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File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include manual sharing utilizing removable media, centralized servers on computer networks, World Wide Web-based hyperlinked documents, distributed peer-to-peer networking (P2P) and cloud-based file syncing.

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I have tried solving the same problem using three different methods, and I've failed both times.

I am trying to convert the contents of Google Drive (Folders, Files, File Sizes) into a data format.  I will list both things I tried and where the problem lies:

Method 1: I researched and found an app called "Files Cabinet", part of a suite made by a company called "Awesome Table".  Apparently, I have succeeded in downloading the program, because I can log into the Awesome Table website (see using my credentials.  The advertising says that Awesome Table is an addin to Excel, and I can use it to create a hierarchal tree of my target.  However, I dont see Awesome Table as an Addin choice within Excel, and whenever I try opening an Excel file within the Awesome table interface, I get some kind of error.  Seems like a good idea, can't get it to work.  

Method 2: I also installed both "Files Cabinet" and "Excel" on my Smart Phone, but my research tells me that you can't have addins on smart phones, only PC's and Mac's.  

Method 3: If I were able to create a virtual link on my hard drive to a folder in my Google drive, that would satisfy the requirement, as I have direct visibility to my local drive.  Other research revealed that when clicking on Google-Drive folder and then clicking <Shift><Z>, I can create a "Symlink", which I expected to be a virtual folder in my hard drive.  I have used this functionality before, when working with SharePoint,…
Hi, I have a question on how to migrate the FileShare Permission from existing Domain A to new Domain B without any domain trust? Is this possible? Currently, I have a Primary File Server that hosts all the corporate files and we are planning to move into the new domain environment. But the challenges foresee on the File Share Permission. Do I need the migration toolkit such as ADMT? Robocopy? SecureCopy? to assist my file-share permission? The new domain environment will have the new user account created based on same username from the existing domain, but the objective here also is to preserve the same file-permission with the same existing user without any pain & lengthy process.

TQVM in advance for any expert advice here.
Is there a course or any material one would recommend concerning EDI and healthcare 837 claim and 835 remittance files? Is there a course on here that i overlooked?
Hello Experts,

I work for Company A who has recently entered a partnership with Company B to provide outsourced services.

Both Company A and Company B have completely separate AD Domains/Forests but have recently had dedicated WAN links deployed to provide "non-public" connectivity.

We have a requirement to share specific data folders, but there's a hesitancy to expose SMB/CIFS shares to mitigate the potential propagation of malware and limit other compliance considerations.

I was thinking that some kind of Managed File Transfer solution that would work in a similar fashion to DFS-R (and provide near real time replication) may be a suitable route forward, and would only require the use of port 22.

Do you agree that this is a reasonable approach?

Can you suggest any potential solutions that would fulfil the requirements?

Or, I'm open to suggestions for alternative solutions.

Any advice gratefully received.


Webdav setup on 2016 to home folder setup.  does anyone have this working? following instructions on multiple sites but no luck yet
I’d like to do a way to detect if users are still accessing certain large folders on my windows 2012 r2 files server. Users claim they still need them, but I suspect they could be archived due to non-use.

The automated programs that detect folder use are too expensive.  The modified date of the folder doesn’t work because they might be reading out of the folder only. Windows event logging results are cryptic to me and large.

For now, I've put a script on a dummy folder that, when opened, will log the click and open the folder they want. Something less clunky is better.

Setup questions are in the attached .txt fileSetup.txt

A way to  find out if certain folders being opened would solve this problem. Any ideas?
After rebuilding on prem server (rest in Azure), users at the location randomly get the errors when saving or opening a recent file, "location is not available". More rare, a user may not be able to access a specific share with the error "element not found" (reboots resolve this). The first error will go away if they open Explorer, navigate to the folder, then return to the application and hit save/open. If a user is using explorer (file, not IE) and go many folders deep, and click on the address bar to go up a few folders, they sometimes get "location not available". But, if they  click on the root of the drive, they can immediately go back to where they wanted.

