The File Transfer Program (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files between a client and server on a computer network. Built on a client-server model architecture, it separates control and data connections between the client and the server. Users may access the server through a sign-in protocol, typically in the form of a username and password.

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Using Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.8.03752 I performed a [successful] FTP upload.  How do I compare the source and the target to verify they match?
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Connecting to my Windows 7 FileZilla FTP server from outside; I get the error: Could not connect to server.
Hi All,

We use WatchGuard as our firewall and have Dimensions setup for reporting. What is the easiest way to find out and possibly monitor all users that have some form of file transfer either ftp, or web/app based such as dropbox etc?

Can this be done / how best to view this info or set this up?

Hi Experts,

I was given access to production server (admin) thru SSH/SFTP.

Tried changing something on a PHP file (using Core FTP LE), was able to edit/override and it got saved as well, however don't see them affecting my site.
Guess I'm missing something just don't know what...
Tried clearing app cache but didn't help.

In addition, when right clicked on a JavaScript file and selected Edit, did not gave me an option to open with Notepad, just threw some error, as though I was trying to execute it.
How can I accomplish that?

Setting up Cerberus FTP server.
We have a user who wants a ftp server in his network.

I have created 4 or 5 CSR requests for a ssl certificates and all it creates is a domain.com cert.
I need it to create a ftp.domain.com cert.

No matter what I put in for the name of the cert it is always the same. domain.com

I created a DNS setting on my server to point ftp.domain.com to the ftp server and it does connect externally.
But when I connect it shows certificate error.

But when I connect to the ftp server it does show that im connecting with the ssl connection using TLSv1.2.
So the ssl sertificate is doing used but the cert name is only domain.com.

I'm guessing since the names don't match. That's why I'm receiving this error.

IS there a way to create a certificate with another name.

Would I have to create a wildcard or San Cert?
Hi Experts,

I have the following function that processes files (downloaded from an FTP server thru a PS Script every 15 minutes), and then keeps a log of those processed files.

Public Sub CallImportDataToCaspio()
   Dim StrFile As String, strTable As String, sFileStr As String
   Dim sDir As String
   Dim l As Long, s As String, i As Long
   Dim db As Database
   Set db = CurrentDb
   sDir = "E:\AppDev\FTP\Caspio\"
   'sDir = "E:\AppDev\FTP\Caspio\"
    'StrFile = Dir(sDir & "*PatChanges*")
    StrFile = Dir(sDir & "*" & sFileStr & "*")
    Do While Len(StrFile) > 0
        If Not IsFileOpen(sDir & StrFile) Then
            ''        Do While IsFileOpen(sDir & StrFile)
            ''            ' do nothing
            ''        Loop
            If InStr(1, StrFile, "Full") = 0 And InStr(1, StrFile, "Part") = 0 Then
                i = CountOfRecords(sDir, StrFile)
                If i > 1 Then
                    'Debug.Print StrFile & " - " & CountOfRecords(sDir, StrFile)
                    If InStr(1, StrFile, "PatChanges") > 0 Then
                        strTable = "Patients"
                        l = ImportDataToCaspio(strTable, sDir & StrFile, i)
                    ElseIf InStr(1, StrFile, "SchChanges") > 0 Then
                        strTable = "Schedule"
                        l = ImportDataToCaspio(strTable, sDir & 

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the ftp port 21 is blocked on my windows 2008 server.
I disabled the windows firewall, how can i open this port on this server?
I am using an FTP software and I am trying to connect to this server to transfer some files.

any help would be appreciated.
Hi Experts,

I had this script running for a long time w/o any issues.
Suddenly it stopped working, no errors (See attached).

Any idea how to troubleshoot?

PS. Main goal here is to figure out what have caused it and how to prevent this in the future.

I'm trying to add sFTP access for a few individual customers.  I do not want them to have shell access.  I found an article here that works.  However, I need my Samba users to be able to access these files, as well, so I needed to change the home directory.  As soon as I did that, the user is no longer able to log in.

I'm nearly certain this is a permissions issue, but I can't seem to figure out where the problem is.
As a result of an audit, it's been suggested that we disable Dropbox and Google Drive to prevent distribution of sensitive information as an "inside job".
Yet, there are obviously more alternatives/"threats"
I can't imagine blocking these services one-by-one.
And, in the case of Google Drive, I haven't figured out yet just *how* to block it - perhaps by removing some Google app's from workstations?
I guess one could block outgoing ftp transfers....

