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File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include manual sharing utilizing removable media, centralized servers on computer networks, World Wide Web-based hyperlinked documents, distributed peer-to-peer networking (P2P) and cloud-based file syncing.

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Hi all,

I am implementing DFS servers in 2 of our main branches and we will get rid of the various file servers we have and move everything on the 2 DFS servers. My confusion is that if a file 123.doc is opened at both locations at the same time, the last saved information will be recorded in the file when the file is closed no matter from which site it is. If I make one site Read Only, then even if the file in Site A is closed, the file in Site B is still Read Only.

So, is there any way, I can enable editing in both sites in DFS but a file can only be edited by one user at a time ? We have TBs of data being shared so this will be a nightmare if we start having conflicts.

Currently we have DFS issue and parent company hositing the main file server located geogrpaph.

And the files hosted was backdated files example like Sep instead on latest date 06 of Jan 2017.

winscp 5.9.3

newest version for windows 10

why do I see 2 columns

the column on the left is my computer

I only want to see one column remote host
I am looking for a file on an FTP site that matches *[NAME]*.dat. Is there a particular ftp command to achieve this? e.g. dir *[name]*.dat
can i see who is downloading my torrent file

I have purchased a new Macbook and I want to migrate all of my files over to my new Macbook.

I understand that Apple provides a mac migration wizard, but I want to setup my new Macbook 100% fresh, as there are several apps and files that I no longer need too (so please don't suggest using the wizard :-)

I have two questions:

01 - I have ALL of my non app files connected to dropbox. What is the best way to migrate this to my new Macbook?

A - just sign in to dropbox on the new machine and let it sync

B - copy the files via firewire, and then add then to dropbox

Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

02 - Do you think it is ok to have dropbox operating on 2 working computers? For example, My Documents and My Photos could sit and be synced on two? If I had a new photo on Mac 1, Mac 2 will also download and sync?

Thank you in advance for your help.
I use the same Dropbox folder in different computers (surprise) and in different drives. Is there some way i can make relative shortcuts so that a shortcut in dropbox always will point at the same file regardless of what drive Dropbox is located on?
Can anyone recommend Web-Based Multi-User File Manager / FTP software?  
DETAILS: I have been using IDC File Manager for the past 100 years or so, allowing customers to upload large files that I can login & download, but have upgraded to a new server (dedicated LAMP) and can't quite figure out how to transfer IDC File Manager it over & make it work. (There's no readme/install.txt files in my installation, and maybe is about time to retire that SW anyway).
I thought about using, DropBox, etc but since I have 200+ customer that are used to going to my website, clicking a link, logging in, & uploading, I don't want to change that process too much.

Thanks all for any assistance !
Looking to replace old school Windows file servers with a hybrid solution that can still give end users the mapped drive and folders to files but also synch to a cloud platform for replication and backup.

Egnyte Connect may be a fit for this but looking for others
I am looking to configure an FTP server for a Windows 2003 box with decent security. It does not need Active Directory Intigration or anything fancy. Just needs to allow read/ write access from an ftp client.

I have tried using several ftp server's, but not able to get anything to work. The one that seems to be working the best is: zftp server

Is there a decent solution out there that actually works?
This is a new one for me... My client, who is computer illiterate, downloaded a file from FilesAnywhere that he had previously uploaded.  He says that all of a sudden the desktop went haywire and his files were renamed with weird stuff (screen shot attached).  I have never run into this before and I'm not sure what happened but it looks to me like his files got encrypted. This is the destop... note the weird file names that were previously powerpoint presentations and videos, etc.
There is a folder on his desktop called "Ultrasonic.Key" and I'm not sure what that is.  Can anybody figure this out?  Willing to pay for help!This is the ultrasonic.key folder, note the colors.  Not sure what this is.
There have been no "ransomeware" popups and the computer scans clean for viruses.
Can I map the dropbox drive?

So for example Z: drive will be my dropbox drive?

I am looking to get some files that are two large to go over email. I realize there are various ways of doing this
like OneDrive, drop box etc. However the issue is it looks like they have to go to the trouble of signing up for
these services - creating an account.

Is there any alternative where I can just provide somebody a link an they can easily upload the files to that
link then I can download later.

I am trying to make it as easy as possible for the sender - so they don't it takes little effort for them.

Any suggestions. I have also heard that china blocks a lot of sites so I don't know if there are any
services they also wont have restrictions for there.

So any suggestions?


I know other people have had this issue and probably still do to some degree so am hoping to get some collective knowledge.

I have a client who has stuff that accidentally move folders/files in to other directories. It tends to happen more at a folder level so would prefer to control that. It would also be handy to ensure they are not deleting the folders.

The folder is essentially managed by a line of business application the creates folders, reads etc in a similar way to a document/record management system. Unfortunately it is not a real one.

I am looking for something that I can implement to track all changes to the directory and its sub-folders which will hopefully highlight who may need some more training/communication.

If it is possible to somehow block deletions and moves at a folder/sub folder and any new folder created level, that would be perfect.

Folder share is hosted on Server 2012 R2.
We use Access Based Enumeration on Window 2012 R2 Servers to hide folders people shouldnt see.
It works well.

However, enabling it is a pain. Often the IT Admins forget to enable it as its in a different screen to the Sharing tab.

