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Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

Gmail has this stupid concept called "labels". I call them groups. I CANNOT figure out how to add an existing contact to a group (label).

How is that done?
Hello Experts,
I would like to be able to send emails from my own application
not depending from google gmail or nothing...
just my app sending the email

Is this possible, and if there is an example?
Right now using visual studio basic and visual c#
But we could use anything you suggest.
 As long as it gives us the control and we do not depend on third party services.

the thing is gmail automatically block itself if not used constantly and also present different challenges that change constantly.

Just wanted to add that right now our apps send emails programatically using gmail services,
so we want to get rid of that dependance...
Thank you
In migrating our email from gmail to office 365, I am setting up our gmail account to our Outlook client using the IMAP protocol.  Will that work?  My impression is IMAP just syncs what is on the email server and once the connection is disconnected then we lose access to that information.  Will IMAP produce a PST file or does that happen only with POP3?  Once we do the cutover of services, I don't want to risk losing access to the gmail email because I will need it in order to begin syncing up the emails to the Office 365.

At the end of the day, should I be using IMAP for this purpose, or is POP3 a better option?
I am migrating to Office 365. When I stop my gmail services, what happens with all my emails?  Is there a difference between stopping my account and deleting my account in gmail?  How long it email retained for before its deleted permanently?  Also, can I still login to my email to check any missing emails that didn't migrate over?
We are using Gmail SMTP send email from the ecommerce site.
But it has a limitation to send email update 10,000. But I would like to send more than that. How to send email more than 10,000 using Gmail SMTP?

i am trying to setup Gmail with Outlook 2019 and i receive this windows back. See the attached picture.

what am I missing ? Usually i setup a Gmail in 3 minutes this time this pop up windows keep coming up.

The password is correct. i tested with the web mail.

Help please,Gmail ErrorIMG_5040.jpg
Your never know if you are getting the whole story but a lady said the other day that Experian emailed her and said her social security number was found on the dark web and suggested she change all her passwords. Here is where she gets fuzzy.... she want to change her Microsoft password but before she could do that it forced her to change her gmail password. Simple enough.

   But now her Outlook 2016 keeps bouncing when trying to send/receive. Invalid account credentials. The first thing I had her do was go to gmail and log in to make sure she has a valid email and password. She could log in so her email address and password are fine. We just can't get Outlook to work with them. I have deleted her Outlook Profile. We changed her Gmail password again just for something else to try. I have triple checked the POP settings for gmail. I even let Outlook Autodiscover. It chose IMAP by default bet even then failed to log in to the IMAP account, I am at a loss.....
I have 5 user gmail accounts that need to be migrated over to office 365.  What's the preferred method and will I be able to transfer their calendars and contacts?  Are there any good AND SIMPLE resources?  Are there any items that DO NOT transfer over?


I am now try to setup 2x gmail account for youtube so that I can switch but I can't switch to another account, and now seems google.com do not offer any feedback and solution at all.

for Android version of youtube we can't do this as it seem android can only allow one gmail account login but iphone.

for iphone version of youtube I add another gmail account to it but in the switch account page, the new account is grayed and I can't select that, any reason for it?
I have two gmail accounts
One personal, and one for managing a bridge's club
I think that I configured both gmail parameters similarly (I checked, but there are so many options ...)
I use a program of my own to send email to members of the club.
When I use my personal credentials, no problem
When I use the credentials of my club account, I get this error :
https://support.google.com/mail/?p=BadCredentials a22sm4217100eje.61 - gsmtp
(the a22... stuff is different at each occurring error)
I already checked that on the issuing computer, the gmail club account is recognized (and I can access the mailbox via gmail interface in Firefox)
Whatelse shall I check ?
Hello, I have a Google suite customer that I am trying to connect their account using imap into outlook 2016 but outlook keeps giving me an error of wrong username and password. I turn on imap in the setting in the Google suite account and I log into the account using the browser to confirm the password is correct no luck. Then I tried my personal Gmail account that I use within my outlook at my desk and same problem. Any suggestions
In the gmail app on my iPhone, I have four personal and business emails set up.  I'd like to be able to see them each separately.

When I open gmail in my Chrome browser, I can "Add account" to see my separate inboxes in separate tabs in my browser.

So on my iPhone I'd like to be able to do the same thing.  I'm sure it used to be this way, but now I'm seeing "All Inboxes".
Recently in my Outlook iOS and also in GMail, I notice more companies using a logo as their sender image, avatar, whatever the terminology is. We are on Office 365 Enterprise. I don't see anything in the Admin portal related to this, nor have I had any luck searching via Google. I've only found tips on how to make this happen for companies using corporate Gmail, but I'm pretty confident most of these big companies don't have that setup.

I've seen tips that some email systems, possibly O365 included, look for an existing Gravatar, but I can't seem to set one up for my company. Only individually (the personal Gravatar I've had for years using my company email address.)

