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Visual FoxPro (VFP), and its predecessor FoxPro, is a data-centric, object-oriented, procedural, database programming language and IDE from Microsoft last released in 2007 that still has some active use due to its low cost of deployment and fairly rapid development. In 2008, Microsoft released a set of add-ons for VFP's xBase components to allow interoperability with various Microsoft technologies. It allows data processing against its native file-based data tables or database servers such as SQL Server.

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A combobox control I am adding to a Visual Foxpro 9 form shows only the first item in the list.
I am creating a two column array from a table, and the debugger shows all rows are created.
If the record in main table in the form is tied to that first item, the item shows up in the control.
If not, the control is blank.
I can drop down the list, pick the one item, and it will now be tied to the main table in the save procedure, and appear in the combo box if I call up that record again.
So the create array procedures and save procedures seem to be working, but I am only seeing the first record in the array on the form. .
I have used this combobox class for many years, although not recently.

RoWSource is 'this.aitems' which seems to be created properly.
RowSourceType is 5-Array

Any thoughts?
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I have a client asking about their VFP app being able to export data to QuickBooks.  I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to best go about making that work, using 3rd party tools or otherwise?
I have a client asking about their VFP app with a SQL backend database being able to import/export data from SalesForce (www.salesforce.com).  I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to best go about making these tasks work, using 3rd party tools or otherwise?
Hi Experts

Could you point a strategy to access a DB that remains at AWS cloud by using Visual FoxPro?

The reason it to reuse an alrealdy developed app to do that.

Thanks in advance!
I have a Visual FoxPro program running. it uses a local cursor engine.
To use the program from home, people use a VPN solution (openVPN)

Using this, we have poor performance.
We use lines with a 200mbit down and 50 mbit upload speed.  (vendor = Telenet Belgium)

The database has a traffic of 100mbyte totally  during a complete session, so it should fly.
However: on a 100Mbit network it works realtime. response times are very low.

Using openVPN, response times are like minutes.
The internet connection is real fast. So OpenVPN is what slows us down.

I put send and receive buffers to 0 in both server and ws config file. This fastenes the systyem up, but far..  far from enough.

There must be other settings to speed openVPN traffic up. But what can I do?
I have a foxpro table with sequence 55,56,57,59,60,70,70,71,72,73,74,74,75.76. Will like to reset the numbers to have a uniform sequence like
55,56,57,59,60,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77.78. i have tried a loop program that increments by 1 for every record loop but to no avail. it skips reset the similar numbers

can some assist me please

I will appreciate
Within a VFP app, when certain users print a report, the report is automatically sent to the default printer and to multiple (4) networked printers.  This causes the system sending the print jobs to lock up for 30-45 seconds multiple times a day.  They are wondering if we could speed this process up.

Below is the critical block of code.  

A brief explanation of it's intent: Names of the printers receiving this report (WorkOrder) are stored in a SQL table as such:

When designated users print the work order report it is sent to their default printer, the default printer name is stored, the next printer name is queried from the SQL table, the VFP printer is set to it and the report is printed, etc.  While this process is running the users cannot do anything else in VFP.  I don't think the SQL queries or the VFP code are causing any delays, but the multiple print calls (REPORT FORM source\workorder TO PRINTER NOCONSOLE) are.  Any suggestions for me?

FOR lnX = 1 TO lnQty  && Print desired qty of the work order to the default printer

SET REPORTBEHAVIOR 80  && Sets to VFP 6 printing rules.

* If a printer is not available skip the error and continue
ON ERROR llErrFlg=.T.

* …
Hi Experts

Could you point what is preventing vfpcompression.fll to be used in a VFP9 project running under Windows10?

Accordingly to:

The same .fll perfectly runs under Windows 7

Any workaround?

Thanks in advance
Need to send SMTP email from FoxPro app that includes CC and BCC on a windows machine WITHOUT installing any ocx's or dll's. Is this possible with standard windows api calls?

