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Searching for my prior question on EE?

I can no longer see how to query the EE EB for my prior questions.

How do I do this?

several years ago, experts of EE were granted free software from Paragon, like disk manager
is this system still valid?  and if not,  when did it end?
is it is still valid - how can i continue obtaining the softwares?
I haven't been active in a while, but I just noticed that at some point, my expert badge stopped working - was that deprecated or changed at some point? I did some searching and didn't see any commentary about it, but I also couldn't find details about getting an updated one in my profile anywhere.

Thanks for any help!
I would like to learn how to ask a question on Experts Exchange more efficiently for non English native speaker.
I'm often not sure how to describe my question and gives a wrong idea.
it would be nice if I could be more courtesy and gives a good impression
Are there any good tutorial for it?
Using the New EE interface

I have used EE for at least 15 years and love it. BUT, I also fell in love with a feature that seems gone: the ability to search my own questions so I can read the answers I got.

This was my "secret weapon" since I could read the feedback from a question I'd asked months, or even years, prior.

Does this still exist?

Hope so!

Hello experts,
I would like to set up an AutoHotkey script to swiftly manage the following EE processes executed on a regular basis:
Insert-image which requires 3 mouse click:
Embed-image-1.pngEmbed-image-2.pngAttach a file which requires 3 mouse click:
Attach-file.pngI am aware that mouse click is complicated to manage with AutoHotkey however there must be a smart and swiftly way to manage this.
If you have some feedback and advice on this, please let me know.
Thank you for your help.
it looks like i dn't receive mail notificatioions from EE for 4-6 days now
my normal ail accounts work normally,  i can send and receive mail
What do I need to do to propose a new topic and become a verified expert here with the following products;
 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server & Microsoft Power BI. Last year I was approached by an admin suggesting I do just that. \
Anyone know what the steps are to accomplish this.
BernBinDistr.xlsmHow can I add an updated downloadable spreadsheet to an old video? See my video here:
I have a question.  EE offers a course on the CCNA track for both tests.  How up to date are they?  I am thinking of changing my focus from server to networking.

Can we verify if the course is concurrent with CCNA's current requirements?
Having a bit of trouble with the newer interface....It is probably just me but ...

How do I search within my own account for some questions I asked last year about SQL queries?

I put in RUA Volunteer2 and formerly my Handle RUAVOL2, database, PLSQL Search and got nothing with me in it.

Are their steps or an area for doing that? I have struggled to find these questions.
Hi Experts... I have been handed the task of using expert-exchange so I place questions but before there was another person that had this task.  I would like to know how I can see or get a list of all the questions in this account in order not to repeat questions that has been answered.  I don't need the contents just title in order to sort what has been done so far.

Thank u!
Does EE still give out shirts?  I've been poking around and can't see the bunch I had sandbagged...
Can I change my user ID?
There doesn't appear to be a Search method for Notifications, or for selecting comments that have been marked with the new Meta Tag Such as Helpful.

If there is such a method, how do I go about it?  If not we should submit this as an enhancement, if not already..

For some reason I can't find Discussions so I am starting this as a Q for now.

Thanks for the Links to the Discussions area I have started a discussion there as well. :)

  Here is a link to that:

Thanks Guys, I will close this Q now. :)
Hi All,

My yahoo email has been ubscribed, but at EE I still use it.
I want to change my email.

How could I do it?

Thank you.
Can we request Expert-Exchange restrict the ability to ask anonymous questions?  The number of basic questions asked by anonymous users is staggering and is even getting to the point that it is causing EE to lose some of its credibility as an expert repository.
I haven’t contributed much to EE for a number of years. I was #1 expert (briefly) in the early days of Windows Vista when last regularly involved, so it’s been a while :o)

Everything has changed; largely for the better.

In the bad old days I think I could maintain full rights by attaining 10,000 points in a calendar month.  What are the requirements currently?
I'm trying to use Advanced Search.
It doesn't seem to work - which is very frustrating as I'm trying to make quick progress.
I ask for Questions Initiated by Fred Marshall and anything BUT shows up.

And, I don't know where to ask this question.. again.
Can you start a draft of a question in EE and pause it for a few days while waiting for further information on the problem. I was just curious as it might be a nice add on feature which I do not see at the moment. Like an email draft?
My point is that might come in handy for more complicated questions. I know I could just start a doc somewhere but sometimes keeping your eggs all in the same basket has its benefits. Since I start up a dozen docs a day if not 2 dozen.
Just a thought?
I have two questions open. I am waiting on someone outside of EE to get back with me on what we are going to do about the questions I posted. Again not an EE member. Once I get their approval and the information I need I can pursue the questions. So with that said.

What is the policy if a question is left open and you need another few weeks to months on continuing the question further? Meaning me posting more content for clarity and explaining with examples the question further?

Is the policy to close the question, leave it open (like put it on PAUSE) or just delete it all together? What do you guys EE prefer?
This may be a real longshot...

Is there anyone on Experts Exchange who can help me with filing SOA and ROU reports for Sound Exchange?
How do I shut off all notifications under the Bell icon in the upper right hand corner on expert's exhange?

I never read them and just have to keep clearing them on out over and over.
Is it possible to give an employee a login to my EE account?  I realize I could just share my credentials, but would rather they use their own credentials.  Anyway, did not see an obvious way to do that. I'd rather not set up a separate account for the employee.
SUPPORT - I can't seem to comment on my questions or award points or do anything except ASK A QUESTION?????

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