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Exchange is the server side of a collaborative application product that is part of the Microsoft Server infrastructure. Exchange's major features include email, calendaring, contacts and tasks, support for mobile and web-based access to information, and support for data storage.

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when i try to open queue viewer, get this error

Starting a command on the remote server failed with the following error message :
[ClientAccessServer=SERVER,BackEndServer=server.xxxx.com,RequestId=9d3d4900-3e71-4344-b607-72c54351ec3e,TimeStamp=8/16/2015 1:57:55 PM] The request for
the Windows Remote Shell with ShellId ECFD473B-D499-4240-A55C-FA997829CD90 failed because the shell was not found on the server. Possible causes are: the specified ShellId is incorrect or the shell no longer exists on the server. Provide the correct ShellId or create a new shell and retry the operation. For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic.
what I do ?

We user Exchange 2010.  I have set up a distribution group with several members and it has been in place for a while. The original requester for the distribution group did not realize that groups do not contain an actual mailbox with a history and is looking for all emails sent to the group. We have several users that have been members of the group since its creation. I know we keep an archive for at least a year. Is there a way for me to pull emails received in a specific inbox that were sent to a distribution group address. In other words I want to pull email that arrived in maibox user@domain.com that were actually sent to distgroup@domain.com. Maybe a powershell script? Any suggestion is welcome
I have a user that is set up on an Exchange 2013 and have been using Outlook 2016 for a couple of years.
Many people have email on their phone. I decided to set this user up to receive email on his phone.
I set up email on multiple phones without an issue. This one account is unable to get email on his phone.
I know I’m using the correct id and password. The server is the same for all other users and they can all connect.
Each time we get an error that the server does not connect.
We have attempted to set email on not just one phone but three different phones (Two Iphones and one Samsung). The phones have been on the corporate Wi-Fi and off using their own data plan.

We have confirmed that Active Sync is enabled. We have copied his AD account and then attempted to set up email on a phone with this copied account. It also failed. I then removed all Member of Entries under his AD Profile and it still failed.
I was wondering if I have O365 and have  Room resources in Exchange, and then phones in each room physically that are licensed with Skype, is there a way to set it up so that the Booking the Room resource from Outlook will add the meeting a d/or Skype meeting to the phone calendar?
Would I need to sign into the phone with the Skype account or the Exchange Resource account?
I am looking for the way to use Exchange PS commands at Centos machine. Is it doable thing?
I would appreciate if you could shed the light on this.

We have 2 tenants in O365. We are amalgamating and forming a new entity. - We are just starting. How can we achieve both current tenants members having an additional email address added to each mailbox of both - of the new entity xyz.com - is this possible and how. Do we need a new tenancy ? how can both tenants add in the new email address on each mailbox . We simply want this issue sorted first. Thanks

I have disabled Exchange ActiveSync and OWA for devices. now user can not configure email on mobile using active sync but users can configure email using third party software.

I want to disable email for mobile in all ways.
We are using exchange 2013.
Renewing Certificates for Exchange 2010 on a 2012 std Server.
I got the .pb7 and .crt files from godaddy.  I Exported to create a .cer file.  renewed the three certificates in the exchange console.
The xxxMAIL certificate still says pending.
When I select "complete pending request" I select the .CER file and the wizard reports success, but it does not complete.
Server local name is SVR2
Attached screen shot
What am I doing wrong here?
My customer had been getting a few phishing emails, which I could explain as opportunistic. He's the accountant in the school and the sender was supposedly the school director looking for money to be transferred to an account. The reply-to address was somewhere in Poland.  The school's web site has contact details for the school director and accountant so not too hard to  see how a phishing email could be constructed.

It took a bit of a turn when he got a second phishing mail with similar request to transfer money from the same source to a bank account in Spain.  This time though the phishing email was a reply to a legitimate email the accountant had sent to someone with a  sensitive attachment in it. Needless to say, he's concerned how his emails have been compromised and I'm struggling to come up with an explanation.

Their email server is an Exchange 2016 box, fully patched. They have a Sonciwall on the perimeter with OWA allowed access and IMAP and POP3 denied.

Anyone have any idea or explanation how the phisher has access to his emails and attachments??

google mail vs office365 exchange for about 220 users.

We're migrating our inhouse exchange server to the cloud and contemplating between googlemail and office365.   I've done some research and have my point of view on this but wanted to ask the board on everyone else's thoughts with pro's and con's of each to layout as an argument for one over the other.    Your thoughts are appreciated.
Dear Experts, we have several Exchange 2016 servers (VMs) in Vsphere 6.5 environment, but one SAN storage is running out of space.

How can I check whether if we can delete some space in Exchange Database? Due to company policy, we have to keep disabled mailuser for a year; but in urgent they can be deleted.

But I'm not sure to check the space which was taken by those disabled accounts. Can  you please help? many thanks!
Why Exchange 2003 Emails keep stacking in Local Delivery Queue
Exchange Server 2016, fully patched
Is a virtual server 2012R2 server with 8 processors and 32gb of RAM (totally over-spec'd, I know)
We have 318 mailboxes on the server

Email scenario/issues are as follows:

Since completing the move of all mailboxes in their entirety to Exchange 2016 in June, we have noticed a drastic drop in reliability and performance from the server.  Some of our Departmental mailboxes are 5gb+ (the largest being over 8gb).  These Departmental mailboxes can have entire departments connecting to them every day.  The worst one probably has around 15-20 people connecting to it.

