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File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include manual sharing utilizing removable media, centralized servers on computer networks, World Wide Web-based hyperlinked documents, distributed peer-to-peer networking (P2P) and cloud-based file syncing.

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Can someone help me with best ways to setup departmental file share for our organization.  Should we use a 3rd party tool, or used built-in functionality from Windows and/or Office 365.  We do have Office 365, and both Linux and Windows Servers available.  I'd like to hear everyone's ideas.

I have a mac and android mobile phone both connectes to same wifi.
how can i use my android to control mac.
few things that i want to do is.
play youtube video from mobile to laptop.
or browse o. chrome.

What is the cheapest most sercure way to share data between 21 remote sites, the cost of linking all sites via VPN’s would be too much for the company.
Thank you for any suggestions in advance.
Hello Experts

I have attached file that I'm unable to read as I don't what application is used to open the file, or the format of the file.

Can someone let me know how to determine the file type so that I can open it?


linux ftp script that upload files to an local server behind the same firewall, works fine manually but when the script is ran i get the following error  Please log in with USER and PASS first. getting error passive mode refused.

ftp -n -i -p test-ts <<END
user username password
any free web file server with modren interface for iis  ?
What is best practice or what have you used that hasn't failed?
  • Creating a hidden share from file server for all group policy images, icons, apps etc.
  • Creating a folder in netlogon for items mentioned along with logon scripts etc.

*desktop wallpaper images, icons for websites, gp applications, etc.

I have read a few forums where techs would share from their DC and sysvol. I feel it be convenient to share straight from File Server as hidden share and utilizing NTFS permissions, of course via security groups.

if can get me some ideas or best practice.
I have about 200 members that are participating in a video contest. I want for them to give me their videos the easiest way possible. I  thought about using Dropbox. During testing, I send them a Dropbox link; when they tried to "drop" me a file, they are asked to create a Dropbox account. That idea did not go over well.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome!
Greetings Technicians,

I have a Client looking for a low Cost unlimited size file shareing program like Dropbox.

the Box wants $720 per year for 3 users unlimited size

client looking for something cheaper???

any Ideas


Due to a mess up in mapping, a user in my domain was working for few days on his backup homefolder instead of his "live" homefolder.
So now I have 2 folders for that users with some file newer than other but in both ways...
How can I re-merge them and get a folder that has all his newest version of each file ?
PS: He has many sub-folders and his homefolder is around 20Gb.

Thank you.
I have rsync some files to a remote server.  Some of those files have been updated on the remote server and others of those files have been updated on the original server.  

I want to update the remote server so that it includes any changes to updated files on the original server but I don't want to overwrite anything on the remote server that has more recently been changed on the remote server than the original server.

Which rsync option should I use for this?
When logging into to access my Microsoft O365 toolset, when clicking on Onedrive or SharePoint in my Safari browser on my mac, it seems to go into a login cycle and never lets me log in.

Has anyone run into this issue?

I've been using Dropbox for years, the 1 TB account and I think it's great.  I have some clients that use Google Drive and they think it's great--until lately.  One of the users deleted a bunch of random files in many different folders.  Being familiar with Dropbox, I was thinking that it was going to be simple to restore these deleted files from the trash.  I would just go in there (past the meatloaf from last week, egg shells, etc) and sort the trash folder by date deleted or date modified and restore the data back to its original location. Apparently, it's not that simple.  The trash is all mixed together.  It has a "last modified" and "last opened" column option but there is no chronological sorting when those options are selected.  Please say that I'm missing something here.  I googled, "google drive restore by date deleted files" in hopes to find someone else that had this issue.  I found an old Google productforums page and the conclusion by the Google Drive tech was, "Thank you for posting and sorry you're running into this issue. The only way for you to restore files on specific days is to do it manually."  So, no sorting in the trash?  You must restore the whole thing and then sort through it?  I checked out Dropbox again and I see that you can sort the deleted files by date/time deleted.  Please let me know if you have some experience with this or if Google Drive is not a good option.  Thank you!
Hi Experts,

Lately I am not able to save my app as MDE in a particular network folder, I get the attached message.
However when I create it in another folder then copy/paste to the desired folder it works.
What could be the reason?
Hello EE,

We are migrating our file server and need to maintain shares and permissions.  The first I am looking at doing a full copy to see how long it takes with retaining all time stamps, permissions and shares:

robocopy "\\server\share" \\server\share /zb /MT /mir /copyall /dcopy:T /V /tee /LOG+:C:\robocopy\log.txt /r:3 /w:240

It's been a while since I've used this so want to make sure if I am missing anything.
I would then like to migrate only changes, but am not clear how to edit the above.  Any input would be great.
Hello Experts,

I have just setup a FTP Server using CuteFTP. Whenever I bring up the server I get the error in the image. Can someone let me know why I'm being asked the verification questions in the error log?


