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A font is a particular size, weight and style of a typeface. Each font is a matched set of type, one piece (called a "sort") for each glyph, and a typeface consists of a range of fonts that share an overall design. With the advent of digital typography, font is frequently synonymous with typeface, although the two terms do not necessarily mean the same thing. In particular, the use of "vector" or "outline" fonts means that different sizes of a typeface can be dynamically generated from one design. Each style may still be in a separate "font file" -- for instance, the typeface "Futura" may include the fonts "Futura roman", "Futura italic", "Futura bold" and "Futura extended" —- but the term "font" might be applied either to one of these alone or to the whole typeface.

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Is there a VBA script which will selectively modify the formatting of text within a cell in Excel?

For example, suppose you've got a cell with the following text entry:

The cell itself is formatted to Tahoma/Regular/10/Automatic but,
• the word "brown" has been modified to Tahoma/Bold/10/Brown,
• the word "jumps" has been modified to Tahoma/Regular/14/Automatic, and
• the number "1" has been modified to Tahoma/Superscript/10/Automatic.

With the VBA, is it possible to modify selected parts of the cell based on formatting? For example, suppose you want to change the word brown to green font but leave the remainder of the cell contents unchanged? Obviously that can be done manually, but is there a VBA code that will do it automatically?

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How to save the Roboto Cn font on MS Word and PPT?
I am trying to add a barcode to a crystal report but i am having no luck so far.
I have tried using barcode39 and barcode128.
I have created a formula field, chosen basic syntax and pasted in the formula. I have then edited the data field to link to the field in my table, like so: "TABLE_NAME.FIELD_NAME"
I have been using this font 'Code39AzaleaRegular1' when using the formula for barcode39.
How to Identify Fonts on a website and download them.
If you’ve ever visited a web page and noticed a cool font that you really liked the look of, but couldn’t figure out which font it was so that you could use it for your own work, then this video is for you!

In this Micro Tutorial, you'll learn you how to quickly and easily identify fonts that are used on any web page you visit, as well as how to download those fonts from Google’s fonts collection site with a couple of mouse clicks, so long as Google has them available.

The video also covers how to install downloaded fonts into Windows so that they can be used in any text editing software you have that allows you to select different fonts.

I plan to also write an illustrated article tutorial on this topic, so if you prefer reading and viewing screen shots as opposed to video learning, then head over to my article How to Identify Fonts on a website and download them.

Please enjoy the video..

1. (00:33) Install the Fount Java Script button into your browser

Browse over to FOUNT in your browser and follow the instructions on the page to install the the free "fount" button.

2. (01:03) Identify the Font you're interested in

On any web page containing the font you're interested in, click your newly installed fount button and then click on the font text you want to identify

3. (01:40) Click the Google Fonts link if available

If the View fonts on Google Fonts link becomes available to you, then Google has a copy of the font available for download. Click the link to be taken to the font download area. If the link is not there, then you will need to do a manual search to find out where you can obtain the font elsewhere.

4. (01:50) Download the Font from Google Fonts

Ever visit a website where you spotted a really cool looking Font, yet couldn't figure out which font family it belonged to, or how to get a copy of it for your own use? This article explains the process of doing exactly that, as well as showing how to install downloaded fonts.
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Expert Comment

by:Brian B
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That is a really useful article, Andrew. Thanks for sharing.

A question though, back in the "old days" by my standards, you weren't supposed to share fonts because many of them were sold separately and were considered to be under the software license of the product they worked with. I would assume if you can get the font from Google that it is safe, but are there still instances of those IP fonts today that aren't supposed to be shared?
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Author Comment

by:Andrew Leniart
Comment Utility
Hi Brian,

An excellent observation. With regards to safety of available fonts, I can only assume that all submissions are checked by Google in this respect before a listing is accepted, so while never beyond the realms of possibility, am confident that a malicious font download is unlikely.

I'm sure there are many fonts to be found on the web which are not supposed to be shared as you've rightly pointed out, however with every font downloaded from the Google Fonts site, there is also a license agreement included within the downloaded Zip file that specifies which usage license the font has been released under.

In the case of the illustrated "Lato" font used in my example, that particular font has been released under the Sil Open Font License (OFL) and comes with the following conditions when downloaded.
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of the Font Software, to use, study, copy, merge, embed, modify, redistribute, and sell modified and unmodified copies of the Font Software, subject to the following conditions,
The list of exclusions are as one would expect for most open source material, such as preventing the sale of the font by itself etc, however for personal or commercial use within other products, there's no problem.  This could differ of course with each font that's made available so it always pays to check what rights are provided. Font families not available on Google Fonts and found on other font distribution sites would of course contain their own rules and restrictions, which should always be respected.