Server restrictions are high, so no regsvr statements are allowed, no registry changes. dll's or libraries residing in the same directory may be permitted.
Using ODBC I am trying to redirect a VFP app to new SQL 2016 database.  If I use Windows Authentication the app will run as desired.  If I use the preferred SQL Server Authentication the ODBC connection is made and tests successfully, but when trying to run the VFP app I'm continually getting SQL Server Login dialog box popup.  I have confirmed the SQL server is set to Mixed Authentication Mode.
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Starting with Angular 5

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Sometimes, when my FoxPro application does not close gracefully for whatever reason, I get an error message upon its restart: "Index does not match the table. Delete the index file and recreate the index". Can somebody provide me with a sample code to do it automatically? Also, I have a significant number of indexes, and some of their expressions are fairly complex. So, it would be nice to have all of them listed in a single text file for convenient copying and pasting into "INDEX ON". I am still using VFP6 (I know, I know...)

Thank you.
i need to convert my csv data to foxpro table...kindly help for example below:


With only three columns as shown "ALB-ME"-desc1,"44.6"-desc2,"G/L"-desc3 . All the data should be rows.

Kindly assist me
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I am able to use the ODBC drivers (Microsoft's and other providers) with Visual FoxPro Database. I am able to execute Select & Insert statements using the ODBC Drivers but not able to use Create/Update/Drop table using the ODBC Drivers. I am able to create a table using Visual FoxPro IDE but would like to do it using ODBC Driver.

Any help is appreciated.
I have a Domain (Windows 2012 R2) with 10 Stations.

I have 1 station with some problems when accessing an application (Visual Foxpro 9).
when the application is active but idle for few minutes we get an error "Error reading file....".
We shutdown the application and restart it, it works fine for another few minutes... and again ,if the PC is idle for few minutes, it gives the same error.

I tried changing the NIC, removing the Power management from everywhere on the PC (NIC, HDD, etc... ) it did not change anything...

The weird thing is that If I have an excel file open from the same share folder, it doesn't give any error..

Any help ?
Hi All:
I have a program that reads a table using a DO..WHILE loop. For each record, there is code that copies a filename (of a BMP file) that is in a field to a temp file using a COPY FILE statment. The temp BMP file is then used on a report, and the report is run for each record. If I run the source code, the COPY FILE statements and the reports are correct but when the EXE is run, only one COPY FILE statement seems to happen and the same picture appears on every report. The client using the EXE discovered the problem. Everyone is using Windows 7.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you,
I have an xBase++ app that creates a table that has memo fields. The
table is created by consolidating information from several source

When I run the app complied with Clipper 5.2 the resulting .FPT file
is about 220 MB.

When I run the same app compiled with xBase++ the resulting FPT file
is approximately 20 GB.

I have the driver set up as follows in the xBase app:

// Build DBE
DbeLoad( "FOXDBE", .T.)
DbeLoad( "CDXDBE",.T.)
DbeBuild( "FOXCDX", "FOXDBE", "CDXDBE" )
DbeSetDefault( "FOXCDX" )
// Set up for FOX 2.x and Comix compatability

Any help is much appreciated.
Hi Experts

Could you point the better way to ensure a Wordpad content, by encryption or password ?

Also, what is the better way to do that?

By the way the file is opened by a VFP application


	oWSH = Createobject("wscript.shell")
	oWSH.Run(lcOutputFile, 2, .T.)

Catch To oErr
	oErr.UserValue = "Nested CATCH message: Unable to handle"
	=ALERT("PARE", "OK", 10, 10, "Wordpad não pode ser executado. Erro:"+oErr.Message )

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Any suggestion on decrypyt before it's opened and then after it's saved, is it a good approach?

Thanks in advance
Hi Experts

Could you point how to manage a VFP Multi-threaded COM Server dll to make it works out?

I obtained this example

I guess  DTS  Explorer must be opened to make it works out, isn't it?

Is it a matter of install the .dll on DTS ?
If so, how to do that?

