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How can I embed a correction into a previously answered question?

In February of 2017 I posted a lengthy summary of how to print a vba project to a file.

In June of 2017  I added a short correction at the bottom of the post.

But, I would much prefer to have embedded the June correction directly into the lenghty February post.  I also working on some additional details that I would like to add.

That way, anybody who grabs my solution would not have to read the entire post.

Is there anyway to do this?
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How do I find my training's. I am new to this site.

I wonder if ANYONE has been on Experts Exchange as long as I have.  
My first question was on April 4, 1997. Over 20 yeas ago.  Can you believe it!

Here's a link to that first question:  "Unwanted mouse grouping"

I'm amazed that question is still in the EE System!   I've had 1,293 questions during that time!

so what it is make you different from an existing expert exchange system
Links from EE email often stall.
Mac Chrome uptodate.
Has been happening for weeks, more common lately
A few work many fail with this error or similar.
Stalling error message

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