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File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include manual sharing utilizing removable media, centralized servers on computer networks, World Wide Web-based hyperlinked documents, distributed peer-to-peer networking (P2P) and cloud-based file syncing.

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Hello Experts,

Can someone let me know why I'm unable to download files using Filezilla client. As you can see its greyed out. However, I can open the file... very weird.

Hello SQL Server Gurus!
I am relatively new to SQL Server and I need to export data to a CSV file from a stored procedure.  The data is a SELECT from a View in the database.  The export needs to include the column names are the first row in the export (acting as the header).  This SP will be executed from another integration type tool and the requirement is that the SP generates the CSV file.  Can someone please either point me in the right direction (i have been googling without success) or maybe send some sample code?

Many thank!
We have a business scenario in which our clients send PHI to us. Our policies mandate encrypting the payload (containing PHI) prior to transfer, and then using S-FTP to conduct the transfer. We're getting complaints from our clients that the process is cumbersome.  We ask them to encrypt using 7zip, and then open Filezilla to send the payload. We think it's pretty simple but alas, some of our clients think otherwise. What we like to have is one application that can do both with a very simple UI:
1. Select the files to be shipped.
2. Under the covers with some configuration files perhaps, specify a client name and a public key for encryption.
3. Provide a username/password for the S-FTP.
4. Send.

Does anyone know whether such a tool exists, or would we be scripting this ourselves?
Hello Experts,

We are looking for a file sharing solution which will consume minimum Internet bandwidth and minimize data usage. This is a MUST.

We have a central office with fast/fat bandwidth and 5 satellite sites with VERY limited bandwidth and low allowable data usage (5 GB/month). Have been using Dropbox but the usage can be over the top.

Looking for a solution to have tighter management over file sharing and program updates usage.

Does anyone have a good suggestion?

Is this possible??
  "A folder management system whereby if and when a person attempts to move or delete a folder they must obtain the administrators consent or that only the administrator can move or delete folders or a two factor authentication for this where one of the authentications is from someone other than the person attempting to delete or move the folder. "

For cells in one column, I want to be able to upload a XML file to each cell and have it saved there, and then another user should be able to download this file.

For cells in another column, I want to be able to upload a BMP or JPG file to each cell and have it saved there, and then another user should be able to download this file.

Is this possible to achieve in Google Spreadsheet, or by help from a plug-in?

We are migrating our fileserver which has over 3 TB of data to a new server but would like to keep the folders and files structure with the shared and NTFS permissions and date created and modified dates. We do not want to use Robo copy because of it's limitations.

Which tool have you used migrating such a large data and keeping the folders and file structures with it's shared and ntfs permissions?

Is it possible to bypass the need for a LAMP server (LAMP = the Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL relational database management system (RDBMS), and the PHP programming language)?

I am looking for a way to simply put some files on a file share for a specific group and let everyone have access to whatever is required to run the application, but without having access to a full LAMP server.

Can writing php files that conform to newer standards accomplish this?  If not, is there any way to accomplish this without any installs?
We are running a fairly large peer-to-peer network.  
Recently, the Master Browser failed to list ONE of the computers on the network.
The missing computer is pingable using its IP address.
And, if one uses Start  \\computername it shows up and is added to the local computer's Network list.
When the network list is closed and reopened, it is again missing.
When the computer acting as the Master Browser is turned off, eventually the ONE computer shows up on the Network list .. coming from the new Master Browser.
Nothing else seems out of order.  Everything seems to be working as expected.
But, since the missing computer is *important* to operations, having it missing is problematic.

What could cause this?
What is the fix beyond what we did (which was to turn off the Computer Browser service on the computer which had been the Master Browser)?
A freind has a samsung 6 phone and wants to be able to tranfer files from his windows computer to the phone over wireless or bluetooth or whatever would be easiest.  Is there an app that can do this for someone with limitied tech skills?  Maybe where the program can be on the computer and you right click a file and tell it to go to the cloud and then it is accessible on the phone?
We are looking for a self-hosting alternative just like "WeTransfer"

If it could run on a linux server it would be great. (Windows Server is also OK)

We would like the service to be hosted at our servers, because there could be some critical data between.

The thought was :

Enter the URL
"Press here to upload a file"
Now it generates an unique URL, the costumer can send out via an email.

I Found this
But would like to hear something you could have any experience with.

We are willing to pay for the software, but open source would be great too.
I am running ubuntu 14, using the built in FTP server.
When I try to connect to it, it connects, but I get this error below

Status:      Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Status:      Logged in
Status:      Retrieving directory listing...
Status:      Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead.
Command:      LIST
Error:      Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error:      Failed to retrieve directory listing

Yes, I know I can change the setting in filezilla to active mode and then it would work, but that does not solve my problem.  I have a computer running a script FTP'ing files to my linux box, and it stopped working.
The only thing I did yesterday is disable and enable the firewall on the linux box, and it almot seems since then, it stopped working.

