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Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

Hello- I am new to O365 administration. I have been test migrating G-Suite gmail date via IMAP with my O365 staff account and I want to permanently delete my mail box and then create a new mail box to have a 100% clean / new mailbox to perform another email migration test from G-Suite. What is the easier way to do this AND to preserve the O365 account? I have One Drive data I need to keep on this account.

I was looking over this, but I'm concerned it will delete my user account and One Drive data:

Greetings experts,

Here is my code:
Option Explicit
Public Sub LoopCells()
Dim c As Range
For Each c In Range("G2:G1048576")
    If c.Value <> "" And c.Value < 4 Then
     Call SendGmail
    End If
Next c
End Sub

Function SendGmail()

   'creating a CDO object
   Dim Mail As CDO.Message
   Set Mail = New CDO.Message

   'Enable SSL Authentication
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpusessl") = True

   'Make SMTP authentication Enabled=true (1)
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpauthenticate") = 1

   'Set the SMTP server and port Details
   'Get these details from the Settings Page of your Gmail Account
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") = _
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserverport") = 25
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusing") = 2

   'Set your credentials of your Gmail Account
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusername") = _
   Mail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendpassword") = _

   'Update the configuration fields

   'Set All Email Properties
   With Mail
      .Subject = "Update on 

Open in new window

I logged into my gmail account with my correct email address.
I typed my correct email password!
I got the "doesn't recognize this device message" message.
Gmail wanted to verify my account using a phone number which I don't have any more.
I clicked to "send verification code to my email account".
I received the email verification code and correctly entered it.
Gmail said "Thank you for confirming" BUT STILL DIDN'T LET ME INTO MY ACCOUNT!
(See graphic).
HELP.  How do I get into my account. Is there a help desk? or help email or help "chatline" I can  go to.

I have multiple  g suite email addresses and want them in one place, the problem with outlook, allow less secure app needs to be turned on, but since I have 2 step verification on the option to allow less secure app is not available, currently I am using windows 10 mail which does not require allow less secure app but it's a poor app for exemple it's search same is with subfolders and more, and suggestion?
When a few users from Gmail send messages from my domain they get the attached bounce back, has anyone seen this before?gmail-bounce-back.docx
Outlook 2007 POP3 to gmail...
Has been working fine for about 10 years over about 3 different computers....
Now PW in Outlook will not work...
Problem started about week and half ago...3 updates from Microsoft...
Might be related....But checking update history....I have the exact same updates....(KB's)
on my own PC....I use Outlook 2010 POP from Gmail....

Logged into Gmail webmail... her pw works just fine...
Access for less secure apps was turned off.....I turned it back on...

This is my 96 year old mother in law....Been using Outlook for many years and knows it...
BUT she is frail....memory is bad...and I usually have to remote in once a week or so and
show her how to do something she knows how to do....

She does email and that's all...

There were issues with the PC....so I grabbed data and rebuilt it...

Reformatted HD..re-installed Win 10 pro...on version 1903....PC works just fine...

Installed Outlook 2007....set up to POP from Gmail using same settings I've always used....

I get a message from Gmail in webmail...
attempt was blocked
Someone just used your password to try to sign in to your account from a non-Google app. Google blocked them, but you should check what happened. Review your account activity to make sure no one else has access.

I can confirm it was me that attempted to log in but Gmail does not release the block...

Again...PW is good...but does not work on Outlook 2007....

Appreciate any…
Using my gmail account to send an email, is it possible for the recipient to know which country I sent the email from if I was travelling?  The same question applies to any any provider other than gmail.
I have an email account. It has the form:
In order to login to the email I have to browse to the domainname.org website and, in order to log in to my email I have to enter the following details:
username:  my.name@domainname.org
password: password1 [This was a password of my choosing]
Despite the fact that I provide authentication details on the domainname.org website, once I am authenticated, I am diverted to a Gmail account with the company logo in the top right corner.

