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Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is available for use on Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD operating systems.

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Hi Experts,

       I want to create a colored scrollbar like this(green color).  Please see the below image for reference.   I read some articles stating Firefox doesn't allow colored scrollbar. is it true?

colored scroll bar
Please get back to me.  

With Many thanks,

Bharath AK
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Hi- a computer tech here replaced our hard drive, which was crapping out. He said he moved everything over, but we had to download and reinstall Thunderbird email client and Firefox.

The problem is, we don't have the bookmarks or histry in FF, and we created a new profile in Thunderbird, but we don't have any of the old folders or sent emails.

Now, we do have a macrium reflect image which I can browse, from just a few days ago. I copied the profiles from appdata into each of the profile folders on the new C drive.

But still no luck. What am I missing? Thanks!
Using Outlook Web Access (OWA) to an Exchange 2010 server with Firefox. In the compose new message window I am unable to attach a file. I click the paperclip icon in that window's toolbar and get no response. The other buttons on the toolbar are also unresponsive. It is not a problem with other browsers and it also works in Firefox with the "light" version of OWA. I tried removing any popup restrictions but it didn't help. Seems to have started recently, presumably after a Firefox update. I have also tried updating the Exchange server without effect.

What could be the problem? Where should I focus my investigations?
hello Everyone,

can someone provide step by step guide on how to restore the data in a FirefoxOLD firefox data browser using the "Old Firefox Data" folder placed on the desktop by Firefox during a browser upgrade.

I was upgrading the Firefox browser, as usual it create a data backup folder and it place it on the desktop. when i restarted the computer the new Firefox browser is working but completely new. non of the bookmarks or favorites have been saved. So i hope i can recovery the favorites from the folder i have in the desktop.  

i tried for option to restore or import but i can t find any. can someone please help me to restore the favorites ?

I am attaching the folder created by Firefoc hopefully containing all de data belonging to the old browser before the upgrade,

Thank you
Hello Community Members

I have Edge as "MY FAVOURITE" browser BUT also access/use Chrome and Firefox

Trying to organize My favourites EDGE as have about 30 bookmark folders BUT CANNOT seen to do it lol

Want to:

      1) A-Z and/or Z-A
      2) Use Categories / Keywords
      3) And Tags and Colour Management
IF not Keywords and Tags (are) the same - thing ?

Has anyone got some idea of any apps ALREADY there for this OR an extension for the browser

Or know a coder/programmer who could do it ALSO I have Visual Studio Community (just installed a few days/weeks ago) and do it My-self !

Time and your help AND advice is SO MUCH VALUED !

Best ALWAYS Paul M
My daugther is currently often shown on TV (malformation of the arm at birth in France...)
I can see it afterwards via several TV station on Firefox : is there a way to record these ?
And also an easy way to copy press articles ?
Dear Experts, I have a weird problem with RDweb and Outlook.

1). Firefox is opened fullscreen on the screen.
2). Above Firefox is Outloko fullscreen aswell.
3). When I hover my mouse over a email and stop moving for 2-4 second. Outlook minimizes
4). At the moment I click or move my mouse again. Outlook jumps back to full screen.

All of this is happening via RDweb.

I may think that this pop-up has something to do with it.
I have a customer who switched their website over to SquareSpace and use a calendar that derives its information from a Google Calendar - everything was working fine until about a week ago when only one person can see the calendar on their system - and only on Firefox, not IE or Chrome.  Other people get a permissions error or says it cannot display in the frame.  I have had them try different browsers, clearing cache/history but same issue.  The link is:  https://www.fpcsiouxfalls.org/calendar/

window.close is not working Mozilla firefox. Anybody having idea on this. Please provide suggestion for this.
I have been using MalwareBytes for many years.  I purchased the product and have the Premium version installed.

I use Firefox as my browser and the Google 'www.google.com' page as my search screen.  

This combo has worked perfectly over many years but now I'm getting these popup on every search I try from the Google page.  It does not happen when I try to search form another page such as MSN.
MalwareBytes Message 1Malware Bytes Message 2

This is only happening in Firefox.  It does not happen when I google search from with Explorer 11.
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Selenium IDE

I want to test Firefox Web

1 / Click Event : Selenium Understand it
2 / Right-Click Event : Selenium can't

Anyone knowledge help to solve it

Email : phuongnamvu@gmail.com
I do not want my users to right in a iFrame and save the file onto the  computer.

I was able to control it on Chrome web browser but only version 60 and 64 versions of Chrome. I am able to right click in the iframe and save  the document in Internet Explorer and FIrefox browsers.

How can I disable right click in an iframe that display a PDF file or is there any way to ensure that the PDF file being viewed can disable the save/print options.
I load a php generated html page in the browser & it just get's stuck. Nothing shows on the page (in the browser). I have tried it with FireFox & Chrome.

Some clues:
 This code is at the VERY end of the document (obtained by "view source" in Firefox).
nosumm = "1"
	if (nosumm == "1") {
		window.location = "send_email_ls250.php?ddocs=" + ddocs;
	} else {
		document.getElementById("container").style.visibility = 'visible';

Open in new window

I'm expecting it to drop through and execute this javascript, seems like it doesn't.