Can anyone help instruct me, or at least help with the correct terminology so I can search more effectively?

Dear Experts

We are having google G-suite Basic, would like to take backup of few users mail box (inbox, sent ) as a policy we have to keep emails of every user for one the period of one year please suggest the best practice on backup and archival for g-suite basic, if we have to procure any software please do suggest, thanks in advance.
I need to setup dual delivery  (not split delivery) of emails where Office 365 will be primary and Gmail will be secondary.  Basically I need to send an email to an address which is hosted in Office 365 and also in Gmail, but the MX records point to the Office 365 account.  I then need that email to appear in both O365 and in Gmail.

I've tried using connectors in O365 without success.

Any help appreciated thanks.
Really at a loss here.  In the past 6 months emails from our domain "mastersvb.org" is going to peoples spam  or not getting to them at all.  Mainly with gmail, bellsouth, and yahoo.  I have looked at all black lists and we are clean.  I have done all the mx records checks I can think of.  We recently moved to office 365 cloud exchange.
Is there a tool or mechanism to allow a W10 Home system running with 2 separate user accounts to easily switch from one active application in User 1 to click on "something" (ex. taskbar icon) that will go directly to an active application running in the User 2 account?  Example...User 1 is running GMAIL and it is open and active.  User 2 has previously opened their account and started AOL.  AOL is active and open in User 2's account.  User 1 is OK with User 2 clicking on "something" on User 1's window that will jump directly to User 2's task.  Of course, User 1 will want to click on something that puts his/her app back to whatever he/she was working on.  I have not been able to find anything that will allow this without having to input credentials etc.
I plan to allow my users to add guests to my O365 system. The challenge is when I review the guest its difficult to identify them as belonging to any specific user. Is there a way to better identify guests eg so I would know X guest is associated with Y internal user. As the guests grow I could see it turning into a real challenge especially for Gmail users.
i need to move only a set of sent and received email from gmail consumer account to exchange online.
1) making pst and import it to exchange online.
 is not a good way -> we are talking about 10 account with about 15 gb of email for each one. so making impa connection, create pst locally and import it on exchange online will be slow and not so efficient
2) Import directly from "migration tool" page on Office 365 administration page
I can connect and start a migration batch (creating an "app password" on gmail) but i can't filter! it seems to import all gmail account, but i need to divide from personal email and business email (my key to divide is: all email with @mybusinessdomain.com)
so this is not my solution
Is there a tool to start a CLOUD TO CLOUD migration, selecting only some specific emails with @mybusinessdomain.com sent and received  (not calendar, not contacts) or any procedure i can't find by myself?
Really thanks, ask me for details
I can't log in to my Gmail account.

I've had a Gmail account for quite some time now, and have never had any problems logging in.

Yesterday, I typed in "gmail" into my Chrome browser (which I have done many times before) and was taken to the page that had he headline "Add Gmail to Your Google  account." The box on the right says "Choose Your Gmail address," and if I enter the one I've been using, up pops "That username is taken. Try another."

Now, maybe my search skills are diminishing, but I can't find another page that will let me access my Gmail account.

What am I doing wrong, or what the heck is going on here?
I would like to modify my clients' Gmail to have a couple of message lines under the sender/header line as one can do in many email applications.

Is that possible, and if so, how?

The Gmail cannot be migrated to the user's Macbook because their storage isn't big enough to store the humungous Gmail accounts the user has would take up all the MacBook storage, and their Macbook storage cannot be upgraded.

Thanks much!

I am trying to access my gmail account from Outlook. When I try to set it up, I get this message.

microsoft apps & services would like to read compose send and permanently delete all your email from gmail

Does this mean it wants to take over everything from gmail and delete all my gmail emails before giving me Outlook access or does it just mean that Outlook will have these features going forward?
How to add an SMIME SSL certificate into Gmail personal account (Webmail)
Outlook 365 will only allow a google/gmail hosted domain email account to be added to Outlook with an app password from multi-factor/two-factor authentication.  The built-in mail app has no problem with the google email account with standard authentication, and past Outlook versions have been fine with standard one-factor secure password authentication.  Is there a way around this in Outlook or a registry edit or something?
Mac 10.14.4 with apple mail 12.4 and user can no longer send e-mail with DMARC failure response.  Client has Yahoo, Gmail, Centurytel, and iCloud e-mail accounts.  No account can send e-mail due to every account was trying to use GMAIL for SMTP.  Tried adding a iCloud SMTP server as Apple recommended, but once I select iCloud for SMTP on any account it quickly defaults back to None.  I have scanned to computer for viruses with Avast Free, as the computer had no protection and she had fallen victim to a tech support scam on this computer.






Google’s Gmail is a free email service that allows users to access their email on the web or by using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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