I have tunneled mixed linux and windows clients to a 'within-firewall client' (that could access the share's host) before, so I know that that, at least, is possible.

But what about tunneling directly from the client to the host of the network share?

Can I have samba listen on port, say, 5559 (just an example), and only accept connections from localhost, and tunnel a client's 5559 to that host - so that the client appears to be connecting from host's localhost? I can't figure out how to set it up. So far, I have samba configured:

hosts allow = ::1 lo
interfaces = lo
bind interfaces only = yes
And I'm tunneling from the host:

ssh -R 5559:localhost:5559 shrusr@shrhost -Nf
However, if samba is already running, than TCP forwarding fails. If the tunnel is already running, than samba cannot start. Is what I'm trying to accomplish possible? Is there some other way to do it?

It seems like it should work - I can even netcat myself files across that ssh tunnel. So, netcat has no problem listening to the same port as ssh. Only smbd refuses, and also blocks ssh from that port if started first.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Hi Experts,
I just had tested a code which deleted an entire folder of mine!!
and created two files under that folder
Any way to recover?
Hi Experts,

I'm trying to use FileCopy command to copy a file from a local folder to a network location.
When I copy manually from the windows explorer it works fine.
However when I want use it thru FileCopy command I get the attached error

Assuming this must be given special permissions, any suggestions?
Evernotes files can get corrupted if the file is closed before the sync is completed.  Dropbox's sync process seems to be different.  If so, what is the difference and how does each system function?
I'm using FTPES using port 2980.  FileZilla showing error "Failed to retrieve directory listing"

Using  IIS10

basic authentication enabled.
anonymous authentication disabled

FTP authorization rule set for a user.

netsh int ipv4 show dynamicport tcp  command shows below dynamic port range

start port 49152
number of ports: 16384


Status:      Resolving address of
Status:      Connecting to 182.xx.xx.xx:2980...
Status:      Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Status:      Logged in
Status:      Retrieving directory listing...
Command:      PWD
Response:      257 "/" is current directory.
Command:      TYPE I
Response:      200 Type set to I.
Command:      PORT 10,56,2,41,231,204
Response:      200 PORT command successful.
Command:      LIST
Response:      150 Opening BINARY mode data connection.
Response:      550
Error:      Failed to retrieve directory listing
Hi Experts,

I am trying to copy/paste a file from one location to another location in my pc and getting the attached error.
While it says file exists, I dont see that file, and besides why cant I replace an existing file?
Already restarted my pc and didnt help.
Which is the best solution/setup for synchronizing Excel och Google Sheets, restrict viewing of specific cells and automatic sharing upon change in specific cells/columns/rows (and automatic e-mail notification)?

So far, I've found these possible solutions:

1. For synching (Sync Sheet):
1. For synching (Sheetgo):
1. For synching (G Suite):
2. For sharing portions of an Excel sheet:
3. For automatic sharing and e-mail notification upon change:!topic/docs/QyMJDt2ld28

Then there is also Zapier, but I'm not sure where in above it fits in:

Or would I really not need any other software, just to use MS Excel and Google Sheets?
We are looking for a solution to provide a redundant file server (file sharing) where we can have 2 copies of all files stored simultaneously.  Active failover would be the great but manual failover would work too provided we could do it quickly.

The share names and permissions would have to remain the same on both instances.

What's out there? I know windows has Dfs replication but have usually heard there are problems with locked files.
A customer of mine wants to install dropbox on her computer but when we installed it  and try to open it, it says that there is no internet connection.  but that can't be because I was remotely on her computer and we was connected fine.  If i click on the icon in the sis tray is says "connecting" but that is all.  I shut off Norton scan and Norton firewall but that did no good.  
How do I resolve this issue?

File Sharing Software

File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include manual sharing utilizing removable media, centralized servers on computer networks, World Wide Web-based hyperlinked documents, distributed peer-to-peer networking (P2P) and cloud-based file syncing.