I would now like to transfer all of the emails from this domainname.org (Gmail) account to another new, personal Gmail account. In order to do that I have been into the settings of my new Gmail account and used the "Import mail and contacts" process. The authentication details that I then provided in order to fetch the mail from the pop server were:
username:  my.name@domainname.org
password: password2 [This is a random-looking password provided to me by the company]
pop server: pop.gmail.com

I successfully managed to set the "Import mail and contacts" process going. Unfortunately, it only transferred two thirds of the emails. Gmail did not provide any error message. It took me a while to work out that the company Gmail has a 30GB limit whereas the new personal Gmail has a 15GB limit and when it reached 16.5GB, the import stopped.

I purchased the 100GB package. Once this was in place, the import did not start up again. When i tried to start it off again, I just ended …
Win 10 Pro on Dell Optiplex XE with 32GB Ram, SSD hard drive.  Customer updated to 1903, newest upgrade. After that the mouse is screwy. It can happen in many different ways but it’s not reproducible every time. Here’s how he describes some of the symptoms:

On Google Calendar he will be on the October page, click to go to November and instead it skips over to the December page.

He has Picasa up on his screen. His Gmail is open in a browser window beneath it. Clicking on a picture in Picasa opens an email.

He goes to write an email. Clicking on compose opens two compose windows instead of one.
In powerpoint, he clicks the X to exit and instead it goes to print.

I have a Gmail account, have had it for a long time and check it monthly. But now I can't seem to get to it--and I really do feel like an absolute dummy.

The page I go to, no matter how I get there, has the wording "Add Gmail to your Google account."

I did. A long time ago. Checked it less than a month ago. Seems I recall getting there via some other route but I can't find it on a google search (not too ironic, is it?) so I'm asking the experts.

I have a feeling I'm missing something awfully simple here. HELP, please!
HI I have a client that is going to china.  He needs his gmail and remote deskop there.   Question does vpn stuff like  turbo VPN and Express VPN work there.  They have a rv042 router that has a vpn clinet and pptp, not sure if they work.
Here's my setup

The email originates from a web email form (themagnolia.com/contact.htm) and is set to an mail server (request@themagnolia.com) from sender (siteVisitor@themagnolia.com). This mail server (server 1) then forwards the message to a gMail address (gw01Mail@gmail.com). Server 1 logs show the message arriving and forwarding out as expected. The message is received in gw01Mail's inbox (see screenshot)

The forwarding setup has two addresses.

gMail will forward to only one address at a time - the one checked. The doc's indicate the way to forward multiple addresses is to create a filter for each with action set to forward to selected address;

The problem I seem to be experiencing is the filtered output is still forwarded to a single address - the one checked in the forwarding screen. Filtered output is always received at any non-@themagnolia.com address.

The forwarded message(s) to @themagnolia.com is intercepted by TrendMicro where it undergoes a second filtering. I can't get in touch with TrendMico until Monday to check their server log, but it seems suspicious that it's always the checked address that gets thru. TrendMicro then sends messages to @themagnolia.com where it must pass thru a proprietary firewall.

It seems to me that the most likely suspect is the Magnolia's proprietary firewall. So my question after all this reading is:

Should the …
I know GMAIL can import Yahoo EMAIL and Contacts.  How do I import Yahoo email folders to GMAIL?
New computer
Setting up a gmail account in Outlook 2013

it keeps prompting for a password
password is correct
I can log into the gmail account with a browser from thisnew computer, his forward pop/imap setting is enabled in his gmail account
on his old computer these pop and SMTP setting work just fine
Computer is Windows 10 v1903 running both Malwarebytes Premium and ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

The behavior occurs with both the Edge browser and Chrome.

The behavior is that the browser window, whether it was set to full screen or not, very rapidly reduces somewhat in size then expands back to its previous size multiple times in succession over a period of several seconds. This behavior is intermittent, but frequent. The behavior occurs regardless of whether or not there is something actively in the browser window, e. g. typing while composing email in Gmail.  I've watched it happen while I've been remoted into the computer just passively watching both Chrome and Edge.

In addition to scans from Malwarebytes and NOD32, I've run online scans from from Norton and TrendMicro.

I have not a clue what might be cause this bizarre behavior that's making it very difficult to work on the computer, and would appreciate any suggestions.

