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I asked a question about the new location of related question button.
I asked this question 2 weeks ago and got the answer but can not find the question.

I believe the title to the question is
related (not new) question

I can not find in my last 100 questions when I use a browser ctrl f
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator
LVL 12
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Hello, I'm back!  I need to decide whether it is worth signing back in.  I'll be possibly be needing help on the following technologies (listed below), please let me know if you got experts in these areas;
vagrant vm
GoLang -
I'll be searching expert-exchange while I wait for your response.
In short: Can you pay people to do your homework on this site?

I've posted the following questions about assembly code online, but don't expect a timely nor accurate response (based on my history with the site):

I read about the "gig" service on this EE post:

Are people open to doing someone's homework for a gig, or do they still expect effort from the asker? The replies to this gig ( ) led me to believe that people aren't willing to do homework for someone, even when offered $50.00 (unless that particular post was turned into a gig later on?), which seemed odd.

If the asker is still expected to put in effort into their homework when posting a paid gig, no different from when they're asking for free help, what is the benefit or purpose of the "gig" system in the first place?
I keep statistics about my Experts Exchange points in an Excel 2010 workbook and every several days I update points that come from my profile. Here is what I do.
1) Go to my profile
2) Click 'Certifications' and then 'Member and Topic Rank'
3) Retrieve my Rank and Points
4) Click 'Topic Rank' and retrieve my Rank and Points for both Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic Classic
5) Click on the Visual Basic Topic and then under 'Top Experts For', click the left arrow once to get to 'Yearly' and retrieve the points for both the top expert and me (I could be both)

I use Windows XP as a virtual machine on my iMac, but you can assume it's just normal XP. Can someone write a macro for me that does that?
Hi Experts,

Here is the question.
One of the Experts here on EE suggested GFI Languard.  So, we bought it and have  had it running for a few months.  As I get further into it and want to take advantage of its capabilities, I naturally have questions.

Any EE search masterminds out there can help me find who made him that recommendation?
How can I ensure that my presented question is truly private?  Last year I paid extra for  a premium membership to ensure, and this year this is available for free?
Hello EE Administrators

I’m thinking of signing up to the Premium account for $199. However, because the majority of my questions are going to related Microsoft Azure can you let me know if there are large base of Microsoft Azure Experts with EE?


I would like to show a non member one of my questions on experts-exchange.

May have alot of comments so I cant just send 1 screenshot.

And if I copy paste words then non technical user wont read because formatting will be bad
When I log in to Experts Exchange, I am unable to find any links to the questions that I've asked. I see links for searching and asking but none for finding my own previously asked questions. Can you tell me how to do that?
Hi, I was just looking for a question I posted here a couple of years ago regarding Outlook and discovered that there is no way to search by "words or phrases".  Is't that kind of weird?
Train for your Pen Testing Engineer Certification
LVL 12
Train for your Pen Testing Engineer Certification

Enroll today in this bundle of courses to gain experience in the logistics of pen testing, Linux fundamentals, vulnerability assessments, detecting live systems, and more! This series, valued at $3,000, is free for Premium members, Team Accounts, and Qualified Experts.


We have posted an article concerning a new way for securising any digital data with a new software that we build.

Here is the direct link on EE :

here there someone that could advice us if we did correctly or if we better do it in another way.

Thanks in advance.

How do I search old questions I have asked?
My OS is win 10 prof 64 bit and I have the Office 365 suite.  From time to time there are some very informative articles or solutions on EE, and I would like to ask the Experts what is the best way to save them to read them offline.  For instance how do I save the article on Risks of Bitcoins - Don't Get Virtually Mugged by Terry.  And of course there are links in the articles to other articles which I would want to follow thru.  What is the best practices for this.  Thank u for your inputs.
how to disable the tech help pop up - and all other popups on EE

they're a serious hinder to me
Anyone can tell me the method and Benefits.
I have two tables.

Table1 looks like this:


Table2 looks like this:


I need a query that will take each line of Table1 and insert into new table (Table3) by taking each line from Table1 and use the sequence from Table2.

Table3 should look like this:

PartNumber            Country
123456-001             AA
123456-001             BB
123456-001             CC
123456-001             DD
123456-001             EE
122334-002             AA
122334-002             BB
122334-002             CC
122334-002             DD
122334-002             EE

Can someone please provide a query that will provide the resulting table?

