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I have several fairly complicated, multi-user Access applications that we have been running in Access 2010 for about 4 years. We are now facing the prospect of migrating to Office 2016 - including Access, of course. This is a corporate setting, and we actually had a couple cases of the 2016 version getting pushed out to user computers with no advance warning.

We are not using Access in the "conventional" way - with bound forms and controls and such. We are really using it mainly as a platform for form & query design, and to run large amounts of VBA code. This brings the Object Libraries under references into play.

We were using a "Find File" code block for navigating to upload files (usually Excel or .txt) and this blew up when using Access 2016, but an EE expert provided us with an alternative using fDialog code that works in both environments. Our challenge is that when we load an Application using 2016, it modifies the Reference inventory to the 16.0 set - specifically the Access database engine Object library, the Outlook 16.0 Object Library (we generate emails from within some of our applications) and the Office 16.0 Object Library. Then - if we try to load the application on a 2010 machine - we get a missing reference error because the 2010 boxes use the 14.0 Libraries. Worse, there does not seem to be a 1:1 relationship between the 14.0 and 16.0 libraries. (I can't find a 14.0 library that corresponds to the "Microsoft Office 16.0 Object Library.")

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why does use tracking cookies?
Why have you changed the points awarding mechanism? It makes it impossible to see what is going on. Often I want to award points to multiple contributors; it is either impossible or very vague.

What was wrong with the prior system?

Change just for the sake of change is NOT good.

I am a long time (probably 10 years or more) EE user, it is an extremely valuable resource.

Why make it harder to use?
How do I find my training's. I am new to this site.

I wonder if ANYONE has been on Experts Exchange as long as I have.  
My first question was on April 4, 1997. Over 20 yeas ago.  Can you believe it!

Here's a link to that first question:  "Unwanted mouse grouping"

I'm amazed that question is still in the EE System!   I've had 1,293 questions during that time!

so what it is make you different from an existing expert exchange system
Links from EE email often stall.
Mac Chrome uptodate.
Has been happening for weeks, more common lately
A few work many fail with this error or similar.
Stalling error message

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