Exchange is the server side of a collaborative application product that is part of the Microsoft Server infrastructure. Exchange's major features include email, calendaring, contacts and tasks, support for mobile and web-based access to information, and support for data storage.

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Hi Guys,

Because off an extended power failure, our Exchange 2016 mail server was moved to a backup site.
The server IP was changed (LAN), but nothing else changed.  Issues started to appear, such as OWA opens, but we are unable to send / receive mail.
Mail to the send connectors under mail flow settings also stopped working.

We recently migrated Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016.
Exchange 2013 gave several errors and not starting some services, but we left the server running whilst transferring mailboxes to 2016, etc.

Exchange 2016 is running from a "backup" DC in the backup site.

Upon clicking new e-mail in OWA, the new mail window opens, but clicking "send"  - nothing happens.  
The e-mail does not go to the Sent Items folder, neither does anything comes into the inbox.

No specific errors in the event log (Exchange 2016)

No configuration changes happened on the 2016 server, except for an IP change for the LAN.

My question,
After one upgrades say Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016, and Exchange 2013 has not yet been uninstalled,
What affect does it have on the mail flow and mail transport?
All mail flow receive and send connectors have been updated to the 2016 server.
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Hi Expert,

I success setup exchange 2016 active sync, but only my user account is able to send and receive email using mobile active sync and others mailbox are failed to do so.
I checked in exchange admin center (EMC) and their active sync is enabled. and they are able to access OWA as well.
I able to add the affected user profile into my phone but when i open the outlook apps it state connection to the server failed.
I checked in exchange server logs file, there's event id 1040,1053 that are related to activesync.
How can i troubleshoot this?

I'm looking for a SMTP test tool which:

- Can use TLS connection
- port 587.
- can add username /pw

Any idea where I get a that tool?
Team, need you help in below:

I want to restrict emails being sent from our internal sender within internal enviornment or external domain that matches certain criteria.

The criteria is: ANy email with attachment where the attachment has any matching properties (basically we are testing Azure Information Protection labels. so any email with a specific label) should not be blocked from going outside and should be blocked even from sending it to other user of the same domain.

So, I have created a rule (attached   Rule for attachmentpic) but it does not seem to work
Dear Experts

I will perform Exchange 2010 to 2016 migration and now I setup everything in virtual environment so that I can try procedures and processes before performing migration on real databases.

During migration, after migrating all user mailboxes and systemmailboxes, I found one SYSTEMMAILBOX - legacy - which is listed normally among user mailboxes and which is displayed with warning - "object has been corrupted ...... Database is mandatory on UserMailbox"

My machine was originally running Exchange 2003 as Small Business Server and later it was upgraded to Exchange 2010. I suspect that this system mailbox is simply kind of remnant from prehistoric times of 2003 server. I can remember that transition from 2003 to 2010 was not easy.

So I just want to delete it, but what I try to do it from E16 where  I can see mailbox among users, I get and error (see picture 5) and when I go to E10 I cannot see that mailbox among users at all so I cannot try to delete.

Any advice please?


Hello Everybody,

i have the following question to ensure that i am making everything right on my change.
We have two Exchange Server in a DAG Mode with a Loadbalancer.

The URL for our Virtual Directorys is configured for and we have a wildcard certificate assigned for *
We changed now the name of our company. I want to change now the URL of our Exchange Environment for the new name.

 I want to do the following:

1. Changing the URL's of all Virtual Directorys to
2. Import and Assign the new Wildcard Certificate for *

My Question is now what will happen with the existing Outlook Profiles (Windows and Mac) if i change the URL?
Do they will automatic check the new access point or do we have to create a new Outlook Profile for each user?

It would be nice to hear from some experts here how best to act in such a case and what impact it can have?

best regards,
I need to get some help exporting a mailbox to PST file. I tried following several articles but in those articles there is an image where export mailbox to PST is an option but when I click on that, the only option I see is to export to CSV.
Any ideas on how I can get the mailbox exported to PST?   I did also try to use the Exchange management shell and do a export mailbox powershell command but the command comes back and says it is invalid.
I have migrated all my users to Office 365.
We use regional Distributions groups that have query based distribution groups nested in them.

The User and Distribution Groups are members of a group that are then synced to the cloud. The problem is when users send to the Distribution Groups, the emails doesnt expand out to the people in the nested query based distribution groups.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
I am trying to send email through an application on the server.

From: ABC
Reply to:
Domain: internal

user: db.admin
password: password for this ad account

I get following error on test email:

javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: 535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful

It looks like I am not able to authenticate using this account db.admin ? or is it something else ?
I am running exchange 2010.

Could it be the possibiltiy that this account is not authorized to use SMTP relay ?  If yes, where in exchange 2010 exactly I can go and see all the accounts those are authorized ?