I hope that answers your questions and thank you for your feedback and up-vote. I very much appreciate it. Regards, Andrew
I own CorelDraw 2017. I paid full price for it. It annoys me greatly that every time I open it I see Corel's ads wanting to sell me fonts, art or something. I have NO interest in anything they have to sell. I simply want to utilize my purchase. Is there a setting or method to get rid of their ads? Windows 10, 64 bit.
We've recently published a new corporate PowerPoint template.  Our user base is mixed 2010, 2013, and 2016.  Our designers in their wisdom chose two Google fonts (which most people outside our company do not have installed) as the main header and body fonts. So we are forced by default to use PowerPoint's embed fonts feature to ensure that our clients will see the presentation as intended without unwanted font substitution.  

This works fine in most cases where we can tightly control the source slides.  Users inevitably cut and paste in old slides that bring with them other fonts, but we teach them how to Replace Fonts to get rid of those.  But the Replace function doesn't always work, and PowerPoint will continue to display "phantom fonts" that are not actually used anywhere in the presentation.  See the image below.
Replace Fonts feature
It's well documented that PowerPoint has some flaws when dealing with fonts, but we really need to fix this.

I wrote a VBA macro that lists out all the fonts in the Presentation.fonts collection, then goes through every shape on every slide and layout and spits out the font used.  The printout below is from the same presentation as above.  VBA can only find five of the fonts, and every other font in the listout is either Playfair or Roboto (the 2 Google fonts).  Where are the others??
font list
One last piece of the puzzle.  I know for certain that the phantom fonts ARE in the file, because if I save the …
Im trying to make my Master page a little more presentable. I have an app that I built and we have named it EAST(its an acronym for Expense Account Submission Tracking). I want to display the E, A, S and T in caps(id like it in some type of block font in gray, and the small letters in black, but I will figure that part out).
So at the top of my page I had the following:
        <div id="header" >
            <div id="title" >
			        <asp:HyperLink ID="HyperLink1" NavigateUrl="UserLogin.aspx" ForeColor="White" runat="server">CRIB</asp:HyperLink>
                <div style="width:auto; height: 45px;">  --HERES MY ISSUE
            <br />
            <div style="float:right;padding-right:125px;padding-top:10px">
                <asp:UpdatePanel ID="upUserLabel" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional">
                        <asp:Label ID="lblUser" runat="server" ForeColor="White" Width="260px" Font-Bold="true" style="margin-right: 20px;text-align:right;"></asp:Label>
                        <asp:LinkButton ID="lnkSignOut" runat="server" Text="Sign Out" ForeColor="White" PostBackUrl="~/UserLogin.aspx" OnClick="lnkSignOut_Click" Visible="true"  ></asp:LinkButton>

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I am trying to change the  default font for outlook by changing the registry keys via group policy, but the group policy if not applying on the client PC's.I tested the Group policy for 6 PC's and the GP got applied on only one PC. Even though the policy got applied on one of the client PC, the registry values didn't changed.
Is there any possibility to change the default font of outlook via SCCM also.
Hi, I would like to know how to set default font and size in Word on Windows 10. Thanks
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There seems to be an issue when I change the font type of the announcement body (when using an announcement webpart). This is what I did:
1) Add a new announcement
2) Enter some text in the body field
3) Change the font type of the text and then change the colour
When i check the page where the announcement webpart is added (configured to summary view), the font type doesn't get updated and still remains as the default font type. After using the developer tools to check, i found that there seems to be a problem with the code when the font type is changed to font name with 2 words like "comic sans", or "lucida console". No such issue when i change the font to font name with 1 word e.g. impact, tahoma, calibri.
Some selected font types have this issue, i.e. comic sans, lucida console, basically all the font types with names that consist of 2 words.
Using the developer tools, it shows:
<span style="font-family:" lucida="" console",monaco,sans-serif;color:#ff0000;"="">testtest</span>
It seems that sharepoint automatically adds some "" to the font name and so the font type doesn't get displayed properly.
I have Outlook 2007 and Excel / Office 2007.

How do I change the default font type and text in Outlook so all new emails created and received use the font that I want?

How can I get the same desired font type and text in Excel?
Hi All

I need to install 2 fonts on a server without the requirement to reboot.

Usually we place a copy of the font here C:\Fonts and then right-click and choose to Install.  This installs the font to C:\Windows\Fonts and once rebooted the font works.

However, I want to install the font to C:\Windows\Fonts without having to reboot.  Would I do this by installing on a different PC and then copy and paste the installed copy from C:\Windows\Fonts on the source to C:\Windows\Fonts on the destination server?
Hi ,

I'm new to mpdf formate.I need some help about how to fix font size with particular font family...plz help me to slove the issue...

