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Hello experts,

I am looking for documentation or a feedback related to keyboard shortcuts that can help me to speed up in Expert Echanges in particular when I write a question.
I saw that for most of the actions such as embed, bold, code indent, attache file, I am required to use the mouse. Is there a way to directly use the keyboard?
Thank you in advance for your help.
How may I browse my last set of questions only?

I used to be able to view just my questions only in previous versions and that seems to be missing here.
Quick question.  I'm not familiar with the new EE interface. How do I search questions I have previously asked that have been solved?
how can i check my open questions
Is experts exchange good for python help?
Dear EE,

How do i determine which MS SQL 2008 R2 Native Client 32 bit or 64 bit is installed on my Windows 2008 R2 64 Bit Standard Edition ?

Can someone explain how "Last 30 Days" is calculated?   Last week my points were around 32,000.  How do I get to double that in a week?
sometimes, when answering questions on EE, i think i hit a combination of keys, and the pc starts reading aloud everything on the page.
i looked how to stop that, but could not find it - except closing the window, but this is frustrating if you were in the middle of a rather long post

surely somebody knwos how?
I posted a question in the Experts section yesterday and noticed that I have a tag line.  I can't find this award anywhere.  Does anyone know what it is all about?
I closed an unclosed question - I know I said I wasn't ever going to do this again but it looked obvious.  I selected the questioner's own reply as the best solution.  Why does he get 500 points to answer his own question?
why does use tracking cookies?

I just started my 7 day Trial of Cloud Class and am looking for a course that I saw before Cloud Class was introduced.  It was about how to do things on a MAC that you can do on a Windows machine, but I can't seem to find it no matter how many search terms I've tried.

Can anyone point me to the video/course in question?
While trying to comment on this question:

The Write a Comment form appears to have a height of 217827px (probably about 217300px too much). The Preview and Submit buttons were way down the bottom. I was able to preview my comment, but when I submitted it, the page reloaded without the comment (it didn't get added to the page). I tried again with a Hidden comment as a test, and the same thing happened. It seems quite broken.

I've tested it in both Chrome and Firefox, after hitting ctrl-F5 to force a refresh of the page.
How to delete Saved Searches and stop the damn hourly notices?
These damn things are annoying as hell and suddenly, without any involvement from me, have been turned on and I cannot stop them! I'm assuming it was a wonderful idea from someone at E-E.

- I've changed notifications to none by deselecting all of the hourly notification settings
- I attempted to find the place in E-E to delete the search, just so I stop getting notified, and cannot find that.

Please assist with how to stop these hourly notices and with deleting the search.
anyone knows how to disable the topic notifications ?

Expert Alert: The following question matches your Followed Topics alert....

i mean the notifications under the on site bell icon

Learning PowerApps and have used paid version of Experts Exchange on other topics with great results.  Did a search for "PowerApps" here and only found a handful of questions and answers.  

Are there PowerApps experts available to answer questions or is this too new at this time?  I noticed there is only a proposed topic for (*PowerApps), so not sure if going paid is worth it at this point.  

Any feedback on this topic?
How to choose a best solution and award points for assisted comments?
(the old way)
Please see
EE sent me an email that my solution was accepted
Congratulations! Your comment on the following question has been accepted as a solution by sharingsunshine:

Question Title: Help On Why Memory Being Used Up On Linux

Click here to view your accepted solution

Thank you for participating on this question!
Note that there is no points allocated section in this message.
This Q came to my attention via a Neglected Question Alert. It is priority high. Normally one of these is worth 3600 points.
When I hover over my solution, it says 2250 points were awarded. What is going on?
I ask a question and can edit question until first expert comment.

Can expert edit their comment?

Can first expert edit comment after second expert posts comment.

I ask because I should read comments from beginning multiple times because first expert comment may change.
Hi I want to delete a question on Experts Exchange but after clicking the three ribbons the only options I get are : print and Knowldege base. I dont have that delete question option.
I'm looking for a System Center Configuration Manager 2016 (SCCM)  expert to hire through Experts Exchange for a Team Viewer remote session to help me properly configure and finish setting up my SCCM 2016 server within my Server 2016 network.

What are the best methods to search and find a list of qualified SCCM 2016 Experts Exchange experts to find the best expert to help me with this?
How can I embed a correction into a previously answered question?

In February of 2017 I posted a lengthy summary of how to print a vba project to a file.

In June of 2017  I added a short correction at the bottom of the post.

But, I would much prefer to have embedded the June correction directly into the lenghty February post.  I also working on some additional details that I would like to add.

That way, anybody who grabs my solution would not have to read the entire post.

Is there anyway to do this?
I would like to contact Experts Exchange.  Can someone give me their phone number.
although i'm here on daily basis, but since EE added the courses page, it seems i'm lost! I started to make a course (course title, image and description), saved it and went off that page.
Now, HOT do go and edit my course?!! if i go to the courses section, it tells me that i have to subscribe and have 7 free days to try, i went to my profile, didn't find the course i started to edit.

How do i continue editing my course? Thanks.
I stopped logging in about a year ago after they raised the minimum to 10K points per month...

Was curious to come back & answer a question...
I was pleasantly surprised when it said I qualified again with only 3K!

When did they go back & why?

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