Our environment is Windows 2012R2. The server is also a DC. We are running DFS to a single Namespace, mapped to a single drive letter (z:) to all users via GPO. Our DFS replicates to 3 other servers in other sites, none which exhibit the same issues. All clients are Windows 10 May update.

What I have done so far...

Updated and verified all firmware, drivers, and OS updates.
Ran DCDIAG tests. (no errors)
Ran REPADMIN tests. (no errors)
Checked client and server for relevant errors in system logs (no relevant errors)
Verified all file and share permissions (all shares use "authenticated users", perms set at file level
Had users manually disconnect drive and rerun gpupdate to remap drive

When a user accesses the share via the namespace (wii.local\cloud), they will still randomly get the error.  I have …
Free gospel favorites.

If it is true that songs after a period of time are no longer copyright protectable, I would like to find such a source for gospel music that could be played for a congregation.

I am not sure whether songs are no longer protectable after a period of time or not, but any place to start is better than none.  Your suggestions and are greatly appreciated.
snap nas drive is asking for credential when user try to access shares. cause. how to change. impacting company wide. please help me asap.
 I have two ASA 5525-X firewalls (in HA configuration) with Firepower. I'm asking for help on whether we'd be able to establish Traffic Shaping to guarantee bandwidth for FTP traffic.  We have a 1Gb connection recently added and would like to guarantee 900Mbs for FTP when needed, but allow other traffic to utilize the connection otherwise.
We have a huge file structure of network drives in our enterprise environment. These hosting file servers are Server 2012 and Server 2016. I am looking to find any efficient tool that we can use to get list of duplicate files on some of these network drivers that have grown quite large. I am hoping some sort of report that will tell us how many files have duplicates and how many duplicates there are or something like that.

I am not sure if it can be done natively using any windows tool / powershell Or is their an efficient paid tool that I can purchase for this.

If anyone knows of such tool or way to accomplish this, please let me know if any ideas.

Thanks in advance !
Users on Windows 10 PCs are not seeing all search results when searching through network shares that are stored on a file server with Windows Server SBS 2011.  Windows Search service is installed and we've re-indexed the server multiple times.  The only potential solution we've found is to restart the Windows Search service every night but even then it does not seem to help.
I was given public keys by vender , Im trying to connect to server through  WS _FTP utility .  I genertaed a set of keys using putty.  Im trying to import the private key that I created through Putty and receiving an error invalid format when trying to import  as my private keys through WS_FTP.

Working in Office 2016 and trying to save either excel or word document and I get the following error:  
UPLOAD Failed. We're sorry this didn't work. Try saving again later and if that still doesn't work

We have message of on Fileserver cluster disk(Chkdsk scan needed on volume \\?.....) This is a shared drive for users homefolder... if I keep the drive on maintenance mode and start check disk, will it affect users login and home drive access? Please share your advice.

There are 2 servers running Windows Server 2008R2.
One is on the domain and the other is stand alone and in a DMZ.
The domain server is configured to sync certain folders and files to the DMZ server.
The DMZ server is accessed by outside parties and any changes made to those folders/files are synced back to the domain server.

The issue is that if the same file is open on the domain server and on the DMZ server - both the file sync software and Windows have no way of detecting the same file is open on both of them.
What happens in this case is that a user on one server will inadvertently save over the work from a user on the other server.

Is there any software that can detect when a file is open on the other server and then lock its copy of the file until the file is closed on the other end?

I have to update samba sun an AIX 7.1 TL 05 server, I currently have a version 3.6.25 and I want to bring it to a version samba-client-4.6.15-1.aix6.1.ppc.rpm downloaded from AIX Toolbox.
What operations should I do?
We are looking to pilot a cloud file sharing solution comparison test and I'm wondering if anyone can help me with their experience and what success criteria should we use ie. how do we know this is a success or not?

Some ideas: Preview capability, mobile functionality, security, synchronization, versioning, collaboration.  What else am I missing?
Hi All,
Client #1
client has NAS with map drive & o365 Onedrive business.

