of exchange
4) newer on OUTLOOK AUTOCOMPLETE list of sales department employees

About existing integration:
CRM read (not write) info about CUSTOMER and SUPPLIER in order to attach ticket and leads

We would merge these info, electing a MASTER DATABASE where all of us can point.
Which is the best approach? having info on ERP or CRM, and develope connector to EXCHANGE?
i know is a difficult project....

Sorry for my english, ask me for details
Really thanks!
I have an exchange 2010 server that a client did windows updates on and now it won't mount the main mailbox's edb.
I've yet to properly go over the logs, my question is. am I better of restoring from a backup from friday night of the edb or trying to recovery this one by using eseutil. The file size is 500gb. I fear both are going to take many hours. And at this point, the quicker route would be nice. I do under stand eseutil may not give results straight away.
Dear Support

our environment is 2 HUB's & 2 MB  with 2 AD , on VM environment , before for 2 days was every thing works fine until we face an issues with emails sending and reviving and by sending the email and not receive from the other side and from OWA we face also an error ( see the attached ) , after that i mount all the data base on one server only and after that every things works fine !!! now all the database is mounted on one server ,

so i know that there some thing wrong on the other mailbox server , i create a new database and create a test user and let this database mounted on the fault server and try to send and receives emails but still the same issues ? i checked the service the DAG cluster every things works normal .

could you help on this please .
i need to remove my mail server IP from spa list as attached 2018-10-14_103952.jpgpam

We are migrating our server from Exchange 2010 to 2013.    Both servers are in a single AD server environment.

The databases are mounted on both exchange servers and I am able to open my mailbox on the new exchange server using owa

We just set up a new server running 2012 R2 with all the latest patches

We've disabled the firewall on it for now and the one on the 2010 server for now.

Both servers are now set for internal DNS resolution

Each server only has 1 nic with 1 ip per new server old server - nothing on the network had those IPs.

There are no vlans - this is just one subnet - dumb switch.

2010 can telnet to 2013
2013 can telnet to 2010

2010 can ping 2013 by name - gets the correct internal IP address

2013 can ping 2010 by name - gets the correct internal IP address

I can telnet out from 2013 to any other exchange server outside the network

I can telnet in from any other exchange server in the outside world to the 2013 server

I migrated one test mailbox from the old server to the new server.

When I send an email from the 2010 server to the 2013 server with the test mailbox I get the message stuck in the queue -

Queue - Hub version 15 451 4.4.0 Primary target IP address responded with 421 4.2.1 unable to connect.

There are no other messages in the queue but that 1 that I just sent  - no other outstanding queues

When I do a test-mailflow from 2010server to 2013server I get

I have DC and DR site for exchange server 2010.

DC site is working fine but now I am making a function to the DR site. But when I am adding DR site mailbox to same DAG i.e DAG 100 (from Manage DAG membership Section ).

It is a throwing error.

add-databaseavailabiltygroupserver started on machine DCMB1.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20] add-dagserver started
[2018-10-11T12:43:20] commandline:         $scriptCmd = {& $wrappedCmd @PSBoundParameters }
[2018-10-11T12:43:20] Option 'Identity' = 'DAG100'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20] Option 'MailboxServer' = 'DRMB1'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20] Option 'DatabaseAvailabilityGroupIpAddresses' = ''.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20] Option 'WhatIf' = ''.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20] Process: w3wp w3wp.exe:5972.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20] User context = 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20]   Member of group 'Everyone'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20]   Member of group 'BUILTIN\Users'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20]   Member of group 'NT AUTHORITY\SERVICE'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20]   Member of group 'CONSOLE LOGON'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20]   Member of group 'NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20]   Member of group 'NT AUTHORITY\This Organization'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20]   Member of group 'BUILTIN\IIS_IUSRS'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20]   Member of group 'LOCAL'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20]   Member of group 'IIS APPPOOL\MSExchangePowerShellAppPool'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20]   Member of group 'BUILTIN\Administrators'.
[2018-10-11T12:43:20] Updated Progress 'Validating the …
Hi there,

It has been few days now with the issue.

We have installed Exchange 2016 with separate DC hosting DNS & Domain controller. I have mail.domainname.com pointing to mail server with mx record and another A host for domainname.com. The DNS are resolving without issues both for domainname.com as well as mail.domainname.com.On the send connector, we have enabled DNS record (MX) with SMTP,* and Cost 1. We have SSL certificate SAN installed for all domains and sub domains.

