Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is available for use on Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD operating systems.

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I have a script .sh file which delete chrome data in iMAC and it works great.
How can I accomplish same for Firefox and Safari as I want all history and everything deleted and when current user opens firefox and safari it should open like a brand new one. Anyway to accomplish this via command line or script?

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I have a relatively simple page that renders differently depending on whether the page is located on the web server or on the browsing system as a local file.  The HTML file being rendered is identical in both cases.  The problem appears to occur only in Firefox.  IE renders correctly for both situations.

While it is true that embedding styles in a link is not considered "best practice", the only links where this particular styling are desired are at the bottom of the page.

The server is Apache, and I have checked that the HTML being received (appears to be) the same as the HTML file on the host.

What is the issue causing this rendering difference?

 Rendering difference

<!-- Site subsection and site global nav table -->

     <FONT FACE="ARIAL,HELVETICA,SWISS,VERDANA"><A HREF="index.html" style="text-decoration:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #DDAA77; color: #000000">This Page</A></FONT>
  <TD WIDTH="33%">
        <FONT FACE="ARIAL,HELVETICA,SWISS,VERDANA"><A HREF="index.html" style="text-decoration:none; border-bottom: 1px solid #DDAA77; color: #000000">That Page</A></FONT>
  <TD WIDTH="34%">
    <FONT FACE="ARIAL,HELVETICA,SWISS,VERDANA"><A HREF="index.html" style="text-decoration:none; border-bottom: 1px solid 

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Text wont wrap in firefox

Just done some updates on my website and I've noticed the code box text does not wrap any more?
It works fine in Safari but when I open it in Firefox or Opera this happens;

text wont wrap
source URL:

Whats wrong in my CSS?

Im probably going to be asking a few questions today :(
Win7Pro/64. Firefox latest version. Friend was copying some data from my machine and using Firefox. Next day, the Firefox screen was in the middle of my dual monitor setup, 1/3 on one side of bezels, rest on the other. I've read about this problem on single monitors where only a third or half of the FF screen comes up. I tired all the suggestions - deleting the two files always mentioned, looking for something in the FF profile that might affect this. I can grab and move the screen, but the position will not stick after FF shutdown and restart - only half the window shows, or in my case, window split between two monitors. Again, I've tried all the Mozilla forum suggestions save a reset/refresh. This does not happen with any other program.
I created a 301 redirect on .htaccess file on linux shared server website

I did it incorrectly and have changed redirect to another website

But firefox browser windows 10 (my machine only: I did not try on other computers) still has first redirect.
I dont want to close browser or restart my windows 10 computer
I am using a third party theme for an admin/dashboard area and everything works fine except in Firefox. When I try to perform a particular action I get this error in console:

unreachable code after return statement

This is the code it seems to be complaining about...

         handleDropPosition: function() {
                if (dropdown.options.dropAuto == true) {
                    if (Plugin.isInVerticalViewport() === false) {
                        if (dropdown.currentDropPos == 'up') {
                            dropdown.currentDropPos = 'down';
                        } else if (dropdown.currentDropPos == 'down') {
                            dropdown.currentDropPos = 'up'; 

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Hi Experts,

I just recently purchased a MacBook Air for myself to learn more about the operating system and how to use it, so my knowledge of how to configure things in it is pretty elementary, if non existant.

I have a problem I can't seem to find a suitable solution with google. On my install, I have 3 icons that appear as Question marks instead of their icons. Please see example image below.

Icons are a Question Mark
Can anyone explain how I can resolve this, so that the Grammarly, Firefox and Skype icons appear as they should?

Please note: Including any screenshots with your comments if possible (that you think may be helpful) would be a real bonus for me and much appreciated at this stage of my learning curve ;-)
I am running my desktop on Linux Mint 19.0. Recently when I use any browser (Firefox, Chrome), uncountable tabs appear which I didn't request. I re-installed Firefox and Chrome, I have rebooted the machine but to no avail. Does anybody know what the problem is and how to fix this?
Hi guys

In October, our Symantec EV SSL certificate will be dis-trusted in Chrome and in Firefox, meaning anyone who visits our website will get a certificate error before being able to browse the site. Not great for an ecommerce website!