I seem to be able to save only 10 photos at a time from my iPhone camera roll to gmail via the Share command.  is there anyway of increasing this bad I have many to upload and don’t want to do it via
I need to create several hundred email addresses. I would prefer to create Google accounts and use the Gmail addresses. These need to be free accounts and not G Suite for Business accounts.

These are not for spamming or scamming. Rather, we are a non-profit organization configuring several hundred Kindle devices for students in remote areas around the world. To do this, we need to create hundreds of Amazon accounts using hundreds of unique email addresses. While the creation of the Amazon accounts will be laborious, I think I can do it. We will configure one device per Amazon account, and each account will purchase 60 books. I would like to use Gmail addresses/Google accounts for email, as I am not yet sure if we will be using Kindle, Kindle Fire, or the Kindle app on an Android tablet. If we go with the app, then we will need to use Google Play, which will require a Google Account.

Once each device is loaded and configured, the email/Gmail/Google account as well as the Amazon account (and loaded device) will be handed over to the end user who will take ownership of the Amazon and Google account. We will be providing these as gifts; we are not reselling accounts and devices.

What is the best way to create many Google accounts without raising red flags? In the end, we need around 250 accounts. We don't need to create them all at once.
Hello experts,
I frequently use gmail and google drive.
I was wondering how to set up some ahk which are not part of default shortcuts keyboard proposed.
1)      Be able to download a document on drive
The following combination works but I don't know if there is an smart way to do this: {Shift}+{F10 }+ {Arrow up 2}+{Enter}
2)      Be able to download an attached file from gmail:
The following combination works but I don't know if there is an smart way
3)      Be able to attach a file when composing a new e-mail
The following combination works but I don't know if there is an smart way to do this: {Tab 7}+{Enter}
4)      Be able to open received message in a new windows
Thank you for your help.
Is there any solution for using BlueTooth proximity to unlock a Windows 10 computer?  I know Windows natively supports locking with a Bluetooth device leaves proximity but you have to manually unlock when you return.
  A bonus would be a solution that also works as MFA for common apps like Office 365 or gmail.

I am building the following clickable button link and it looks good and works well in most emailing systems except gmail where it just appears as a normal hyperlink with no border. Why would that be?

            Dim oLinkAccept As String = "http://SteelYard.azurewebsites.net/offers_by_me?oOfferID=" & oOfferID & "&oCounterofferAcceptDecline=Accept"

            oHBody = oHBody & "<a href=" & oLinkAccept & " style='padding: 8px 12px; border: 1px solid #006400;border-radius: 2px;font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans - serif;font-size:   14px; color: #006400;text-decoration: none;font-weight:bold;display: inline-block;' >ACCEPT</a>"
I have a customer that uses MS Outlook for Macs 2011. He has several email accounts that he configured. One of them is a Gmail account, Recently he began getting duplicates of his Gmail messages in Outlook. There are no duplicates at mail.google.com everything looks good there. There is only one Gmail account setup in Outlook. He is not forwarding his messages. Any ideas of where to look for this issue?
We have a user that has setup gmail in his Outlook 2016.  We seem to have an issue syncing his sent folder.  If we send from Outlook it shows both in Outlook and gmail (web) but if he sends from gmail (web) it does not sync back to Outlook.  Outlook would not be my choice to use with gmail but he wants to use it.  What would be the reason for not syncing back to Outlook?
I have an old USA.NET email account, which I need to stop using.   I want to have emails to the USA.NET account automatically forwarded to my GMAIL account, though I don't want the senders alerted to the new address.  How can this be done?


Is it possible to share iCloud contacts with different Apple ID users?

If not I have a client using GDocs business account and it's working great. The streamline process is nice. The one area that I need to resolve is how to share her contacts in iCloud with staff. Can these be shared with Gmail (not exported - this is not sharing). It's easier to leave them in iCloud so her iPhone is updated as well.
Good morning, I have an Outlook 2016 user that is set up using a Gmail Imap account. Outlook will open and then just crash, my question should I do a repair to the mail file or set up a new profile and new account and allow all mail to download again, the mail file is 26GB. Any suggestions?






Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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