I want to be mapped in the office and cloud(onedrive) on the go.
Set up cloudsyc(synology) with onedrive folder and it is working fine, but NO local fast sync

I mapped the synology shared folder to pc and sync the same shared folder with onedrive.
But when I did copy/paste to map drive then did not sync with onedrive
When I copy/paste to onedrive then synced OK, BUT wasofcourse musch smaller.

So when they want use in the office they will have very slow speed!

Any idea to set better and increase the local sync speed?

Client #2

Another client at the moment use dropbox with 20-25gb video files with local sync between pc’s
It is OK now,but eating our bandwidth with vmwault and they use a lot skype to communicate

I want to move them to NAS and cloudsync too .

Dropbox & cloudsyc-but ongoing cost VS Onedrive & cloudsyc NO cost as they have A3 O365 licenses

Thank you for advice in advance
Hi Experts,

I use Dropbox to Sync files between a number of coworkers PCs.

Yesterday I set up a new PC.

I thought it would be a good idea to copy the Dropbox folder from one of the other PCs to the new one.

That turned out to be a disaster.

After installing Dropbox on the new PC, the number of subfolders in the Dropbox folder doubled.
So I now have folders with names like:

D:\Dropbox\Dropbox\Travel (Selective Sync Conflict)

this folder has some of the files duplicated from this folder:


My problem now is that I can delete this folder, D:\Dropbox\Dropbox\Travel (Selective Sync Conflict).

But minutes later it reappears, presumably because it is on one or more other PCs.

How can I delete the Selective Sync Conflict folders permanently?

I have been tasked with using Filezilla to move 4 text files from a static location every month.  I am new to Filezilla and wondering if there is a way to schedule Filezilla to complete the transfer unattended?  I will have a login and password that could be included in the script.  The Filezilla will reside on a client server, so the server is always on.
i'm asked to implement and gathering requirement from our AD, FS, hybrid exchange to integrate with the new third party system of IDMS, PIM and DGM.

eg. work flow process
eg. record remote access from admin usage
eg. gathering ad, fs and email inventory record for auditing

However, i am very new and no much experience to their enterprise infra system comprises of 10,000 employees and require me to gather a lot of pro & con to integrate the new phrase IDMS (V4) to (V5), PIM (remote), DGM (Inventory) within a short period.

Can the 1-to-1 live chart or the experts exchange can provide me the help to complete this project or only troubleshooting.


i am looking one FTP Server /solution which can perform these

1)integrate with AD for authentication
2)per user i can map specific  folders  only (for example if he/she login to she/he can see only folders assigned to her/him back in FTP Server)
3)network shares (on NAS) can be mapped in FTP Server

ultimate goal is to provided users shared folders to work out of office without VPN
please anyone can guide regarding this ?
We’re having an issue with Autocad DWG files not locking when opened by a user.  A user will open a file on a windows share and start to edit, then another user will open the same file and the first user’s session will go from read/write to read only.  Here’s the rub:  It’s incredibly inconsistent.  Most of the time it works as advertised, but once or twice per day (70 users in the environment) someone will complain that it just went read-only for no reason.  The way it’s supposed to work is, when a file is opened the original gets changed from a .dwg to a .bak and a .dwl and .dwl2 file is written to the same directory to “lock” the file so other users can’t edit it.  The problem seems to be that sometimes the .dwl and .dwl2 files aren’t written to the share for 15 or 20 minutes (sometimes not at all) instead of writing there immediately (as far as I can tell).  When user 2 opens the same file, their computer will not see a .dwl or .dwl2 file and then it will create them, locking user 1’s drawing mid-flight.
Autodesk says this can be caused by network latency.  But I’ve checked and any users having the issue have <1ms ping to the server.  I’ve filtered out .dwl and .dwl2 files from antivirus but it seems to continue to happen.

All users on windows 10 x64 hard wired in, not on wifi
Server is 2008r2
Users all in the same permission groups

File Sharing Software

File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include manual sharing utilizing removable media, centralized servers on computer networks, World Wide Web-based hyperlinked documents, distributed peer-to-peer networking (P2P) and cloud-based file syncing.

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