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FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application that integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface (GUI) and security features, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens, or forms. FileMaker evolved from a DOS application, but since 1992 has been available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, and can be used in a cross-platform environment.

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I have a table in FM18 Adv which links to many other tables to pull in data,  a few create permissions via relationship but no deletes.

FM documentation clearly distinguishes between Delete Record and Delete Found Set.

The Find is done by a Job and Project number with 2 fields in the same table to determine what gets omitted.

When I delete a record using Delete Record from the menu in the whole foundset goes.

I've read articles on constraining foundset to only records to be deleted but would prefer not to as it then involves restoring the original find etc. but if there is no other way..

wonder if anyone can shed some light on this...

much appreciated
I have file maker pro 12.  I have a database that uses a portal and I store files from Excel checking "store only as a reference". When I open the file from the portal fnd try to make changes to the excel document , after saving and closing excel I find that when I re open the file the changes have not been saved. Is this inherent in file maker pro or is this a programming issue?
I'm creating a report in FileMaker Pro 13. The idea is a create a list of employee trainings and list everyone who is not trained to the most current revision of a training. So we have first name, last name, employee number, training number, training revision the employee trained to, and the most recent revision number of the training. I am pretty new to FMP, and have made a number of layouts, but never did any real work on this kind of thing- typically it has just been creating forms to generate records. How do I generate a list that only shows those fields for the highest revision of the training number? I did figure out how to set up conditional formatting to highlight anyone who is behind on a training, but there are cases where there are 30 or 40 revisions... and we are only interested in the highest revision number. So I need to display each employee training sorted by last name and training number, but only the record showing the max of the revision as well as the highest number in the "trained to revision" for each training number. I am guessing I would use some sort of calculation, but I have no idea how.... I'll take any suggestions... Thanks!
I had a field Score in which values read as 63 46 62 and some fields as 63 42 Ret'd.Now i need to display them as 6-3 4-6 6- 2.How can i show like this through custom function by using recursive function
I need help building the following JSON using native Filemaker 16 commands

    "vehicles" : [
         "vehicle_id": "my_vehicle",
         "start_address": {
             "location_id": "berlin",
             "lon": 13.406,
             "lat": 52.537
    "services" : [
         "id": "hamburg",
         "name": "visit_hamburg",
         "address": {
           "location_id": "hamburg",
           "lon": 9.999,
           "lat": 53.552
         "id": "munich",
         "name": "visit_munich",
         "address": {
           "location_id": "munich",
           "lon": 11.570,
           "lat": 48.145
         "id": "cologne",
         "name": "visit_cologne",
         "address": {
           "location_id": "cologne",
           "lon": 6.957,
           "lat": 50.936
         "id": "frankfurt",
         "name": "visit_frankfurt",
         "address": {
           "location_id": "frankfurt",
           "lon": 8.670,
           "lat": 50.109

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I have a layout that is able to display a field that is defined as a calculation in its table. The data displays correctly. I then decided to add three more fields on  my layout using three more fields that were defined as calculations. When navigating through the records, i notice that only one of the four fields on my layout displays the data that is calculated on the table.  It only displays one of the four, not two or three or four, but just any one of the four.
Table A (User Settings) is in relationship with Table B (Device Settings).
The fields in the relationship are two:
ContactID = ContactID
UserLocation = DeviceLocation

All fields are entered in DeviceSettings table.
There is a dropdown on devices that is used to select the employee that is assigned that device.
That device is also entered with a value of either for field DeviceLocation: Local, Remote, etc.
The layout called User Settings is a layout that will house all the devices assigned to a user.
If an employee is at the local site as there work location, the relationship should display all items associated with that employee contact ID and place them in there corresponding field.
I used in the UserSettings table on the four fields the field type as : calculation.
I used the If structure to calculate the field. It works correctly when only one field is on the layout with the calculation field, but the moment i enter other calculated fields on the same layout, it only displays one of the four …
The db is for tracking students that take classes, there are diff classes.

CPR/AED & First Aid

I want to be able to display 2 numbers.

I want to do a cal for the total number of students in each class...
so if there has been 50 CPR/AED classes in 1 year ( 12 months) I would like to get the total of that, one total for each class.

Then I would also want to get a total for each student in each classes, but for each company...
so if I teach the guys from the Coral Gables Fire Dept BLS/ACLS & PALS I want to see how many guys took the BLS and how many took the PALS ect...

so I want something like this...

Total students in one year  = 500
Company CGFD = 300
Company MDFD= 200

CGFD BLS = 250

I need a break down like the above for reports and some of will be on the layout for a quick look to see how many per company so far have taken which class.

If someone can show me how it's done as I have no clue how to string cal (put them together)

Thank you

I need a custom function for filmmaker that will create an EAN 13 string of 13 digits, with the 13 digit being the checksum from a 12 digit input.
Here's what I'm working with...

$FindInvoiceRecord = $FMInvoices->newFindCommand('Data Entry (XGA)');
$FindInvoiceRecord->addFindCriterion('InvoiceNumber', $InvoiceNumber);
$FindInvoiceRecordResult = $FindInvoiceRecord->execute();
$FoundRecords = $FindInvoiceRecordResult->getRecords();

$FMInvoiceRecordID = $FoundRecords[0]->getField('zRecordID');
$OriginalInvoiceNotes = $FoundRecords[0]->getField('InternalNotes');

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This works fine and loads my data as expected from the FileMaker record.  Then i'm trying to update the record...

$InvoiceUpdateData = array('InternalNotes' => $NewInvoiceNotes);
$InvoiceUpdateRecord = $FoundRecords[0]->newEditCommand('Data Entry (XGA)', $FMInvoiceRecordID, $InvoiceUpdateData);
$InvoiceUpdateRecordResult = $InvoiceUpdateRecord->execute();

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But this is telling me that newEditCommand() method is not found..??  Any information on what I'm doing wrong here would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

I need to make a Filemaker Pro application that will match a value in a table just like the following Excel formula:


I also included the Excel example.