$mpdf=new mPDF('utf-8','P',20,'dejavusanscondensed',0,0,0,0,0,0,0);  its my code.
Outlook 2016 has been configured for use with a Bellsouth email address using POP.  The user has been experiencing random large text font in email replies that he receives.  The text enlargement appears in the text of the original message he sent.  The large text only appears in the Outlook client.  When checking the same email in the Bellsouth (now Yahoo!) web mail interface, text size appears normal.  Several support articles point to antivirus mail scanning being the culprit.  The support articles indicate that an additional 0 is added to the font size causing 10 point font to become 100 point font.  After not having success turning off mail scanning in the AV software (ESET Antivirus), antivirus was uninstalled completely.  The problem continues to occur.  Both AT&T and Yahoo! mail server addresses have been tested (  port 995,  port 465 / port 995, port 465 or 587) including all combinations of inbound and outbound server addresses.  HTLM and Plain Text message types have been tested.  Does anyone have a solution to prevent the enlarged text from appearing?
I have a WordPress site that has multiple plugins which have different fonts specified.
Is there a way to override the whole website and have the same font family everywhere.

I have tried below which seems to work, but will this override all font families even if a plugin uses the "important" keyword?
And should the code be placed in header or footer, does this make a difference?

Thanks in advance.

html *{
   font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif !important;
Our company is rebranding and will be require to have everyone change to one specific fonts. What is the best way to do so? Via Group Policy if so how? Also we are going to O365 so how do we change this as well?
I hate to ask; could go searching the internet for an answer, yet this could be some easy points for you.
I have installed PyDev in Eclipse.  When the Python console is used the font color is a fluorescent green.
I looked in the Eclipse/Window/Preference/EditBox section and elsewhere to change the color and can't find it.
Do you know where or how to change it.
The Creator Update for Windows 10 just installed on my computer. It altered my desktop settings. The font on the icons is different, smaller, and regular rather than bold.

It seems the easy-to-access panels for these adjustments within Settings are gone.

I am looking for suggestions on how to edit these settings, either in the registry or with an app that tweaks these settings.

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Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

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We have a client and now three of their users are having this issue where the bottom of letters are being cut off on outgoing and incoming emails when using Tahoma (their company standard) font.

Outlook version: 16.0.4266.1001
Office has been updated but did not resolve the issue.

Does anyone know how to resolve this please?

Kind regards,
I live in Thailand and am developing a small billing application using MS Access 2010. The administrators of the system may be Thai or English speakers and I would like each form to be displayed to them in their preferred language. Effectively I wish to be able to toggle between the 2 languages.

BTW, I am an access novice.

My problem is that I am unable to get any form to correctly render the text string that I have coded in Thai.

For instance, if I have a button called toggle, I want to be able to switch to Thai via the following statement:-

Me.toggle.Caption = "ฤฆฎฑ"

This is not a valid Thai word BTW, just a random series of characters.

Anyway, despite the control having a unicode font that is supposed to support Thai script, it never renders properly, in fact no Thai characters are ever displayed.

I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction as this seem to me to be a fairly modest programming aspiration to have!

Many thanks


Need some design direction.  It seems that once an site is well-designed for a phone, then there is no way to effectively put ads around the content.  Any sites that Experts think accomplish both: displays content in a clean / well-executed RWD design on a phone while simultaneously letting ads show.  

Suggestions needed. :))


I am opening .eps files created from a CAD application that contain Helvetica.  My computer clearly has the font installed because other applications can use it and read it.  Adobe Illustrator does not see the Helvetica family nor does it show up in the list of available system fonts (within Illustrator).  The Windows/Fonts folder does show the Helvetica font.
Do I have to install fonts for every user on Windows 7?  or just C\Windows\Fonts
I have a subform that I am using a docmd.outputto  

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputForm, "sfrmexpiration", acFormatXLSX, theFilePath, True

On the subform, I have conditional formatting based on a expression in a field it fills a cell and bold the letters.  

So column Renewal = Green it changes the field company to be filled in green color.  
  if Renewal is =Bold Yellow  then the company field is filled in with Yellow and the font in bold

On Export I would like to keep that formatting on the company field and I would like not to export the renewal field.  

 Any help would be appreciated!

Fonts Typography




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A font is a particular size, weight and style of a typeface. Each font is a matched set of type, one piece (called a "sort") for each glyph, and a typeface consists of a range of fonts that share an overall design. With the advent of digital typography, font is frequently synonymous with typeface, although the two terms do not necessarily mean the same thing. In particular, the use of "vector" or "outline" fonts means that different sizes of a typeface can be dynamically generated from one design. Each style may still be in a separate "font file" -- for instance, the typeface "Futura" may include the fonts "Futura roman", "Futura italic", "Futura bold" and "Futura extended" —- but the term "font" might be applied either to one of these alone or to the whole typeface.