The File Transfer Program (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files between a client and server on a computer network. Built on a client-server model architecture, it separates control and data connections between the client and the server. Users may access the server through a sign-in protocol, typically in the form of a username and password.

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Windows Server 2008

I have the following on Windows Server 2008 and it works fine via regular FTP:

.bat file:
ftp -n -i -s:upload.txt

which runs upload.txt, which has the following:

user my_user
put C:\Apps\Customers.csv
put C:\Apps\Quotes.csv

What I need to do is make this SFTP instead of regular FTP. How to do that?
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Whats the best way of setting up a ftp site? I side the domain network and firewall security? Urgent
I host several websites with Dreamhost. Today, I shelled into my main user account and found a few dozen .txt files at the top level of my main user account that looked incredibly suspicious. They are named `logins.1234567890.txt` (the numerical portion being uniquely generated, it appears) and contain csv's showing apparent logins under this main username, including IP addresses and (variably) times/dates of the login. Most of them are my IP, but several are not, and some come from locations both near my home and business as well as outside the US (Canada was the only one I've seen so far).

Here's what I've found:

The files are generated at around the same time every week since last June (yeah, this is the first time I've noticed them – I'm not a frequent shell user). They appear to show logins with IP addresses and number of logins, along with dates and/or times. More often than not, it's my IP address, but sometimes it shows others.

Below I peeked inside a few of the files (with ls -l) to find out when they were created, in the order in which they appeared:

myuser@my_dreamhost_server:~$ ls -l logins-1554572892.txt
-r-------- 1 myuser pg17700 234 Apr  6 10:55 logins-1554572892.txt
ladot@ds11468:~$ ls -l logins-1553969843.txt
-r-------- 1 myuser pg17700 180 Mar 30 11:24 logins-1553969843.txt
ladot@ds11468:~$ ls -l logins-1553364634.txt
-r-------- 1 myuser pg17700 180 Mar 23 11:17 logins-1553364634.txt
ladot@ds11468:~$ ls -l logins-1552759601.txt

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I am converting an old VB6 program to VB.NET. I have a lot of it converted and working.. However I occasionally run into situations that elude and I need additional assistance. I am at another one of those junctures.

I am now working on the FTP portion of my code. Admittedly the previous VB6 code only required the 'DownLoad' properties and so it has worked fine for many years. I googled several  solutions but I am still having trouble getting files up to my server.  I can access the server with FileZilla and I can also upload files from a 'Command Window' via FTP as well. The code I currently have fails with the Following error: "System.Net.WebException: 'The remote server returned an error: (553) File name not allowed.'" I am using Visual Studio 2017 Express.

The files I am trying to upload are image .JPG files and the names of the files are all digits except the extension. Maybe someone can spot where I went wrong...


        Dim ftpRequest As FtpWebRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create("ftp://www.verilynx.com/home/vasylum/www/UPCCodedImages/" + ThisUPC + ".jpg"), FtpWebRequest)

        ftpRequest.Method = WebRequestMethods.Ftp.UploadFile

        ' Confirm the Network credentials based on the user name and password passed in.
        ftpRequest.Credentials = New 

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I am trying to connect a race timing system to my race timing software on my PC via Microsoft Internet Transfer Control 6.0 inn a vb6 app connected via ethernet.  I have the framework in place but there is something missing...maybe lots of things.

Here is what I know and have created with my program:
1) The remote host is (This is sRemotePath in the code below)
2) The file I want to download is called "filtered.log" (This is sWhichFile in the code below.

My program correctly assigns these two variable values.

My local path (where I want the file downloaded to) is correctly identified as sLocalPath

Here is my code.  Please tell me what is missing in terms of connecting;
    sWhichFile = lstWhichFile.Text
    sRemotePath = "192.168.1." & iWhichTimer
    sLocalPath = sPath & "rfid\"
    Inet1.url = sRemotePath
    Inet1.UserName = "anonymous"
    Inet1.Password = vbNullString
    Inet1.Execute , , "get" & sRemotePath & sLocalPath & sWhichFile

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Thank you!
we got canon C356iF II imagerunner
would like the scans to be saved in a certain folder that is shared and accessed via SMB.
we currently do not have a file server to utilize for such.
does this scanner come with internal storage that can be utilized for this, and it can be accessed via staff over SMB of FTP ?
Does anyone know of a free vb6 program that can connect to a remote source via ftp?

Thank you!
win7/10 pro wininet.dll in ms access vba for ftp download (FTPGET)
I run the vba (attached) wininet ftp function to do a file transfer
from a  cloud Server to a desktop, it doesn't transfer and seems to
be hung or waiting for something. No errors, no messages.

I'm looking for a way to trace/log the interface to see what's happening
but haven't found a way to do that yet
Hi Experts

Could you point a workaround on how to make an IDE or program editor to easily access FTP?

I'm actually using PHPDesigner a pretty good tool. For a day to another it's preventing to acess a FTP server.
Putty.exe could access the FTP server with no problems.

So, it seens my IDE is having some problems on make connection to this specific FTP server.

Thanks in advance.

Is there a way I can protect the identity and location of a server (dedicated or VPS) in terms of IP address and therefore where the server is actually hosted?  I have a CentOS 7 server and I want to release SSH and FTP access to the clients IT team (FTP over TLS using OpenSSL cert) and allow my client to use HTTP and HTTPS (as well as SSH / FTP) to access a hosted application without knowing which service (DC) provider the kit resides with.

I was thinking I might be able to do something using another server on AWS running Linux and HAProxy?