The problem we have is that round about 9am every morning, the Exchange server grinds to a halt, 100% processor usage and will stay like that for up to an hour, or more.  We used to have a lot of our Users connect to the Exchange server in an “Online” state and found that they would be disconnected from the Exchange server while the ongoing processor usage was 100% and would not reconnect until the server had sorted itself out again.  This caused problems as the Users’ would receive no email for up to and in some instances, more than an hour.

It mainly happens to Users that have multiple mailboxes in Outlook.

We have since moved everyone onto Cached Exchange Mode to try and take some of the stress off the server, it hasn’t.  Server CPU still sits at 100% between 9am-10am, not as much user affecting currently as they are now not being disconnected.

Problem we now …
We started Office 365 Essential 2 years ago aiming for the Cloud and Web services like Exchange and SharePoint. Due to budget limitation we kept using Office 2010 on Office Desktop PC. Now Office 2019 is released and Microsoft announced the end date for connectivity of Outlook 2010 to Office 365/Exchange Online.

Upgrading to Office Business Premium should be a natural way. But someone suggested purchasing Office Home and Business 2019. The initial cost is of course more expensive than recurring Office 365 subscription fee. But doing the calculation means break even after 3 years. If we can use Office 2019 for another 9 years like we did with Office 2010, this sounds a bargain!

We are an office of around 40 persons, all use Desktop PCs and need only Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook linking to the Office 365 Exchange Online service. So feature-wise look feasible.

Can anyone share some experience or thoughts about pros and cons of running Office Home and Business version with Office 365? What would be some setbacks or limitations with such arrangements? Say in areas of usage, system administration, registration, patch updates, etc...
Outlook 2013 - exchange issues

Have outlook setup with an exchange mailbox. then another shared mailbox. every now and then we go to access the shared one or even the mail account and it says it cant be displayed. Has cached mode enabled and everything.
have to close down outlook and open again for it to display messages... any ideas?

I have tried to recreate the outlook profile but same issue.
We are running Exchange 2013 CU15 Hybrid. We have recently installed Exchange 2016 CU4 in our environment. Created virtual directories same as Exchange 2013. Everything is working fine internally. OWA user can login to their mailboxes either on Exchange 2013 or 2016. But external OWA users whose mailboxes are on Exchange 2016 getting bad request error. Users with mailboxes on Exchange 2013 can login fine.
I need some help with this, I have 3 users that when multiple users with different email providers send them emails they get this bounce back. not with all the outside users happens either. other Users inside my organization have no problem receiving from this users. i have checked their blocked senders list, spam folder and filter. I run this command from the power shell (Get-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration  username).blockedsendersanddomains and i see just one adress in one user not related with the bounce backs, the other two users have no emails blocked.

The response was:

550 permanent failure for one or more recipients (user@domain.com:blocked)

Final-Recipient: rfc822; user@domain.com .com
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Remote-MTA: dns; d91072a.ess.barracudanetworks.com. (an IP the company does not have., the server
 for the domain domain.com)
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 permanent failure for one or more recipients user@domain.com:blocked)
Last-Attempt-Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2018 10:27:32 -0700 (PDT)

any help would be appreciated as i have no more ideas on this.
Dear Wizards, one of my SAN volume has only 800 GB left and I'm afraid it is not enough until the end of this year. On that volume, we have 3 VMs with total 9 TB in data size and it is growing everyday (Mail Exchange server)

Is this enough for Veeam to create Snapshot? since I saw the notifications of SAN storage this morning.

One more thing, can you please suggest the model of SAN expansion? or something else that we can use to increase the SAN storage?

- Vsphere 6.5
- Veeam 9.5
- SAN Storage HPE MSA2040
I want to know if retention policy is working on exchange online does it generate a reports or logs that show this email was deleted due to it reach it retention policy after 6 months old it will be deleted. Please help ASAP !
I want a quick answer only

Can the admin of Office 365 Exchange Online Plan 1 Subscription search and delete emails sent to a user without using the email recall function?

I have read some MS articles saying that the above can be done using Powershell cmdlets but I can only search the emails sent to a user and cannot preview or delete the emails.
Does anyone know how to tweak Office 2010 so it will connect to Office exchange 365 server?
I have an SBS2008 server running Exchange Server 2007 with 10 workstations running Windows 7 Pro
-      All 10 users share the current Public Folder

I’ve already setup all 10 user’s office365 Exchange accounts (onmicrosoft.com) waiting to schedule that actual migration. Since there are only 10 users and the mailboxes aren’t that large, I will be backing them up as .PST files and import into Office 365 Exchange mailboxes

My only hurdle is 36GB Public Folder
-      “What is the best way to setup a Public folder on Office 365?
-      I thought about creating a Shared Archive Folder and placing this PST file on a new “Windows Server 2016” that I will be bringing live to replace the SBS2008 server. At this time, I’m not sure if I actually point all 10 workstation to this PST file via Outlook 2013. I support many Exchange servers that I have migrated to Office 365, however no one else had a Public Folder
-      The other option would be to create a separate Office 365 email account, import all Public folder data and share it out

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated
Exchange 2013 script to get the quantity of emails sent or received?
When moving a folder from an Outlook client into an Online Archive an error is thrown, the process completes but the source folder is not deleted.

This seems to happen in cached mode only.

The issue  was raised below but with no real resolution.


I have found this for Outlook 2010.


How to configure Sharemailbox to move all deleted items to Share Mailbox delete folder not my own mailbox delete folder.







Exchange is the server side of a collaborative application product that is part of the Microsoft Server infrastructure. Exchange's major features include email, calendaring, contacts and tasks, support for mobile and web-based access to information, and support for data storage.