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FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application that integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface (GUI) and security features, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens, or forms. FileMaker evolved from a DOS application, but since 1992 has been available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, and can be used in a cross-platform environment.

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I would like to compare the text in a field before a checkbox set field is changed (OnObjectEnter) and after it is changed (OnObjectSave) to return what is different.  Is there a function for that?  Can't find it.
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Boss want Filemaker to be able to export to a pre-existing Fillable form (Bloomberg).  Is that possible or what workaround would you suggest?
Have SuperContainer which allows me to drag and drop files on a container field, which creates a file path and stores the file in it.  However, we have some large files that tend to cause a drag on Filemaker, so I want to create a button where I can store "additional files."  Currently, I have about 30 large files I'd like to just dump in a folder on the server and have a button in FM that accesses them.  I'd like this button to EITHER open the folder path or create it if it is not there (opening is easy; the creating is the problem).  

Is there a way in Filemaker or SuperContainer or some other (hopefully free) method to do what I describe?  

Thank you.
Hello, I have a FM Pro 15 Advanced Script, which has trouble setting the specified field values, I've a feeling there is a 'Filemaker' way to do it and I've missed out a step or two but unable to so far to glean from forums what that might be. Any pointers much appreciate:

Context: table

Valid Relationship: table = table 7 on Field1, Field2, Field3

Script step that doesn’t work:  Set Field by Name [table 7::field4]; table 7::field4 + 1

Field 4 is number.  I am trying to get the current last record reference number for a document and insert the next number to specified field which is also a number. The calculation will return correct number to dialog assigned  as a variable. But not set to field. No obvious errors popup.
In Filemaker Pro 10 , can it be done or does it require a later version?
I want to have a default value in a field that requires a value from a value list.
Field is "Language" default would be English.
In Options for field
I selected Auto-enter and entered English in data box.
for Validation I choose Always validate and
                                          Allow change during data entry
Under Requires: Member of Value list

Most records will be English, so I don't want everyone to have to worry about filing in the field, only those that are other than English.
I have a script that enters an employees initials and date into a comments field and forces previous comments to the next row with a hard return.  However, is there a script step where I can have the cursor go back to the beginning or arrow up to the prior row with the initials and date because it is leaving me on the previous line.  I'm experimenting with this method instead of a sub table of comments shown in a portal since I'm in table format.  Thanks.
I had this question after viewing Filemaker repeating field problem.

The issue is with Filemaker Repetition fields.  In a Contacts file, I wish to place the entered value of the field "DP"  in the repetition corresponding to the day of the week in the field, "DP Day",  based on the value present in any repetition of the field"Day".    
Three fields:  Field 1. is "DP" ~ a single entered value;  
Field 2 "Day" ~ is a Text [7] repetition field ~ each repetition can contain blank or numbers (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) corresponding to the day of the week.
Field 3 "DP Day" ~ is a Text [7] repetition filed ~ contains the value of "DP" in the repetition corresponding to the day of the week.

e.g. If Field 1 -  "DP" ='s 100;  and Field 2 -"Day" contains (blank, 3, 7, blank, blank, blank, 4) in the repetitions; The resulting values in Field 3 - "DP Day" should result in the values (blank, 100, 100, blank, blank, blank, 100)

Looking for the equation that will result in the above solution.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Bill Rock
Is there still no interactive way to sort a portal?  Last technique I used was to use tabs, duplicate the portal, and sort the portal based on the tab headings, which I have made one per column.
Client is using LogMeIn remoting service to access remote computers that are running a clinic app with Filemakerpro as a key component.  Through that arrangement, they are printing locally; in this case, prescriptions.

The LogMeIn system nicely sets up printers that are local to the user and remote to the application (note I've flipped "local" and "remote" here!).
Like this:
User remotes into application computer and runs the application.
User, via the app and remoting software, prints "remotely" (from the app computer) back to the client's computer environment.

The printer in question is networked and working fine.
It shows up on the remote app as a LogMeIn remoted printer.

Here is the problem:
Occasionally, prescriptions won't print at all .. I've been able to deal with that.
However, the next thing is that the prescriptions print off to the right edge off the paper and what is printed is mirrored.

I've fixed this before but it's been so long that I can't even find the solution any longer.
I have enabled Force Bitmap Printing to get the printing to work at all.
Now, my notes say: "will only print prescriptions using Java in order to avoid "mirroring".  I can't find any reference to that.  It's NOT about programming anything with Java I can tell you that!  I'm sure it's a selection but where?

This time I'll write it down... promise.
Is there a way to set a separate tab order for Browse vs. Find mode?  Doesn't seem to be in the Set Tab Order dialogue box.  Would be very helpful.
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In one of my layouts, I have the property code set #1 in the tab order, but unlike other layouts, when I do a find, it selects another field.  Any ideas?  And, yes, the Find Mode is selected in the Inspector.  In Browse mode, it is in Table View if that makes a difference.
Has anyone found any major problems with Filemaker 17?  We currently have FM 16 and are completely dissatisfied it.  Instead of the usual 3-4 seconds, it takes anywhere from 8-15 seconds to open AND sometimes it doesn't open at all.  Worked with FM tech support for a year and tried all the solutions in EE, but couldn't figure it out.  Seems that FM 16 doesn't always close out all the way because a reboot seems to solve the problem of not opening up, though not the delay problem.  Appreciate any advice on FM 17.  Thank you.