Thanks for all your help :)

I created a layout based on a table (People). There are two global date fields in the table that I placed on the layout. When I go into Find Mode I can not enter any thing into those two fields.
Can it be done, if so how?

Would like to contact the person who helped David Aaron's with his freezer issues in April, 2006.

I am not able to view the solution that was provided.

I am having similar issues with my current setup and was hoping this solution would also assist me.

Thx!  J
WHen I into my admin console and try to close a database with no one connect to that database it seems to be doing nothing.

What is causing this and what would be the command line to save for example close rabbit.fmp12 ?
I added fully qualified ssl certificates to my remove fms14 server and rebooted the server.
When the server came back up no one is able to connect to their fmp12 files.

What do I need to do to fix this ?
We have a commission report I am trying to put together. The problem I run into is that we calculate commission on the job as a whole versus separate calculations for the base job, then another calculation for the first change order etc.  I have been able to create a report that has each base job and change order listed.(each one is a separate record with the Job# as the common denominator. ) I can list and sort by salesperson and job# but my total is where the problem is.  Since some individual records wishin the jobs are calculated at different rates 16% vs 14%, the totals are way off.   Is there a way to add up just the GetSummary fields by Salesperson?
The problem is opening a pdf file for view with filemaker go when the pdf is in a container that is an external open type container.  

Set variable [$output; Value:Get(TemporaryPath) & "sample.pdf"]
Export Field Contents [Chart Records::document; "$output"; Automatically open]

This just brings up "loading web..." and eventually fails.
A solution would be most welcome.
My filemaker application which has the ui separated from the data.  I would like to be able to locate all graphics in the application.

How can i do this ?
I am seeing same error on FM 13 pro - on find operation - on the layout which don't have any conditional formatting.What  could be the other reason to see such error ?
Trying to create a value list that displays only active products being used by a patient.
We have our patients table, medications table, products table.
The medications table house all current and previous medications that patient was using, such as product ID, contact ID, active or inactive status, and other miscellaneous information.
The products table houses all the information for a specific product, such as product ID, description, brand name, dosage strength, etc.
The patients table houses data such as, patient ID, contact ID, active status, etc.
On the patients layout, when products are added to a patient either it be an Rx or Ancillary product it would be placed in in a portal called Patients_Medications_Rx or Patients_medications_Ancillary, etc.
That would display the history of products that patient has used and is using. The same time there is a field that the user selects as if it is active or an inactive product.
When our user goes to make a delivery form from patients layout, the user would select from the Rx or Ancillary portion of the delivery form the products that patient is using. The problem is that it displays all the products including the "inactive" products.
I was trying to creat a value list that would only display the "Active" products per specific category of products such as "Ancillary, OTC, Rx, etc.

Assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.
We have some users who change data on records and then do not recall what the previous data was and at times leave it blank or enter inaccurate data. What we would like is to have the capability to track and keep history of users and times when certain fields were modified.  We would like these to go to a separate table. This table would document the previous data and the newly created data for comparison in the future. It will also document the name of the layout, table, and field.
Is there a function or script already established for such a request?
If not, is it possible to get some insight on what would be the best practice in building one?
Filemaker Pro 12 question

I am a high school teacher and I’m looking into the possibility of a correlation existing between calendar age and academic perfomance at our semestered school.

I set up a FMP db with one table and all the fields in that one table.

I have four fields:

1) Month_of_Birth (radio buttons: 01 -12)
2) Student_Mark (#)
3) Level (radio buttons: D, P, IB, L)
4) Semester (radio buttons: 02, 06, 07)

I would like to calculate averages based on this data. I assume I need to use a calculation field, but I am at a loss as how to proceed.

For example, I'd like to calculate the average mark for those born from Jan to Jul (inclusive), who are Levels "D" and "IB", in semesters "02" and "06".

Obviously, I'd like also to calculate the average mark for those born from Aug to Dec (inclusive), who are a Level "P", in semester "02" as well as other combinations and permutations.

I figure I'd be able to modify the code if I could get something for the first one.

Any ideas on how to write a calculation for this? Or do I need something else?

Thank you for your time.

Alex Crane
I have having difficulties trying to get my drop-down lists to display the accurate data instead of all the data.
I am trying to use pop-up menu for drop down list.
I have a "products" table, inside that table I have "brand name", "Product type", "item type", and " variety type", those are just some of the fields.
We have issues with employees entering multiple records in products and we need to curtail this.
Also, when we do finds, there are always inaccurate data.
What we are trying to accomplish is that when a user enters a new product, that some of the information be conditional drop-down menus.
For instance, I have a drop-down menu called "Item Type", such entries include: syringes, bandAids, gauze, catheters, etc.
This portion works correctly, it is joined to the "products" table by unique field "__kp_ItemType_ID" from "ItemType" table to "_kf_ItemType_ID" in the "Products" table.
Then from the "ItemType" table, there is a table joined to it called "ItemTypeVariety", it is joined in relationship by unique field "__kp_ItemType_ID" from "ItemType" table to "_kf_ItemType_ID" in the "ItemTypeVariety" table.
I tried to create a pop-up menu to display only the "itemTypeVarieties". associated with the "itemType"
For example, bandAids ("Item Type") can have "itemTypeVarieties" of : children, medicated, sports, etc.
The way it is suppose to work is when a new bandAid is entered into the system, they would select "Band-Aid" and then select from the variety of children,…

FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application that integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface (GUI) and security features, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens, or forms. FileMaker evolved from a DOS application, but since 1992 has been available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, and can be used in a cross-platform environment.

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