Game Programming

Game programming is the software development of video games. Game programming requires substantial skill in software engineering as well as specialization in simulation, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, physics, audio programming, and input. Like other software, game development programs are generated from source code to the actual program by a compiler. Source code can be developed with almost any text editor, but most professional game programmers use a full integrated development environment (IDE).

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I have addressed this a little already.
I have completed my audio/video upload site. I am not going to go public, because of the $500 / hr legal fees of all the attorneys I'll need to pay to draft up TOS and copyright needs for users and their music, and safety for my site being the forum for violations.

So, the months of questions there have come full circle, Thanks

But, I have seen comments here and there on the net about nobodies getting serious exposure for their music. What is the best way to do this for my music? My site was not for my music, but anybody's uploads..

My music is not recorded, but could be soon. I don't have a band. I'm quite happy being a loner.
I get the impression that there are forums out there for young people to listen to new music coming out, where artists can add their music to a queue of sorts for playback to listeners?
Are there real ways to advance new music?

I have a samsung galaxy note 3 32GB Internal 64GB sd card

I format the sd card for portable storage and all is ok I see my 32GB internal and the 64GB sd.

If I format the sd card to merge with the inetrnal storage it shows:

Total space available; 90GB

Internal 32 GB (It should say 90GB right)

sd card shows 64GB but unavailable for file manager (which is ok)

I connect my android to the PC and it shows only internal (which is ok) but it only shows 32 GB of space.

My idea was that if formatted as internal the available sorage would show up as 90GB, so from my PC I cant really know what the actual available space is.

Am I doing somethong wrong? Or that is the way sd card as internal space works? Is there a workaround?
Hello Experts!!!

How do you get individual cards out of an image where they are all together (see attached pic)...  Is this the standard way of generating cards, is there a better way?  (Like having individual graphics in a resource file)

I'd like to know the how, the why and the best practices;  References are awesome, experience is awesome (er), lol

Thank you in advance,

I will be given a set of X/Y points and their corresponding Z values. Z = f(X, Y), but I do not know the function f. The points will be clustered together and I don't expect pathological conditions. The local maximums and minimums will have extra sample points to help make the interpolation better. The goal is to come up with a smooth surface that represents the function f as close as possible.

The analyst providing me with the set of points of known XYZ points will also give me an XY rectangular grid; and at all the intersection points of horizontal and vertical lines, I need to provide a z-value.

One thought I had was to consider a point and look at 4 quadrants, and take the closest point in each quadrant, and using those 4 points or more to try to interpolate. Prefer to be able to use a curved surface to get the results rather than linear planes. One rule is that the final results will match the given XYZ points . The given points are known as anchor points or knots.

I am just looking for something functional. I am not interested in speed.

 I am not allowed to use binaries, so I will have to build from source code in Linux or Windows.

Thanks in advance.

My latest blog is finished.
It is a musicians' upload blog, with a general theme/topic for discussion, and quarterly contests for a user-made topical video for five or some thousand dollars.

Is this a potential hornet's nest? lots of legal risk ? What are the hornets?

There are huge amount of different slot machines available online, like in the given list here All of them powered by own random generated algorithm. So I would like to know if there some strategies to play slots? I mean when you are playing for money and you want to make even a little profit and it would be great it the strategy does not include loosing money. Researches and publications are appreciated too.

As the title states, I am making a simple game program for a introductory Computer science course.  In the game, there are several GContainers which take the form of blackholes slowing boucing around the screen.  There are also several "planets", which are GOvals that are pushed around the screen towards a destination.  I just added some code which should check for a collision between the blackholes and the planets.  However, according to a println command I put in, the blackholes and the planets are constantly overlapping, which I don't think is true.  