I'm thinking the problem is on the linux box?
Hi All,
We are looking to migrate to Office 365, and as part of that we are looking to move the current files from a Windows based File Share to either SharePoint or OneDrive.  (I understand that even using DropBox would be affected the same way)

We know that one department makes use of external links within spreadsheets, and I want to get an idea of how many other files are out there.

Does any one know of a way to find these files?
Is there software or a way to use windows search to find them?

Thanks in advance
I have a Mac where I use Parallels to use PowerPoint to create a presentation.

#1 It seems that MS did not give a viewer for PowerPoint files on a Mac. True or False?

#2 Can I Host GTM on the Mac, then open Parallels and Windows to demo a PP presentation?

#3 If I log onto GTM from Windows, then I assume any potential problems go away.

My friend says her MacBook locks up when she start using Dropbox. And neither of us like Google, so Google Drive is out.

"Large": 250 MB or so...

What is a good free platform for large file sharing?

I could delete the file after transferred, if there is a cap on the file space permitted...

It needs to work on Windows also, but mainly Mac.

Hi All,
    I am trying to find a program or find a way to have files hosted on different locations on our network and have the users click on a link via email that will take them to the file share that is on their network based off of their IP.  What we are looking to do is below

We are creating a couple of how to videos and want to share them via local network shares since all locations use the main site for internet that was not an option.  We do have local servers at each location and we planned on using that but we didn't want to send a different link to each location looking for something that will allow us to use one link to send out to all users.  Thank you for your help.
Can someone recommend a safe Bit Torrent downloader for Mac OS X Sierra?  Previously the user has Utorrent, but MalwareBytes Mac 3  and Trend Micro quarantined them.

I told the user that the 'torrents' are where all the Ransomware for Mac seems to originate from, so they have been warned.  

The share option often doesn't have my standard location available.  As result I have my files spread over everywhere as I use what is available on the share menu.

 I would like to standardize on where I store my files, I currently have Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Qfile a QNAP NAS Utility,  Dropbox, Box, Google Drive,  sometimes the iOS mail shows up in other times it’s just the Gmail app.

 I’ve checked the “More” menu and unfortunately the app I want to use is not included there either.

 I am thinking about standardizing on Dropbox but if it often doesn’t show as an option it kind of defeats the purpose.

 I have tried nightly to round up the information that I’ve spread around during the day and move it into my standard location but that is quite a pain.

We are looking for a self hosted 'dropbox' style software that will give us all the functionality of dropbox, but with the program and master copy of the files hosted on our server.
We currently have dropbox installed on our server and have shared the folder using windows shares for approx. 10 local computers. As the files are hosted in dropbox, we are able to give access, via dropbox, to a number of external users and organisations. This is great, as they can view files from the web portal, laptops and mobile devices - without any complex configuration.

Our issues with dropbox are:

1. It's not really designed for this sort of scenario (shared over the LAN), but we dont want to install the client on every computer, as files wont be locked when in use by other users which leads to duplicates. Additionally, if dropbox crashes on one computer, and the client doesn't notice, it will lead to a backlog of unsynced files. Multiply this by 10 computers and it can get rather messy.

2. Dropbox doesn't officially run as a system service, which means a user account must always be logged in on the server. It is also increasingly prone to crashing. We are increasing having to log into the server to restart dropbox

3. As external users and organisations increase, it’s becoming increasing difficult to track the amount of dropbox accounts and shares that we have

4. Dropbox is usually stuck syncing thousands of files to their server, and is never fully upto date with the…

I am using Dropbox to backup my computer files.
If I'm hit with a virus, normally my files that are on my Dropbox (located on my Drive) will be infected.
What about those on the cloud at ?
Are they safe ? I mean if I format my PC and redownload Dropbox files... will I get the virus-free version ?
I have a very simple exports files


The first one has been there and works fine - the second one, I can't get to work... not sure if it's because I the second export is a subdir of the first?.... but when I try to mount it on the client, it just hangs and never completes.

Here is the fstab config I am using  /mnt/talexftp  nfs  _netdev,soft  0  0

Open in new window

any ideas?
I have many large folders on the server that I believe no one is using. I would like to set up logging over the next six months to verify no one is accessing them. Then I can safely archive the folders.

This is running on a Windows 2012 R2server.

I am finding software to report on this that is too expensive. I'd rather use windows event logging to track this or anything less than $150.

How is this set up and how do I report on this?
Hi all, I've been working on doing some automated uploads for my website and I came across WinSCP. It seems great, but I'm stuck on the scheduling part. I have the generated code and I'm in the Windows 7 task scheduler. It says I need to add an argument, but do not know what to put there. The code generated doesn't fit. Thanks!
Where can I see meaning to 130 below?

What is ERP below?

What is ERC below?
I have many winscp ftp website, login, password
Rather than me looking through email, and sms to figure out what the passwords are,

how can I backup the passwords in a file
and use that same file to restore in a new windows 10 computer

File Sharing Software

File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include manual sharing utilizing removable media, centralized servers on computer networks, World Wide Web-based hyperlinked documents, distributed peer-to-peer networking (P2P) and cloud-based file syncing.

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