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I am new to Experts Exchange, I came across it when searching the internet for help with VBA UserForm coding.  I landed on https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/28706684/VBA-Code-to-Populate-Userform-with-Existing-Records-Edit-them-and-add-them-back-to-the-worksheet.html  which not only answered my search but helped me to complete my UserForm.  Basically, the form on that thread was exactly what I was doing.  So I downloaded the solution and set about completing my form, copying and editing the code.

All was going well considering I haven’t used VBA for years (10+) and my coding skills are a bit rusty.  My problem is when I test my form I get “runtime error 9: subscript out of range” for the SEARCH, ADD and UPDATE buttons.  Set ws = Sheets("Sheet4") seems to be causing the problem.

I’ve also noticed that if I start the form from any other sheet than the sheet with the data in it the form is basically empty.  Since I have set the Workbook to open on the USER GUIDE sheet, as this has a button to open the form, this causes a problem.

Well as I say I’m a bit rusty and I’ve been at this for days, reading and re-reading the code, search after search online as well as VBA Help, and now I think I have gone code blind (can’t see the wood for the trees) and my rusty skills are making it hard to find what’s wrong.  If someone could take a look at the attached file and point me in the right direction I would be most grateful.

The above thread was solved by …
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I am using Veeam Backup and Replication to perform some backups of some linux based VMS. Recently, I started getting this error below:

Getting VM info from vSphere
Error: DiskLib error: [16].No file exists for given path -- File open failed: Could not find the file --tr:Failed to start file downloading.
VMFS path: [LOCALSTORE] /vmfs/volumes/54c79103-71bdf1a2-4420-001f295aced9/Generic/generic.vmx].
--tr:NFC storage connection is unavailable. Storage: [stg:54c79103-71bdf1a2-4420-001f295aced9,nfchost:ha-host,conn:]. Storage display name: [LOCALSTORE]. Failed to create NFC download stream. NFC path: [nfc://conn:,nfcho

so far I have deleted the VMs from the backup job and readded them, created new backup jobs, but I still get the same error message
Deceo saber que paso seguir para crear una cuenta
When viewing the "Answer Open Questions" page at Experts Exchange, I like to have the Author Name showing in the list of questions I'm presented.  Trouble is, the setting doesn't stick for me when closing a browsing session and then opening a new one later on or the next day.

I mainly use Google Chrome when hanging out at EE, but I've noted the same behavior using other browsers as well.

Here's a few screen grabs to illustrate what I'm talking about..

I switch Author Names on as follows..

and I get what I want as shown below.

The problem is that the above setting does not "stick", yet I can't seem to nail down the pattern to what makes it disappear on me.

Has anyone else struck similar behavior when viewing open questions?  
If so, were you able to resolve it?  Would love to know how if so.

Windows 7 Pro - fully patched
Google Chrome Browser - Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Any takers? :)
I have updated expert exchange applicable in Android mobile post that I'm unable to find opened questions to answer/ contribute.

from my account through web u can contribute.

is there any restrictions in the new updated app?
Hi Team

Please help understand what is Premium Account all about.
How much it costs?
What is the validity period?
Can I get the list of courses available for Premium Account?
Can I download these courses/videos for future use?


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We connect you with people and information to solve problems, inspire learning and influence the future of technology.

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