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I have a client with Google Gsuite hosted email.  He has a new Samsung Galaxy S9.  

We were unable to configure his email address in the Email app on the phone with IMAP.  It kept coming up during the setup:
Cant setup account
The username or password is incorrect or POP3/IMAP access isnt turned on for this account.  Check your email setting son the web, then try again.

I figured that the issue wasnt with the incoming mail server settings but with the outgoing mail server settings.
We had the settings as follows:

incoming mail server
port 993
SSL on

Outgoing mail server
Port 465
Authenticate with username and password

It is his own email domain that is hosted on Gsuite.

When I changed the outgoing mail server to his mobile provider, then  system worked and the setup completed.
He was able to receive email in the Email App.  But when sending mail it does not show in the sent items on his other devices.

As he is able to receive, we know the password entered is correct.

Does anyone know why this would happen where he can receive using the Gmail settings but not send email??

I logged into his Gmail account on the web and ensured IMAP was enabled on the account.

He changed from a Google phone to the Samsung.  The email was setup on the Google phone using the Outlook app as there was no Email App on the Google phone.
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I asked about my Confirmation Email not getting thru using gmail, aol, yahoo and outlook. These are 2 answers I received, but I am not a programmer..... Can someone help me?

Response 1 :
Sounds like spam filtering.
Have you got an SPF record setup for your email domain that shows the GoDaddy servers as acceptable senders? If not, this could be causing emails to go into junk folders or be blocked altogether on systems like Gmail, AOL, etc.
GoDaddy emails are likely fine as it sees the emails coming from their own servers

Response 2 :
"A" has already mentioned spam filtering as the likely cause and I tend to agree. One thing to bear in mind is how you're actually generating email. If you're just using the basic mail() functionality within PHP, then that often gets tagged as spam, because it's very easy to miss out valid headers. The email you send does then tend to look like it's been auto-generated by a script (aka SPAM).
When sending email from PHP, I would suggest you look at something like the PHPMailer library. It gives you a lot more config options and it may help to make your emails appear as 'more genuine' to the mail servers.
we have a client that is currently using gmail for their email services. A single email address.

We have installed a new exchange 2016 server and outlook 2016.

The mail server is running just fine. ie we can send and receive email OK.

The problem we have is with outlook.

When we add the gmail email account to outlook, it works fine. When we try to add the exchange account it fails to add. If we then remove the gmail account, we can add the local exchange account just fine, but when we try to add the gmail account, that too fails.

we seem to be able to have one or the other, but not both.

can anyone advise why we are having problems with this, and what we need to do to get both working?

They will of course be migrating to the exchange account eventually, but currently everything is still running on the old gmail account, so for the short term at least we need access to both.

Any suggestions.
I use Microsoft Outlook 2013 to connect and read my Gmail account. So therefore, I do not have a PST account for outlook because of this connection.

If I wanted to backup my Outlook emails and contacts to a local drive what do I need to do?  

Do I need to create an OST file and back it up to a local drive?

Is this a non issue because the Gmail does all this work for me and therefore I do not need a backup on a local drive.

Where would I look on my "C:" drive to see if I have a backup at this time?
For some reason now in Chrome when I login to gmail it won't load unless I go incognito.  All I get is a white page.  Any ideas?  I have updated to the latest Chrome but that did not help.
Is there way to make gsuite credentials and 2FA roam in vmware Windows 7 floating machines?

We use Appsense EM 8.6 but that fails using chrome WSG and apps personalisation.
I am running Office 365, which collects my Gmail emails.   I had to change my Gmail password, which I then changed in my Outlook settings, but when I try to send email I get the following error (both smtp and imp):

Outlook email error
How do I get rid of this an fix my email settings so it works again?


Email Backup Solution by SysTools to backup/export multiple Email Client's mailboxes and save it on the local system, network, hard drive or any other external storage media.