I can well imagine that this is an unrealistic objective - given the number of "threats".
But, rather than jumping to that conclusion, I'd value other perspectives.
Microsoft Azure 2017
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Microsoft Azure 2017

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I am working on a PowerShell script that will upload images to specific folders on an FTP server.  I first need to make sure the folder is already there before I upload images to it as these images will be organized on the FTP server by folder name.  Plus, some images might have the same name so it's important I put them in the right folder.  

So how can I check if the folder is there and if it isn't, then create it with PowerShell?
Experts, I need assistance setting up a FTP Drop Box that is blind.

I would like to set this up using IIS FTP in server 2016

Behavior I would like :

FTP User  into the FTP site, Can't see any files that exist on the site. User will then be able to submit a document to the FTP "Without" being able to see any of the existing items on the FTP site.

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this. I have done this in the past, but the document that I used to use is no longer available.
An employee that took care of hosting the company website was fired yesterday.

We're doing some checking but likely he has the keys to the website hosting account - it's likely using a personal email address of his

I am the domain owner with Godaddy,  The name servers point to the hosting company that hosts the website.

The website is still up, but I would expect he could / will take the site down.

What's the best way to try to download the site at this point?  Again, we don't have access to the account / just FTP all the files as an admin.  I'm thinking we have to do what we can using the public facing part of the website? (I really know nothing about web development, hence this other guy offered and the owners went with him for that).

I remember apps years ago that would just go to www.domain.com, save that page, and go to all the links to pages on that website, downloading each, following links untill they download everything.

The public pages might not be usable depending on the language the page is written in? (ie if a page is written to show today's date for ecxample, the html we download will have todays date. but not the script / code that set it as today?  Open that page tomorrow and it might say today's date?).

But at least we'll have the look and feel of the site.
Any knows if the Microsoft Windows 2016 Server's default packaged FTP Client (not FTP server)  can be configured handle FTP files transfer via SFTP or FTPS?
The user connects to a host using FileZilla with a SFTP connection.
Every day the host adds files to a folder, and the contents of the folder is downloaded to a folder on their Windows Server.

This is being done by a user at the moment.
Can FileZilla be automated so that it can have the folder on the local server receives all the new files placed on the server?

I have used Putty (TelNet) to connect my race timing box with my pc in order to stream running race results as they come into my race results software.  It works very well but I was trying to streamline the interface for the benefit the people doing my timing in order to avoid user error by modifying a program I found online.  It works well except that it times out and so I occasionally miss some results.  One other thing I have noticed is that, with the version I am using, I can FTP into the timing box and get all data.  I can not do that with Putty...it seems that it is locked.  I am wondering if that is an indicator that Putty locks things down more than my version and is the likely shortcoming in the one I am  using.  Long story short...can someone look at my code and see if they see anything amiss?  If this is a bigger issue than is appropriate for this forum, I might be willing to have someone take a look at it for fair compensation.My Telnet Interface
Please note that I have no problem connecting or with any functionality except the time-out issue.  Any help would be much appreciated!

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim form_left As Long, form_top As Long, form_height As Long, form_width As Long
    form_left = GetSetting(appname:="simptel", section:="position", Key:="Left", Default:=0)
    form_top = GetSetting(appname:="simptel", section:="position", Key:="Top", Default:=0)
    form_height = GetSetting(appname:="simptel", section:="position", 

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How do I pass an object as a parameter in vb6 when calling a sub?  I want to create a sub that will execute an ftp script in a module but the Inet object is in the form.  I should know this but...  Also, is that ByVal or ByRef?  I assume ByRef?

Thank you in advance!
FileZilla FTP Server edit window is greyed out .  How to enable the editing mode?
Good Day,
Can you please help,
I'm searching for a script (batch, Vbs, PowerShell), to login to a remote ftp, (User Name & Pwd)
delete ,bak files older than XXX days.

