Git is a version control system for software development. It is a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows. Git was initially designed and developed for Linux kernel development. As with most other distributed version control systems, every Git working directory is a full-fledged repository with complete history and full version-tracking capabilities, independent of network access or a central server.

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Hi Experts

Could you point what is necessary to allow external users to merge a Bitbucket repository?

The configuration I have uses Acess Level not private,  accordingly to:

So I guess the people that wants to clone it simply must to run like this:
Is that or anything else is necessary?

Thanks in advance
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To develop php projects I use Netbeans IDE. Ihave the version 8.2 in the WIndows partition and the version 8.1 in the Linux partition (this is the version provided by the official Software Manager).
From Windows I have setup a git repository hosted in BitBucket: first I have created the repo in BitBucket, then I have initialized a Git repo in Netbeans and I have committed and pushed the whole project.
Then, in Linux, I have cloned the repo in Netbeans providing the url of the repo. Everything went fine: I performed commit and push from Windows, then from Linux, then from WIndows again.
The last time I tried to commit from Linux I've got an error about a corrupted object. Some investigation made me realize that the object was an avi file that for reasons I ignore had been copied in the repo (I had moved some video from another external hard drive to the one where even my project is stored: all files have been copied in the right directory but one of them, and only one, has been copied even in the repo!!).
As explained here, I tried to delete the file and finally I did it, unless it was just a ghost-file or someone put some drug in my drink :)

Once deleted the corrupted object I thought everything was fine, but Git still give me an error about another corrupted object, and this time is not a …
Hi everybody.
For some reason I ignore, a avi file has been copied or inserted in my local git repository and renamed as it be  an object. In Nautilus its icon shows the movie preview and if I double-click on it, I can watch the movie.
Now I can't commit my files so, once I have understood what happened, I have tried to delete it opening Nautilus as root or using sudo rm -i and the object name as it appears in Nautilus and in git error, but I get an error telling the file or the directory doesn't exist.

I can't just clone the repositories from BitBucket because it is not updated: I got this error some days ago but I had to go on with the work, so now I have a lot of changes not committed nor pushed.

I would like just to delete the movie from the repo but I don't know how to do it.

Someone can tell me what I have to do? btw, I'm new to Git and generally speaking not so confident with version control commands )

Thank you so much for any help.
Hi experts,
I have a c# solution which i've always just saved onto my local harddrive. I'd like to get this into VSTS so I can 1) use git for version control and 2) use the vsts scrum board to track the project. How do I get this out of my harddrive and into VSTS? I'm using visual studio 2017
When to use Git Merge and When to use Git Rebase ?

Practical Use cases or examples when Git Merge will be useful and Git rebase will be useful.
After Updating my EDMX Diagram by deleting a table and re-adding it back (I had to remove a field from the table), I synced my code.
Now my co-worker after syncing her code, is unable to view her EDMX diagram (it is blank) and she is getting errors.  We are connected to the same
development database.  How can we fix her EDMX?

I believe we need to delete the .edmx and then add new entity framework?
Every time I do a remote fetch from origin master down to my local master and then merge into my local branch, my preferences file gets overwritten. In my .getignore file the .settings/ folder is excluded:

# GitIgnore for Salesforce Projects
#ignore debug folder
# Project Settings and MetaData

# Apex Log as optional

# Eclipse specific 
Referenced Packages

# Illuminated Cloud (IntelliJ IDEA)

# Mavensmate

# Haoide SublimeText

# OSX-specific exclusions

# The Welkin Suite specific




Open in new window

In my remote feature branch and remote master branch, the .gitignore file is identical and has the .settings/ folder excluded. I cannot figure out why my settings file keeps getting overwritten every time I do a remote fetch and then merge into my local branch.

How can I prevent my preferences file from getting overwritten every time I do a remote fetch from master?

In Visual Studio, how would I add my solution explorer project to gir so I can push this to VSTS?
Every time I select 'Add to Source Control' then select Git, I get the following message

"the current solution has projects that are located outside the solution folder. there projects will not be source controlled in the git repository. to add all the projects to a single Git repository please consolidate all projects under a single folder."

How would I resolve this?
I am new to using bitbucket and have a question.  

#1  If there is a line in the code that I have to change to run on my machine is there a way to keep it when I do a sync?

#2  Sometimes I make changes and play with my version and when a new version comes out.  It won't let me sync because I have uncommitted changes.  How can I get it to just over write what I have?
Hi Experts

Could you explain what is the purpose of "Docker" use and recommend some good references on it?

Is it in some manner near "git" ?

From a day to another I had to start using this software.

There's a "pletora" of materials on internet but some of them could be more adequated.

Thanks in advance.
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I was browsing repositories and accidentally opened a repository in github desktop 1.0.12. Now I see no means of closing it. What's the mojo?
Hi There,

I had connected to Ubuntu machine in windows through putty's ssh client assume the IP address is

I want to clone bit bucket inside this putty

assume the bit bucket url


assume bit bucket user name is bharath and password is welcome

how to clone this bitbucket inside this putty

please help,  thanks in advance

Kind regards,

Bharath K
Hi All,

I'm using visual studio code and using the integrated terminal.
When I create a directory and then type "git init", my new directory gets initialized.
But when I type "ls" to list the contents, I get the following error
" 'ls' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. "

Am I missing something?  Thanks!
I was asked to set up an aris game server. I am not sure where to start.  Here is the git hub page I was pointed to. I assume this is supposed to run on linux?  I know how to set up a linux server, create users, install apps, and a few other things.  Can anyone give me some direction with how I can get this up and running?