This is the code to check for collision between the black holes and the planets:

 public void checkBlackholeCollision(BlackholeGame blackhole, GOval planet){
        double distance = getDistanceOfBlackholeAndPlanet(blackhole, planet);
        double overlapped = (SIZE/2 +(blackhole.getWidth()/2) - distance);
        if (overlapped>0) {
            gameIsLost = true; 

Open in new window

This the code to get the distance between the two:

private double getDistanceOfBlackholeAndPlanet(BlackholeGame blackhole, GOval planet){
        return GMath.distance(blackhole.getX(), blackhole.getY(), planet.getX() + SIZE/2, planet.getY() + SIZE/2);

Open in new window

This is the code for the blackhole's general collision:

public void checkCollision(BlackholeGame blackhole) {
        double x = blackhole.getX();
        double y = blackhole.getY();
        double size = blackhole.getWidth();

Open in new window


I have created a media upload website.
Anyway, I'm concerned that my dear users might upload songs or videos, only to have them stolen by renegades and losers
I applied for trademark of my website name today on legalzoom.
I once heard that having a provable version of art, eg, a recording/book in a mailing, is as good as copyright.
Can I have a text field for my artist 'Megatrons' to say for their song 'home invasion'
" Copyright @2017 Megatrons"
and that have meaning, legally?
What should I consider?
In my music, opinion blog, that supports user uploads, with Adsense income,
can I say that my users may only enter one of my contests if they are "considerably active and respected members of the blog?"
Does Google let publishers go who require bloggers to participate?


I'm going to file my blog trademark again. Lame, but I neglected to do the final step one time, because I was so annoyed with the seeming endless ( unstoppable) billings. It felt like a Nigerian scam. Truly, I was suspicious and concerned.

Anyway, forget about it. I'm going to file again and there are 3 options. Does it matter which one I use? - for a blog name trademark? Also, would a logo filing be done later? The costs are complicated?  What will they be?

This is the initial page - notice the feeling-to-be-never-ending fees,      here

To test my media website, I'd like to use music video mp4's and mp3's. ( as many as possible)
Maybe film students keep them somewhere, to compare? They make tons. K-12 Schoolers?

I can't use No Doubt, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Ed Sheeran, Kevin Federline  and Beastie Boys, New Kids, apparently.

Google only finds converters and streams. Aren't they more trouble than it's worth?

What would you say?

I want develop a IOS and ANDROID  ludo game. So I want to know What languages and tools i need to use to develop LUDO GAME.
Where can play maximum number of players with good speed.
What will be the best server for my game.

So, I reached the PGL opening season playoffs in Starcraft.

Starcraft Remastered is out, but I'll only play it if there are lots of players.

This is a granddad game, let's face it.

Does it have any traction? Do I need my Starcraft 1 CD?
I am looking for advice as to what software and camera(s) can be used to create an image on a PC screen of a chair (for example).
The image on the screen should be able to be rotated in real time by operation of a slider control or mouse as if the
 chair were on a turn-table and the turn-table was being rotated. The image would reveal a  view from every angle of rotation.
I imagine that a 3D camera would be needed and that a minimum of 3 "pictures" would need to be taken, the pictures then somehow would be "stitched" together and viewed with a viewer.
I am a Windows C++ application programmer with little or no experience and a very modest budget for this  kind of software, hardware or terminology and would appreciate some general information as to what Windows software or hardware is needed.
I am not seeking information on Game programming as such although I imagine there is some relevant information to be gained from that topic area.
The probability formulas are to be used for wagering on harness racing. There are 6 types of wagerings:

1. Win: You wager on that a certain horse will win the race, and there might be 12 horses in the field.
2. Place. You wager on that a certain horse will end 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the race.
3. Twins: You wager on that two horses in the field will end 1st and 2nd irrespective of the order in the race.
4. Trio: You wager on that three horses will end 1st, 2nd and 3rd in exactly that order in the race.
5, Top 7 Pro: You wager on that 7 horses end 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th in exactly that order in the race.
6. DD: You wager on that a certain horse will win race 1 and a certain horse will win race 2.

So type 1-5 are for only one race, whereas type 6 is for 2 races.

Type 1 is not difficult: If there are 12 horses in the race, then each horse has a 1/12th chance to win (8.3 %) if they would have exactly the same capability.

What would the function be for the other five types, assuming there are always 12 horses in the field?

Logically the order of most easy to most difficult would be this:

2. Place
1. Win (difficulty/probability 8.3 %)
3. Twins
6. DD
4. Trio
5. Top 7 Pro

Which formulas could I enter in this online probability calculator for example?:
I have set up a project with a freelancer, and he needs access to my wp-admin - as it is my blog.