Expert Comment

by:mary james
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recently used SysTools Google Apps Backup Solution demo version mentioned in the top email backup solution for creating backup, Software allowed me to create export only 100 emails. For 100 emails the speed of backup creation was perfect and all the file were converted to .pst format. but what if I want to back up more than 9,000 emails and hundreds of contacts using this software?
Will the speed of backup differ?

Since one of my employee is leaving the organisation and i wanted to create back up of all his emails and contacts data for future references. I was thinking about trying this tool as it gives delete after download option that will save my time of deleting the data from the account.

Please, Anyone here assist me for the same!!!

When i sent email from my domain to Gmail, it got security issue since last week. I already had SSL certificate and not expire yet.
How can i resolve this issue?
I need help figuring out how to quickly share a contact with a colleague. I get an e mail request for contact information. I would like to quickly insert the requested information into the reply and send it off. Instead, I have to do a search of google contacts, export the contact to a vcf file. download it to my desktop. Then attach it to the email as a separate file. then I can send it. What I really want to be able to do is to access my contacts list quickly copy the contact info to the clipboard and paste it into my reply email. Is there a way to do this?
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Setup my domain with google. Migrated my pst file to gmail, using their migration took, deleted the e-mail account from outlook and setup as a new e-mail account on outlook. Use 3 computers (home, office, and laptop). One outlook only shows about 20 e-mails in inbox, the other outlook shows all e-mails but shows as if all received today (when i sign into gmail on chrome, everything seems to be dated properly). Looking to fix this and have all outlooks in sync on all 3 computers.
Client is a small business using gmail.
Client receives emails from a screening source that forwards an email address for a prospect (located in what appears to be a table).
Client wants to automatically send an acknowledgement email to the prospect - presumably using their gmail account which is web-accessed.

If I try to do this then it won't be very efficient and I may miss something that's available.
As I see it:

- maybe gmail offers something that would be useful.
- parse the email body for the prospect's email address.  This may be easy since the entry is in a table.  I've done this with Excel in similar situations.
- launch a template email using the address found.  I've not done this.

What would you suggest doing to address this requirement?
Use some tools that I'm unaware of?
Hire someone?
I have a gmail account that I manage through Microsoft Outlook.  Can someone tell me the following:

1 When you delete an email from Outlook, does it also delete it from the website

2 If you delete an email from the website does it also delete it from Outlook

3 Do the two work independent from each other

Is there a way to sync the two so that any changes that take place in Outlook are automatically sync with the gmail account on the web
I have around 12 different Gmail email accounts that I use.

Currently, I have to click on the gray circle with the initial in it (in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail) and then select whichever other Gmail email account I want to open or log in to (or click the Add account button).

There are also times when I don't have the Gmail webpage open and I want to launch my Gmail for an account that is different than the email account that I last opened. So I have to click on my Gmail shortcut, wait for Gmail to load my main email account and then click on the gray circle and select the other account I would like to open.

Is there any way I can simplify this process by saving a URL below my Chrome address bar that will automatically load the particular Gmail email account I want to open? If so what is the process or URL address that needs to be saved within this favorite that will launch the Gmail email account that I want to open?

Also if particular Gmail email accounts can be launched by using a particular URL address then I can have Chrome default to opening several tabs with each tab containing a different Gmail email account every time that Chrome is launched.

Being able to do this will save me quite a bit of time.
Outlook .pst to Gmail suite.

Hi there,

After a company acquisition I have some new users with outlook .pst file from their old email account. They all have new email accounts with us ( hosted by Google) but they need access to old emails (from the other company) int heir .pst file. We have mac computers and no MS Office installed as we all use google apps, Is there a way for me to "import" the .pst emails into Gmail?

Thank you for your help.

On the headers below you will see sent emails pass SPF and DKIM, but fail DMARC when received by Gmail. Any ideas what is going wrong?