Can that be happening? It's ignoring the last <script>.

As a reference, I attached the COMPLETE HTML file.
I am running the ATT Speed Test (http://speedtest.att.com/speedtest/) in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The download test works great (54 Mbps) . . . but the upload test (20 Mbps) appears then all of a sudden this message:

"Error:  Test Cancelled due to browser tab switch"

What does that mean?
My domain a 2008 R2 server on a 192.168.0.X.
I can nearly view all webpages but there are a few that have recently started to give errors when I try to access them.
I get the error in firefox or similar on other browsers:
We can’t connect to the server at www.facebook.com.
If that address is correct, here are three other things you can try:

    Try again later.
    Check your network connection.
    If you are connected but behind a firewall, check that Firefox has permission to access the Web.

I suspect it may be a DNS issues bu tsince I can view any other webpage just a few specific how can I tell?
How do I remove AD BLOCKER from Firefox for one particular site?
Hi everybody,

I have only one Exchange 2016 CU9 server with all roles. It's working fine.

I have one problem with OWA from external. The external IP of the Exchange server is a NAT in internal server IP.

When I'm in external, if I go on the OWA, I have the form that ask me for the username and password.
I enter the credentials and I have this error. Same problem with Firefox and Chrome.  

If I click on "Refresh the page", owa is displayed and working fine.

I did a lot of tests.
If I did the same thing but i'm waiting 2-3 second before enter my credentials, owa is weel and immediately displayed. It's like there's a timeout.

I don't have problem with Outlook and autodiscover, only this "timeout" with owa.

Do you have an idea ?
Many thanks for your help.
Best regards
I have a script .sh file which delete chrome data in iMAC and it works great.
How can I accomplish same for Firefox and Safari as I want all history and everything deleted and when current user opens firefox and safari it should open like a brand new one. Anyway to accomplish this via command line or script?

Text wont wrap in firefox

Just done some updates on my website and I've noticed the code box text does not wrap any more?
It works fine in Safari but when I open it in Firefox or Opera this happens;

text wont wrap
source URL:https://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0001469

Whats wrong in my CSS?

Im probably going to be asking a few questions today :(
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Win7Pro/64. Firefox latest version. Friend was copying some data from my machine and using Firefox. Next day, the Firefox screen was in the middle of my dual monitor setup, 1/3 on one side of bezels, rest on the other. I've read about this problem on single monitors where only a third or half of the FF screen comes up. I tired all the suggestions - deleting the two files always mentioned, looking for something in the FF profile that might affect this. I can grab and move the screen, but the position will not stick after FF shutdown and restart - only half the window shows, or in my case, window split between two monitors. Again, I've tried all the Mozilla forum suggestions save a reset/refresh. This does not happen with any other program.
I created a 301 redirect on .htaccess file on linux shared server website

I did it incorrectly and have changed redirect to another website

But firefox browser windows 10 (my machine only: I did not try on other computers) still has first redirect.
I dont want to close browser or restart my windows 10 computer
I am using a third party theme for an admin/dashboard area and everything works fine except in Firefox. When I try to perform a particular action I get this error in console:

unreachable code after return statement

This is the code it seems to be complaining about...

         handleDropPosition: function() {
                if (dropdown.options.dropAuto == true) {
                    if (Plugin.isInVerticalViewport() === false) {
                        if (dropdown.currentDropPos == 'up') {
                            dropdown.currentDropPos = 'down';
                        } else if (dropdown.currentDropPos == 'down') {
                            dropdown.currentDropPos = 'up'; 

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Hi Experts,

I just recently purchased a MacBook Air for myself to learn more about the operating system and how to use it, so my knowledge of how to configure things in it is pretty elementary, if non existant.

I have a problem I can't seem to find a suitable solution with google. On my install, I have 3 icons that appear as Question marks instead of their icons. Please see example image below.

Icons are a Question Mark
Can anyone explain how I can resolve this, so that the Grammarly, Firefox and Skype icons appear as they should?

Please note: Including any screenshots with your comments if possible (that you think may be helpful) would be a real bonus for me and much appreciated at this stage of my learning curve ;-)
I am running my desktop on Linux Mint 19.0. Recently when I use any browser (Firefox, Chrome), uncountable tabs appear which I didn't request. I re-installed Firefox and Chrome, I have rebooted the machine but to no avail. Does anybody know what the problem is and how to fix this?
Hi guys

In October, our Symantec EV SSL certificate will be dis-trusted in Chrome and in Firefox, meaning anyone who visits our website will get a certificate error before being able to browse the site. Not great for an ecommerce website!

The current EV SSL certificate is due to expire in December, but to avoid this issue, we’ll need to renew by October 16th at the very latest.

We have two options:

1.      Purchase a new EV SSL certificate from a different provider, such as Comodo.
2.      Switch to using the wildcard certificate that we have for our website. This will mean we no longer have an EV SSL certificate for .

Option number 2 is the cheapest and easiest option, but it means we lose our EV SSL certificate, including all of the security and visual elements of this (such as green browser bar). This apparently affects conversion, as greater customer trust in the website means they are more likely to buy.

Any alternatives or suggestions that you have?

Thank you






Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is available for use on Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD operating systems.