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FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application that integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface (GUI) and security features, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens, or forms. FileMaker evolved from a DOS application, but since 1992 has been available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, and can be used in a cross-platform environment.

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I have a field set to send auto data ( D&R)

when I create a new record and go to the Kitchen tab the auto data dose not appear.
When I click on the check box next to it, the auto data appears.
If I take of the auto data, and I click on the check box next to it, it just places the check mark.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong...
I checked to make sure that each field has the correct values form is correct and are even spelled diff.

I have done the same in a diff tab and it works correctly, so i'm not sure why its not working on the kitchen tab.

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I created a simple 5 table db on FMP


right now I only have scopesheets with a relationship to ceiling.
this is the relastionship


I can start to input info without any problems.
I can input notes, with the time and date stamps without any problem.

But if I delete all of the notes it clears all the check boxes...

Very crazy, cant understand why it's doing this...

Can someone please help me to how to fix this and why it is happening so that I don't make this mistake again.

I've checked the version of FM and downloaded the exactly version corresponding updated from running the downloaded exe file as administrator on Windows 10.

I consistently get an installer message saying..

The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be  upgraded may be missing
 or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch.

FM Pro Adv works fine. I updated it to today before running the updater, which I want to get the 32 bit ODBC driver.

It seems to be a Windows installer originated issue - 10 home Version 1703 OS Build 15063.726.  Maybe it can't find the FM install path.

At a dead end, anyone else had this or any ideas how to troubleshoot / workaround ?

Many thanks
Hello. I built a database using FileMaker. In my table, each record has an automatically generated ID number (specific field): 1,2,3,4 5, etc....
When I delete a record, this field is not automatically renumbered. For example, if I delete record #3, my table will contain 1,2,4,5.
Is there a way I can automatically renumber to 1,2,3,4 and ensure that the last record ID corresponds to the total number of records?
The solution that Will gave me to auto start our Leads database so that employees won't have to do a File:OpenRemote, takes a long time after we upgraded from FM15 to 16.  I even recreated the database and created the table, fields, layout, and script from scratch and didn't save time.  The problem is that it takes so long to open (15 seconds?) that people click again and that hangs up FM.  It then never opens.
I need help building the following JSON using native Filemaker 16 commands

    "vehicles" : [
         "vehicle_id": "my_vehicle",
         "start_address": {
             "location_id": "berlin",
             "lon": 13.406,
             "lat": 52.537
    "services" : [
         "id": "hamburg",
         "name": "visit_hamburg",
         "address": {
           "location_id": "hamburg",
           "lon": 9.999,
           "lat": 53.552
         "id": "munich",
         "name": "visit_munich",
         "address": {
           "location_id": "munich",
           "lon": 11.570,
           "lat": 48.145
         "id": "cologne",
         "name": "visit_cologne",
         "address": {
           "location_id": "cologne",
           "lon": 6.957,
           "lat": 50.936
         "id": "frankfurt",
         "name": "visit_frankfurt",
         "address": {
           "location_id": "frankfurt",
           "lon": 8.670,
           "lat": 50.109

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We have FM 16 in a Windows environment integrated with an Exchange Server.  Boss asked if I can format font in an email.  There is a function (see below) in the email script for the text body, but it didn't work.  The text came through like all the other text in the body - Times New Roman.  Can you format font in an Email in FM 16, including text fonts, bolding and different colors?

TextFont ( "Loretta," ; "Arial Black" )
SQL 2012 is not supposed to be compatible with Filemaker 11 Server but I made it work. I have a live connection and wish to utilize it. Does anyone know of any risks in using it to import data from sql into filemaker? The company only supports up to SQL 2008, but our databases are all SQL 2012, and FileMaker 11.
I have a layout that is able to display a field that is defined as a calculation in its table. The data displays correctly. I then decided to add three more fields on  my layout using three more fields that were defined as calculations. When navigating through the records, i notice that only one of the four fields on my layout displays the data that is calculated on the table.  It only displays one of the four, not two or three or four, but just any one of the four.
Table A (User Settings) is in relationship with Table B (Device Settings).
The fields in the relationship are two:
ContactID = ContactID
UserLocation = DeviceLocation

All fields are entered in DeviceSettings table.
There is a dropdown on devices that is used to select the employee that is assigned that device.
That device is also entered with a value of either for field DeviceLocation: Local, Remote, etc.
The layout called User Settings is a layout that will house all the devices assigned to a user.
If an employee is at the local site as there work location, the relationship should display all items associated with that employee contact ID and place them in there corresponding field.
I used in the UserSettings table on the four fields the field type as : calculation.
I used the If structure to calculate the field. It works correctly when only one field is on the layout with the calculation field, but the moment i enter other calculated fields on the same layout, it only displays one of the four …
I need to create a cal that will allow a reminder...

So if a student take a CRP class today 10/26/17 the certification is good for 2 year so until 10/26/19.
I want to setup a reminder that will with conditional format turn red 3 month before, 2 months before & 1 month before the expiration of the students certification.

