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I have over 1500 answered questions; I want to search them all in the past two years to find all that have WordPress or Word Press in the title.

Is there a way to do this in EE?

Or even search ALL for those titles?

This question is about Experts Exchange.

Do the questions have to be about software/hardware only?

I was recently listening to a podcast about the Internet and was wondering whether it is ok to post a question I have about the technical aspects of the early Internet here on EE.



How do you prevent images uploaded to Experts Exchange from being too large?

I have included images in many past threads and they have almost always been appropriately sized. However, I recently upgraded to a 4K monitor and now uploaded images often appear too large (ie too large relative to the surrounding text, etc, and much larger than the original on my screen).

As an example, here is a thread I just started which contains a couple of uploaded images:

FYI, I most commonly use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture screenshot images.


In Experts Exchange (EE), what is the quickest/simplest way to search for a particular topic but only in those threads included in My Answered Questions?

It's quite easy to click the small briefcase icon to make my way to My Answered Questions. However, upon arriving there, it seems like the first thing I should see is something with a box saying "Search Your Answered Questions". I mean, why else would someone go to that page? I'm sure there are reasons but I cannot think of them.

I realize EE has a large search box at the top of every page and awesome methods for narrowing/filtering queries but, at least for me, it's always a hassle and a few minutes I don't want to spend figuring out (again) how to narrow the results to my questions.

I often have a situation arise which reminds me of some past EE thread. And I would say that the number of times that occurs vs wanting a general EE search is probably like 50, or even 100, to 1.

So I guess this has turned into a question and a post for the suggestion box but I appreciate any responses.

I can't log into EE today with my laptop (Win7 & IE 11). No login error but nothing happens when I insert my credentials.
Anybody else facing the same issue?
Is this a bug!

NOTE: I'm writing this question using my Android smartphone.
I seem to be running into more and more questions that are project based rather than problem based. Is it appropriate for me as a qualified expert to suggest they look at the Gigs section?

And what if the author is clearly not grasping the advice I'm giving, how can I gracefully exit the conversation so that it will be picked up by a different expert?
I submitted a bug to site feedback, and now I'm receiving notices for everyone else who submits a bug.  I can see "Share Your Feedback" listed under My Participated Projects when I click on my profile image, but I can't figure out how to remove myself from that project so the notifications stop.

my participated projects
It use to be that you couldn't delete a question. The problems that caused were kind of obvious. People would jump in to questions with no clue just hoping when the question get abandon that the moderator would assign points for simply participating. That did create a ton of "junk" responses and the ability to delete was needed but now the pendulum seems to be swinging the other way.

   Now you get a lot of really good, well though out responses but for some reason the person asking the question either abandons it or says he figured out the answer himself and requests it be deleted.

   My question is... do these points cost the asker something? Are you only allowed to give out so many points per quarter or something? Why are people not awarding point for good, thought out answers and deciding they would rather delete the question?
On May 6, 2016, an order was placed for the item list above in the subject line.

However, there was no email or confirmation at time of order that this was accepted.  My Amex Card shows the transaction occurred.  I need a receipt to be included with my Amex Card.

How do I product this receipt?
Hi Experts,

I am lately experiencing very often that my EE connections get lost, today I was in middle of writing up a long message when I got the attached.

(wondering if there is any way to recover, as I didnt close that tab yet?)

Is this something wrong in my end or perhaps EE site is under maintenance?
How do I cancel my subscription?
Hi, saw that there are a lot of questions that have '0' zero comments and wondering why these questions are still active even though they are months old?

I noticed that EE marks a participated question as abandoned after a short time so I don't see the logic of leaving a non-participated question open for months.

For example, I click "Contribute" > '? Answer Questions". Then sort by choosing the "Comments" heading.

Looks like the non EE Lounge postings have a few of the oldest dating back from 9-26-2014, but normal questions at about 30 dating from last year with the remaining pages( about 5 pages-sorted at 100 questions per page) going from Jan 2016 to current.

Don't see why a participated question can be marked abandoned after just a few weeks or less, and these other questions stay active with '0' comments.
Hello experts,

I am not able to understand how does it works the tag ID related to the question that you create in EE.

As you should know when you create a question or you add a comment in EE there is a numeric ID which is generated, however when I try to enter those ID's through the browser section in EE, I am not able to get anything in my research.

Could you please help me how should I proceed in order to properly browse a question through it ID.

Thank you very much for your help.
How does one submit suggestions to the "powers that be at EE"?

For example, I do not like the forced "Best Solution". Sometimes I award points when (a) there is no clear cut "best" olution or (b) no solution at all but I want to award for effort.

Another thing, the list of Topics ia terribly out of date & needs a MAJOR overhaul. I've suggested this maybe a year ago, as far as I can see, nothing has been done.

For example, there is NO good topic for this question
This morning after the EE login, I was greeted with a really wonky looking webpage.  Normally I use Chrome however lately FireFox has seem be be loading webpages faster.   Wondering what the heck is causing the formatting issues (see attached screen capture)?

Chrome Version 48.0.2564.116 (64-bit) everything is fine.
FireFox 44.0.2 is killing things?
Double-checked View, Zoom and all is set to 100%.
I am having a problem logging in to from a desktop pc.  I click the login button and immediately the screen displays an x in the middle of the screen.  Anyone else having this problem?
I must be missing the link somewhere but where do I find the answers to the questions I have asked in the past? I need to go back and look at some of the php.ini settings solutions

As as paying customer, I find it unfair that you can end my subscription any time you like and I lose access to all of the solutions I've paid for because you hide them from public view.

I've always made copies of each question/solution but it would be nice to be able to archive them.

Is there a way to download all of my questions and solutions from this site?
I love the idea of the new EE "Live".  I can see how it would be useful especially in a crunch and would like to take advantage of it.  However, the only payment system I trust today is Paypal.  I like it because I can track my expenses easier and manage it from one place.  Once that becomes available, I will start using it.

I'm looking for an alternative to,, and because despite the fact that they do have experts, they have a lot of people who say they are immediately available, when in reality they are not.  Even with their chat service doesn't go far enough and people often say they are working on something when they really have no intention of it.

I'm looking for alternatives where I don't have to give my credit card to the site.  Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Is it possible to display a different name on asked questions?
That's what I see when I open C
Tried that on several (actually four computers). What would you suggest how I should proceed?

Customer Service apparently became obsolete, so what other place is there to post a question like this?

And yes, I am gonna pick five TAs if you want me to... from the ones you suggested ánd I had no infliuence on. Happy moving for this Q.
the new version of EE : a window is hijacking 80% of screen in expert view -without a possibility to turn it off, as can be seen here
HELP ! - i can't even see new questions......

it is a shame  that EE concentrates more on the outlook of the site, than on it's working and content
every time I log in to the EE website I keep checking the box keep me logged in but the next time I log in that information is not saved and I am being forced to enter it all over again. how can this be fixed?
To whom it may concern, please delete this account.


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