Do I give him my Godaddy password, or is there a system for giving external people access to parts of my account?

I gave him my Google password for Adsense. Was that a mistake?

Should I be worried. He is in India. I doubt he is in the Indian Freelancer Mafia. He looked like a decent guy in his pic.

I am working with my son learning javascript by following a book called '3D Game Programming for Kids'. It is an awesome book, explains thing nicely and we were doing great until we got to the following bit of code that we absolutely need to continue the book. It is supposed to add four trees to the screen but when I place this bit of code in the main code our original avatar does not even show up anymore so i know that the only problem was with this section of code with the tree not with the rest of it. I will show you this section of code (that I copied exactly from the book) and then then entire avatar code so far. Any help is very much appreciated as we are completely stuck and cannot move forward and I really need your help to help my son learn but I'm learning at the same time. Thanks! :)

This is the Tree code:


makeTreeAt(500, 0);
makeTreeAt(-500, 0);
makeTreeAt(750, 0);
makeTreeAt(-750, 0);

function makeTreeAt(x, z) {
  var trunk = new THREE.Mesh(
    new THREE.Cylinder.Geometry(50, 50, 200),
    new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial({color: 0xA0522D})
  var top = new THREE.Mesh(
    new THREE.SphereGeometry(150),
    new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial({color: 0x228B22})
    top.position.y = 175;
    trunk.position.set(x, -75, z);


Here is the entire code for the avatar with the tree code added:


In the Newsmag Wordpress demo page  here
it has a nice Newsmag header area

Can that exact header rectangle be a graphical banner I've made? or text only? I seem to remember it being text only.

Can this theme be a blog?
Would for example Java or GWbasic be a good choice? (If possible to achieve without Excel's VBA.) Or could I benefit from using an online tool such as Unity or Game Maker Studio 2? What about Smalltalk or Ruby? And should I avoid PHP, JavaScript and C++ according to this website?:

I already have a lot of VBA in this Excel, and now want to add a simulator for simulation of each harness race I have handicapped. It would consist of an oval shaped circuit and objects (maximum 15), that represent the horses, running around this circuit, and which I can control by entering values in a table below the circuit. Something like this:

(But my simulation would be an oval shaped circuit, otherwise the same principle with a table below where I can enter values that affect how the race is run/simulated.)

A layout something like this is what I have in mind:
(The first option would be perfect, if possible in Excel and in Windows 10.)

Of course these kind of layouts would be very good also, but probably not possible in Excel:

So no high requirements on graphics (is not possible anyway in Excel), but on being able …

I have done Adsense before on a blog, and broke the payment threshold just? once.

I think I once saw on their TOS that Adsense is only allowed through regular browsing.
This is a reasonable requirement, and my first blog was a discussion.

If on my new discussion, I want to do a serious prize contest, like $50 K, for a submitted audio track, am I allowed to say that only serious, well respected, active members on the site can submit tracks for peer-review via my permission? What might be the surrounding issues?
If a Facebook post has 2 Thousand+ smiles, frowns and such, do all of them receive new comments?

I'm doing a new website.

The last time I did a blog, I think some people found out my real name, and I was ticked off. Did they do a whois on my domain?
How do you do that? I have Godaddy.
How can I, in-fact, be completely anonymous? (totally, so the Kremlin can't even track me down) CIA, FBI, Vlad the impailer, or Garry Kasparov

I want to be a Game play Programmer. to be GPP I need to study in a good university.Good universities want good $$$.i want start my career for some years or some time.which career is best that give me more $$$.
1.Java EE/Java Developer
2.Mobile App Developer
3.UI/UX Designer
4.Internet Advertiser
How do I code for a robot and soccer ball for my game?
When making games how do you find out how many programming codes you will need?

Game Programming

Game programming is the software development of video games. Game programming requires substantial skill in software engineering as well as specialization in simulation, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, physics, audio programming, and input. Like other software, game development programs are generated from source code to the actual program by a compiler. Source code can be developed with almost any text editor, but most professional game programmers use a full integrated development environment (IDE).

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