We are able to send emails internally without issues. We are also able to receive email externally from the world without issues.

After installing antispam agent on the server, we noticed that we are unable to send out emails to the outside world which makes us suspect that the error we are picking up from the message queue is related to filtering of some sort which is blocking the message. However, on the senders side, we received a failure that points to the hosting company filter.

The error on the queue states as follows-

Identity: EXCH\1739\2594160246792
Subject: Test Again
Internet Message ID: <c1db7921c45d43369c534d13d1a5467e@domainname.co.za>
From Address: Administrator@domainname.co.za
Status: Retry
Size (KB): 4
Message Source Name: SMTP:Default EXCH
Source IP:
SCL: -1
Date Received: 10/13/2018 5:46:51 AM
Expiration Time: 10/15/2018 5:46:51 AM
Last Error: 421-4.7.0 [our public ip adddress       4] Our system has detected an unusual rate of
421-4.7.0 …
without outlook, be able to read a folder on a exchange (2016 on premises) mailbox and extract attachements

I'm trying to do it by connecting PowerShell directly to exchange mailbox, but I'm struglelling…
Any help would be more than welcome, and better with a single example.

many tks.
I need two PowerShell commands:
one to give all mailboxes with not-empty "Send As" permission, and the other to give all mailboxes with not-empty "Full Access" permission.  

Can you help please?
Exchange 2010 Hybrid Configuration -
We have Been Migrating people to Office365 over the past several months.
We have three Mailbox Databases and I have Moved all of the users out of 2 of the Databases.

When I look at the Size of the Database files on the On-Prem server, they are still pretty large as though all of the users are still residing on that Database.
Its been Months since some of the users have been Migrated I was hoping to see the Databases shrink.   I do a Windows backup every day to remove the log files.

Is there something else that needs to be done to purge the old data?

One of our exchange user is getting this error. Can anyone tell whats happening? Any workaround ?

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
There's a problem with the recipient's mailbox. Please try resending the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.
The following organization rejected your message: mailbox.mydomain.com.

Diagnostic information for administrators:
Generating server: mailbox.mydomain.com
Remote Server returned '554 5.2.0 STOREDRV.Deliver.Exception:QuotaExceededException.MapiExceptionShutoffQuotaExceeded; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message Move/Copy messages failed. 16.55847:9E000000, 17.43559:00000000A9010000000000000400000000000000, 20.52176:010FED842300F01F00000000, 20.50032:010FED849317001000000000, 0.35180:010FED84, 255.23226:15000000, 255.27962:A0000000, 255.17082:DD040000, 0.19297:80030400, 4.21921:DD040000, 255.27962:00000000, 0.26881:80030400, 255.21817:DD040000, 0.27217:0F010480, 4.23121:DD040000, 0.64368:AF2C0DE8, 4.64432:DD040000 [Stage: OnCreatedEvent][Agent: Meeting Message Processing Agent]'
Original message headers:
Received: from mailbox.mydomain.com (IP.IP.IP.IP) by
 mailbox.mydomain.com (IP.IP.IP.IP) with Microsoft SMTP Server
The user has Outlook 2016, and is connected to an Exchange account hosted by a very large email hosting company - Intermedia
Windows 10

They have noticed that their return address has been swapped out with an address at outlook.com    outlook_FB8C126A98221F43@outlook.com

I checked Outlook Web App, and mail sent using OWA has the right return address.

Their computer is protected with the latest version of MalwareBytes and Windows Defender.

This looks like some sort of Malware that MalwareBytes hasn't caught?

What should I use to scan the system with?

Hi Team,
I need to extract some Exchange Message tracking logs,
I need the following:
I after all emails from something@xxxxxxxxxx.govt.xx sent to any @mydomain email address.
Please create a report in chronological order of emails been received. The report needs to include all the content of each mail, date range 1 Jan 2018 - today 12 October 2018
Please help
Microsoft Exchange server in a hybrid deployed with on-premise NEC phone system - message waiting indicator light (WMI) doesn't work on IP phones for users with Office 365 mailboxes. Any idea why this is happening and how to resolve it?






Exchange is the server side of a collaborative application product that is part of the Microsoft Server infrastructure. Exchange's major features include email, calendaring, contacts and tasks, support for mobile and web-based access to information, and support for data storage.