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Recover Exchange Mailbox
Manual method to export Exchange Mailbox to MBOX file format is not available. So, to transfer Exchange database to MBOX from EDB files in a reliable manner, use Exchange Export Tool. It also offers to selectively move EDB items like Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, etc. to MBOX.
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator
LVL 12
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Recover Exchange Mailbox
Now Preview Exchange Mailbox size and Change Database File size with Powershell commands. Follow Commands in Exchange Management Shell Items Counts, Storage quotas. GUI Exchange Admin Center / Control Panel can be used do Change Exchange mailboxes size.
Repair Exchange Mailbox
Now Export Exchange 2010/07/03 Mailbox to Office 365 directly with Systools Exchange Recovery Tool. Repair Corrupt or Damaged Exchange Mailbox and move Database to O365 account to Mails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Journal details.
although i'm here on daily basis, but since EE added the courses page, it seems i'm lost! I started to make a course (course title, image and description), saved it and went off that page.
Now, HOT do go and edit my course?!! if i go to the courses section, it tells me that i have to subscribe and have 7 free days to try, i went to my profile, didn't find the course i started to edit.

How do i continue editing my course? Thanks.
How do I find my training's. I am new to this site.
Andy's VMware vSphere tip#21: End of Support Life for vSphere 5.5, which includes vSphere Hypervisor ESXi 5.5 and vCenter Server 5.5.

The official VMware KB is here...

I've seen many posts recently, Experts jumping in and posting, ESXi 5.5 is not supported after September 2018, which is a true statement, but it does not really help the Member posting a question, as to what the issue is today they are experiencing.

also... that is not really a hard and fast rule, Support for ESXi 5.5 CAN be extended if you purchase support.

"In the event you are unable to upgrade before the End of General Support (EOGS) and are active on Support and Subscription, you have the option to purchase extended support in one year increments for up to two years beyond the EOGS date. Visit VMware Extended Support for more information."  

"Technical Guidance for vSphere 5.5 is available until September 19, 2020 primarily through the self-help portal"

e.g. all the firmware, security and critical update patches, software will still be available for download, all VMware Kbs, and VMware Communities information will still be available.

What does this mean to you and your organization ?

1. Unless you are covered by a valid support and subscription, and purchased extended support, you will not be able to make a telephone support, or email support, or online support request for vSphere 5.5.

2. If you Support and Subscription has expired - not …
Exchange Server Toolkit
Exchange Mailbox Toolkit is a Combination of 8 Essential Exchange Software required to solve problems related to Recovery of Exchange Mailboxes. Get Exchange Management Toolbox to Convert into a different file format and Import Exchange mailbox to PST format or vice versa of 2016/13/10 /07 versions.
I stopped logging in about a year ago after they raised the minimum to 10K points per month...

Was curious to come back & answer a question...
I was pleasantly surprised when it said I qualified again with only 3K!

When did they go back & why?

I wonder if ANYONE has been on Experts Exchange as long as I have.  
My first question was on April 4, 1997. Over 20 yeas ago.  Can you believe it!

Here's a link to that first question:  "Unwanted mouse grouping"

I'm amazed that question is still in the EE System!   I've had 1,293 questions during that time!

How to delete a question?
Cloud Class® Course: Python 3 Fundamentals
LVL 12
Cloud Class® Course: Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.

Hello Experts Exchange experts :)

I'd like to get an on-site notification whenever a member I choose to follow posts a question, posts a comment to any question or makes a post. I know I can go to a members profile and check their history, but this is both a cumbersome and tiresome way of doing it. Is there a way to do this that I'm unaware of?

I asked this question in one of the support groups once I think and was told I could set up a saved search that I could use, but I'd have to create a saved search for every member I want to follow and run each search one by one which would take too much time.

For the purpose of this question, let's use Joe Winograd as an example - an expert I find very useful who often posts Video's, answers to questions I haven't participated in or makes a post in a Group discussion. Articles are not an issue because I get notified of all article submissions to EE.

What I need

1. How do I configure my EE settings so that I get an on-site notification whenever there is *any* activity by Joe or anyone else I follow?


2. Alternatively, how can I configure a saved search that includes *all* members I want to follow and receive on-site notifications for whenever there is *any* activity by them?

Please include detailed and step by step instructions on any solution to give me this ability.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Regards, Andrew
When I'm on the main Home Page of Experts Exchange (see below for an example), I get a list of Questions from ALL topics.

EE Home Page
What I want to achieve is to have only questions that match my selected Topics - Not ALL topics.

Can someone direct me as to how to get the appropriate area to achieve this "and" how to set it up so that only questions from my selected Topic will show up on the EE Home page please?

