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A font is a particular size, weight and style of a typeface. Each font is a matched set of type, one piece (called a "sort") for each glyph, and a typeface consists of a range of fonts that share an overall design. With the advent of digital typography, font is frequently synonymous with typeface, although the two terms do not necessarily mean the same thing. In particular, the use of "vector" or "outline" fonts means that different sizes of a typeface can be dynamically generated from one design. Each style may still be in a separate "font file" -- for instance, the typeface "Futura" may include the fonts "Futura roman", "Futura italic", "Futura bold" and "Futura extended" —- but the term "font" might be applied either to one of these alone or to the whole typeface.

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I am trying to generate a pdf of a book on my website using cfdocument.  The book displays correctly as a cfm page but when using cfdocument, it doesn't show the fonts or styles correctly.  I have my styles in a css file.  

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" src="#expandPath('../../Styles/')#BookPDF.css">      

This is one of the styles from the stylesheet....

P {
      font-family: "Futura Medium BT";
      font-size: 12px;
      font-style: normal;
      margin-top: 0px;
      margin-bottom: 5px;
      text-align: justify;
      align: center;
      text-indent: 30px;

Any idea how to make it work?
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Hello experts, can someone help me to find a solution for my problem

I have used fpdf to create a pdf file. I used html write function to style my text. However, i cannot justify my text like how multicell do when it breaks to new line. I have stuck for this problem for a few days and need a solution immediately .

Can someone look up for my code:

function WriteHTML($html)
        //HTML parser
        $html=str_replace("\n",' ',$html);
        foreach($a as $i=>$e)
                    //Extract properties
                    $a2=explode(' ',$e);
                    foreach($a2 as $v)

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ASP.NET Web form with VB.NET.    I have legend on the form.  I tried using the Wingdings3 font.  It looks fine in design view.  When I run it in IE11 it does not show in the Wingdings3 font.  It just shows the letter you use instead.  

So I thought I would try an imagebox control.  It will not browse to the image folder of my project for some reason.  So I dragged/dropped the image from folder to design view.  Again it shows in design view, but does not show at runtime in IE11.

The method I prefer to use as it is the easiest and looks best is to use the Wingdings3 font.    
How do I get it to show at runtime?

If there is no other way, then I guess I will use the image.  I'm guessing it will not be transparent around the symbol - :( .   It has a border around it too.   :(
How do I get rid of the border and get it to show at runtime?

Here is what it looks like in the designer.  The symbols on the left are the images (made using the Windows Snipping tool on the Wingdings).  The symbols on the right are the Wingdings3 font:
Here is what it looks like in IE11 at runtime:
I need to create a banner in photoshop with Taiwanese characters. I've got the wordings in word document but when I copy paste it in the photoshop CC 2015, the words get jumbled and close and open brackets are coming in wrong place. Under type, language options, I've selected East Asia features. not sure what else needs to be done to copy and paste correctly from word. Font should be MingLiu

I am needing a revolving server system that changes IP address once it starts getting hits from sever filters. It needs to be seamless and use the same email address that we establish to send emails out from, but configures a different IP with every 50 to 100 emails. This is what we need to get a marketing job done and the email messages we want to send have to fit the character count specifics and font type. The subject line is the most important and the size cannot exceed X kilobytes for the total email to reach target market.
Hi We have a Windows 2008 R2 Standard server, i am looking to change the default font of Office on all XENAPP servers using GPO or Registry.

Would you perhaps know how i would go about this?
I can't add font property into property grid through xml.
it's show serialization error. how to do this ?

Private _windowFont As Font = New Font("Arial", 8, FontStyle.Regular)
   Public Property FontName() As Font
           Return _win[embed=file 1328036]dowFont
        End Get
        Set(ByVal Value As Font)
            _windowFont = Value
        End Set
    End Property

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I need to use various fonts for various parts of text in TRichEdit, Delphi Tokyo. For part of the text I need 'Times New Roman' and for the other 'Symbol'. So far does not work what I tried. Either font is set the samo for the whole text or my selected character does not show up.
I wrote code that outputs ZPL and sends it to Zebra printers - both are model Zebra 2824.  Both were purchased used.

One printer prints the label beautifully in a TrueType font.  The other printer renders the same ZPL in blocky oversized letters.   Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sample ZPL below:
^FDItem Number: 205-000004-003^FS^CI0
^FDExpiration Date: 05/31/18^FS^CI0

I have checked:
1. The printer set up (Red Hat Linux) is identical
2. The printers are the same model (Zebra 2824)
3. The printers have the same fonts installed (Printed the font list from each and the output is identical)

What else might I be missing?   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We are creating hundreds of C#.NET forms by reading the VFP source and writing the .cs code.

The height, width, top, and bottom of all objects are identical.  The font is identical (exception MS Sans Serif is changed to Microsoft Sans Serif.  Also same font size.