I am new to Experts Exchange, I came across it when searching the internet for help with VBA UserForm coding.  I landed on  which not only answered my search but helped me to complete my UserForm.  Basically, the form on that thread was exactly what I was doing.  So I downloaded the solution and set about completing my form, copying and editing the code.

All was going well considering I haven’t used VBA for years (10+) and my coding skills are a bit rusty.  My problem is when I test my form I get “runtime error 9: subscript out of range” for the SEARCH, ADD and UPDATE buttons.  Set ws = Sheets("Sheet4") seems to be causing the problem.

I’ve also noticed that if I start the form from any other sheet than the sheet with the data in it the form is basically empty.  Since I have set the Workbook to open on the USER GUIDE sheet, as this has a button to open the form, this causes a problem.

Well as I say I’m a bit rusty and I’ve been at this for days, reading and re-reading the code, search after search online as well as VBA Help, and now I think I have gone code blind (can’t see the wood for the trees) and my rusty skills are making it hard to find what’s wrong.  If someone could take a look at the attached file and point me in the right direction I would be most grateful.

The above thread was solved by …
New Here. Will I receive email notifications of replies to my posts?
when i view the EE questions list, everywhere i move the mouse  - it causes popups to appear, usually in front of the questions i try to read - very frustating
can this popup be disabled?
Free Tool: Port Scanner
LVL 12
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I am new in this Crystal Reports thing and I have problem, since my coworker usually doing this stuff is sick at home I need to figure it out my self. I have 2 tables.

First is like this:

Article.ID Article.buyingprice
1              aa           2.00
2              bb           1.00
3              cc           3.50
4              dd           4.20
5              ee           2.00

And second is like this:

Income.ID Income.article  Income.number Income.quantity
1          2               79100        P1            2.00
2          1               79100        P1            3.00
3          4               79101        P2            2.00
4          3               79101        P2            1.00
5          1               79101        P2            4.00
6          5               79101        P2            1.00
7          2               79103        P3            15.00

What I need is formula for selecting Income.quantity from the latest Income document. For example for article aa it will be 4.00 and for article bb it will be 15. Please save my job folks :)

Report is grouped by

I am using Veeam Backup and Replication to perform some backups of some linux based VMS. Recently, I started getting this error below:

Getting VM info from vSphere
Error: DiskLib error: [16].No file exists for given path -- File open failed: Could not find the file --tr:Failed to start file downloading.
VMFS path: [LOCALSTORE] /vmfs/volumes/54c79103-71bdf1a2-4420-001f295aced9/Generic/generic.vmx].
--tr:NFC storage connection is unavailable. Storage: [stg:54c79103-71bdf1a2-4420-001f295aced9,nfchost:ha-host,conn:]. Storage display name: [LOCALSTORE]. Failed to create NFC download stream. NFC path: [nfc://conn:,nfcho

so far I have deleted the VMs from the backup job and readded them, created new backup jobs, but I still get the same error message
I sometimes log into Experts Exchange (EE) from my phone using my phone's browser, typically if I see an interesting question in an email and click the link.

My default browser is Ghostery although Chrome is also on the phone. For a long time there was no problem logging into the EE site. A couple days ago I noticed that I cannot log into the site through Ghostery. I get either an unknown user or an incorrect username/password error message. But I can log into the EE site through Chrome with no difficulty.

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 5.0. A couple changes on the phone recently: I installed the LastPass Premium password manager app (but I am entering the EE username/email and password manually.) I recently uninstalled and reinstalled Ghostery.

Ghostery is set to accept cookies. I don't see other Ghostery settings that seem likely to affect the login but perhaps I am overlooking something.

Any suggestions what to try so that I can once again log into EE with Ghostery?

I have a newly created Experts Exchange profile and would like to import my LinkedIn profile.  When I click on Import, next to LinkedIn Profile under Profile Validation, I get the window to enter my LinkedIn sign on information, I click Allow Access, another window pops up and that is where it stays.  Nothing more happens.  Is there a setting I need to update in my Experts Exchange profile to get this to work?ImportAllow AccessEmpty Window
Thanks in advance.
I just noticed this seems to have changed with EE, as I Googled a question and noticed one of my EE posts showed up. I don't want that to happen. Previously EE gave a setting that caused the questions to not be searchable on Google.  How do I get back to that?
How do you attach files to programming questions

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