Many thanks...

so what it is make you different from an existing expert exchange system
Andy's VMware vSphere tip#2- When creating a virtual disk for VMware vSphere (or Hyper-V), always start small, and expand later. It's much easier to expand a virtual disk, than reduce a virtual disk. Do not be tempted to create 1 TB virtual disk, you will find it difficult to reduce the size. If you have made this mistake you can refer to my EE Articles.
I'm going to start something new at EE, Tips from the VMware vSphere Datacentre... real world tips, that get you through that tricky moment, when all things are turning to that brown stuff.... This happened to me today, adding 5 new vSphere ESXi hosts to a Cluster of 150.

Andy's VMware vSphere tip#1 - HA Operation Timeout - A Host or Hosts refuse to bring HA (High Avaibility online), after upgrading vCenter Server, or adding new hosts to vCenter Server datacentre, no matter what you try, you obtain an Operation Time Out, you look at the FDM.log as advised here -

Solution. - Just Edit Cluster Settings - and Disable and Re-enable vSphere HA.

Simples! All that work browsing logs and Reconfigure HA for the Host not required. This does not affect any VMs, and HA will just be unavailable for 30 seconds why you turn on and off.

If you need to discuss this, please post a question to the VMware topic area.

Expert Comment

by:Craig Kehler
Great idea Andy!
This is a rehash of this question which lost it's way here on EE.
(I've added some sample data to the spreadsheet)
I figured out how to get my EE points total for the past 12 months
(It updates automatically every month).

Based on the 50,000 points in the last 12 months EE rewards rule, I can manually work out
that I have enough points to retain free premium membership until
the end of December 2018 (If I get no more points)?

How can the end of rewards month be automatically calculated Excel?
Repair Exchange Database
Check Mailbox Corruption in Exchange for the proper working of Exchange Server. Use IsInteg Or New-MailboxRepairRequest for regular health auditing and to check Integrity of Exchange Database(.edb) file. Repair corruption in EDB file via Eseutil Powershell commands in MS Exchange 2013/10/07 versions
Recover Exchange Mailbox
Get an overview of the Top 5 best Exchange Recovery Software solutions offered by different Organizations to repair and recover an Exchange mailbox database. Blog deals with the overview, prominent features and price description of best Exchange Recovery products.
Move PST File to Exchange Mailbox
Know how to move protected and inaccessible PST file to Live Exchange Server mailboxes without using and Powershell Commands. Try SysTools Import Tool to move Outlook Pst File to live Exchange Server mailboxes, with an advanced filter for the different mailbox section
Cloud Class® Course: MCSA MCSE Windows Server 2012
LVL 12
Cloud Class® Course: MCSA MCSE Windows Server 2012

This course teaches how to install and configure Windows Server 2012 R2.  It is the first step on your path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

Repair Exchange Database
Recover Mailboxes Database from Failed Exchange Server after disaster recovery. Use Recovery mode to extract back user mailboxes data of DAG (Data availability Group) member. Also, repair the Corrupt Exchange database using SysTools Exchange Recovery after recovering mailbox from failed Exchange.
Hi! I want to change the email settings so that I will not receive any more emails to my associated gmail for this account.

Any help is much appreciated :)
When providing help over EE Live, are there some circumstances that prevent my earnings coming through?

For this chat with RGuillermo, I solved the problem but left the chat window open in case he needed further help, and my earnings haven't appeared:
Repair Corrupt Exchange Mailbox
Learn how to reduce mailbox database size of Exchange 2016,2013, 2010, 2007 and other versions. As Storage Limits for Exchange Mailboxes in Exchange versions are different. Try to use Defragment mailbox to remove whitespace to shrink the mailbox size of Exchange Mailboxes to increase performance.
Experts Exchange is announcing the release of Cloud Class, its latest course offering.
LVL 18

Expert Comment

by:Andrew Leniart
Comment Utility
Hi Randal,

I've been having a browse through Cloud Class and it looks quite interesting and even a little enticing. However, one thing that I think is sorely lacking (I'm not yet a member of Cloud Class) is that there doesn't appear to be any previews of the course(s) on offer? Or indeed, prices?

The preview issue existed before Cloud Class too, with the one-minute preview blurb that was provided giving little to no useful information on available courses at Experts Exchange because it was so short.

Often, a course can look great, only to find that when you start it, you and the instructor just don't 'gell' or the course isn't what it appeared to be.

I think it would be highly beneficial for the first couple of video's of all courses to be available as a preview to help members decide if they want to purchase them or not. Either that or the ability to get a full refund if a purchased course isn't what it (or as good as) looked like it would be.

The preview issue is what's preventing me from wanting to Enroll in Cloud Class at the moment, and from past discussions in Community Groups, I know others have similar concerns.


Regards, Andrew

Author Comment

by:Randal Redberg
Comment Utility

Great feedback and totally agree with your points on needing to see a preview and pricing.

Links from EE email often stall.
Mac Chrome uptodate.
Has been happening for weeks, more common lately
A few work many fail with this error or similar.
Stalling error message

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