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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that provides reliable location and time information...

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Need to GeoLocate center point locations from a DB of Addresses


I have a bunch of drop-off locations that need to be optimized, so I need a tool which uses travel


Geocoding addresses using Bing Maps (examples in PowerShell)

I feel like more and more people want to know how to programmatically convert addresses into …

Everyone needs to get behind this movement! If you're …

Everyone needs to get behind this movement! If you're looking for the popular local eatery here, …

Improving Productivity using the Lamberts Conformal Conic Projection for Spatial Data Management in ESRI ArcGIS

IntroductionThis article is designed to assist GIS (Geographic Information System) and …

Fitness/tech junkies - the new Garmin 360 camera allows …

Fitness/tech junkies - the new Garmin 360 camera allows users to create data overlays, including …
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Locating a Point Within a Geofence / Polygon

Attached is sample code found on the internet. I cannot get this to work; getting a lot of false …
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Location Sharing on Apple phone

Say, on the android phone system there is a Google Maps application and this is obviously also …
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How do I separate a .mdb table into separate tables based upon different values in one of the fields?

I need to create separate tables for each individual time step in a .mdb table.  A sample .mdb is …
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How to get accurate GPS coordinates into a Python program running on Windows 10 (or 11)?


Is there a GPS unit that works with Win 10 (or 11) (or a way to use Windows Location data but I'm

Troubleshooting Solution

Draw grid map in Visual Basic 6

I am trying to make a small map program in Visual basic 6 and as starting point to make the working …
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PostgreSQL / PostGIS: Joining two tables using nearest neighbor

I have two tables with point geometry both with SRID 4326  (WGS84)

How do refine the query bellow to …
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Windows 10 tablet with GPS

Are there any WIndows 10 tablets or laptop with build in GPS receiver ?
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Latitude ,Longitude to Distance Conversion.

Can any body tell me how to calculate distance between two points (latitude ,longitude given)on a …
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multiple locations map zoom - NOT google maps

I am looking at the following link, seeking a software which will allow me to accomplish the …
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GPS save in database

This problem has been going on for a little while and I'm pretty sure I'm really close to achieving …
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About GPS, how to send LAT, LONG to the center?

Hi All,

I have used a GPS & 4G module (QUECTE EC21-EC), it is mounted on the device and runs OpenWRT. …
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Creating square around the given latitude and longitude in mapinfo

I am working on an application that are using mapinfo, C# and asp.net .My problem is that I …
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Spatial Data conversion

I have a tabel in a SQL 2008 database that contains lat/lon of customers.  They are in the format …
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How to download Microsoft Map old version:


How can I download version of Microsoft Map or can someone download it for me? This

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