I Don't have access to run any scripts on the remote ftp server.
I need to run the script from my computer.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Windows Server 2008

I have the following on Windows Server 2008 and it works fine via regular FTP:

.bat file:
ftp -n -i -s:upload.txt

which runs upload.txt, which has the following:

user my_user
put C:\Apps\Customers.csv
put C:\Apps\Quotes.csv

What I need to do is make this SFTP instead of regular FTP. How to do that?
Whats the best way of setting up a ftp site? I side the domain network and firewall security? Urgent
I host several websites with Dreamhost. Today, I shelled into my main user account and found a few dozen .txt files at the top level of my main user account that looked incredibly suspicious. They are named `logins.1234567890.txt` (the numerical portion being uniquely generated, it appears) and contain csv's showing apparent logins under this main username, including IP addresses and (variably) times/dates of the login. Most of them are my IP, but several are not, and some come from locations both near my home and business as well as outside the US (Canada was the only one I've seen so far).

Here's what I've found:

The files are generated at around the same time every week since last June (yeah, this is the first time I've noticed them – I'm not a frequent shell user). They appear to show logins with IP addresses and number of logins, along with dates and/or times. More often than not, it's my IP address, but sometimes it shows others.

Below I peeked inside a few of the files (with ls -l) to find out when they were created, in the order in which they appeared:

myuser@my_dreamhost_server:~$ ls -l logins-1554572892.txt
-r-------- 1 myuser pg17700 234 Apr  6 10:55 logins-1554572892.txt
ladot@ds11468:~$ ls -l logins-1553969843.txt
-r-------- 1 myuser pg17700 180 Mar 30 11:24 logins-1553969843.txt
ladot@ds11468:~$ ls -l logins-1553364634.txt
-r-------- 1 myuser pg17700 180 Mar 23 11:17 logins-1553364634.txt
ladot@ds11468:~$ ls -l logins-1552759601.txt

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I am converting an old VB6 program to VB.NET. I have a lot of it converted and working.. However I occasionally run into situations that elude and I need additional assistance. I am at another one of those junctures.

I am now working on the FTP portion of my code. Admittedly the previous VB6 code only required the 'DownLoad' properties and so it has worked fine for many years. I googled several  solutions but I am still having trouble getting files up to my server.  I can access the server with FileZilla and I can also upload files from a 'Command Window' via FTP as well. The code I currently have fails with the Following error: "System.Net.WebException: 'The remote server returned an error: (553) File name not allowed.'" I am using Visual Studio 2017 Express.

The files I am trying to upload are image .JPG files and the names of the files are all digits except the extension. Maybe someone can spot where I went wrong...


        Dim ftpRequest As FtpWebRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create("ftp://www.verilynx.com/home/vasylum/www/UPCCodedImages/" + ThisUPC + ".jpg"), FtpWebRequest)

        ftpRequest.Method = WebRequestMethods.Ftp.UploadFile

        ' Confirm the Network credentials based on the user name and password passed in.
        ftpRequest.Credentials = New 

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I am trying to connect a race timing system to my race timing software on my PC via Microsoft Internet Transfer Control 6.0 inn a vb6 app connected via ethernet.  I have the framework in place but there is something missing...maybe lots of things.

Here is what I know and have created with my program:
1) The remote host is (This is sRemotePath in the code below)
2) The file I want to download is called "filtered.log" (This is sWhichFile in the code below.

My program correctly assigns these two variable values.

My local path (where I want the file downloaded to) is correctly identified as sLocalPath

Here is my code.  Please tell me what is missing in terms of connecting;
    sWhichFile = lstWhichFile.Text
    sRemotePath = "192.168.1." & iWhichTimer
    sLocalPath = sPath & "rfid\"
    Inet1.url = sRemotePath
    Inet1.UserName = "anonymous"
    Inet1.Password = vbNullString
    Inet1.Execute , , "get" & sRemotePath & sLocalPath & sWhichFile

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Thank you!
we got canon C356iF II imagerunner
would like the scans to be saved in a certain folder that is shared and accessed via SMB.
we currently do not have a file server to utilize for such.
does this scanner come with internal storage that can be utilized for this, and it can be accessed via staff over SMB of FTP ?






The File Transfer Program (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files between a client and server on a computer network. Built on a client-server model architecture, it separates control and data connections between the client and the server. Users may access the server through a sign-in protocol, typically in the form of a username and password.