Received: by 2002:a19:6a06:0:0:0:0:0 with SMTP id u6-v6csp4865968lfu;
        Tue, 19 Jun 2018 00:31:12 -0700 (PDT)
X-Google-Smtp-Source: ADUXVKL/xdFpCdXzeRfnikgQjajT7Otrism0aAtUXQIREtwH001nbCOGQQPVpfSn1qc99cmJBqi6
X-Received: by 2002:a37:2dc7:: with SMTP id t190-v6mr8369758qkh.229.1529393472479;
        Tue, 19 Jun 2018 00:31:12 -0700 (PDT)
ARC-Seal: i=1; a=rsa-sha256; t=1529393472; cv=none;; s=arc-20160816;
ARC-Message-Signature: i=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=arc-20160816;
I would like to create an email to g-suite which will not  receive any email. It will use only for send email from a custom application which is already in use.
For this kind of email (no reply email) it will need to create a user in g suite?
If not how to create this kind of email?
Problem: Difficulty downloading attachments or gmail in Chrome browser even after non-destructive refresh. This procedure did remove all software. I have Windows 10 64 bit on my hp desktop. It was functioning slowly, so I did I refresh without destroying all files. I did back up all my files onto an external hard driver.  Chrome browser is acting very slow,considering I just cleaned the computer.

I do have tons of bookmarks and a number of extensions. But if I go into gmail and try to download an attachment such as a photo, it hangs and takes forever. I just did a destructive refresh to my Windows 8.1 computer, and it is much faster, as you would expect with a clean computer.

Microsoft edge, on the other hand is very fast in comparison. But Chrome was never this bad, ever. I did update to latest version. Please help. Thanks in advance.
Major issue, exchange 2010 user is getting all of his mail since day one as new messages? I can't seem to figure out why..  he has thousands, this is a  move from gmail to exchange and he has been up a couple of days and it just started today and they are non stop rolling in? Any ideas?

Ok they are old messages he sent that are now populating to his in box as new messages,, what the heck?
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I have sender that is trying to send an email to several gmail recipients, the mail bounces back with the NDR error code Remote Server returned '554 5.0.0 < #5.0.0 smtp;message text rejected by>'. I had the user send a test message to one of the recipients in question with no content in the body of the message and the message was received. There is nothing to my knowledge in the body of the email that should have caused it to be rejected, especially by gmail. Any ideas?
I have managed to “sync” google calendars but it’s 1 way

> it can change / edit on the www

But I get a read only prompt when I go to edit or via outlook

Outlook on my computer is accessed by more than one person and I would like to introduce more privacy for my information. So I created another gmail account, and added a mailbox to outlook. This is the mailbox that should receive more personal information.

Now I would like to be able to hide and unhide at will, this additional mailbox from the panel for viewing the outlook folders. This would be done on a constant basis, any time I wish to check this particular mailbox content. It has been setup as imap with gmail server.

Would really appreciate your answer.
Any suggestions migrating from GMAIL to exchange 2010? Tried Popcorn but wanted to make sure their was not a better way. I was going to import pst files but that method sucks with non stop errors and corruption when there is no corruption? Thanks
I have some blockage on my iCloud email

I do not understand why, but certain emails do not show up on my iCloud account.

I logged into and saw no error or sign it was  not working. But I do know that certain emails have been lost. Such as, my WordPress site has an outbound email with a PDF attached. I pulled my hair out with the email not showing up until I used my trusty GMail.

Other things I fear are also blocked.

In my ThunderBird (Mac) for the iCloud email, there is no SPAM folder. So, perhaps it is being flagged somewhere as SPAM, but not visible either on ThunderBird or online at


Having a terrible time getting Outlook 365 on my laptop to recognize my gmail account. I've tried every configuration, made sure IMAP and POP are enabled, added the totally unintuitive setup of double authentication.

"SOMETHING WENT WRONG" and Outlook couldn't set up your account. Please try again... soooooo irritating