Thank you!
We are using Exchange 2007 on our Outlook 2007 uses a .ost file.  Yesterday I seem to have deleted a "Task" from my Outlook. That Task has a ton of important info.  Would that Task be backed up in our Backup on the server that backs up Exchange?  Or, is that Task just gone and not retrievable?
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My customer uses a hosted exchange service, We previosuly had an email address called for a user called Kim Smith. That account was deleted some months back.

We now have a new starter also called Kim  and we have set up a new email account for her which is working fine.

However when she send and email to the compmany director it is displaying as if it has come from  Kim Smith rather than Kim Jones.

Why is this. Is it because he has a contact in his Outlook that says Kim Smith has an email address of or something else.

I know we could create the mailbox address to include her surname but we want to keep all the email addresses consistant with just their first names.

Any ideas?
Hi Experts,

I have a question regarding licenses for Exchange 2019.
When I use the new Server Exchange 2019 on a windows Server 2019, do I also need the new Windows CALs for 2019 ?

Do you have any refernece article from MS ?
I'm on Office 365 Outlook and my domain hosted by GoDaddy.  Not sure that comes into play though.

I have multiple accounts in my Outlook email client.  All of a sudden out of nowhere about a week ago, when I delete an email in one of the mailboxes, nothing happens.  It just stays there.   If I click out of the mailbox and back into the mailbox it's gone.  It used to just delete right on the spot.

All my other accounts - Comcast, Hotmail etc. are deleting just fine as I click the delete button.  If I use the 'delete' key on keyboard nothing happens as well.

So something happened to this one account and I can't figure out how to fix it.

Any help is much appreciated!!!
Hi expert, need some clarification on this.

We have purchase exchange with standard CAL licenses, so the initial plan was to create rule at outlook 2010 to force user to archive their old email to local PST to avoid mailbox sizing.

But in mailbox properties, there's this option "create an on-premise archive mailbox for this user", refer below screenshot.
Mailbox properties
Is this on-premise archive mailbox referring to in-place archive that require enterprise cal license?

If we migrate outlook drives via recover point on SAN

Will ost files will be double downloaded of users
Is there a way I can view a users Outlook contacts by way of Exchange?
Hi expert,

I was wondering how to create alias email for exchange 2016 server?

Existing we have alias email (an email address that doesn't have mailbox), and it ties to primary mailbox

All email send to this alias email will redirect the email to the primary mailbox and then duplicate to other user mailbox.

How to do the same in exchange 2016 server?

Is creating mail contact plus adding mail flow rule in EMC is the only way?

Please advise.

I have an Exchange 2016 DAG setup with 2 servers having the "Content index state" failed and suspended.
Actually on server1 it is failed, and on server2 it is suspended.
Using Exchange powershell commands to catalog the DB did not work most likely because no valid index is available.

What should I do to fix this?
Outlook 2016 (connecting to Exchange Online) is slow to send emails.  Emails I create and send will sit for a good minute, before finishing and disappearing off the screen.  I thought it was my older computer, so I upgraded to a new machine, and its still the same.  Looking for some help.
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- Does anyone have the step by step for doing this upgrade?

I have done a decent amount of reading, but if anyone has a checklist/ what they did I would greatly appreciate you sharing.

Current environment- Windows 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010
Ideally I would like to go to Windows 2019 with Exchange 2019, however I know that will take a 2 step upgrade so I would at least settle to go to Server 2019 with Exchange 2016.

Thanks in advance!
please refer to my previous post

I need to retrieve a folder inside a specific mailbox on my Exchange 2013.
I just check with Exchange Power Cli:

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-MailboxDatabase -identity CompanyDB -status | Format-list DeletedItemRetention

DeletedItemRetention : 30.00:00:00

Open in new window

anyway, if I access to end user's OWA, I see nothing in "deleted item" and "deleted messages".

that folder has been deleted 4 days ago, so I think I should be able to restore.. any help ?
Thank you
Audit features with exchange 2019

Do we have to purchase a third party tool for ensuring auditing for mailbox accesses/creation/deletion for exchange 2019?

Hi, one of our Exchange users accidentally removed a folder inside his mailbox (through iPhone).
We only have "full database Exchange backup" (not single mailbox).
I tried in mailbox recycle bin but I founded nothing. I suspect the user used "empty" action.
Is there anything I can try to retrieve messages?
Thank you
exchange 2013
A user has send email to B user but B user got same email but not from A user name got from C user name and his C user email and there is no delegation or policy set on either of these mailbox.

so what is the problem? and how to solve this issue.
using 2013 exchange server.. scenario is
a and b user is from my company. and c is outsider (
b wants when any emails comes from c to his email that particular c email ( redirect to a user.

please let me know how to make rules for above in exchange 2013






Exchange is the server side of a collaborative application product that is part of the Microsoft Server infrastructure. Exchange's major features include email, calendaring, contacts and tasks, support for mobile and web-based access to information, and support for data storage.