I have a date set up in courses so when the student take the class I simply input the date. I also have a reminder_on file.
Not sure how to processed from there.

attached is what i have so far in layout and design.

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So I have 4 tables


from how I see it it's like this...
one student can take manny courses so thats one to many.
one course can have many students  so thats also one to many
that makes them a many to many relationship.
to connect them I would use a join table (STUDENTS_courses)
The same would be true for the company and Instructors.

So my question is this....
Can I use the same (STUDENTS_courses) also as a join table? if so it would look like this.

Join table

Can this be done?
I'm not sure if I can only use one join table.

Any suggestions?

If it's wrong, what would be the correct way to do it?

Hello, I'm new to FM and already hitting a brick wall.

I have a layout "AssignUsersToCourse" and I can pick a course from a drop down per student with dual credit classes they are allowed to take based on their program, but I cannot figure out how to get the actual credit hours earned by the dual credit program. It always shows one value.

Database is attached.

Hope someone can help with this...

Can someone show me how to create a field that will should a found set of a search?

not sure how to go about it.

I created a container to be able to take a pic from FM GO, which I can as long as I am logged in as someone with full permissions.
I created a pri-set for user....

can anyone tell me what I need to do to allow for a user to be able to take a pic using a container without having full permissions?

FM Permissiosn
I set hide for the tool bar.
I create a script to go into find mode and be able to do a find.

Now I would like to be able to create

as is showed when the tool bar is allowed to be viewed.
Hello Everyone,

Finally back for Irma, 72 hour's on duty then home to do clean.
Everyone safe and house untouched, Thank God!

So here is my question.

I created a script that allowed me to send and email that was the layout in which that email button lives.
I was able to send the info on the layout as a PDF.
So I got that working correct and then I uploaded it to a VM Server Win2012 R2 which I install FM Server one and now when I run the same script while I do get the email I no longer get the attached PDF that I was getting before.

What I'm I doing wrong? I just uploaded the file to FMS
Is it a Server issue?
Do I need to save the file in a different location then when I had it running on just a PC desktop?

Thank you for all of your help.

The db is for tracking students that take classes, there are diff classes.

CPR/AED & First Aid

I want to be able to display 2 numbers.

I want to do a cal for the total number of students in each class...
so if there has been 50 CPR/AED classes in 1 year ( 12 months) I would like to get the total of that, one total for each class.

Then I would also want to get a total for each student in each classes, but for each company...
so if I teach the guys from the Coral Gables Fire Dept BLS/ACLS & PALS I want to see how many guys took the BLS and how many took the PALS ect...

so I want something like this...

Total students in one year  = 500
Company CGFD = 300
Company MDFD= 200

CGFD BLS = 250

I need a break down like the above for reports and some of will be on the layout for a quick look to see how many per company so far have taken which class.

If someone can show me how it's done as I have no clue how to string cal (put them together)

Thank you

How can I remove the tool bar for a user?

also are there any book that explain how to string commands
Is there a way to open attached PDB file, other than using Visual studio?
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I have a note field, and I want to be able to generate a date and time when I enter a not.
When I close it and reopen it I want to be able to add another note with a new  date and time stamp.

This way I can track when the note are made

Is there any tool to be able to open attached pdb file?
So in the state filed I setup the cal value to be upper (self) so the if I enter Fl it will auto switch to FL.
I also want it to be able to remove any format that a user may want to do to the txt, color font style ect..
The cal is  TextFormatRemove ( Self )
Tried diff ways but cant get both to work in same cal value

How do I create the cal in the value to make both work.

I need a custom function for filmmaker that will create an EAN 13 string of 13 digits, with the 13 digit being the checksum from a 12 digit input.
I confused.

I get the 1 to many and many to many and the join table to allow to communication between tables and why.

My issue is when you click on the sq in the middle of the relationship the one with the lines, when it open at the bottom is say

Allow creation of records in this table via the relationship.

ok I get that, and I get that from contacts to invoice if I want to use a portal or just put the fields in the contacts layout I can do that by way of Allow creation of records in this table via the relationship and a portal to view more records at the sametime from the invoice layout.

But I have seen layout that have relationship and not all use it.

So my confusion is when  and when not to use it,  what direction do I use it to get what effect, do I want to allow deletion or not and why not?

Is there something I can read to understand this better??

Have been looking on line for a few days and still can't get a straight simple answer .

So new to FMP

Reading a white paper by David Kachet

A bit confused, hopefully someone can clear this up for me.
As I understand it there is not one set way to create a Primary and Foreign Key Field.

So the question is which one in my sample is the better one to use and why?

I understand having the pk & fk in front to tell which is primary and which is foreign key, what is a bit confusing is if I don't use it and just connect ie. (contacts_id in contacts tables to contacts_id on the invoice table) but this is the example in these white paper and I have also seen it in some youtube videos.

Thank you.



FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application that integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface (GUI) and security features, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens, or forms. FileMaker evolved from a DOS application, but since 1992 has been available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, and can be used in a cross-platform environment.

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