The current EV SSL certificate is due to expire in December, but to avoid this issue, we’ll need to renew by October 16th at the very latest.

We have two options:

1.      Purchase a new EV SSL certificate from a different provider, such as Comodo.
2.      Switch to using the wildcard certificate that we have for our website. This will mean we no longer have an EV SSL certificate for .

Option number 2 is the cheapest and easiest option, but it means we lose our EV SSL certificate, including all of the security and visual elements of this (such as green browser bar). This apparently affects conversion, as greater customer trust in the website means they are more likely to buy.

Any alternatives or suggestions that you have?

Thank you
My company redirects a user based on if they are logged into Facebook or not. But we are having cross browser issues and I need another set of eyes.

Firefox blocks the connection to Facebook if tracking protection is on, not sure if I can get around that. I just need a popup to open even if login status fails. I tried a delayed meta refresh and that didn't even work.

	  window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
	    FB.init({appId: '' . $fb_app_id . '', status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true});
	    FB.getLoginStatus(function(f) {
		if (!f && f.status) return;
		       if (f.status == 'connected') {
				var url = "";
				url = new URL(url);, "_self");
		        } else if (f.status == 'not_authorized') {
				var url = "";
				url = new URL(url);, "_self");
		       } else {
				var url = "";
				url = new URL(url);, "_self");
	  (function() {
	    var e = document.createElement('script'); e.async = true;
	    e.src = document.location.protocol +

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I need to find out if my desktop can be fixed for free, using my own skill level and get my pop ups and get the virus out of my computer.  I do not have  much savy on computers and i really like using but the last two years or longer, it's been going on. Linus 17 has kept every type of self help from being done. That's why i am here, because i am at my wits end. Can you help me at all, for free, or is it out of the question?  Desperate in the Hoosier state, and i do not mean maybe.
I have linus 17, and I use Firefox, I can not get rid of pop ups and I suspect I have multi virus in my computer. The Linus will not allow any kind of self repair of any kind, including online. I have limited income because of Social Security. I have had this for well over two years what can I do in such negative circumstances? Please help, in DIRE NEED IN THE HOOSIER STATE.
I'm having an odd pop-up problem with Firefox (61.0.2 64-bit on a Windows 10 system). Only on a few websites, a pop-up appears covering most of the screen with the rest of the web page visible but darkened. The pop-up has an "X" in the upper right corner but clicking it has no effect. The pop-up cannot be closed. The underlying web page may be read by scrolling it "beneath" the pop-up. The only way I have found to remove the pop-up is to close that tab on Firefox.

One website where this happens frequently is, especially when looking at a restaurant-review page on the site. (It can take a minute or so for the pop-up to appear.) Attached is a combined screenshot showing the complete webpage with the pop-up present and the Firefox detail for the pop-up image.

Combined screenshots shoing the pop-up and details of the image file
Restarting Firefox with all add-ons disable has no effect.

Does anyone know how to get the pop-up "X" active so the pop-up can be removed?

Thanks, Pete
Summary: Firefox does not display some web pages properly on Windows 10 64-bit PC. Significant troubleshooting already done. Looking for a solution.


I am trying to come back to Firefox after getting frustrated with Chrome. I installed the latest 32-bit version (64.0.1) although I also saw the same problem with the latest 64-bit version (now uninstalled.)

The New York Times ( home page displays properly. Pages inside their website do not display properly. I see the page briefly and then it disappears and the browser window is entirely a white screen. The pages display normally in Chrome and Internet Explorer. Here are some example URLs:

This also occurs with some other web pages. For example, on the following page none of the text displays on Firefox:

Clicking the Read Mode icon produces a mostly-blank page with the statement that the file failed to load.

There is no redirection – Firefox does not forward to any other page – it just displays a blank page with the expected URL.

The only extensions installed are: AdBlock Plus, Copy PlainText, LastPass. The only plugins installed are OpenH264 and Widevine, as automatically installed by Firefox.

