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Is there some kind of method or trick to prevent images inserted into a thread on EE from taking up so much space?

Some images contain small details or were snipped from a large area of the screen and therefore having them displayed as large as possible in a post is probably helpful — although any image can be enlarged by double-clicking. However, many (and imo, most) images appear much larger than is needed. This seems to be the case no matter what size the image is originally. The result is often a distraction and breakup of the flow/continuity of the post.

Case in point:

A screenshot from Excel was used at the beginning of a recent post located here:

The following image shows the original spreadsheet superimposed over the image from the underlying thread (ie the row headings on the right belong to the original spreadsheet while those on the left are from the image in the thread). As can be seen, 21 rows in the original correspond to only about 14 rows in the thread — representing an increase in image size of ~50%.

Fig. 1
The absolute image size is huge but that is especially the case relative to the spacing and font size used in the thread.

Hi Team

Please help understand what is Premium Account all about.
How much it costs?
What is the validity period?
Can I get the list of courses available for Premium Account?
Can I download these courses/videos for future use?

I have been away from EE for several years.  I am trying to find out how to determine, in a fair and equitable manner, how many points to award someone who answers the question.
I want to search through only my past questions. How can this be done on Experts Exchange?
Does the knowledgebase still exist in EE? Hopefully I'm overlooking it. I find great articles and cannot find how to save them for future reference.
A lot of posts recently have included MS Access and they shouldn't.  According to one poster, he claims to not have added it himself and said it was added automatically.

Does EE have code that is auto-adding topics to new questions?  If so, you might want to refine it or remove it.  I have the answer to my own question, both the EE and Access topics were added to this thread.
I have a solution to a question I'd like to print off. It seems the EE has moved the print icon/function again. How do I do this?

Also, I would be nice to have a Help button of some kind on the main page for this kind of question so I don't have to post usage questions in the Ask A Question section, unless of course this is where I'm supposed to do this.
Where do I make suggestions for improvements to Experts Exchange? It seemed there was a place in an older interface but I can't seem to find it in this one.
I started watching the course of the month and the instructor repeatedly mentions a book but I cannot find any information pertaining to any book. Please tell me about this book. Thanks, Cliff
How do I log out of Experts Exchange?
What happened to the delete question button?
Referring to:

is there any article or support link to mention that :

if there are 2 or more exact same comments were posted by different experts, which comment should be selected?

I think the article above is not clear enough to provide a guideline which comment should be selected as the answer in this situation?

well, just can't find any relevant links by myself at this moment.

I need help to delete old comment from question.
Can you help me ?
Would you provide a few more details about pricing?
Where is the Request Attention Button on this site??
I would like to no longer be notified of

XXX submitted a bug to the Share your feedback or report a bug on Experts Exchange project

I posted a similar query to this one about sharing my Articles with Twitter and LinkedIn that has happily been resolved with the kind help of EE Member "Jeffrey Dake", however one frustrating issue still remains.  

I still can't get Experts Exchange Sharing Preferences to accept my Google+ profile URL!

I want to be able to share the Articles I contribute here with my Google+ Account.

Yet when I enter my Google+ Profile URL ( ) which I know to be correct and try to save, I get a Profile not found error as per the pic below.

Experts Exchange Settings Error Snapshot

My Google+ Profile is public so far as I know, so I've no idea why EE claims it can't find the profile?

I've also followed the instructions in Step 2 and signed into my Google+ Profile and added a Custom Link under the Contributor section with the URL "" , adjusted the visibility to Public and saved my settings.

No matter how many times I've tried, I get the same error and problem when I try to save the preference.

Am I missing something here or is this a bug in Experts Exchange?

Has anyone here been able to successfully enable Google Authorship on their EE account?

As a paid Premium member of EE for many years now, I think I've a right to expect that the features available to me for the price I pay should actually work?  Grrr..

Would very much appreciate some help in resolving this frustrating issue.

Ok so I wrote another article to be published on Experts Exchange and at the bottom of the New Article editor, there is an option to "Share on Publish:" for both Twitter and LinkedIn.

If I tick the box to share with LinkedIn for example, I immediately get an error that states: "Social Preferences Your preferences indicate you have not yet enabled sharing with LinkedIn. If you would like to update these settings, please visit "Sharing Preferences" in your Account Settings.  I click the Account Setting link and I get a Sharing Settings box pop up.  (See attachment to this question)

Snapshot of Error when trying to to enter Google+ Profile URL
Google Authentication is enabled. I enter the URL of my Google+ Profile ( ) which I assume is correct as it works just fine for me in any browser, yet immediately get the error: Profile not found so I can't save the setting.

My Google+ Profile is public so far as I know so no idea why EE can't find the profile??

I've also followed the instructions in Step 2 and signed into my Google+ Profile and added a Custom Link under the Contributor section with the URL "" , adjusted the visibility to Public and saved my settings. No matter how many times I've tried, I get the same problem ?!

Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in Experts Exchange? Why isn't this working for me?

Would appreciate some help.


i tried mobile url and www url on google chrome, ee android 6 app

existing picture and taking a new picture
is there any where in Experts-Exchange where i can export my answers and questions that show the count of view per question in Excel?

i want to be able to extract the number of views as shown in the image below as example.  

right now, i can get question name, title, comment counts, but i do not have the count of views, how can i get it?


Where can I get help on how to use this site?  At the moment I just need to know how to close off a question that I have received adequate responses from.  How do I do that?  Where can I get help about the site - using it and whatever else?
I need help on a site I always go on, your logo keeps on popping up, which been on for a few days, I watch free movies on this site and your logo is stopping me, can you please help me with this?
How do I get to a list of the unclosed questions that I was involved in?
How do I display list of questions (with answers) I asked? I need do search/list history

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