Here is the git hub page I was pointed to.
Hi All,

I am trying to run an angular application in cloud9.  The repository from Github that I forked can be found here.

I should be able to run the application in cloud 9 with the below command according to the author who has a course on pluralsight that I'm following.
ng serve -o

Open in new window

When I run it, I get the following
Angular Error
When I click on localhost:8080, it's not recognized.
not recognized
IF  i have a multi node cluster up on ECS it seems to imply that I can create a service and scale across nodes , do you have a git hub example of some thing i can demo this with ?

do I have to set up a load balancer for this to work?

what do I have to do to get swarm like behavior?

I am trying to install OpenMS following the instructions at

I have run the following commands:
sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake autoconf patch libtool automake
    sudo apt-get install qt4-default libqtwebkit-dev
    sudo apt-get install libeigen3-dev libwildmagic-dev \
      libxerces-c-dev libboost-all-dev libsvn-dev libgsl-dev libbz2-dev
    # use from contrib for compatibility: SEQAN ; COINOR; ZLIB ; WILDMAGIC

# Assuming you are in ~/Development
git clone
mkdir contrib-build
cd contrib-build
cmake -DBUILD_TYPE=LIST ../contrib

cmake -DBUILD_TYPE=SEQAN ../contrib
cmake -DBUILD_TYPE=WILDMAGIC ../contrib
cmake -DBUILD_TYPE=EIGEN ../contrib

All these commands work fine, but the next one does not work:
cmake -DBUILD_TYPE=ALL -DNUMBER_OF_JOBS=4 ../contrib

I get the error:-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
See also "/home/gcefalu/Development/contrib-build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".

Is it possible that I m missing some linux library?
We've talked abutt his before. I got a Kata phone on Amazon and it is unlocked. Still not used though I traveled. I assume it will work.

So now looking on amazon for another low cost touch screen phone.
I see X brand dual sim, US unlocked.
I see X brand dual sim, international unlocked.

They do not explain US or International as to whether a US phone can be used in Asia or no it can not be used there.

I've thought to buy another Kata as a gift for someone.
They told me that they are not real strong on phones and features. Make and receive calls is their priority with a simple Nokia phone, no camera.

So the git does not have to be some extravagant phone since they said my Kata was far better than theirs.

I see a brand called BLU and I see some very unknown brands. A BLU seller on Ebay had sold 178 of them and had more. In 30 days 393 positive feedbacks and 15 negatives. Most negatives said phone did not work overseas or it was stated as new and was a used phone.

This is their phone and they are not a phone features person. So there are several phones under $50 on Amazon but this US - international creates questions.
As well as the veeeery unknown brands. I see BLU everywhere.
I am trying to install git and a bunch of other dependencies in Ubuntu17.10.  For that I use the command sudo apt-get install git and the same command for other software.  The response is "E: Package git has ot installation candidate. Is there any thing I have to add to the sources.fle?
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Until know we developed SSRS reports in VS 2013, saved the Projects to a network fileshare and deployed to SQL Server.

I have upgraded my team to VS 2017 and want to deploy VSTS/GIT for version control etc. I am figuring it out (sort of). My local Git REPO is on local C drive, and we all push to the same Online repo. My question relates to publishing the changes to SQL server. How (and where?) would we do this from in this model?
I was looking for enabling ssh in powershell and that brought me to github

But I have no idea what to do with these files.

So my question is, what do I need to enable ssh in powershell. Do I need Visual studio and then import these files..
the build or the source?

I hope someone can point me in the right direction
I hope to post a sample application which displays a problem I am having and need to find what aspects I need to create for this. It would mainly be for posts on EE but could be used to share my code for other purposes.

Can you suggest one?

I create a GitGub account and use Git to put the latest version of my site to GitHub.

What if two people want to make an alteration to the code I post there? When someone makes a change, is there a way to auto-fork the repo?
Experts, please let me know if there is any free client utility that I can use for GitHub Enterprise. I think SourceTree supports, but not GitHub enterprise, please correct me if I am wrong. For some reasons, GitHub Desktop version can't be used. Please let me know if there are any other utilities that I can use to connect to my office GitHub repository.
Going through a tutorial on PHP Symfony and at one point it suggests setting up a git repository. Here's my CLI sequence...

This is supposed to be cake and ice cream. Navigate to the home directory, enter "git init" and then, BOOM.

Instead I get an error that says "the git command is not recognized..."

What am I missing?
Hi Experts,

I am new to Git and we use Bitbucket as a our Repo. I have a scenario based.

1) I have already taken a project i.e. Branch from Bitbucket and worked on it, for example
/c/Source/projectname (epic/xxx-119)

Open in new window

2) This Branch has now been pushed back to bitbucket and worked on by another developer

3) Meanwhile I continued working on specific files on my local copy or Branch while the other developer had been working on my pushed up branch

4) Developer has now finished and I need to pull down his work and merge with mine

what is the safest way to achieve step 4 without over writing those specific files?

Is it as easy as git bash from here---
==> c/Source/projectname (epic/xxx-119)

$ git checkout -b <branch name>
$ git pull origin <branch name>
$ git reset --hard origin/release/core

I feel this will overwrite my project.

alternatively... is it advisable to pull down the new branch onto a separate location on my drive and copy and paste only the files I need into my working folder

Kind Regards







Git is a version control system for software development. It is a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows. Git was initially designed and developed for Linux kernel development. As with most other distributed version control systems, every Git working directory is a full-fledged repository with complete history and full version-tracking capabilities, independent of network access or a central server.