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How to delete a question?
Hello Experts Exchange experts :)

I'd like to get an on-site notification whenever a member I choose to follow posts a question, posts a comment to any question or makes a post. I know I can go to a members profile and check their history, but this is both a cumbersome and tiresome way of doing it. Is there a way to do this that I'm unaware of?

I asked this question in one of the support groups once I think and was told I could set up a saved search that I could use, but I'd have to create a saved search for every member I want to follow and run each search one by one which would take too much time.

For the purpose of this question, let's use Joe Winograd as an example - an expert I find very useful who often posts Video's, answers to questions I haven't participated in or makes a post in a Group discussion. Articles are not an issue because I get notified of all article submissions to EE.

What I need

1. How do I configure my EE settings so that I get an on-site notification whenever there is *any* activity by Joe or anyone else I follow?


2. Alternatively, how can I configure a saved search that includes *all* members I want to follow and receive on-site notifications for whenever there is *any* activity by them?

Please include detailed and step by step instructions on any solution to give me this ability.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Regards, Andrew
When I'm on the main Home Page of Experts Exchange (see below for an example), I get a list of Questions from ALL topics.

EE Home Page
What I want to achieve is to have only questions that match my selected Topics - Not ALL topics.

Can someone direct me as to how to get the appropriate area to achieve this "and" how to set it up so that only questions from my selected Topic will show up on the EE Home page please?

Many thanks...

This is a rehash of this question which lost it's way here on EE.
(I've added some sample data to the spreadsheet)
I figured out how to get my EE points total for the past 12 months
(It updates automatically every month).

Based on the 50,000 points in the last 12 months EE rewards rule, I can manually work out
that I have enough points to retain free premium membership until
the end of December 2018 (If I get no more points)?

How can the end of rewards month be automatically calculated Excel?
Hi! I want to change the email settings so that I will not receive any more emails to my associated gmail for this account.

Any help is much appreciated :)
When providing help over EE Live, are there some circumstances that prevent my earnings coming through?

For this chat with RGuillermo, I solved the problem but left the chat window open in case he needed further help, and my earnings haven't appeared:
How can I answer my own question, even though no expert has commented yet?

I recently spent a half hour writing a question very carefully, then discovered the answer. I posted the question anyhow.
I believe other ee users might find my question valuable, so I don't want to delete the question, I just want to mark it as answered.
How can I do this?
Hi - I'm trying to split points on this thread but on two occasions I've not been able to do that. Only a best solution option appears.

Can you advise how to resolve this? I usually see the option to reward for an assist but this wasn't present in this question. Is there a reason why?

Many thanks,

i cannot see gigs project in my login and i had a project with experts which i need done by other experts in a time frame. This was for bulk scripting to be done.
The New Options will give you just "Best Solution", it does not give you option to select Assisted Solutions, or redistribute Points in granularity

Any Help

I was not able to Redistribute Points in this question:
No one correctly answered my question and I eventually found the solution on my own. I have posted the solution but wondered what to do with the question now.
Why cannot i select an answer as best answer anymore?  The buttons are no longer there, instead I could see new buttons like "Helpful" and "Unhelpful"

How do i close the question? just by marking it "Helpful" is that it?
I keep getting the error when trying to upload certain accepted file in EE. I have been struggling to get some files uploaded to EE but cannot due to the following errors.

The extension of one or more files in the archive is not in the list of allowed extensions: xl/worksheets/_rels/sheet1.xml.rels

Not sure why this is happening. The file comes from Google Sheets and is part of their download or export feature. I download it locally as an xlsx file then attempt to upload it to EE. It does not work. What am I doing wrong?
The new interface doesn't seem to allow me to delete a question.
I asked a question about the new location of related question button.
I asked this question 2 weeks ago and got the answer but can not find the question.

I believe the title to the question is
related (not new) question

I can not find in my last 100 questions when I use a browser ctrl f
Hello, I'm back!  I need to decide whether it is worth signing back in.  I'll be possibly be needing help on the following technologies (listed below), please let me know if you got experts in these areas;
vagrant vm
GoLang -
I'll be searching expert-exchange while I wait for your response.
I keep statistics about my Experts Exchange points in an Excel 2010 workbook and every several days I update points that come from my profile. Here is what I do.
1) Go to my profile
2) Click 'Certifications' and then 'Member and Topic Rank'
3) Retrieve my Rank and Points
4) Click 'Topic Rank' and retrieve my Rank and Points for both Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic Classic
5) Click on the Visual Basic Topic and then under 'Top Experts For', click the left arrow once to get to 'Yearly' and retrieve the points for both the top expert and me (I could be both)

I use Windows XP as a virtual machine on my iMac, but you can assume it's just normal XP. Can someone write a macro for me that does that?
Hi Experts,

Here is the question.
One of the Experts here on EE suggested GFI Languard.  So, we bought it and have  had it running for a few months.  As I get further into it and want to take advantage of its capabilities, I naturally have questions.

Any EE search masterminds out there can help me find who made him that recommendation?
How can I ensure that my presented question is truly private?  Last year I paid extra for  a premium membership to ensure, and this year this is available for free?
Hello EE Administrators

I’m thinking of signing up to the Premium account for $199. However, because the majority of my questions are going to related Microsoft Azure can you let me know if there are large base of Microsoft Azure Experts with EE?


I would like to show a non member one of my questions on experts-exchange.

May have alot of comments so I cant just send 1 screenshot.

And if I copy paste words then non technical user wont read because formatting will be bad
When I log in to Experts Exchange, I am unable to find any links to the questions that I've asked. I see links for searching and asking but none for finding my own previously asked questions. Can you tell me how to do that?
Hi, I was just looking for a question I posted here a couple of years ago regarding Outlook and discovered that there is no way to search by "words or phrases".  Is't that kind of weird?

We have posted an article concerning a new way for securising any digital data with a new software that we build.

Here is the direct link on EE :

here there someone that could advice us if we did correctly or if we better do it in another way.

Thanks in advance.

How do I search old questions I have asked?

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