The spacing and size of the objects are slightly different.  Enough to make a mess when the objects(labels, textboxes) are close together.

We need them to be identical. Any suggestions?
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how to set font bold using generic text printer using vb6 printer.print code. Thanks for Advance
When use Php readdir native function, names of the files that used Cyrillic font appear to be different. By different, I mean “the names look like question marks like this ????” Please solve this issue. Please refer to below for an example.

$dir = "C:/xampp/hdocs/Terminal/uploads20180427te";
function ReadFolderDirectory($dir)
      $listDir = array();
      if($handler = opendir($dir)) {
            while (($sub = readdir($handler)) !== FALSE) {
                  if ($sub != "." && $sub != ".." && $sub != "Thumb.db") {
                        if(is_file($dir."/".$sub)) {
                              $listDir[] = $sub;
                              $listDir[$sub] = ReadFolderDirectory($dir."/".$sub);
      return $listDir;
$files = ReadFolderDirectory($dir);
var_dump($files );die;
Windows keeps popping up with a message saying "insufficient memory or disk space. word cannot display selected font" it will also only let me select calibri, as in no other fonts show in the drop down menu. Along with this I can't delete stuff only backspace it. I recently updated word to the 2016 version and believe this may be linked.
I created a VB.NET web page that uses the iTextSharp functionality to transform an HTML page to a PDF dynamically.  

The name of the page is feespdf.aspx and it transforms the page FeesForPDF.aspx to a PDF when requested by the user on the page via a clickable link. No parameters are passed.

The problem I'm having is that our marketing department has given me some fonts that they want to use on the PDF - not a problem for simply displaying the ASPX page by using @font-face tags in the CSS file.  But the OTF-formatted font they gave me is not displaying on the PDF. The text that the OTF font is used on is defaulting to Arial.   The other font is an .SVG file and it came with two CSS files that define it (and are referenced on FeesForPDF.aspx). The SVG font works fine, the OTF font is ignored.  

Here's the code of my sub that does the PDF generation.  
	Protected Sub ProcessPDF()

		Dim docWorkingDocument As iTextSharp.text.Document = New iTextSharp.text.Document(iTextSharp.text.PageSize.A4.Rotate(), 25, 25, 25, 25)

		Dim cssFileLocation As String = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("PDFPrintCSSlocation").ToString()
		Dim strHtml As String
		Dim strCSS As String
		'Dim memStream As New MemoryStream()
		Dim strWriterHTML As New StringWriter()
		Dim strWriterCSS As New StringWriter()

		Server.Execute("FeesForPDF.aspx", strWriterHTML)
		strHtml = strWriterHTML.ToString()

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I am working with a large MS Word file (hundreds of pages).  It contains many, many tables.  I would like to select the first row of every table, make the font 8 point Times New Roman, and center the text within the first row.  I found a solution that accomplishes everything but center the text of the row.
Calibri Bold Print Issue;

When printing certain documents with Calibri Bold, the job either errors in queue or the printer errors and cancels the job.  This can be reproduced using Wordpad on different environments, server 2012R2, Windows 10, Windows 7, Office 2013, Office 2016.  Printer makes, Olivetti, Ineo, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and HP.  If you change the first letter of the document from bold to standard Calibri it prints without issue.  Firmware has been updated in one case, however the issue remained.

We have also tried replacing the font with an older versions , however this makes no difference and the job still errors or doesn't print.  The only work around is to change the driver to PCL5, PS or adjust the PCL 6 driver to render the font as Bitmap, or Raster instead of vector and the problem documents print fine.

We know there have been issues with the Calibri font in the past, however there must have been something possibly an update to the printer engine that has caused this issue to start occurring.  Any help gratefully received.
1.This is the scenario i created a customized report with paper layout in Reports Builder and i set all fonts as "Arial",
then i deployed my report to Oracle Application (v12.2.4) and set the output format as TEXT.
After i run my report the font was changed to "courier new"

so the question is how can i display the same font?
We are having issues with office 2016 and win 10
When I brought up a newly imaged machine and logged in with a local account for the 1st time I seen all the fonts that word ships with
AS soon as I logged on with a domain account and opened word most of the font are gone
I have group policies for word 2016 but NOTHING to do with any font
This doesn't happen to office 2016 on win 7 machines with the exact same policy!
Its a real problem as a lot of our templates have arial narrow and this is 1 being removed
All is see is arial and arial black!!!
Thanks in advance
Dear Experts ,

I have some old Word document files (.doc) which seem partially corrupted or the font file is missing.

The document will open with no error but part of the message has strange characters instead of letters.

Please find hereunder a sample. The letter is written in Greek language but you will notice that part of the letters is not showing up correctly.
Currently I am using MS Word 2007.

