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We know that Experts Exchange is not a promotional platform for commercial products.

We are not trying to sell our products here, we are simply looking for people who are interested in the purely technical aspect of them and who can to guide us on the repercussions that some of our discoveries might have.

Indeed, as indicated in a previous question, we have created a data security algorithm that generates among other extremely long security keys and which is not based on the RSA system or any other known system. (from 3000 to 9000 bit, 27000 bit is not yet being authorized in the "Beta version”)

We know that as soon as we exceed a certain length in the size of the security keys it concerns a very sensitive domain of IT and it is for prudence that we first chose to subscribe to Experts Exchange to address us exclusively to truly qualified people rather than publishing this information on large public broadcasts.

We have also created another algorithm for the verification and the generation of Large Prime Numbers and it seems that it is more powerful than those other tools that we know and that are currently available on the internet (we do not know if we are authorized to publish their links right here ?)

Here again we know that this is an extremely sensitive field and because this tool has no known limits (except the one we impose ourselves based on the physical hardware) it is very …
Important Lessons on Recovering from Petya
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Important Lessons on Recovering from Petya

In their most recent webinar, Skyport Systems explores ways to isolate and protect critical databases to keep the core of your company safe from harm.

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from my account through web u can contribute.

is there any restrictions in the new updated app?

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