This article shows how to save the names and URLs of open Firefox tabs in a plain text file with FoxyTab, a Featured Extension. I tested it in the latest Firefox Quantum release (61.0.1 on this article's publication date), both 32-bit and 64-bit, and in Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 — all worked perfectly.
Firefox has been a dog on my Windows 10 computer for the past six months.  I closed it out and Chrome just seems to keep on pluggin.  I've done some uninstalls/reinstalls of the application a couple of times as I tend to try bounce  between the two.  I was wondering if other people experience high memory usage and general slow response for page loads or is it just me.  Any steps to correct this beyond, cache, cookies, and some other basic steps?     I removed all plugins and there is no Flash on my computer beyond the built in Chrome one.  Some sage advice would be appreciated.
Bandwidth much more narrow in Firefox than other browsers..?
When making a bandwidth check with or from Edge and Chrome I get 110-125 Mbps in download, while only 15-40 Mbps in Firefox.
PC with Win10 (up to date with Windows Update) and Firefox (also up to date).

No plugins/addons in Firefox to limit bandwidth. No difference when starting Firefox in safe mode either...

Any ideas?
I have a crashed computer and I have pulled the hard drive and plugged it into a device and I can see the hard disk now as a drive letter and on another computer and I can access all files.  Is there a location that I can find firefox, IE, and Chrome bookmarks?
I need to get into a test server that that has woocommerce on it.  Originally it had an ssl cert but now it doesn't.  I keep getting this error in Firefox 61.

I have tried this in other browsers too and get a similar result.  I have access to the db and I have removed the https from the site url and the home link.  I have deleted the cookies corresponding to the url I am using to access the dashboard.

Searching wp_options for ssl I get these rows -

I did use Really Simple SSL as a plugin but don't know how to turn if off with access to the dashboard.

I just need to get into the dashboard and check some settings.  Can anyone help me get into my dashboard?
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Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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Hi Experts,

Each year I have data in an Excel 2007 spreadsheet which I want to enter into forms on several webpages for filing tax.  No logging in is required.
The solution will need to give me the opportunity to manually check the entries made on each page before submitting it (but if I find a problem I'm willing to abort, fix it, and restart if needed).

This is the first webpage that needs to be submitted:

I don’t think I’ll bother posting my input data (the spreadsheet) because its layout is flexible and I don’t think we need to get into that level of detail.  I am a programmer, but I’m wanting ideas on what tools to use, and the basics of reading the data from the spreadsheet and transferring it to the webpage.  Maybe a bit of code to get started would be helpful.

Would AutoIt be a good choice for this?  If so, should I basically follow this tutorial from 2016, installing the extra bits of software recommended in it?  If so, how would I read the data from the spreadsheet?
Or would iMacros but a good choice?  I would have thought it wouldn't.

Environment & limitations:
-      Windows XP (yes, all the latest technology).
-      Firefox 52 ESR.
-      Can’t use IE (which is version 8 and can't be upgraded in XP) because the webpage doesn’t seem to support it.
-      I’m only interested in free options.

Hello Experts,

Does anyone  know of either a paid or free service that lists high-risk private VPN services? We would like to see if there is a good one to use to integrate with our firewall. BTW, my suggestion was to put a WAF up I have been asked to explore IP intelligence services first.

Thank you,
I am working on Firefox automation
When I run
document.elementFromPoint(x, y)
it return XULElement

How can I click on it?
If I run
document.elementFromPoint(x, y).click();
this does not work
Still struggling with php/mySQL/ajax registration script. Now getting CORS error "Cross-Origin Request Blocked"  This may be FF issue because I'm not getting the error on Chrome.  I'm not clear why this error when everything is within Also, I tried to suppress the error by pasting in the .htaccess file recommended by H5BP.  In the end, my script is able to connect with the database, but no data is uploaded

I have an issue accessing Youtube. When I enter in the address bar, I am redirected to
I tried this with Firefox, Chrome and IE. I can not see embedded videos either.

Same problem with vimeo (redirection to as well), but no issue with dailymotion.

Note: is not even my default homepage !

What could be the problem ??

Thank you for your help.
Hello Experts,
We have an internal domain 2012 CA and recently we issued a new certificate to intercept the SSL traffic between client and Bluecoat SG Proxy

We can open websites through Google Chrome and IE  but in Firefox  leads to a warning about not a valid certificate authority.

All our domain computers using Firefox receiving the error.

How this can be solved ?
Appreciating any help and suggestions.






Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is available for use on Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD operating systems.

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