Im wondering if there is a Group Policy or similarly automated way to enforce Enabling Access Based Enumeration (and enabling BranchCache on the File Share) so that every new share ALWAYS has Access Based Enumeration (and BranchCache) enabled.
Hey guys,

We send and receive large files of sensitive legal nature to other firms. Rather then just send them via email or a USB drive, is there a more way to send this? Ive seen other firms send us emails with a username/pw to download the secure contents.
Have a client with a Windows 2008 R2 domain (will likely be upgraded soon)
Mostly Windows 10 clients these days

Many users' laptops have pretty small SSD drives.  Offline files work well, but drives but we don't have the luxury of having huge CSC limits.

I'd like to set a GPO (or local policy) on machines with small drives that will:
1) Keep offline files enabled but with
2) some magical setting that will have the system NOT make files/folders in network shares available offline unless
3) users (non admins) select specific folders to sync, space permitting

I know that we can set limits on the amount to use on a drive, and we have, but we'd like to let users determine which folders need syncing and which don't.  

I know we can change a share or folder to not cache as an admin, but we're not monitoring every folder that a user creates.  

For example:
If a user goes to \\server01\groupshare and visits \\server01\groupshare\clientdata and \\server01\groupshare\BobVacationPhotos, we want the user to be able to specifically say to cache the client info folder (because that's important and would be nice to have if there's space) and have the BobVacationPhotos, which contains 1500 personal vacation photos that were shared temporarily by a very excited employee, to NOT be cached by default (without the viewing user having to do anything).

And I'm not talking bout the "always available offline" flag, I'm talking about stopping the 1500 recently opened photos …
We have an in-house FTP server running FileZilla Server which has some limits/issues and now we are looking for an alternative solution that meets the following requirements
- Not cloud based. It has to be installed on our own computer in our company.
- When our clients upload files, they do not need any client software to be installed on their computers.
- Does not use FTP protocol.

Any suggestions?

I have been tasked to setup monitoring on a user.  

- FIles accessed by said user
 - Folders accessed
- Any applications downloaded..
- Etc...Etc...

And the output reports will need to be "clean"
Hello. I need to find out which security groups are assigned to folders share permissios(folders exist on a file share server). does anyone have a script for powershell or a free tool that we can use to obtain this. please let me know.
Hello EE,

We have very secure requirements, which require private cloud, infrastructure owned, version control, restore ability, administrative ability.  We are looking for a solution and have heard good and bad so want to pose the question to my peers and see what feedback your experience can share.

We are looking for folder contents compare application.  However, we are looking for an apps that would display the folders contents side by side like an old apps we uses to work with in the DOS age called FX.exe (see below):

Luckily we found the manufacturer of the FX.exe and also found other supposedly similar apps like 'WinMerg' and 'KDiff3' but can't seem to get them to display a folder-to-folder contents like the old FX.exe apps did.

So like always, after trial & error searching for a tool of this type, we turn to EE for advice.  

In essence we are looking for an apps that can,
  • Display two folder contents side by side as the pix above demonstrate.
  • In addition to it's contents, display the hidden or system files of per folder (as above that the hidden files has a '░').
  • Also, if it can have capabilities to transfer from each to/fro folders display in the window (but not a must)

Basically these are the 3 things we are searching for in the apps (and obviously to be free).
I'm looking for a way to edit a podcast collaboratively in real time. I'm hoping for something akin to Google Docs but for audio.

My research has lead me to a few cloud options, such as ohm studio, but it looks like these solutions lean more towards real time midi pattern syncs, uploading pre-edited clips, or directly capturing live audio vs. editing waveform like in Adobe Audition or Audacity.

I read a little about using Audition with Creative Cloud, but I didn't come across any info that explicitly described the process I was looking to achieve. It read more like you'd be able to share projects with people using Creative Cloud in the same way you would upload/share something using Dropbox or OneDrive.

Is there something out there that would allow me to accomplish this type of editing?

Thanks for reading!
I have a situation where data was copied from a server to a NAS device but the mapped drives were not updated on the workstations. Files were changed throughout the day on the server instead of on the NAS. It also looks like some files did not get copied originally.

The files were originally copied using Roadkill's Unstoppable Copier. One of the directories was over 500GB and I would guess that 50-100GB of data was changed or modified. The server is failing so we are only getting a transfer rate of 5 MB/s and I can't risk trying to copy everything over again.

I need to copy the data from the server to the NAS again, this time only copying files that either do not exist on the target location or files that are older than the files being copied. Also some users did get the drive mapped so some files on the target are newer than the source and vice versa.

I have researched using xcopy, or xxcopy, roadkill using the (Copy Newer Files Only) switch, and a program called beyond compare. I am a little overwhelmed and on a time constraint. Could you guys give me some suggestions that have the smallest risk of data being lost or overwritten? I would prefer an option that offers logging or a UI but not required.

Thank you

To field 4065 'Contract and carriage condition, coded', of TSR segment, on CUSCAR D98B standard, I want to know the exact meaning/logic of these

27	Door-to-door
The carrier is responsible for the intermodal carriage of cargo including both the pre-carriage and the on-carriage.
28	Door-to-pier
The carrier is responsible for the intermodal carriage of cargo including the pre-carriage, but excluding the on-carriage.
29	Pier-to-door
The carrier is responsible for the intermodal carriage of cargo including the on-carriage, but excluding the pre-carriage.
30	Pier-to-pier
The carrier of intermodal cargo is only responsible for the main carriage.

Open in new window

Any ideas?

File Sharing Software

File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include manual sharing utilizing removable media, centralized servers on computer networks, World Wide Web-based hyperlinked documents, distributed peer-to-peer networking (P2P) and cloud-based file syncing.

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