Any ideas, please?
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Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking

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I'm trying to change directory and put a file using Dart FTP.
We used to be able to use something like :

Invoke(Dart.PowerTCP.Ftp.FtpCommand.ChangeDir, "In\CSV210")

But that seems obsolete, there's... not alot of documentation on their website but from what I read I need to use a "Send" function, not quite sure how to use it so if anyone can give me some help I'd really appreciate it.

Is there a way to set a scanner/copier to scan to a google drive?

it's a Konica, the options are ftp and unc now.

Thanks all
When I try to upload the configuration from my Cisco asa 5520 firewall to an ftp server, I get a protocol error. The command I use is: "copy running-config ftp://anonymous@". If I make a ftp connection from my local computer to the ftp server, everything goes fine. Why am I getting this error on my Cisco firewall?
How do I set up an exception in Avast AVG Business so as to allow an FTP server to connect to a folder on my computer?   I have a Canon WFT wireless transmitter that connects to an FTP server on my computer.   When I disable the AVG protection, the files are transmitted normally, but blocked otherwise.   How do I set up an exception to allow the files to go through.
In IPSwitch ftp professional 12.6

I have a scheduled task that transfers files from a customer FTP to my local folder
Works fine
I have delete access on the customer folder

What I need is Post transfer... after that task has run

Sometime later

I need to delete the files in the customer FTP

I don;t care if I need to include it in the current scheduled activity

Or create a new one that runs an hour later

This runs only once a day
Hi Experts ~
I have been tasked with applying Cloudflare to our domains and sub-domains.
I've been 98% successful except for one sub-domain that uses ftp.
The s/w connecting to this sub-domain is failing. It appears Cloudflare doesn't work with FTP and a fix is to have the s/w use the IP instead of the sub-domain, however this s/w is managed thru an external party and making that change has proven problematic to roll out. As a result, I've re-verted back to our GoDaddy DNS service until we can solve the problem.

When I configured the DNS records in Cloudflare, I enabled the security layer. The record looks like the attached.  

My question, does any know if I clear the security layer, will the DNS resolve? (e.g. when I hear 'Cloudflare doesn't work with FTP' is that referring to the security layer? or just in general?).

Thanks in advance for any insight or advice.
What are Enterprise size businesses using to replace old FTP Server technology.

Where I work we are looking to update our technology and replace our FTP Server.  I have been charged with researching alternative solutions to using an in house FTP server.  This F.T.P. Server is used by our:

- Employees
- Customers

To share files from different locations.  We want to have it secured so its not open to everyone on the internet.  Citrix ShareFile is good; but, it is expensive.  IS there any type of technology that we can use and setup on premises?  That we cna install and have it work better and more securely than FTP?

Even if you need to pay a little bit that is fine.  We wil need several dozen accounts to connect and share files to this alternative solution.
I would like to map an FTP folder on a remote site as a mapped drive on a Windows 10 computer.
Is this possible?
Hi all,
How do I check in windows 2012 to verify that the server has installed and configured with ftp services ? I also try to find out the location and if there is any folder, but I seems couldn't found them.

Trying to access via command prompt, always turned with error below

530-User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible.
 Win32 error:   Access is denied.
 Error details: Authorization rules denied the access.
530 End
Login failed.
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OWASP: Threats Fundamentals

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We've got Filezilla server (Version - 0.9.60 beta) installed on one of our Server 2008 servers.  During a routine scan of our network we're getting
"FTP Privileged Port Bounce Scan"

The remote FTP server is vulnerable to a FTP server bounce attack.

It is possible to force a remote FTP server to connect to third parties using the PORT command.

The problem allows intruders to use your network resources to scan other hosts, making them think the attack comes from your network.

See the CERT advisory (CERT-CC:CA-1997-27) for solutions and workarounds.

Plugin Output:
The following command, telling the server to connect to on port 10794:

PORT 169,254,95,1,42,42

produced the following output:

200 Port command successful

I've looked at the referenced CERT Advisory, it wasn't very helpful.
Hi Experts,

do you have a manual about creation of SFTP Server on WIndows ?
Hi Experts,

We are using freeFTPd as our sftp server and it is working fine. The only problem is when the server is restarted, i does not start automatically. Any suggestion how to start this automatically when the server is restarted? Also any suggestion if there are any better SFTP server which will start automatically after a system reboot?
Thanks in advance.
Hello Ee,

Kinda a weird one . I have a vsftp centos instance running in active mode ( pasv_enable=NO) on I have a powershell script (psftp module) that connects and downloads and uploads some files to the vsftp instance from - windows server 2012. Weird thing is , all of a sudden it stops with "The remote server returned an error: (425) Can't open data connection." now if I use the windows client ftp commands it gives the same 425 . However, if I open the filezilla ftp browser using active mode port 21 it works . If I open another windows cmd and run the ftp commands from another windows instance on same subnet it works. ..Without any known reason , the script and windows cmd ftp will start to  work again after about 30-40 mins being down..

any ideas?
I've got a question on my SY0-501 Security+ exam with a question to me has an incorrect answer.  The question is
"A security Admin wishes to implement a secure method of file transfer when communicating with outside organizations."

"Which of the following protocols would BEST facilitate secure file transfer? (Select TWO)"

I choose SCP, & FTPS, which according to exam prep is incorrect, it states that TFTP should be used. Is this look correct?  I know TFTP is NOT secure.
I need to provide a SFTP service to let my data providers upload files securely.

Do you know a good and affordable hoster?

I don't feel comfortable opening my servers to the web!






The File Transfer Program (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files between a client and server on a computer network. Built on a client-server model architecture, it separates control and data connections between the client and the server. Users may access the server through a sign-in protocol, typically in the form of a username and password.