The VFP code to calls  the .dll
** This is a simple example DLL for use
** with the BASICSAMPLE.PRG file.

** Example Usage:
** loDLL = CREATEOBJECT("sample.EasyMTServer")
** loDLL.SomeLengthyProcess(_VFP)

** Note: You could also use the following
** in the event the DLL is not registered
** (assuming sample.dll exists in your path)
** loDLL = NEWOBJECT("EasyMTServer","sample.dll")

	PROCEDURE SomeLengthyProcess (toCallback)
		** We'll declare the Windows API Sleep
		** function, so we can ensure the 
		** process runs for 20 seconds.

		** Create a variable for
		** our FOR/ENDFOR loop.
		LOCAL lnCount As Integer

		** Print a string to the main VFP window.
		FOR lnCount = 1 TO 20
			** Create a SYS(2015) value, and
			** print it back to the VFP window.
			toCallback.DoCmd("? + ALLTRIM(SYS(2015))")

			** Let's sleep for 1 second
		** Write out a Done!
		toCallback.DoCmd("? + 'Done!'")
		CLEAR DLLS "Sleep"

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Thanks in advance!
I have 50 visual foxpro files in my computer. I want to transform that contents to excel is that possible??
If it's possible means how to that?
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Hi Experts

Could you point a way to start MTS Explorer from Win 7?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Experts

Could you point a workaround to this problem when registering a .DLL by using  West Wind Web Service Proxy Generator  .NET Web Service Proxy Generator for Visual FoxPro?

When generating by using the tool:
So, when code runs:
Inside the box means:
Failed to load file or assembly 'filec: \ wwwproxy \ hello_serviceproxy.dll'
or one of its dependencies. The system can not find the file

Thanks in advance!
I need to be able to encrypt PDF documents in VFP programatically and then create a zip file with the encrypted PDF to email

Please assist.


I need to be able to synchronize files from RDP to my local computer without using FTPs.
This process should be automated.

Hi Experts

Could you clear what is and what is causing this VFP  XML Web Service, correctly registered when running?

if the line
leResult = loHello_Port.sayHello('xxx')

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is ommited - no problems arises

if the line is changed to:
leResult = loHello_Port.sayHello()

Open in new window

this error arises

<definitions name = "HelloService"
   targetNamespace = "http://www.xxxxx.com.br/soap/HelloService.wsdl"
   xmlns = "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/"
   xmlns:soap = "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/soap/"
   xmlns:tns = "http://www.xxxx.com.br/wsdl/HelloService.wsdl"
   xmlns:xsd = "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
   <message name = "SayHelloRequest">
      <part name = "firstName" type = "xsd:string"/>
   <message name = "SayHelloResponse">
      <part name = "greeting" type = "xsd:string"/>

   <portType name = "Hello_PortType">
      <operation name = "sayHello">
         <input message = "tns:SayHelloRequest"/>
         <output message = "tns:SayHelloResponse"/>

   <binding name = "Hello_Binding" type = "tns:Hello_PortType">
      <soap:binding style = "rpc"
         transport = "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/http"/>
      <operation name = "sayHello">
         <soap:operation soapAction = "sayHello"/>
               encodingStyle = "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"

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How to Data add/ edit into table by form design by visual FoxPro.
Pl. Guide me. I have no idea for form design.
Sir, i have made input screen @ raw, column say command but I want to develop this screen by form design. But I don't know how  data  add/edit into table.
Suppose iname var. Content replace in name field. How form design add
If form design add / edit simple tutorial aavine pl. Send me


Visual FoxPro (VFP), and its predecessor FoxPro, is a data-centric, object-oriented, procedural, database programming language and IDE from Microsoft last released in 2007 that still has some active use due to its low cost of deployment and fairly rapid development. In 2008, Microsoft released a set of add-ons for VFP's xBase components to allow interoperability with various Microsoft technologies. It allows data processing against its native file-based data tables or database servers such as SQL Server.

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