Any idea how to recover the strange characters?
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I have a macro (Extract Rows by Text) that searches user-entered text in a user-defined range in an Excel worksheet and copies those rows containing that txt to a new workbook. It also applies font size of 16 and red bold to each occurrence of the found text in the extract. The macro include another userform that display the macro’s progress and shows it as a percentage.

The problem is that I don’t know how to get an exact count of the rows as the macro searches them. Any given row could have more than one occurrence of the string to be searched, so using that count won’t work.  I set up a ‘Loopcounter = Loopcounter + 1’ in each loop (one that matches whole word and one that doesn’t) just after the Do loop starts in an attempt to capture each row iteration rather than each successful find, but that count goes well over 100% while the macro is still running. As a stopgap, I added ‘If nPercentage >= 1 Then nPercentage = 1’ just after the nPercentage variable is populated so that the display at least looks accurate.

But I’d rather find out if there’s a way to get an accurate running count of each row that the macro looks at, regardless of whether it finds the user string or whether it finds more than one occurrence. Can someone suggest a way to do this?

The macro is attached and include a text database; to see how it works, enter [1] as the search and select the entire column of B. You will get 211 hits in a separate workbook with each occurrence of ‘[1]’ in bold red …
I have a user who is getting a long delay (5-10 seconds) when clicking on the fonts drop down in Word 2013 (and Outlook) and then it's really slow to scroll or select.  If I open in safe mode it's not an issue.  So I disabled the only add-on I could but that didn't fix it.  I tried repairing Office--full reinstall.  I tried deleting the user profile and logging back in and it's still slow.  So now I'm trying to mess with the fonts, but only managed to get it so we only see 2 fonts now and am working to restore it.  It's not a problem if I log in as a local account.  This user does have AppData redirected which is not ideal, but other users are not having this issue.
I haven't done Maven settings in my current application I have no idea on how to implement those on Intellij FX application.

So When I try to change Glyph Name in Scene Builder, It doesn't change. As you can see below image, Anchor image hasn't change to Address book. I am using 1.9 FontAwesome package.

Screen Builder

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<?import de.jensd.fx.glyphs.fontawesome.FontAwesomeIconView?>
<?import javafx.scene.layout.AnchorPane?>

<AnchorPane maxHeight="-Infinity" maxWidth="-Infinity" minHeight="-
            Infinity" minWidth="-Infinity" prefHeight="400.0" 
            prefWidth="600.0" xmlns="" 
      <FontAwesomeIconView glyphName="ADDRESS_BOOK" layoutX="157.0" 
                           layoutY="129.0" size="52" />

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Console Error:

"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_151\bin\java" -agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,address=,suspend=y,server=n -javaagent:C:\Users\KP.IntelliJIdea2017.3\system\captureAgent\debugger-agent.jar=C:\Users\KP\AppData\Local\Temp\capture1973.props -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -classpath "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_151\jre\lib\charsets.jar;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_151\jre\lib\deploy.jar;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_151\jre\lib\ext\access-bridge-64.jar;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_151\jre\lib\ext\cldrdata.jar;C:\Program 

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I want to copy and paste only the data in a cell which has particular font color and again the data must be number. In short, to extract the specific font color data, say red, and the data in the cell should be number or else don't copy. I am using the below macros but its not working. Please help me out
 Set rng2 = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("H1", Range("H" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
For lrow = 1 To rng2.Count
If rng2(lrow, 1).Cells(1, 1).Font.Color = RGB(255, 0, 0) & IsNumeric(rng2(lrow, 1).Cells(1, 1)) Then
rng2(lrow, 1).Cells(1, 1).Copy
mySlide.Shapes.PasteSpecial DataType:=7
Set myShape = mySlide.Shapes(mySlide.Shapes.Count)
With myShape
myShape.Left = 324
myShape.Top = 468
End With
With myShape.TextFrame.TextRange.Characters.Font
.Name = "arial"
.Size = 10
.Bold = True
End With
End If
Thanks in advance
usually at the time conversion of fonts came subjected question please help me in this regard
In Word 2016, I have a user that will highlight an address and then open the envelope that it automatically fills in.  She has reset the default font settings.  However whenever she tries to do another envelope (this particular way) it keeps coming up as "+headings".  However if she just clicks mailings>envelopes it picks up the new font settings.

She does not merge and does not use labels. She only wants to do it this way.
Any suggestions on a fix??

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A font is a particular size, weight and style of a typeface. Each font is a matched set of type, one piece (called a "sort") for each glyph, and a typeface consists of a range of fonts that share an overall design. With the advent of digital typography, font is frequently synonymous with typeface, although the two terms do not necessarily mean the same thing. In particular, the use of "vector" or "outline" fonts means that different sizes of a typeface can be dynamically generated from one design. Each style may still be in a separate "font file" -- for instance, the typeface "Futura" may include the fonts "Futura roman", "Futura italic", "Futura bold" and "Futura extended" —- but the term "font" might be applied either to one of these alone or to the whole typeface.

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