I have one table with fields for COSTCENTRE and ANNUALBUDGET.
The table has 7 records

I have another table with fields for COSTCENTRE, ACTUAL and TOTALACTUAL (which is a summary of the ACTUAL)
There are many records in this table

I want a report that shows the COSTCENTRE, its BUDGET and the total of all the transactions for that cost centre on the same line.
I would also like to see the variance between the BUDGET and the TOTALACTUAL
How do I do this?

The tables are related through the COSTCENTRE fieldKHub-for-EE.fmp12

Many thanks

Filemaker Pro 13 - need to know how to copy a field with a script. I have a layout that contains a button. Due to internal controls, this layout has to be populated, then the person who filled it out has to click a button and copy two of the fields to another table in a separate database. This seems like a simple script, but I am not proficient in composing FMP scripts, and all of the results from Google are data imports and exports. I have hundreds of users with Filemaker Pro, and a single license of FileMaker Pro Advanced on the server that shares the databases. The users do not have access to the Advanced edition, so I am trying to do this complete in the "non-Advanced" version that they will be using. How do I do this?
When printing from Filemaker, there is a text field being used for notes but it keeps getting cut off after two pages. Is there a size limit on what can be printed out from one text field within Filemaker Pro?
filemaker pro 14 "save as pdf "
I created a layout with some labels and fields and tried to save it as PDF.I didnt used any scripts.But when i saved it as PDF,the field widths are getting reduced by few points.It is showing difference in widths in A4 size paper after i print the pdf.
Can anyone help me out of this problem.Thanks in advance.
Can You Create Dynamic Columns for Portals?  My boss wants to choose which columns he wants to show because we're running out of screen room etc.  Only way I can think of doing it is to create a pop up layout in table view where he has the column picker.  Any suggestions?
Is there an easy way to put a portal scroll on the left side instead of the right?  Don't see an option for it in portal settings.
One of my employees/customers gets a strange font in Filemaker if they close it out and then reopen it.  The only way they can clear up this problem is to reboot their whole PC.  We've scanned their PC for viruses and malware with no luck.  Any ideas?
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Trying to separate out addresses and cities that have been placed in the same field with only a space to separate them.  I've captured many street abbreviations, but how would I capture the address for something like 100 Hwy 16 Los Angeles?  I attempted to put a Find wildcard of ** like you see below to capture a two-digit number, but it didn't work.  Are there any wildcards that can be used in a calculation field?

PatternCount ( SuperMarketsList::Address; "Hwy ") = 1;
Left ( SuperMarketsList::Address ; Position ( SuperMarketsList::Address ; "Hwy ** "; "" ; 1 ) + 2 ) ;
ON the server, the Admin Console No Longer Appears in the Browser.  Could it be because of a Java or Windows upgrade?  Using FM server 16.0.3
I had a problem with import records function.In script i given arrange by option as"custom import order".But after running script for 1 time,when i'm trying to run for 2nd time,the option is reverted to "last order".Can't we fix this problem??.I searched everywhere,but i didn't found the solution.
Can anyone help me in this situation.
I have a field set to send auto data ( D&R)

when I create a new record and go to the Kitchen tab the auto data dose not appear.
When I click on the check box next to it, the auto data appears.
If I take of the auto data, and I click on the check box next to it, it just places the check mark.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong...
I checked to make sure that each field has the correct values form is correct and are even spelled diff.

I have done the same in a diff tab and it works correctly, so i'm not sure why its not working on the kitchen tab.

I created a simple 5 table db on FMP


right now I only have scopesheets with a relationship to ceiling.
this is the relastionship


I can start to input info without any problems.
I can input notes, with the time and date stamps without any problem.

But if I delete all of the notes it clears all the check boxes...

Very crazy, cant understand why it's doing this...

Can someone please help me to how to fix this and why it is happening so that I don't make this mistake again.

I've checked the version of FM and downloaded the exactly version corresponding updated from running the downloaded exe file as administrator on Windows 10.

I consistently get an installer message saying..

The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be  upgraded may be missing
 or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch.

FM Pro Adv works fine. I updated it to today before running the updater, which I want to get the 32 bit ODBC driver.

It seems to be a Windows installer originated issue - 10 home Version 1703 OS Build 15063.726.  Maybe it can't find the FM install path.

At a dead end, anyone else had this or any ideas how to troubleshoot / workaround ?

Many thanks

FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application that integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface (GUI) and security features, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens, or forms. FileMaker evolved from a DOS application, but since 1992 has been available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, and can be used in a cross-platform environment.

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